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  1. How get 30 level as fast as possible?
  2. After death of the inspector, we go with Blake to our room. You need to choose the first answer twice: press, I'm going crazy. After that, it will be possible to kiss him, then choose a lie. Then when Green asks to unite, we agree. We cut the throat of the guard ourselves, when we meet Blake, grab the knife and cut it. (At the same time, we should have the best possible relations with Blake. At the beginning of the game we take the phone and tell him about the call, agree to participate in the experiment, when we get home we need to go with him, look at the hole in the wall and warn him, then take the phone, find the corpse in the room and say about the call. In general, in all conversations with him, choose something like 'help', 'worry')
  3. When you enter basement you must go left door, don't look window and don't go right
  4. Completed the game in 42 min 54 sec. Can i have Shadow of Loot Box EU ?
  5. #55 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
  6. Tales from the Borderlands. It must be easy and fun
  7. The End of the F***ing World