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  1. Finally starting Rise of the Tombraider, I've waited long enough 😂

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    2. PermaFox


      @LostLunar I'm trying to sort out the controller settings and reviewing all the collectibles.  Probably won't start on Survivor Mode! 

    3. LostLunar


      Thanks @Spyro , I read that too, I'm hoping it all goes okay! 

      @PermaFox Oh I'll definitely start on Survivor mode 😂

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Another amazing L.C.

  2. #30 - Black & White Bushido This was a pretty fun couch co-op game to play with friends and on top of that an easy platinum. I grabbed the game awhile ago when it on sale for 4 euro,definitely worth picking up!
  3. #29 A Way Out Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty 2/10 Finally got to play and platinum A Way Out. There was a lot of build up to this game, and I have to say that it was worth the wait! Myself and my co-op partner @ApriIis spent most of the day working together (and occasionally competing) to platinum the game. I loved the small mini-games scattered throughout the game and I have to admit, got a bit carried away with a lot of them. Having previously played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I really enjoyed the few references made to this game. Overall, the uniqueness of this two player game would make it one of the best games I've played this year, even though some scenes were very similar to past games, for example, the scene with the dogs in the woods reminded me of Beyond Two Souls, and there was a general vibe of Sam and Nathan from Uncharted, but maybe that's just me? Would definitely recommend playing this game to anyone interested and cannot stress how important it is to play TILL THE END!
  4. Hi, thanks so much for saying hi and for letting me know about your event! I have been looking forward to the release of A Way Out for ages now haha cant wait to play it. Your event sounds great and Id love to know more about it 😊
  5. I was basically obsessed with stardew valley when I first started playing it and would stay up half the night just because it was too entertaining and engaging! However, I'm half way through year 3 now and I am struggling to stay interested enough to keep playing 😢 

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    2. BhekifaZ


      Yeah I did a quick second playthough and did the joja mart

    3. dmland12


      I was pretty much the same.  Once you've done everything in the game and are down to the final grindy bits & that one hard minigame it's difficult to stay motivated.  Overall though, it was a really enjoyable game and I'm glad I stuck with it to plat it.  Good luck!

    4. LostLunar


      @dmland12 Congrats on the platinum, I am loving the game and I can't wait to add it to my list of platinums ((eventually)) 

      and thanks everyone for making me feel better about finishing this game ! 😂

  6. Thinking of starting Knack soon,

    if anyone has any tips/advice on whats its like to platinum it would be so appreciated! 

    1. madbuk


      Great game. I recommend starting on hard for a fun challenge and to cut out an unnecessary playthrough, the plat is easy but there's a really dumb RNG grind that could take a while.

    2. LostLunar


      Yeah I saw that, definitely looks worth doing though! Thank you so much for the advice 😊

  7. Happy International Women's day to all the fellow girl gamers! Let's treat ourselves to a new game I think 😂

  8. Hahaha, its a great place to live, pretty wet and cold though, and sadly no leprechauns.. that I've seen anyways 😂 Yeah games like that would be really cool if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them 😍 Thank you, Yeah I cant wait to try that game, I might play LA Noire soon too!
  9. Ratchet and Clank 😋
  10. Hey thanks so much!
  11. I'm about to start this game soon, I am dreading the 1 million coins trophy as that's going to take a loooot of grinding. Otherwise, the game seems easy enough and should be a bit of fun. Congrats on the plat btw!
  12. Thank you, can't wait to give those games a go. haha no Im not 😂 Thanks so much!!
  13. Thanks so much, loving it already!
  14. #27 - Rime Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty- 2/10 This was an incredibly moving game, and considering there wasn't a single written or spoken word throughout, it was beautifully communicated. The puzzles were simple enough and with the help of a collectibles guide, the platinum is easily obtainable. The game was obviously made to be seen with its breathtaking visuals, but what struck me most was the story-line behind it all. I highly recommend you take the time to enjoy all this game has to offer.
  15. Thanks so much, I'm enjoying it already!