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  1. any bloody palace trophy will be okay as long as there is no such trophy like deafeating dante on the 100th stage without getting hit back im dmc4
  2. I guess you can expect at least a 7 or above for the plat, alone for the trophies for clearing the game on hell and hell / S rank on all missions on all difficulties. If you are referring to trophies in general, it can be even worse when they release the bloody palace dlc. Thinking about the trophies like killing Dante without being hit on Stage 100 was a nightmare.. Additionally it might become pretty time consuming for a game of this genre with at least 6 playtroughs in general with S rank clean up afterwards.
  3. My two cent on this... just play it coop. I would never get through this game alone. I have a friend who also bought wildlands in a sale and from time to time we always play a little. Normally one region (Story + collectibles) at a time. I'm sure we will get through it after some more time. But playing alone, I have to admit it is a pretty rough game to get through
  4. Thank you for the summary. Thats what I searched for. Now I can start the game with these points in mind.
  5. If they intend to implement the new monsters with crowns, I think the fairest option would be to give them a seperate crown trophy inside each dlc for example "Get all big gold crowns of Dlc#1"
  6. probably another very very rare ultra rare trophy. Played it a while ago on steam and as far as I can remember it, I would put it along super meat boy in terms of difficulty (special trophy conditiotns aside)
  7. I've been learning japanese for quite a long time now, but fuutsuly really got me here, made my day 😂
  8. I'm about to join this madness but can't decide if I should play on the vita or ps4. I tend to play on the vita, but can someone tell if the performance on the vita is good? With such a game, I think a flawless performance without fps drops or similar is very important ( what some other vita games have)
  9. One thing I'm 100% sure about... I'm definetly going to pass on BBS ('s plat)
  10. IF they didnt fix the "bug" from the ps3 version, you can also get the 15 hours trophy with a playtime between 100 and 115 hours since one the saving screen the colour is changing after 100 hoursd playtime but the timmer starts anew and the trophy didnt detect that and unlocked between 100 and 115 while only displaying ^sth between 1 and 15 also an advice for kh2 (isnt worth a new thread and both games comes in the bundle). I would definetly play a whole playthrough on easy, since doing lingering will and all the data battles on the highest difficulty is one of the hardest things I have ever done. After 100%ing it on easy I would do a straight through critical run towards the plat
  11. my vote goes for star ocean, lol no srsly, I would say hyperdimension should be quite doable and not tooo long
  12. working on steep right now. the only direct trophies left are all gold medals and all points of interest...the rest should/will come along the way.
  13. not a real scientific answer, but it also took me some time. I just tried to warp attack him as often as possible to deal some damage and after a while (My bet would be the dmg you dealt) a cutscene triggered and it went on with to the next phase. From there on the rest should be self-explaining. Hope I could help
  14. sry if this was asked some pages earliet.. but does someone know if you have to play the whole game on normal for that one trophy or just switch before it?
  15. gz for the plat already 67 hours really doesnt seem that long