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  1. Just 2,The Last of Us(PS3) and MAG.
  2. I keep hearing about the need for a second character for the other faction trophy but isnt possible to be on a team with another player as the leader which has the other faction quest you need and finish the quest with them?
  3. 1) MK9 - 0.62% 2) F13th the game - 0.69% 3) Black ops 3 - 0.79% 4) BF: Bad company - 0.79% 5) Black ops 4 - 0.81%
  4. Old ID: Shadowdark9 New ID: CrimsonVoidGX
  5. I was thinking about downloading Tales from the Borderlands but I was reluctant due to already owning the ps3 version, this article just made my mind and I will be downloading it as soons as possible friday morning.
  6. Wipeout HD and Mighty NO 9, both games were free on PSN plus at some point and my younger brother decided to download both to check them out. He hated both and stopped playing...but not after granting me a trophy on both games.
  7. Im planing to start to work on both her adept and the Terminal Illness trophies and after reading through the trophy description I would like to know if I can down the same survivor several times during their broken status to earn more trophy progression or if after downing them I need to wait for they to cleanse themselfs before giving them the broken status again. Because I was planning to vomit on the survivor until they are broken, down them and let the survivor wiggle out so I can keep downing the same survivors several times and hopefully get the trophy a fast as possible.
  8. How? Does a Pharah, Roadhog or Mccree ultimate helps with the damage?
  9. So Im reading a lot of topics on several websites that the new update instantly unlocks all specialists for Blackout, unfortunatelly I cant confirm if the trophy pops imediatelly upon downloading the new update since Im at work. Can anyone confirm if the trophy is unlocked? I was just missing Battery due to the obnoxious drop rates of the War machine.
  10. Nice, Im still gonna try to unlock her outfit since Im a perfectionist but I wouldnt mind if they unlocked Reznov for everyone.
  11. Yeah, I checked the description of the trophy through the PS app but It still says that its awarded upon unlocking all specialists. Apparently someone on reddit said that as soon as they joined a Blackout match the trophy popped.
  12. Yes,I just unlocked the trophy to repair the generator on the new map,though the previous map specific trophies required the dlcs. Hopefully the same goes for the Whiffing to success trophy, hate to thing that all my progress is not registring until I buy the new dlc.
  13. Not avaliable on the brazilian ps store...Great, first "My name is Mayo" and now this.I actually wanted this game since Im a old school Castlevania fan.