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  1. I mean, I guess I am new here, I've only been a member since 2016 right? 😎 But yes, I understand. This is why I avoid the forums like the plague unless I have a question to ask or want to help the community. I have read the posts where the Weebos slam every gamer who plays any game if it isn't in Japanese only. I get it. 😂 You know, over the last two months I have played with a ton of people boosting the MPs for the Ubisoft shutdowns. Some of the players I have played with are the fastest achievers for many games on here. Others are top of the various leaderboards (and by top, I mean number one). We have had a blast. Really nice, chilled out people who go out of their way to help you. I doubt any of them post on here. Ever. It is what it is. 😉 This already exists, if you know where to look. I sent the website to a friend here on DM and the URL came up as "bannedurl" or some-such nonsense. So I probably can't share it here, but it exists.
  2. May I ask why? Seems reasonable, and also provable. It's clear that the DLC trophies on this site are broken in terms of their rarity. Not looking to argue, just asking. As the OP, I am amazed such an innocent question about a DLC trophy rarity has turned into such a multifaceted debate. Carry on. 🙂
  3. I got max prestige on Uncharted 3 on my old account. If I remember correctly you had to prestige seven times. There was no trophy for doing so. I did it. I see you can play that on Xlink Kai and I am going to play the shit out of it soon. My favorite MP ever. Yes you lose everything on RDR but you can load your save and get level 50 back, which I want for the challenges, so that is what I have done. But yes, that is another reason why I would expect the "Legendary" trophy to be much rarer, a lot of people wouldn't have known you could save scum and would have kept their level, then moved on.
  4. You clearly haven't been hanging in my circles for the last month. 😂
  5. I looked pretty hard and couldn't find it. It's not hard (ok the last Grim mission is annoying AF), it was more for people who can no longer play online. For example - ME. My friend kept bugging me to get the collectables after we finished the coop but I couldn't be bothered. Thank goodness I listened to him or it would have been a nightmare. 🙂 I agree with that but normally if there is DLC then collectables do count, at least in my experience. Otherwise, what's the point of them?
  6. Hi everyone. OK, so I bought the DLC because I thought it might give another option in case any main-game collectables were annoying to get. I also wanted to test it in case anyone on this site was unable to get the collectables solo in the coop missions after the servers went down (the last coop mission must be extremely difficult solo with two controllers - I did all the coop missions with a friend online, including the collectables and even then, the last mission was tough). I looked for quite some time for information on this topic and there was nothing I could find, so I wanted to confirm it myself. I deliberately left the last laptop as the last trophy before I got the Plat to do the DLC Kobin mission. For some reason, trophies on my PS3 take a while to pop and some Ubi games take ages (I think the "Maximum Effort" trophy for Ghost Recon Future Soldier I got yesterday must have taken about twenty five seconds to pop, I certainly had plenty of time to wonder what I had done wrong!). I waited for ages but the trophy for getting the "last" laptop on that DLC mission didn't pop, so I just finished the mission. When I went back into the game and got the last laptop from the main-game mission I was missing, it popped more or less immediately (after doing a bunch of saving). So unfortunately, the DLC collectables seem to be worthless in terms of trophies, they don't count. Thanks Ubisoft.
  7. I find this to be quite entertaining. Disney Pixar Brave - 2.5% PSN; 25.16% PSN Profiles Bloodborne - 6.50% PSN; 21.66% PSN Profiles Brave is a legitimately good game and is proper hard (on Brave difficulty). I recommend it.
  8. That's terrible...I can't imagine. That's like at least 2.5x the grind we just did for Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and that was bad enough. Plus I read the requirements for the challenges, you would need pages of notes. Pages. Then you have to hope your boosting partners are still up for it....or find good new ones. Damn that sucks.
  9. Sheeet...I'm so sorry. I think I'm going to be roped into working on BD MP next month, I will ensure we all back up our saves religiously.
  10. Not sure how that works but the guide on this site says to back up your save, prestige, then you can load your save to be Level 50 again (which I have done, I want to make the challenges as painless as possible). When I was doing AC: Brotherhood MP last month, we read that you could backup your save and delete it to get more XP from challenges - but none of us had the guts to do it lol. Also, I read on here that someone's save on Binary Domain MP corrupted and they lost like 80+ hours of work. It's insane that companies actually use/used local saves for this stuff, not 100% on their servers.
  11. Correct. I suck at platform games in general. FPSers make me feel sick and I am guessing VR is going to be impossible for me. Other people might find games of this type a 0/10 difficulty. Rarity should just be: people who completed / number of game owners * 100
  12. I agree with you but I am going to stick my oar on now! I do feel like that you should get some kind of recognition for 100%ing a game on this site. I've got quite a few "UR 100%s" on this site and it seems a bit pants that you just get a green percentage next to the game. For the leaderboards I almost feel that you deserve something extra for that, especially as, when you are working hard on hard games, you slide down the leaderboards while people get 99 cent instaplats (which I am of course guilty of as well) rise above you. I kind of feel like you should be able to add a 100%ed game to your trophy cabinet if it has DLC, but I'm sure it will never happen.
  13. I would be too, my friend was telling me about that - you deserve a medal not a trophy!
  14. LOL! I've reported a few cheaters on here in the past and you are 100% correct. I totally understand what you mean. I've been working on my UR and VR trophies this year but honestly, almost all the games I really want to play have VR Plats at best. Outside of obscure games, multiplayer games/games with multiplayer and games that just plain suck, it's hard to find things I'm genuinely interested in.
  15. What a fantastic answer, thank you very much. PSN Profile Deep Lore AND a very interesting mathematical determination all in one post. Impressive. I've never heard of Geometric Mean before. I design trading systems for financial markets and have developed some ridiculously complicated systems that use a lot of calculus, but I'm not a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination. I think I'll look into this as my next project. 😎 I must admit, I do use "another site" and was getting confused. I finished the DLC for Ghost Recon Future Soldier today - the story trophies on this site are rares but on that site (which I assume must not be named) I was getting ultra rares, for example getting a 2% UR just for finishing the first mission. I can see that DLC is a tough one potentially, but ultimately, the % should be based on game owners, it's the only fair way to do it. You are never going to please everyone but if the completionists get angry when DLC comes out for a game they previously 100%d then that should apply equally to the rarity hunters as well. In fact, it gives rarity hunters more opportunities to get what they want, "I can't afford DLC" isn't an argument. I'm a mountaineer. I can't afford to climb Everest right now. That isn't the problem of people who can, right? Interested to hear your thoughts on how you would fix this "fairly" as well. Thanks again.