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  1. I just got mine an hour ago. It took ~117 hours in time units, but in suffering units it took ages, so your claim is accurate.
  2. Note that the trophy icon for "Wait... What?" is the green dragon, the video you have to play to get the trophy after completing all bonus.
  3. I played the beta a year ago and recorded myself doing no-damage runs and gold medal times (video below), so I had to replay each stage a few times. Only two of them gave me a bit of trouble. From that experience and considering that it was only the first world, my guess is the plat difficulty will be somewhere from easy to medium, not hard at all. Edit: Alright, I got the plat in 2 days (11h30m of gameplay). "Flawless!" is the only hard trophy, you need a cool head and some patience, but the rest is a breeze, even the speedrun one. FAQ: The earliest stage you should try "Oops!" is 2-8 (Pumpkin Pyre). "Wait... What?" isn't glitched, you have to manually watch the video you'll unlock (green gem). For "Run, Rabbit, Run!" it's any medal. For "Flawless!" if you miss once, try it in time trial mode because stage reloads faster and from beginning. And do "Speedrunner" in Casual Mode, you'll finish with 30+ min to spare.
  4. It does, it's the first one in the list, "Complete Episode / Sweet Perfection". Then you go look for those two trophies in Genjiff's guide and you'll find out you have to follow a "100%" guide for them. To get all missable trophies from FFX-2 you have to do both that and all the other items in my list.
  5. This is my first playthrough of FFX-2 but I'll attempt to avoid a New Game Plus for the platinum. I'm setting a compact checklist of references for the missables in Genjiff's guide here in PSNProfiles. I'd appreciate if anyone familiar with the game could help me sorting it in chronological order and pointing if I missed monsters or added unmissable monsters for Monster Master. - Complete Episode / Sweet Perfection - [CH1] Lifetime Support - [CH1] Good Listener (1/4) - Youth League HQ - [CH1] Monster Master (King VERMIN!) / Tricky Trapper (1/2) - [CH1] Sphere Hunter / Learner - Gun Mage - [CH1] Sphere Hunter - Full Throttle - [CH1~2] Millionaire - [CH1] Sphere Hunter (1/3) - Trainer - [CH1~5] Publicity - 400 PR Points - [CH2] Monster Master - Chocobo Eater - [CH2] Sphere Hunter / Alchemist - Alchemist - [CH2~3] Monster Master (King VERMIN!) / Tricky Trapper (2/2) - [CH2] Sphere Hunter (2/3) - Trainer - [CH3] Good Listener (2/4) - Guadosalam - [CH3] Sphere Hunter (3/3) - Trainer - [CH4] Good Listener (3/4) - Celsius - [CH5] Good Listener (4/4) - Zanarkand Ruins - [CH5] Dancing Queen (and Annihilator) - [CH5] Monster Master - Azi Dahaka Edit: After many updates, this list is now finished.
  6. The game crashes and freezes the system at random moments, then all you can do is hard reset or unplug the power cord. I got it tested on two other PS4 and two other PS4 Pro, this is only happening on the Pros. The first time it takes a few hours, then it happens within every 30 minutes. Can any other PS4 Pro user confirm this, please? And does anyone know a fix for this kind of problem on Pro?
  7. Says it's incomplete but covers all talons and saddles. It's posted under Switch but checks for PS4, especially specific locations on drops and steals.
  8. Just adding here for ease: 17~19, 21~22: Confuse 25~28: Doom 37~39: Confuse 41~44: Doom 45~48: Confuse 65~66, 69: Doom 75~76, 80: Confuse
  9. This just happened to me now. I did the same, but just closed and reopened the game instead of rebooting the PS4. And it's even more unpleasant because the game still gave me the Sweet Perfection trophy I was going for, which is supposed to be obtainable only after getting this trophy.
  10. Alright, I got the 100% and all missables requirements within a first, single playthrough. The no-worry checklist is a success.
  11. This is what happens every time you get disconnected. The "you may incur a penalty" in the message refers to "several matches in a row", which is what I want to know.
  12. Has anyone ever suffered this penalty? What is it?
  13. Oh, thanks. Updated!
  14. Some tips: * I suggest you try the 2nd course first (easy, ~1:29), then the 3rd (medium, ~1:17) and then the 1st one (hard, ~1:13); * Press the accelerator at the "zero" at the countdown to get a speed start; * Try to stay on the ground, avoid everything from small things to ramps (when possible); * When you're loosing control or are about to fall after a long jump, release the accelerator and try to align the snowmobile. That will (hopefully) help you maintain some control; * In the first course, after the big jump, take the left at the fork and try to stay to the left. This is my run for a reference of the path. I did it in 1:09.05: Note: Upgrades won't carry over to the time trials.
  15. Just adding, I kept two main rules in mind: 1. Patiently wait to Parry + Counter in any fight with 2+ non-red-glowing enemies. 2. Save one Maelstrom for a boss fight and use it either when time is short, HP is ~10% or the boss gets into a last red-glow phase. And by boss fight I mean Nergal (wraith), Enkidu (flying thing), Humbaba (red giant) and Gilgamesh, because when you finish these, time is reset for the next run. Value counter points over time bonus. Use all the time you can and Counter, Counter, Counter.
  16. Even better than just taking a pic of it is to USE it as the main photo for the ending:
  17. Haha, that's exactly me 2 thursdays ago. Only difference is that I had to be up 6:30 AM and it took me 3 hours. Lost there like 3 times until I decided to change my settings:
  18. I'd rather have trophies for stuff most players might accidentally never know that existed in the game, like finding all Chocobo Pears, MA-X Angelus-0, special weapons like the sniper rifle or Nyx's kukris, Scraps of Mystery, all camping events, hard-to-trigger quests like the one that leads to Pitioss or all of Prompto's Photo Op locations. The list goes on. Seriously, after finishing the game and getting all trophies I'm still discovering more and more cool content, but only because I research it online.
  19. Not exactly a "movie for the game", but it seems to be heavily based on Plan 9 from Outer Space, if that helps.