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  1. Your proposed simulation trilogy will make some girls 'The Gig L' even if they found out that 'The Pick L' to 'The Tick L' wasn't worth 'The Nick L'. 😉 Or they play 'The Tack L' my 'The App L'. Who knows... 😂
  2. Outstanding 😍. It's like the song was made just for the movie. Fits perfectly. ❤️
  3. #399 - Need for Speed Payback The Ultimate Payback Collect all trophies Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2.5/10 Completion Time: 27 hours + 5 hours tuning (ingame time) Need for Speed Payback has an enjoyable story, even if it's unpolished (especially the end). The graphics are solid but blurry in some gaming environment parts. But my main criteria regarding enjoyment in an NFS game lies within the driving and tuning experience. And these were 👍. Difficulty wise it's pretty easy if you use the right cars, particularly for the jumps and drifts.
  4. Wonderful song. ❤️ Enjoyable movie. Don't judge me. 😅
  5. I would love to see us in the credits at least if some developer steals our ideas of family oriented gaming titles. 😏
  6. 🇦🇲 SOAD 4L1fe 🇦🇲
  7. Definitely! 😂 For their Run series, like 'The Czech Run', I can't wait for 'The Australia Run', because there u have to go 'down under'... Ok, I stop now. 🤐😅
  8. 'Only in darkness you see the stars.' 'To be a star you must shine you own light follow your path and don't worry about the darkness for that is well the stars shine brightest always do what you are afraid to do always do what you are scared to do and remember every man and every woman is a star'
  9. @tonkie18 @IntroPhenom What about ' The Boo T', 'The Boob E' 'The Beaver V', 'The Cougar M', 'The Peach S', 'The Melons DD', 'The Cock BB', 'The Big BW(blue whale)', 'The Zebra Girl S'? Or 'The Big F U' with their sequels 'The Big F U 2', ' The Big F U 3(way 2 serious Hunter E-dition)' and finally 'The Big F U 4(ever filth E-dition)'? Or something like 'The ♥down 2 3(girls edition)', maybe reversed like 'The S Jam' For the other serious series who's similar to this one I can't wait for 'The Jumping Melons' and of course 'The Jumping Melons Turbo Edition'