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  1. 1. Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS3 (3.03%) 2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance for PS4 (3.51%) 3. Disney Infinity 1 for PS3 (3.60%) 4. Wheel of Fortune for PS3 (4.42%) 5. Jeopardy! for PS3 (7.01%) Also yes I'm aware that's 2 game show sames, two Disney Infinity games, and a Marvel game that wasn't but now is a Disney game. Game shows and Disney are my rarest ones.
  2. Mafia II. I love that game, but attempting Platinum in that instead of just enjoying the game was a mistake, and it's something I now think about a lot more. I don't trophy hunt as much as I used to, and I know it's because of those stupid wanted posters, and playing that game on hard first go because I had a job and not enough time to play it two times all the way through. Eventually I'm going to burn out likely, and I guess I thank the game for that, as my stress levels aren't as bad now thanks to getting a grip on how much getting every trophy matters. Heck, I don't even have every trophy in that game! Just Platinum, missing two trophies from each DLC and I kinda don't want to get them. Also, it's not Platinum, but can I please count Solbrain Knight of Darkness? I was the guy who proved it wasn't broken and that was eight or nine hours of my life..... For something I can only jokingly brag about because of how awful that game is.
  3. I have 39 platinum trophies and 36 of them have less than 50% completion. I'm actually surprised at how low some of the percentages where with this as my barrier. A lot of my Platinums are "rare" which I thought didn't mean much, or "uncommon" which sounds less rare until this percentage was taken into account. Have a few "very rare" and two "ultra rare", both of which are Disney Infinity of all things. Also planning on getting Platinum for Kingdom Hearts 1 soon so it'll be 37 after that happens, I checked. The three that didn't make it were Goosebumps, NCIS Game (the game so bad the title forgot the word "the"), and CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (just barely! it's 50.42%!)