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  1. Send me a friends request over PSN and I'll add you to a community that will be of great help to you!
  2. I'm not too keen on anything that makes you play the game way more than necessary to get a trophy. The Zeni trophy from Dragonball FighterZ springs to mind. Even after getting 20 million Zeni, there is nothing left to purchase after spending 4-5 million odd. Purely put in by the developer to extend play unnecessarily!
  3. I'll reply to my own topic now that I have the trophy. Firstly, it's of great benifit to make a backup save on the cloud once you complete the part where you are on the raft being chased by the monster in the sewer and removing Ink from the rudder. By doing this, it negates the situation of having to redo the entire level each time there is a failure and because of the pretty tight trophy requirement, there will certainly be a few retries. Now, I had read a few conflicting reports about how to get the trophy. Some places said just survive the area with all the Searchers and Lost Ones spawning, others said get 50 kills without dying. Certainly over a few of my goes I was getting 45 odd kills without getting the trophy. But my successful run, I had thought I had counted only 46 kills when the trophy popped. However, as it got pretty hectic, I more than likely was getting the killing blow on enemies without keeping a mental score. Another thing I found very useful was that I kept mostly to the entrance of the area , near the dock, as this allowed me an element of crowd control without worrying about enemy spawns from behind, only really venturing to the furthest part of the area when a lot of enemies spawned in. I also never went for the enemies with the hard hats as Tom and Alison would spend time killing them allowing me the opportunity to go for the weaker enemies without having kills stolen! Lastly, when Sammy appears at the beginning of the fight, there is a barrel to the left of his entranceway near a hut that you can jump on which allows you to knock his mask off without him hitting you. I hope this is helpful and I must thank 'Platinumplayer12' for their successful confirmation of the trophy requirement! That was good to know the target!
  4. Hello, I took notice that you had completed the requirements for the 'Aggression' trophy on Bendy and I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what you had to do? I have read a lot of conflicting reports on the internet, so I was hopi g since you gave the trophy, you would be better able to explain what needs done! Thanks

    1. CannibalX666X


      *since you HAVE the trophy, I meant.

    2. platinumplayer12


      1. You must beat Sammy (the weird guy before the big fight) without dying. You can jump on the barrel that is on the left side of the area to make this part easier and faster for you 


      2.When the waves start to come do not get killed even once before the fight ends and kill over 50 enemies while the fight is going. No one does does not know the exact number you have to kill but just keep offing the enemies.


      3. The trophy should unlock after the dialogues stop after the fight is finished.


      Extra: If you are having trouble with the trophy you can always start a new game and save on the cloud just before the fight happens so you can save some time because you don't have to restart the whole chapter if you fail.


      Have a merry christmas :)



    3. CannibalX666X


      Many thanks! I have made the save on the cloud, so that is certainly helping cut down some replay time! Thanks for your advice. Merry Christmas to you also.

  5. Just want to clarify that this trophy is for fighting all the enemies on Chapter 5 and surviving with the most kills? I've tried it numerous times now and although I'm successful on surviving, I still don't have the trophy even though I'm sure I'm getting a fair amount of the kills. Also, if successful, when does the Trophy pop? Thanks in advance.
  6. My Apologies, but after I hadn't heard from anyone about dropping items for a while, I traded the game in. There are still people willing to drop their weapons on the forum for the game, so all is not lost.
  7. Sup man, I saw you offering stuff on Dark Souls Remastered. Would you mind if I got a Sif Soul or one of the weapons his soul makes from you? I don't mind doing everything else legit but if I can get it all in 2 playthroughs vs 2.5 that'd be great :) 

    1. CannibalX666X


      Hello there. I'm sorry, but since I hadn't heard from anyone about the weapons for ages, I thought that I no longer needed to keep the game, so I traded it in to buy some other things. I had forgot entirely about my post, so I'll delete it now from the forum. There is someone else that also offers the weapons. He was on the same post. See if you get any joy there and good luck with getting the weapon you need! 

