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  1. I prefered Unity over Syndicate story wise but both are good in my opinion. Syndicate as said before is probably the easiest AC to Plat (trust me I got them all , well Odeyssey is on its way) The grind on Unity is real grind tho. But the good news, all the bugs are pretty much fixed, except for the co-op part that is still shitty but not that long
  2. Anyone has info on Beyond Good and Evil 2 ? With the little we saw so far would kinda make sens it should be ready for thw PS5.
  3. Id say Crash Bandicoot 3 and Mirrors Edge Catalyst , some time trials were tiiiight. Unravel : I got that plat on two accounts so much I loved the game. At the end, I found the no-death runs calming and helping to relax after a long day of work so much i memorized every levels.
  4. Plants Vs Zombi 2 has a local coop with splitscreen. It's on sale right now at 3 or 4$. For that price, it is worth it, tons of silly fun.
  5. I'd reccomand starting a new gane and make sure you are the "main" in the coop. I played a few months back in coop. I was the "main" and got everything but my buddy who tagged along in the game haven't got all the trophies and weapons unlocks from the progresssion we made together.
  6. Do we have any indications for a remastered Yakuza 3-4-5 coming to the West ? I fell in love with the series and would love to play them Ps: Great news ! More Yakuza
  7. Man i'm sooooooo hoping best case scenario happens. Can you imagine what the world would be with a trophy hunter leading the world ?? (Images of Trump teabagging all the other presidents while Putin steals all the loots comes to mind...)
  8. I do not reccomand the Lego games. I played most of them and while being fun and easy, they aren't fast platinum. Between 25 to 35 hours each depending so on a 7 day trial, you could find better games for sure ! Easy Plat: - Adam's venture:origin - Agatha Christie :ABC murders - Bioshock (with the exploit) - Days of the tentacle (with a guide) - Sherlock Holmes - Until Dawn (need a guide) -Journey (not plat but if you haven't played it, just do it, it will be the best 3 hours of gaming .. Ever)
  9. Same here for Hitman, played the Demo a few months ago and had way more fun than I expected with it.
  10. I've managed to reduced considerably my backlog since a year or so, I can finally say my backlog stands between 10 and 20 games! - I switch between genres after a game not to get bored. Usually I try to keep only "one big game" at a time and 1 or 2 smaller games (ex: last I've played RDR2 and Fe and Burly man at Sea). This way a have a game that might fit my mood at any time ready without starting too much stuff at once. - I've given up on having ALL THE PLATINUMS !! if a game is alright but not more, I'll finish the story and clear easy trophies to get to an A or B Rank. If its great, I'll Plat it. If it doesn't interest me, I'll give up on it (looking at you Doom and Titanfall 2, great games but darn I suck at FPS..) - I switch between games I want to Plat and games I play "for fun" to enjoy them without any pressure nor walkthroughs - the backlog events here are helping keeping the motivation up. - and more importantly, I refrein myself to buy too much games too fast. Just thinking about buying a game full price just to let it sit on a shelf for a year where I see it 75% discounted when I start playing gets me angry... Lolol
  11. Unpopular opinion on the way : Mass effect 1-2-3 didn't aged well AT ALL. I've started to play the series with Andromeda and ... I liked it enough to plat it. Gameplay was fun and you could customise your type of gameplay as you want. Story wise... It was OK at best. Then this year.. I played Mass Effect 1-2-3 for the first time... Story wise, it was FANTASTIC !! Gameplay wise , it was crap. All this to say that yes indeed, that series needs a rebuild from the ground up to modernize the gameplay and let newer generations of players experience the amazing story.
  12. I might be interested by this even tho I'll be out of the country all January and up to mi-February. Those events help me quite a bit to tame the infamous backlog of mine. I'll post a list of games somewhere this week.
  13. Allright , it reminded me that I still need to complete Cotton Alley World on the first one. From what the video shows, the 2nd installment will be as fun , addictive and HARD as the first one !
  14. I confirm it works with only two players. First player creates a private lobby with a psswd. And then super important second player access the lobby WITH the passwd. Than you select team deathmach/ featured/ map A-Z and you chose any maps from there. The MOST important phase here is that each game won, you have to completely get out of the MP lobby and come back for more games or else it won't count for wins.... I learned this lesson the hard way 😡
  15. I'm attempting since way too long to boost this trophy ( win 10 featured map in Multiplayer) and nothing seems to be working.. I've read that since a new update, we can boost it with only two players needed. -The first one creates a private lobby - The second one joins with the password - You select a featured Multiplayer map - Eh voilà ! But it won't pop, even after more than 25 match won ( about 10 on a featured map called Trophy, and 15 won on a map called Neon GladiatorsV2 ) Am I doing something wrong ?