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  1. Hey man I thought the same thing but I got all the way up to like 20000calories and it didn’t pop. But the way I got it to pop was I uploaded my save game online,then I deleted my save from the system and redownloaded my save and it popped right after I did the first song afterwards. Might be worth a try 🤷‍♂️
  2. Unfortunately that doesn’t work. Me and a friend tried it a couple of days ago
  3. NHL 16 fo sho!
  4. Tales of berseria playa
  5. It’s a really huge grind for the plat. Not a terrible game but really not an mmo
  6. 😔 I’m at 12500 now still no trophy
  7. I am currently sitting at 11,000 total calories and the trophy still hasn’t popped. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. It’s in the special vestige right after the boss fight in the cathedral
  9. This man and his guides are the only reason I got the first mhw plat 👍
  10. I actually ended up getting it right after I posted lol
  11. Dude same here. Can’t get that second treasure to drop at all
  12. Just got my last treasure for the arena modes the last 4 were within about 5 hours. Just need the plunders treasures. Any idea on how rare those are to get?
  13. The only game I won’t play on my main account except for trash games haha is elder scrolls online it’s the only plat the is completely impossible bc of time restraints for me
  14. Star ocean the last hope no doubt. Bravo sir
  15. Catherine fo shooo 😉