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  1. I wouldn't want to take away from anyone's achievements, as I know everyone finds certain things more difficult than others, but I see this opinion thrown around a lot and I don't understand where it comes from? I struggled far more with the predator rooms than the combat ones. I love the game though, I've actually 100% it 4 times over both this account and my Xbox tag. What was it that made it difficult for you in regards the challenges? I do agree that Shock and Awe is the most difficult of the bunch though.
  2. This didn't get you the Paramour achievement back on the 360, so unless they've amended this, I'd say probably not.
  3. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the long and short of it. DLC has to be purchased from the same region store to be compatible, but I don't have any other regional accounts, so I could be misinformed.
  4. The stats are completely irrelevant until you've hit gear that is 130 base level and moving into end game content. The upgrades you have done on the gear is also a complete waste of materials in all honesty, as like I said before, until you're looking to make an end game build, you just need to equip the highest numbers and salvage everything else.
  5. While I agree with the majority of your points, I think the bold bit above is definitely a stretch. The millions of people who managed to get a PS5 as well as the millions of people who play primarily on PS4 and use the stores/buy games digitally is probably far, far, far higher than the PS3 and Vita stores ever reached even in their peaks. A considerable amount of people to Sony is the 4.5 millions people who bought their latest console, not the likely sub 200,000 people playing on a console 2 generations out of date. As much as I understand the annoyance about this, and I do think it's disrespectful from Sony with the short window before it does inevitably close, it doesn't really affect me that much as I played the majority of the games I wanted to from that generation back in my 360 days. Also the Vita store is like 90% shovelware and trophy games anyway at this point, I think there's probably like 2/3 must play games on the system tops. I get people are annoyed, but they must understand that this was always an inevitability. Sony don't want people buying their 15 year old consoles second hand for 60 quid from CEX, when they could stop that being an option and force people to invest in a PS4 at the absolute minimum. Plus, you're not actually losing anything that you already own in the 15 years you've had to be able to buy whatever you want from the PS3 store. In my (probably unpopular) opinion, if you haven't bought a PS3/Vita game already, then you don't really need it and won't be missing out when the store goes down.
  6. There is actually a way to cheese this one, and I definitely used it when I realised just how long I would be playing this mind numbing game. If you fill in the entire puzzle with the black squares and then 'fix' any mistakes, it completes the puzzle for you by removing all incorrect squares. Will save hours of grinding, but unfortunately won't make the game any more fun. Also likely a fast track to carpal tunnel with how many squares there are to fill. Good luck on the rain day, and the Fill-a-Pix trick is there if you need it. 👍
  7. Sounds like they want to put the final nail in this game and get it over with to me. Which fucking idiot at Squeenix or Crystal Dynamics said, 'I know what we should do to our boring, grindy game that no one is playing. MAKE IT EVEN MORE BORING AND GRINDY!' Seriously, these are a bunch of fucking clowns. Taken what is likely one of the biggest IP's in the world at the minute, and somehow managed to fuck it up at every turn. You're making the right decision. I'm getting my last trophy and won't be touching the next gen version even if it autopops. Absolutely garbage game.
  8. I was pretty certain PS5 to PS4 autopops weren't a think, so I'm actually surprised you managed to get this to work at all. Although, based on the trophies you haven't yet earned on the PS4 version, is it even worth trying to autopop. You're still going to have to play up until the second to last area in regards the main quest and fully complete all territories? If you do end up having to do that, it seems you've just created a 70-100 hour grind for collectibles and main quests, with no trophies to earn along the way.
  9. Yeah I can't see why not. The forums are generally for talking about whatever you want as long as you're in the right board for it. It's just that the people you'll be talking to are trophy hunters rather than just GTA fans.
  10. I'm expecting to see this soon from EA if the Mass Effect remaster goes down well, which I think it probably will. They've not really put any of their properties into the remake/remaster arena yet, so I think Mass Effect is a prime example of them testing the waters to see how it performs. Give it a year or so and I fully expect the same Legendary Edition for Dead Space which would be brilliant news. Never got to play the 3rd but I heard it was pretty shite.
  11. Both very doable platinums, with the first being a decent bit easier than the second. Would highly recommend both of them, very relaxing music and good brain teaser while still being a good chill out game after work. For that price, you really can't go wrong.
  12. Not PS5 to PS4 though.
  13. Just a question to the people who still ask this on every single thread; has this worked on any single dual generation game so far? To my knowledge, the answer is no. So take what you will from that.
  14. This whole thread is simultaneously hilarious and painful at the same time, who gives a fuck whether people call them free or not? OT - Played the tutorial of this game last night and instantly deleted. Game is very likely trash, as expected. Still happy with the free PS5 version of Control though! 😎
  15. I just finished Hitman 1 the other week and am currently working on 2 so should be able to give a fairly good estimate on those two. Hitman 1 took me about 40 hours according to PS5 play time. The sequel is probably going to be about the same, plus I have to play through all the Legacy pack on that as well. With both of the first two games (excluding legacy content) coming to about 80-90 hours, I would guess Hitman 3 to probably be around the same ball park of 40 hours for the base game. It's likely a 100 hour plus completion based on this maths but I could be wrong. I do think that if you've played Hitman 2 and completed it, you can transfer progress via a IOI account and autopop most of them for Hitman 3 but it doesn't sound like you've played it.