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  1. I'd go with NG+ Insanity as well. As stated above, find a good build ( found one on internet where i was invisible Sniper/Assault Rifle with regen life) and stay away from side quests. I usually don't like playing my games on harder diffuculties but I REALLY loved that playthrough. The learning curve is there and you'll need to think every fight, you can't go gun blazing here. At the end, i got a fantastic accomplishment feeling from that game and it still one of my favorite plat (unpopular opinion but don't care)
  2. I love speedruns ! The amount of dedication those guys have is pretty commendable. I'm really fond of fast plateformers. I find those the most impressive because there's not so much glitches there, you can SEE the pure skills through each levels. + all those games have amazing OST. Celeste ( tgh) Super meat boy Hollow Knight Cuphead Super Mario games (mitchflowerpower is an absolute beast)
  3. As the tittle said, i'm curious to know your death count when you reached the Summit It was a blind playthrough, witch clocked 4200 deaths, no aim assis, 91 strawberries and with most of the B-Sides collected. I tried to collect all strawberries i saw along the way, except on chap 4 with the wind..( Screw that level ) I recall one specific Strawberry on lev 3 that clocked a good 400 deaths alone. Seriously, what a masterpiece of a platformer this game. There's a challenge at every corner waiting, and you cant let that dangling Berry alone, you need to reach for it ! 😂
  4. Yeah i've done most of the B-Sides and chap 8 non assisted, they were though as nails ! I mixed assited and non assisted for the C-Sides. I like how the game let's you decide of your difficulty on hard spots. Some place i slowed down, or given myself an extra Boost. It's one of the few games that even if i just got the plat, i will keep it on my hardrive. I started to do some gold strawberries on A-sides. I'm personnaly finding it more entertaining to get the gold strawberries on the A-Levels than doing the C-Side. I like a good challenge but having to do hundreds of pixel perfect moves in a row is too hard on my nerves..
  5. Because you can only access the invicibility glitch after playing quite a bit of the game and up until there, the game will be tough and you'll have played the game almost to the end anyways. It took me about 22 hours to get to the point to be able to activate the glitch... So this is roughly half the time it took me (legit without cheat) to complete everything EXCEPT the last trophy (P5) One big issue Es IF you find a way to get it sooner, you'll be screwed because you cannot pick up geo (the games currency) wich prevent you to buy everything towards the 112% completion. If you think starting the game and get an easy plat quickly, you'll be disapointed. The completion percentage wouldnt be that low if it was easy. You'll still have to work for it up until you reah God Mode and at that time, you'll most probably be hook on the game and forget about wanting to cheese it. It's that good. Spelling...
  6. This. I got the Plat 4 years ago on a différent PSN account and the rarity was pretty much the same as now. It was free at launch with the PS+ so back them all us trophy hunters allready jumped on it, especially that some of the longuest trophies backthen was super easy (farming item in private no bots matches)
  7. I've played this game at launch back then and i've finally decided to come back to it. When I re-downloaded the game, i'm on a new PS4 so my previous save was gone and i had to start from scratch. In my initial logging on the game, i had an Sony Error message so i could only play 'offline' games so no New items were coming in after my matches. Has soon as i relogged into the game, i had à gazzilion items that popped right away and multiples cars ( all 11 originals and a bunch of other ones..) NO Car collector trophy.... I even tried to win 1 game per car and it didnt worked... Any idea what i can do to fix that ?
  8. You are into something, i've seen another person somewhere that told me to erase totally my save and to restart thé game.. I'll try that
  9. Same thing here i have my Platinum at last ! Tho it wasnt mentionned on the Hotfix, as soon as the game loaded, the trophies popped. Ps : i wasnt sur if it was the hotfixe or the fact the yesterday, i managed for the first time to complete the second half of the Guardian Takedown....
  10. This. I just got myself a Switch Lite recently to play Zelda. What a fantastic feeling to wander and discover that world without worrying about guides !! Tho, i LOVE trophy hunting and i even initiated my GF to it since the Covid quarantine. I think that as stated before, you need to balance your gaming with some other activities. I realized that if i only game/trophy hunt, it tends to go more towards an addiction than a hobby.... So i make sure to diversify my hobbies at home now.
  11. With FF VIII remastered, 13th game completed for the challenge, i am almost done with the list. 😎 I'd like to add another game, Citizen of Earth to #workout. It is à game without Platinum so i think it is OK to add it up to the category right ? #cook : Overcooked 2 ( ultra) #dancesing : FFVIII #Craft : Deponia 2 (ultra) #hangout : Ghost Recon :Wildlands #read: Erica #learn : Gravity Rush 2 (ultra) #getready: Assasins Creed Syndicate #Solve : Lego Marvel Super Héros 2 #Stayhome : AC Freedom Cry 💯 #StayHomeandWatch: Spyro 3 #Bond : AC Brotherhood(ultra) #workout : FarCry New Dawn #workout : Citizen of Earth (5 pts) #Fight : Days Gone #Travel : Watchdog 2 (ultra) #Game : Concrete Genie Yes ! Im doing the same right now. 😄 Since the beginning of the year, i started to change my focus to improve my completion rate ( it went up almost 10% since january.. It sits at 70% as of today). And to do so, i revisited à bunch of old games that i havent touched since à few years.. Getting long overdue plats and 100%.
  12. Allready opened à second account to do it. UNRAVEL. I don't know what makes me love that game so much but it conforts me. It is soothing.
