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  1. My mastery’s have stopped going up since number 15. It says I’ve completed them but the number won’t go up and also it’s not giving me the rewards for completing them anymore. Has anyone had this problem and if so a solution? Thanks
  2. I have 2 friends that got the plat and both did it in around 70 hours. And the game is awesome anyways! I’m not seeing the problem here lol
  3. I’m pretty sure the highest one is at like 28% bud and it’s demons souls remake
  4. I hope not 😂 I think it’d break my heart to see a 50% souls plat
  5. It was. I’ve been doing this for a couple of months on and off and it’s never done that before 😔
  6. It seems the newest update has gotten rid of this method. All I get now is you didn’t do enough activity to get rewards. Suuuuucks
  7. Farpoint is an extremely difficult plat. The challenges require absolute perfection to get 3 stars and each level just gets harder
  8. I didn’t use any custom playlists and it still glitched on me 🤷‍♂️
  9. I did it with the regular controller and had no problems 👍
  10. Glad it helped!
  11. Hey man I thought the same thing but I got all the way up to like 20000calories and it didn’t pop. But the way I got it to pop was I uploaded my save game online,then I deleted my save from the system and redownloaded my save and it popped right after I did the first song afterwards. Might be worth a try 🤷‍♂️
  12. Unfortunately that doesn’t work. Me and a friend tried it a couple of days ago
  13. NHL 16 fo sho!
  14. Tales of berseria playa
  15. It’s a really huge grind for the plat. Not a terrible game but really not an mmo