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  1. the forum is dead so like out of curiosity do you remember what group of survivors you usedĀ for the no complaining trophy

    1. Elite_Agent_009


      In chapter 6 there are two survivors in the far right of the map, a guy and a girl who has a revolver, put them on the same shelter(one of them will leave the shelter and die), in chapter 5 talk to a guy near where you have spawned and ask him his daugther name, finally at ch 11 you will find both, and on the last conversation wih the father tell him you cant allow him to see her and then proceed to agree on let him see her. The trophy will pop when he reaches the shelter.

    2. Shevil


      ok sick thanksĀ 

  2. nevermind some dork you can talk to spawns after you do the mech bit
  3. what sort of 300 iq nonsense does a man have to do to get the completion ive found four survivors but havent messed around with dialogue trees too much yet. like is this something determined in a previous chapter or is it based on some universe brain routing and timing to find the one optional thing thats hidden or is there some ng+ nonsense going on here i am s t u m p e d