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  1. Very fun and short game, exactly how most games should be like; I am honestly tired of those new empty boring and long games and hopefully more indie devs will start investing in this genre since I haven’t seen anything like it. Would love to see a sequel. Truly an underrated hidden gem.
  2. Better than ‘The Last of Us 2’ tbh fr tbh 🤓
  3. Yes, it’s possible to earn “doomsday save” and “anti vaxxer” in one playthrough.
  4. Just Cause 3 - I will probably go for this game eventually since I mainly have to do the challenges and the rest is close to be done, got more than 90% of the collectibles.
  5. I plan on getting ZombiU (#88), already have two play throughs ready to be completed, so I will probably get it done in less than 12 hours, gonna speed run the easiest chicken mode difficulty after I will get the rest of the remaining trophies done.