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  1. The game only has normal or revered, you can't change the Y or X axis separately. You should get use to the controls after awhile though. =)
  2. Well I know that there are thermochrome paints and you can get plenty of items which have this on them, never seen it on a controller though. They would more then likely just paint it on as it is a pigment. I would say if it's very cheap go for it but you're better off not getting it if it's not cheap, you can always go on youtube and have a look.
  3. Chapter 14. It shows the first game bosses, in my opinion the better bosses. I found EW2 bosses to be very boring or reused from other games, the only boss I did like was Myra.
  4. I personally don't see a point in it, you don't need to plat a game several times to show that you love it. I've replayed many games because I loved it but buying it several times just to get another platinum because it's easier goes in the same categories as I mentioned before. I understand your view and I know a lot of people share the same opinion. I don't care if people do it for that reason or another since that's their opinion, at the end of the day it's their account. I just said I don't respect the profile, thats all. I still respect the person and their choices. =)
  5. I said from the start that it was my opinion and people see it as something different, I can't be wrong with my own opinion. I don't mind sound and shapes, I've played it myself and I enjoyed it, I just don't agree with stacking it. The platinum for Super Meat Boy is far harder to get than Mayo, that alone makes it more respectful than just pressing a button to earn a platinum in 10 minutes. It's not arrogant in the slightest, I just don't see the point in earning a platinum for the sake of it. I personally don't got for those types of games since I don't enjoy them, I play games for my benefits and not to show off. I also don't care for how hard a platinum is, I was just using meat boy as an example. I respect any account which has games which the person has enjoyed playing, doesn't matter if they have platinums or not. I just don't like stacked or games know for being played just for the platinum. It's just that the person has already platinumed it, there's no need to get it several times. It must also be somewhat expensive just to play the same game again?
  6. I don't mind certain easy games as long as you actually play it for the game, such as sound and shapes. I personally wouldn't respect it no, yes it would be impressive but at the same time them having those games makes me lose all respect since most of the time people only play those games for the platinum; especially if they stack games.
  7. I like to go for them due to the fact most of the time it makes you do everything in the game, it also shows people that you've done it. Games like Super Meat Boy are hard to platinum so having it shows your abilities ( unless it wasn't you who earned it). I agree that when people platinum easy games such as Mayo and 1000 Top Rated they lose they're value, unfortunately there are a lot of people who will play them and then get the platinum on all regions just to boost their platinum count up. I personally don't respect any account which does this as you're meant to play and and enjoy games, not just play them for the platinum bragging rights. I'm more impressed at an account which doesn't have duplicates of games nor silly games which are only purchased for the sake of the easy 100%/ platinum. At the end of the day it means something different to everyone, as long as you enjoy it then thats all what matters.
  8. Nothing carries over in Evil Within 2, you need to start a new game. I also don't remember you being able to carry things over in the first game.
  9. I will agree that I prefer Akumu, as soon as you die you get to try again. It's frustrating but at least you don't need to backtrack. With classic you get 7 saves...
  10. I've played Akiba's Trip and I loved it, It's also a lot better on the vita compared to PS3 and PS4 (from someone who's played it on both).
  11. Well it'll most likely be beat all 13 chapters and possibly beat the game in under 35 minutes, probably another easy platinum for people.
  12. Yeah, you can get a season pass and a deluxe edition.
  13. Another, I binged watched all the episodes in one night. I enjoyed it but the ending was very unsatisfying but at the same time I'm not sure how else it could have ended. It's a shame that I was wrong about who was the dead person, I thought it was going to be Izumi.
  14. Currently playing the original and I use: Zidane: He's the one you use the most and he can steal, some of the best stuff such as Genji armour can only be stolen. Freya: The jump ability is a life saver and she's strong. Eiko: Best white mage even if I prefer Garnet as a character. Vivi: He's very useful, strong and adorable. Steiner: He's strong but too slow and half his abilities need Vivi. Quina: I've never liked blue magic. Garnet/dagger: She's the best summoner but I rarely use them. Amarant: I'm not a fan of his skills command or ability options and since he's the last one to join he kinda gets pushed to the side for me. Another thing is what Trance everyone gets: Vivi: Double black magic Eiko: Double white magic Zidane: A separate skills command list which are powerful Garnet: If she summons once while in trance, that summon has a chance to attack for free but weaker and she needs to stay in trance Steiner: He does 1.5 extra damage Ararant: His flairs attack multiple enemies Freya: Her jump attack is powered up, she stays in the air longer and doesn't come down but instead throws spears. Quina: Enemies only need 50% health to learn a skill instead of 25% You can play the game using anyone, it doesn't matter. =)
  15. @RVMcypress_grave I can't believe this is coming to the PS4! I'm currently playing it on the vita so I'll probably finish it on that first, I might even make this my 100th platinum! I'm so happy I get to see my Vivi on the PS4, this is the best day ever! =D
  16. Thank you for doing this, it's always good to have money available on the PSN store. =)
  17. I never said it was acceptable to go backwards, I just think it shouldn't matter if there's a platinum for each game or just an overall platinum. I was saying it was a trophy whore thing to say since what you said sounds like you would only buy a game for the trophies, it wouldn't matter if you're a trophy hunter. I will be finishing up Dark and Demon souls but I'm not in a hurry, why rush games?
  18. I think that's more catering towards a trophy whore not a trophy hunter. I'm a trophy hunter and I wouldn't care if I pick up a combined pack, I'm getting it because I want to play the game not for the trophies. If someone really wants two platinums for Danganronpa just get the vita versions if it's that much of a problem, it's a great game either way.
  19. That's still more then me, I only have 5. Quality over quantity, plus it annoys me when people add me then never speak to me.
  20. Hasn't Child of Light already been a plus game?
  21. Since people saw how well mayo sold just because of the platinum everyone is doing it, it's an easy way to sell a game since a lot of people just want platinums and don't care what they play.
  22. I don't personally mind which one, not like it changes anything in the game besides if the game uses he or she. I think it's mainly because the majority of players are male and most people like to play as their own gender.
  23. You get it sent to your emails, it'll be in the promotion section. I don't think you need plus.
  24. I live in England and got the theme pretty much after a week of getting the platinum. I think it would be a good idea if after you earned a platinum/100% you would get a theme or even an avatar, I doubt it'll ever happen though.
  25. What's the point in making an account if it's just going to be have random people playing on it? It just makes it meaningless. Trophy hunting is for people who earn their trophies, so it's defeating the purpose completely.