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  1. Nice summary of the changes but just a heads up, Nurse' add-on Torn Bookmark line-of-sight penalty was removed.
  2. Hey MKX might be cool, Looks at MKX trophy list, sees a 10 ranked win streak BRONZE trophy, leaves...
  3. If you had bought the characters them its not a problem, but the map will be removed rendering the trophy specific map to be unobtainable.
  4. Hmmmm, is the new island exclusive for the ditector's cut or its a free content update?
  5. Does Killstreaks on normal MP counts for this trophy? I keep hearing confliting arguments about this, if they count which ones are eligible? Like RC-XD and Chopper gunner I imagine.
  6. This trophy alone will guarante a 10/10 in difficulty, Ive watched long time FNAF players attempt this mode for weeks on PC with a mouse and keyboard. If theres no way to change the sensitivity on the controller them its gonna be virtually impossible.
  7. Hey Guys, Im about to try the adept trophy with the Trickster but I keep hearing that his power causes trouble with the Chaser emblem, preventing a good chaser emblem. So Im wondering if I should use my power at all during my atempts?
  8. Ive done 9 hive missions and the trophy for doing 5 still havent popped, guess expecting the 50 hives trophy to pop after the 50th one will be a long shot.
  9. Are the slayer gates safe to complete now?
  10. Just 2,The Last of Us(PS3) and MAG.
  11. I keep hearing about the need for a second character for the other faction trophy but isnt possible to be on a team with another player as the leader which has the other faction quest you need and finish the quest with them?
  12. 1) MK9 - 0.62% 2) F13th the game - 0.69% 3) Black ops 3 - 0.79% 4) BF: Bad company - 0.79% 5) Black ops 4 - 0.81%
  13. Old ID: Shadowdark9 New ID: CrimsonVoidGX
  14. I was thinking about downloading Tales from the Borderlands but I was reluctant due to already owning the ps3 version, this article just made my mind and I will be downloading it as soons as possible friday morning.
  15. Wipeout HD and Mighty NO 9, both games were free on PSN plus at some point and my younger brother decided to download both to check them out. He hated both and stopped playing...but not after granting me a trophy on both games.