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  1. Hey I have problem with trophy Call The Ball - request fire on target and have it destoyed by an ally in 30 seconds. I know I cant make it on artillery because when I mark the enemy during bird's eye it says "Attacking [nickname]" but all other tanks should ask for request while attacking marked target. So Im marking.. then enemy dies in next 5-10 sec and trophy never pop.. Any ideas? Or what Iam doing wrong?
  2. Ok, it poped right after last character rekilled Baal. Uff 😌 thanks for help!
  3. Steam says there are 20 new achievements for Eternal Embers DLC. Wonder how many of them are bugged πŸ˜‚
  4. So Ive complete the game with every class on HC online, every single trophy popped but "I like the heat" did not. Any ideas?
  5. Why PSN shows 0.1% on both bugged trophies?
  6. I think we need all 3 parts of Sharandar update for the trophy. Its because every part of it has a separated campaign quests and we have to complete all of them.
  7. AWESOME! thank You for the answer!
  8. Anyone who achieved trophy: "Graduated with Honors". Its about maximum reputation with Ordo University... Question is I must gain 50k reputation or just "Exalted" level?
  9. Done
  10. Elite trophy for 500k points is not 500k exp. It popped for me 2 days ago with no problem. You can simply control it when You achieve trophy with 100k points for every class, that gives You 400k points overall.
  11. Cool! It worksπŸ‘Œ You saved my time and my life πŸ˜‚ Thank You 🍻 I have another and hopefully last one question. As we know the league is close to end. There is no chance to plat it before it happens. When my character turns in standard, platinum is still doable?
  12. I have 4 atm πŸ˜•. So I need 4 more.. Ill try this 😩
  13. Aww... That's great. What about trophy Apprentice Carthographer? Ive completed every single 83 white maps T1-5 that I found on the map of atlas and trophy didnt pop.. Any1 who has this trophy can tell me what went wrong?
  14. Currently playing PoE and seems trophy Locomancer is bugged because 1 waypoint in Templar Laboratory is not available to tag :/ Prepare yourself for great farm with Atlas maps.
  15. Well.. They gave us 3 patches in a week, 1.08, 1.09 and finaly 1.10. The issue is fresh on consoles but known in steam community for long time so...