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  1. Bedtime music good night 😴
  2. Yeah, game is very npc now so you will most likely only enjoy it as a newcomer that doesn’t mind pc culture being shoved into your face + could be fun with friends but if you won’t have anyone to play with it’s an easy pass.
  3. I just achieved ‘Raise The Flag’ and ‘Avast Ye Matey!’ At the same time, first pirate lookout; I’ve noticed other people had it popped early too but non mentioned it popping at the first time they attended a pirate lookout..
  4. Lovesongs
  5. Very fun and short game, exactly how most games should be like; I am honestly tired of those new empty boring and long games and hopefully more indie devs will start investing in this genre since I haven’t seen anything like it. Would love to see a sequel. Truly an underrated hidden gem.
  6. Idk why no one really came up with it before (at least no one I am aware of), it wasn’t super hard but it is indeed challenging; almost every level felt unique. it took me around 1-2 hours of playtime to complete, took me 4 hours due to power going down (winter).
  7. Yeah I have but I skipped a few via timelapse, thanks you for clarifying it btw, I will try beating them again.
  8. Defeated every type of boss according to the challenges but the trophy didn’t pop, my guess is that the ‘timelapse’ item you can buy bugged this trophy in my current run since it didn’t count any treasure chest progression; possibly doesn’t count any enemy you defeat while using it.
  9. Better than ‘The Last of Us 2’ tbh fr tbh 🤓
  10. Yes, it’s possible to earn “doomsday save” and “anti vaxxer” in one playthrough.
  11. Just Cause 3 - I will probably go for this game eventually since I mainly have to do the challenges and the rest is close to be done, got more than 90% of the collectibles.
  12. I plan on getting ZombiU (#88), already have two play throughs ready to be completed, so I will probably get it done in less than 12 hours, gonna speed run the easiest chicken mode difficulty after I will get the rest of the remaining trophies done.
  13. Nice bro, honestly the only reason why I wanna get the ps5, so many childhood memories, definitely one of my top favorite franchises.