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  1. Had the same issue this morning also and I'm messing around on an iPad. Nothing to worry about!
  2. Hey Ninja, yeah I know what you mean! A few years ago Capcom did an arcade collection on the Xbox that, if it had been available on the PS3, would have certainly had a platinum. There were multiple achievements per game which would have been great here. Having said that, due to the similarities per titles, there wouldn't have been much variety as you say, but as you know, I'm trying to play games that have Platinums at the moment, so I suppose I had a case of Wishful Thinking on this one! But then, they would have likely have had to include 20+ games for that to happen as opposed to 7. All in all though, I'm certainly going to play it and I will likely use it, as you say, as a chill out title!
  3. Damn, I was hoping that a Platinum Trophy had been considered by Capcom this time, but nevertheless I will pick this up as a few of the games bring back feelings of Nostalgia. I was going to get the Final Fight PS3 bundle sooner rather than later, so this will be a great tradeoff in the fact there are even more games to enjoy!
  4. I completed this back in my 360 days, so I would hope that I'll be able to get all the trophies up to an S rank at least with a lot of practice. I only ever did the first, second and 5th mission with anything past the S, but that was to an S+. Getting S++ on all levels will be extremely hard in my opinion, especially the 4th. Will certainly get the game again though. It is awesome!
  5. To get a level select option on Streets of Rage 3, move the cursor to BATTLE, press Up then X and keep them held down. The cursor should be over the OPTIONS Tab. Now, with Up and X still held down, press options on the controller and the stage selector should now be available in the menu.
  6. I will reply to my own post, as now I know the best way to do it. Me and my boosting partner used the method stated above which was 2 wins, 5 wins, 5 wins. Etc. However, when we ranked up, we moved to a 4 wins method until we made some space in between dropping back down the rank and a safe distance away from the knockoff points. We then went back to the 5 wins method. Once we got to Demon Rank, we took it in turns to get each other to 530000BP. The person going first certainly gets the lowest points at around 1700BP per win. When the second persons turn arrives, the points won for them were in the region of about 3500-4000 until they themselves Rank up to Demon, which was the 500000BP rank of course. Then it crept a little slower, but certainly more favourable than the 1700BPs the first person was getting. All in all, I took 2 nights of boosting to go from literally zero to the trophy. Hope this is helpful information for whoever is yet boosting. Oh, and we used Hong Kong and China's Lobby's and found each other extremely fast. The connection between each other was Green, but I searched yellow and above
  7. What is the recommended best method for reaching 530000BP with 2 people? Me and my partner are currently trading 5 Round wins and it is certainly slowing down quite quickly. I'm around 290000 and he is 340000. Would it be best to keep doing as we are or perhaps boost one of us to the 530000 and then get the other one to the trophy by letting them win all the games?
  8. Never mind. After hours of searching, the spawn finally happened! My spawn was East of Agave Viejo.
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why I'm not getting this to spawn for me? I've literally been back and forth over the map, trying all the areas mentioned in the guides available and other Wiki pages I've found, but nothing. I'm at Rank 5 of the Hunter challenge, so I should have expected this to have shown up by now as I've met the criteria for the Chupacabra to appear. I've also tried reloading areas by either reloading saves or killing myself in the hope it might jump start this. I'm really not wanting to restart thus DLC as it's pretty much all done up to this point. Thanks in advance.