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  1. Reading into this story just now and it seems that there is supposedly 4 'core' DLCs coming out throughout 2019 that is being included in a season pass of sorts, so there may yet be an addition of trophys with that. I really hope not myself.
  2. A small tip, might have already been posted, but I'm not too sure as I haven't read through all of this. Anyone that is using Dr Faust to get through the Hell and Hell missions, if u get hit and want to restart whilst perfecting the technique you will use, close application rather than using the menu to quit and all the red orbs you had used in the mission will be credited back to your inventory meaning you won't waste orbs as you get everything ironed out!
  3. Im in the exact thinking as you on this. I've been looking forward to Devil May Cry 5 unofficially for years and officially since it was shown at E3! I rarely download digital copies of my games, but where I live, I am guaranteed a week later than anyone else in the U.K. To get my games, so I couldn't wait. I played absolutely nothing else until I had the Platinum in the bag. Getting S Ranks was my last trophy before the Platinum and I worked my ass of for it. I made a video that I posted on YouTube about 3 missions away from the Platinum just to show it was all my work on the stats screen of the game and a few others besides just showing a few Dante missions and Dr Faust at its best on missions 10 and 16. I fucking hate glitchers. And it's bad that a game I will say is easily my most favourite game from this generation is being so badly exploited. I've played all the Devil May Cry games many times, on PS3, PS4 and Xbox. I have refrained from posting about all this, but it's sad that many legit players are getting reported.
  4. I guess this is a trophy list with as much difference as possible from MK9 and MK10, so that in itself is a good thing. It does get a bit repetitive having to do the same thing in sequels to games, so I'm personally pretty happy with the list at the moment. Possibly could have had the 10 Wins on Rank again as it would have served as a continuation trophy from the other 2 games, but after restructuring the way I am playing my games, with far less Ranked PVP, I'm happy enough that isn't included either. I liked the Beta and I was looking to get the game before this leak, so all in all, it's all looking like a pretty good package! I will say I'm looking most forward to the Story Campaign. Netherealms really have nailed that part of their games!
  5. Its interesting to hear the different opionions on this game and how each mission was handled differently! I hated fighting the Behemoth. If they got a chance to get underground especially when fighting multiple enemies, it was just a combo breaker! Lol
  6. To follow on, I personally used the first of the holes on mission 8, but by using a Ragtime breakage or 2, it's not terribly hard to take out all the enemies before the floor breaks leading to the more dangerous fight with the Lusachia, but even that is way better than facing off with Behemoth in the second hole especially on Dante must Die when it goes into Devil Trigger mode. It also helps keep the points pretty high without too much risk as I found some of the other fights on the level had a tendency to be riskier, so perhaps adopting a more careful approach to them, like against the 3 Baphomet and the Nobody near the end. As I pointed out before in a past post, I really abused the Ragtime. I found it to be really helpful on Hell and Hell also. One other thing that I found mandatory was when I was using the hole for points, I used the Red Queens Max-Act pretty extensively to both kill enemies way faster and build up the SSS, so getting the timing down on that will be a real advantage, but I'm sure that everyone going for the Platinum has that down. 😁
  7. Save you cash another time. On mission 13, you can use the checkpoint at the end of the level to literally grind out millions of orbs an hour using the Dr Faust hat. Sure, it may take a bit of grinding to upgrade all the perks to allow for the greatest rewards, but it means you won't have to purchase orbs in real cash terms. As far as your issue of not receiving the Orbs, get in touch with Sony Support as mentioned above.
  8. On mission 8 I know a sneaky trick to help build up a better combo at The beginning of the round. Basically there are 3 scythe enemies at the start which you can 'carry' up to the area with the other scythe enemy and the bat using the basic Devil breaker Snatch ability Just before you go into that part with the 2 enemies and the Fury, just build up to an SS combo with all these enemies and try to get the final kill right near the entrance to the fury fight and you can carry a higher combo into that battle and hopefully keep it upwards of an SS for way longer, bagging a much larger points value. I used this for over 6300 points on my SOS playthrough. Sorry for the garbled message. 👍🏻
  9. Yeah, any mission with Urizen is a pain in the ass to get an S Rank for, especially the higher difficultys, but as far as Hell or Hell went, I used Ragtime extensively for his fight, not for the entirety, but I always kept it for those tentacle attacks. I hated them big time. It just gave me enough time to react personally. 😁 Ragtime is again my Devil Breaker of choice for Fury. Break Age gives me all the time in the world to build a decent combo on them and means zero issues at all as they don't come with any offence or use their teleport ability. Again, super useful during the Hell or Hell run when it's better to not take a chance! 👍🏻
  10. Yeah, I see what you mean! I have just had a run on Hell or Hell now and it is perfectly ok to die, just as long as you have made enough points throughout the level so that the no hit multiplier doesn't have to make or break the S rank! From what I had read, I was under the assumption that it was only possible to get the S without dying once, but I perhaps got crossed wires on that myself! 😂 However, it is worth mentioning that if the worst happens and all 3 lives are used up, it's better to quit out to the main menu as opposed to using the Replay Level option as that counts as a continue used, so nerfs the score, which I found out to my horror on mission 8!
  11. I've seen a few videos on YouTube on Hell and Hell and the person doing the run has lost 2 lives, but at the end of the run there is no penalties on the award screen and they are awarded the S rank. Anyone know why that's the case because I was under the impression that there are penalties for losing one life let alone 2.
  12. Having played all the Devil May Cry games numerous times and on both XBox and PS3/4, when I first saw the trophy list for this game a few weeks ago, I have been consistently telling my friends I expect this to be one of the hardest Platinums of this genre yet. I think it would probably be fair to say that taking out the S ranks on Hell and Hell mode, the game would be a bit easier, probably more in line with Devil May Cry 4 as that had similar trophy requirements for the S Ranks on all difficultys, but the S ranks on the aforementioned Hell and Hell will be brutal for sure. I guess with a tonne of dedication, the S Ranks will be doable, but the proof will come from practicing and completing Son of Sparda with no damage to get a feel for how bad it's going to be! If it comes down to just pure survival play and making sure to learn the game like the back of your hand, the level bonuses would take the S Ranks for combat style out of the equation. This is all of course my own opinion I'm not commented on anyone else's.😁 I'm looking forward to the challenge and best of luck for everyone else going for the Platinum!
  13. Not yet. I have left a few characters that I'm comfortable with, such as. ken, Ryu, Dan, as I wanted to get the harder characters done first but I also have yet to do El Fuere and the dreaded 24 trial. I haven't attempted that yet, but my thought was as I get more practice in, to get the tight timing may well be a little easier after I play more.
  14. Ill be trying this, and all the solutions that are in this post ASAP. I am hoping to make this the last one, so hopefully the trophy pops after completion, which I'm not far off! Thanks all.
  15. Awesome. I'll keep your advice in mind! Many thanks!