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  1. That’s it, thanks to this new info I’m gonna stick to my ps4 a little bit more. I rather play all the games I haven’t played yet for a cheaper price than move to another console. Not until TES6 will come out.
  2. Yeah I know and I’ll get back to them, Some of them are games I started playing with other people and they suddenly quit and moved on, my ps’3 can’t read discs anymore so I can’t complete any ps3 game I started on this account and I’ve borrowed some games I’m waiting to get back for quite some time. About fallout 76, I played this empty and extremely repetitive game for more than 100 hours in order to obtain the plat. So yeah, I’m sick of this game.
  3. It’s not only about 100% it, it’s about improving my completion rate...
  4. I get it that they want to improve their game and that a good thing, but why are they forcing us to play this thing again?! The trophies seem to be pretty grindy too... thinking about getting back to this game giving me a headache 😭
  5. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this game for months. Hopefully it won’t be too scary due to my inability of finishing horror games so I’ll probably play this one on another account lmao
  6. Dying Light 2 have different developers, they split up after Dead Island if I remember correctly.
  7. I’m still waiting for this game to release since I’ve heard about it, I love Dying Light but I feel like I’ll enjoy this one much more.
  8. Hopefully they will fix that soon, thanks for putting up your time and effort so we don’t have to lol
  9. Probably will listen to music everyday, music and video games are basically the only things that help me cope with depression.
  10. Same thoughts, I also expected them to add some difficulty related trophies like they did with the other games. They sadly didn’t put any afford into this one.
  11. I’m willing to hop on this game, this one got me excited tbh even though I couldn’t finish the first one 😱😞
  12. Because this game simply sucks, worst horror game ever.
  13. Definitely 'Zombi' by Ubisoft, very bad horror game, poorly written story. couldn't bother complete this game let alone finish the story.