  8. There are some pretty useful Gems that will make these Mission way easier than without. I guess experimenting with the load outs will help immensely. I played with a very aggressive build as far as the mission mode was concerned, but it took a bit longer to complete, as my way of thinking was beat them as fast as I could before they beat me! Lol. The mission with Akuma and Ogre will most likely be the biggest pain that you come across, but as stated before, YouTube will be your best friend! There are also a few different videos showing different Gem builds also, so check them out too! Good luck! Edit. Oops, jumped the gun a bit there, sorry! Tutorials. Yep, again, YouTube will be very helpful on those also.
  9. @grimmydawg. Yes m8, it's just my wording. I mean the first character will start the Cross art Combo, then the switch occurs and the second character completes the Cross Art👍🏻
  10. To do a cross art, input + MP+MK, when you have a full 3 meter bars. You will start a combo with your character, but then switch and finish the combo with the other character!Also, you cannot have full life, or the round will count as a perfect and not a Cross Art finish.
  11. I haven't really bought too many games for my Vita in the past and relied on the free games that were released through PS Plus, but a few noteable games that I played were Uncharted Golden Abyss, the God of War collection, Batman Blackgate and Metal Gear Solid Snake eater. If you have all the free titles yourself, Nihilumbra was a very good little puzzle/platformer and Day of the Tenticle and Grim Fandango were very enjoyable also. As far as purchased games are concerned, go with your favourite genre and I'm sure you will pick something up that you will enjoy. I feel side scroller shooters work well on the vita, so I played Metal Slug.
  12. With the length of time it has taken and probably will take to get Death Stranding finished, unless Kojima has been feeding us all previews of very early development and the game is considerably more advanced than what he showed at E3 this past year, I think the best thing he does is forget about launching this on PS4 altogether and go with a PS5 launch. Considering how long he takes to get his games finished, this would remove some of the self imposed shackles placed on the titles launch window. With what I personally have seen so far, I'm not too excited about it right now. Again, unless it's light years ahead of what Kojima has already shown, I'm more of a no than a yes, but this is only my personal opinion.
  13. I myself found it more difficult to get this trophy than anticipated. I think it's similar to other fighting games whereby if you start viewing a battle that is mid match, you wouldnt be able to see it. It seems just a case of waiting until a fight restarts and you should get to watch the fight and pop the trophy no problem! Just keep trying. On the topic of controller used, I used the Dual Shock 4. I use this for all fighting games I have played. It is purely my own preference. I have used arcade sticks in the past whilst I was on Xbox, but I genuinely find the PlayStation's Dpad far better to use so I stuck with the pad option when I moved to the PlayStation brand.
  14. Hi. I don't think there was an option to allow for a fight to be made secret as far as allowing people to view is concerned. When I did the trophy, I found it also quite difficult to view a persons fight. I wasn't under the impression that it was similar to other fighting games whereby if you join the lobby whilst the players are mid match, the fight would not be viewable. Perhaps you were unlucky enough that the fight you tried to view was because of this circumstance and the people simply didn't rematch so that you could view the battle. Because people are far more inclined to do Ring Fights, this trophy is a little more difficult to achieve for sure.
  15. Ok, this is just a direct response to the topic question with my own personal experience. As far as the base game is concerned, there is pretty much nothing that will cause you any problems as far as getting the Platinum is concerned. I thought that the game was a slow burner at the beginning, but it stepped up in the later levels and became a brilliant game to play in my opinion. As far as the multiplayer goes, all the trophies up until completing them on Crushing were pretty straight forward. Now the way I achieved the Trophies were I bought the cheapest Lootbox option along with the 2 friends I played with and we took each level that we came to and replayed it over and over until we got the completion. There were sneaky tricks that allow for each level to be achieved way faster and easier than NaughtyDog wanted which we used, but it really was only the levels with the Warlords that proved to be a problem, however by using a melee trick on stairwells, the Warlords would fall through the floor, completing the mission with very little fuss at all! If however you want to make it even easier, and by easier I mean with absolute zero purchases and zero stress at all, there are community's on PlayStation that are set up to help people complete the levels on crushing which do all the work for you and you will basically have to do nothing. I mention this because this will mean it takes the problem out of the completion worry that you have and means that you can play the game without the worry of getting stuck on 96% of the trophys completion. If this is something you would be interested in, just throw me a message over PSN and I'll tell you the name of the community no problems! Hopefully all the posts above help you make up your own mind in how you want to proceed on this game, but don't worry about the completion because of the Paywall.