  13. 11th plat done 😎 Erica is done, nice little free game. It took me 6 playthrough because i decided to do the first one blind. For anyone wanting to powerthrough the Plat, it is atteinable in 5 and they last between 1h30 to 2 hours each. Plus, download the app, the controls are tough without it. #cook : Overcooked 2 ( ultra) #dancesing : FFVIII #Craft : Deponia 2 (ultra) #hangout : Ghost Recon :Wildlands #read: Erica #learn : Gravity Rush 2 (ultra) #getready: Assasins Creed Syndicate #Solve : Lego Marvel Super Héros 2 #Stayhome : AC Freedom Cry ( 5 points) #StayHomeandWatch: Spyro 3 #Bond : AC Brotherhood(ultra) #workout : FarCry New Dawn #Fight : Days Gone #Travel : Watchdog 2 (ultra) #Game : Concrete Genie
  14. Same thing here, all locations trophies popped EXCEPT for Master Survey...... OK, well lets prey once again another fix will come.. Fyi: i allready had the 223 locations before the latest patch and havent got the DLCs yet. Plus, i've completed both takedowns for the first time to discover the area and no luck. I think i've seen some infos that discovering a new DLC location can trigger it. Can someone confirm ?
  15. Two person here allready reccomended Just Cause 3.. I personnally would NOT place that game in the easy categorie.. Some of the time/flying challenges are something else and became a deal breaker for me. And usually a LOVE those types of challenges. I dont say it is impossible but it will take a GOOD commitment and skills to get there.
  16. Oh yes defenitly, i was about to start (well eventually you know how backlog works..) Yakuza 3 to 5 remastered 😀
  17. Thats why i only have the Plat on yakuza 6, no mahjong in this one.
  18. Another one done ! Concrete Genie for #Game is finished for my 10th plat 😎 that little game was fantastic, i had a blast playing it and i couldnt recommend it more. Juts play it guys I would like to use a swap ( i lost count but I think it's my last free one) to switch Bortherlands 3 for Ghost Recon : breakpoint in #hangout. I'm still super upset with the glitch fest that is Bortherlands.... #cook : Overcooked 2 ( ultra) #dancesing : FFVIII #Craft : Deponia 2 (ultra) #hangout : Bortherlands 3 * glitched😡 #read: Erica #learn : Gravity Rush 2 (ultra) #getready: Assasins Creed Syndicate #Solve : Lego Marvel Super Héros 2 #Stayhome : AC Freedom Cry ( 5 points) #StayHomeandWatch: Spyro 3 #Bond : AC Brotherhood(ultra) #workout : FarCry New Dawn #Fight : Days Gone #Travel : Watchdog 2 (ultra) #Game : Concrete Genie
  19. I am too scared of horror games, this is the main reason i still have Days Gone untouched ! 🤣 Allright so I'll add Erica for the #read category at that time
  20. Easiest : My name is Mayo. I still regret nothing, that was in hilarious-trophy-popping 30 minutes ! 😂 Hardest : tied between those 3 games with hard timed challenge. - Crash Bandicoot Warped - Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Gravity Rush 2
  21. The list is coming nicely, i Just finished Spyro 3 for my 9th plat on here. 😁😄 I'll go defenitly slower for the last few games, as they less attract me to play, i actually played a few games outside of this event. And my gf, who is bored out of her mind from covid unemployment, started to like gaming ! 😲😁 so she's hogging the PS4 since a while. The miss discovered the Assassin's Creed series and is playing them all back to back (in the weirdest order ever tho... Unity, Freedom Cry, Syndicate, Broderhood, Origins, III, Liberation) Question : would Erica count in #read? (i have no idea whats up with this game) #cook : Overcooked 2 ( ultra) #dancesing : FFVIII #Craft : Deponia 2 (ultra) #hangout : Bortherlands 3 * glitched😡 #read: #learn : Gravity Rush 2 (ultra) #getready: Assasins Creed Syndicate #Solve : Lego Marvel Super Héros 2 #Stayhome : AC Freedom Cry ( 5 points) #StayHomeandWatch: Spyro 3 #Bond : AC Brotherhood(ultra) #workout : FarCry New Dawn #Fight : Days Gone #Travel : Watchdog 2 (ultra) #Game : Concrete Genie
  22. I was coming here to say this, Mass Effect Andromeda Once i got the game for dirt cheap, all the patches and hotfixes were there and the game was running smootly. I was positively surprised by the amazing gameplay. Seriously, the combat was fantastic, especially on the higher difficulty levels where you had to think before getting in any encounters. Plus the amount of cuztomization for your combat style make it soooo interesting. OK, story wise it wasnt up to par with Mass Effect but for the amount of money that game sell now, its def worth it.
  23. Yep, that's right, the game glitched in my favor. While doing the Ultraviolet side mission (we were 2 in coop standing at level 16), the loot we received was... Unexpected ! A legendary Assault Rifle approximatly 20 times more powerful than everything elses we could equip ! ( 152x2 damage versus the usual 15-20 damage Assault Rifles at that stage in the game) Subsequent bosses were taken us around 15 seconds to down. We are now at level 28 and still cutting through enemies like butter with those bad boys ! Another good news, so far no trophies glitched on us while playing coop. So far we popped those glitchy trophies : - Bolts On ! - My name is Earl - Atlas at last
  24. Sorry to ear it 😕 The exact same situation happened to me yesterday. And when i reported it in detail here, i got so unusefull mild passive-agressive message and than the thread got hijacked.. I just checked and since the last few days some people got the location trophies so it seems to be a random glitch... Just like you, i'd recommand to hold the location trophies as of now, up until a patch is announce because yeah... Running around the map for hours while stressing if the game will crash isnt fun... Especially if this "safe method" glitched for two person on two consequetive days.