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  1. I miss some of Capcoms older games, and I am meaning from the Super Nintendo and Megadrive era, so my dream announcements would be a 3D platformer based on Ghouls n ghosts. Not another Maximo, but completely based on the super Ghouls n ghosts universe. Whilst they were at it, I would be over the moon to see a Strider game that was more akin to Devil May Crys style and although a little new in terms of nostalgia, I would love to see a New Darkstalkers entry. From other developers, I would be super excited for a new Actraiser title from Square Enix! For some of the the newer franchises, although they have already announced a no show, but hey, this was a dream list question right? So I would love to see a New Batman title from Rocksteady. Something based on the Court of Owls story was rumoured a while back, so that would be great.
  2. 250 platinums by the end of the year is my modest target, but I plan to play some awesome games to get there. Witcher 3, Sekiro and Shadow of the Colossus are the 3 I'm most looking forward to!
  3. Dont give up on it. But try to not hit it too hard for so long if you are finding it a struggle. Persistence does feel like the answer sometimes, but all that will happen is you will burn yourself out. There are some great videos on YouTube that will greatly help, but I don't think it's worth watching the world class players that make it look so easy apart from getting the odd trick for throwing grenades at certain times on Phase 4 which really helped. One thing that I really tried to do throughout the challenge is to keep the Statue at the back of the level in one piece if possible as I used that for a bit of cover against the 2 bogeys. Yes, it doesn't last long at all, but it can be the difference between success and failure to have that little bit more cover.
  4. The way my particular group boosted this was we did 7 player lobby's every night, using the person that was Jason to warp around camp searching for the Tommy Jarvis Radio, checking to see if the propeller was Glitched which happened a lot and also telling us where the Shack was. Things like that. We swapped Jason every 10 games, so that guaranteed 7 kills, including Tommy each game. Once everyone had 666 kills as Jason and all the other miscellaneous trophies, we branched off in teams of 2 and blasted the kills to 1313 like that, taking it one game turnovers with each other. That way we both would work toward 1000 games as Jason and as a councillor also. Even after that had been done and me and the 6 others all had the platinum, we spent another year or so playing every Friday night legit games for the fun of it! I know the grind really turns people off on this game, the fun I and my friends have had on this game was brilliant. Securing the platinum on the U.K copy meant recently I was able to do the USA version with the autopopping of the trophies which is a cool way to get another platinum on this great game! Although there were an insane amount of glitches on this game, hampering play and causing loads of issues, because it effected us all, it was very easy to overlook the issues and actually it added to the funny shit that happened!
  5. When you have the option to select the opponent, do you select a friends team to battle or do you go with random gamers teams? I tried this trophy with the friends option, but after about 12 games and no trophy, I started fighting Random teams instead and the trophy popped after about 7 more games. The 25 game trophy popped on 25 incidentally..
  6. At the time I hit some serious financial difficulties and in a feat of desperation I sold an unused and perfect condition Metal Gear Solid GameCube themed Console, A Factory Sealed GameCube Resident Evil Box Set and Factory Sealed Radiant Silvergun. To this day I have tried to repurchase them, but escalated prices and unavailability have made it impossible for me. In regard to PS4, my biggest regret was letting my friends group get way to personal instead of keeping it about gaming. In the end I took a step back and play solo as much as possible now.
  7. I would certainly agree with some of the Folk here stating that the Maps on Origins and Odyssey were a bit too big, but if they are doing what has been leaked and including different regions to visit, that would be an opportunity to perhaps scale each map down a bit and really go to town on the detail, especially if it takes in to account the PS5s obvious graphical might. As far as a Viking theme is concerned, I'm more than happy with that, but I would have also really liked to see a Japanese theme. Both architectural themes though would make for an amazing looking game In my opinion. Also, im a sucker for collectors editions of games, and I would certainly be happy to buy a Nordic styled edition of the game!
  8. Not because it's a bad game or anything, but I deleted Witcher 3 when I had given that few minutes try. I could see that it was going to take a long time to really enjoy properly and I had a few other games on the go at the time. I'm glad I did now because as this generation winds down slowly, there will probably be less games that I'm really interested to pick up apart from a few that Sony themselves are working on, so I have built up a reserve of about 20 games that I will be able to enjoy before PS5 and the Witcher 3 is top of the list.
  9. The S++ Rank trophies on Ikaruga would likely be my end as I know I would need days worth of practice to be able to pull them off. Top down shooters are my weakest genre personally.
  10. Although this probably won't be helpful to everyone having issues, this game really doesn't like button mashing on the combos. Some fighting games allow for that in their trials, but here it just doesn't work at all. When I did this, I found careful input was certainly the way forward and resulted in the combos only taking as long as it took to memorise them. I hope this is helpful.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I personally had an issue one time where my save disappeared, so instead of having multiple saves, I did everything on one save for my game. That is how I sorted that issue. But as far as the Aggression Trophy is concerned, word for word is how I got that done.
  12. I would like to give my thoughts here. There is NO luck required for either Character Victories or Character Intros. All that is required is to go to the towers of time where you can use Koins to purchase a character tower of your choice and once you have finished their tower session you are guaranteed to get the Character Intro of the fighter you used. For the victories, doing 50 Fatalities guarantees a severed head. I used the Survivor Tower set to very easy and just rinsed the first 5 fighters, quit on the 6th and reset the tower and did it over. If anything it’s a grind, but in no way does it determine Luck to get these drops. And I can confirm I have spent absolutely nothing on this game other than purchasing it in the first place. I hope this is helpful to anyone still worried about doing the platinum.
  13. Reading into this story just now and it seems that there is supposedly 4 'core' DLCs coming out throughout 2019 that is being included in a season pass of sorts, so there may yet be an addition of trophys with that. I really hope not myself.
  14. A small tip, might have already been posted, but I'm not too sure as I haven't read through all of this. Anyone that is using Dr Faust to get through the Hell and Hell missions, if u get hit and want to restart whilst perfecting the technique you will use, close application rather than using the menu to quit and all the red orbs you had used in the mission will be credited back to your inventory meaning you won't waste orbs as you get everything ironed out!
  15. Im in the exact thinking as you on this. I've been looking forward to Devil May Cry 5 unofficially for years and officially since it was shown at E3! I rarely download digital copies of my games, but where I live, I am guaranteed a week later than anyone else in the U.K. To get my games, so I couldn't wait. I played absolutely nothing else until I had the Platinum in the bag. Getting S Ranks was my last trophy before the Platinum and I worked my ass of for it. I made a video that I posted on YouTube about 3 missions away from the Platinum just to show it was all my work on the stats screen of the game and a few others besides just showing a few Dante missions and Dr Faust at its best on missions 10 and 16. I fucking hate glitchers. And it's bad that a game I will say is easily my most favourite game from this generation is being so badly exploited. I've played all the Devil May Cry games many times, on PS3, PS4 and Xbox. I have refrained from posting about all this, but it's sad that many legit players are getting reported.