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  1. Greetings from Pixel-DRAGON- my friend Michelle, wishes you a nice day (^_^ )

  2. PS2 Coffee or hot chocolate?
  3. 2D Anime or manga?
  4. Greetings from Pixel-CAT-, have a good evening my friend (^_^ )

  5. Love your profile pic and signature. And wow... 30
  6. 6/10 hi
  7. Back in middle school, the only time I ever really wore granny panties in my life because they looked so comfy, at gym class I did a hand stand and it showed. My friends and even strangers kept bugging me for awhile, like for a couple weeks calling me granny. Never again. How many dates should you go on with a person before considering sex if both are non-virgins?
  8. I fight guys too so yeah... although if you speak British to me, right there is a weakness for me. I'll lose the fight.
  9. I'm not into girls but in a fantasy-fiction world, yes Update: someone posted before me... for the guy, maybe
  10. Good: Lara Croft -She's intellegent -Good looking -Adventurous/traveled the world -Bad ass combat moves Bad: Lara's dobbleganger -Has a dark look to her -Good looking still -Bad ass combat skills as well
  11. When you clearly can't speak English, you're drunk
  12. I usually don't cry during movies but the four movies that I have was Titanic, Monsters Inc., Toys Story 3 and the fastest was10 seconds into the movie UP. Do you like Tomb Raider? If so yes, which generation of her was your favorite?
  13. Nope, me again Blaze the Cat?
  14. Yes that's me IRL. And thank you but it's not a tattoo. I do sfx body painting And @Jonathan994 8/10
  15. 7/10 Although your signature is a 10/10.