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  1. Inhustice 2, Harry Potter Collection, Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City will leave PS Plus Extra in June i guess These games in "Last chance to play"
  2. why so many people awaiting Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin game? is this realy worth it?
  3. i load free game(complete it oon easy), got 2 trophy (3 kills with railgun and for all lootyagin). then i craft all consumables, got trophy too start new game on hardcore mode, waiting load, pause game, load savegame before twins battle, win the battle, got trophy
  4. ver 1.04, PS5, glitch worked got this trophy right now
  5. missed it. thanks a lot
  6. There is no 60 fps? i cant find graphic settings (i mean performance, quality etc) By default its look like 25-30
  7. i hope they fixed at least one more trophy
  8. yep, mother Russia here
  9. its very strange, but i am from Russia and PS5 in my country cheaper every day, because russian rouble strong every day. yesterday PS5 cost about 783$, today its about 756 yep, Sony stopped buisines in my country, but we dont give a f*ck, we have online stores in another countries. also we have Turkish PS Store with cheapest games ever
  10. btw i was very dissapointed what a last boss dont have own dungeon
  11. great news!
  12. got it. thank you, cultist
  13. hello guys so, i not yet kill last boss, and i have question about snail shell. someone can show me how snail look? it is creature in the store with mini-boss? or snail spawned in the rooms? i am sorry, but i have no idea what a hunting for...
  14. got this trophy playing on split screen
  15. i have this one