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  1. This is what happens all the time. No mather what I do the gate is blocked by invisible wall. I can't finish that section at all.
  2. Yes but there is no display message to open/kick gate...
  3. No you can't. I had about 30 retries and still dont work, restarting console, game etc. Here is my video, proof that there is a invisible wall:
  4. Hello. I have a problem in Chapter 11, when we have to go warn Leo. The problem is I can't pass through the gate. The gate is like "invisible wall", I can't break it driving into it, and I can't open it manually. Is that update issue or glitch? Sorry for my english.
  5. Are they going to patch this trophy !?
  6. Thanks sir
  7. Does anybody know do I need to kill everyone as Nicholai too for the trophy to pop? Because he is added in new update. And the trophy description is to kill everyone using each mastermind character. Thanks. Sorry for my english
  8. Yesterday I played about 50 matches as mastermind. 99% of survivors are speedruning. I can't even win a match as Alex lol. She's weak as hell. There are not many scripts in the game. You can learn them all so playing the game lost sense for me. The game is pretty unbalanced. Daniel with his Tyrant is solid strong but Alex and Spencer are total b*llshit. After release of game playing was fun because survivors didn't knew the routes. Now they learned and speedruning all levels. That's my reflection. Sorry for my english. Are someone agree with me?
  9. My Name is Mayo
  10. another must have for trophy wh*res
  11. Anyone know when they are planing to add three new trophies? (Additional Feasts) I see 0.1% players got it.
  12. That was the biggest mistake of my life:-(
  13. Yes, but don't play shit like Slyde.
  14. Hi guys. I've got a big proboem in No Way Out in killing 100 zombies. It's impossible to me for some reasons. Tried hundred times. Not enough skill. Anyone can help me via share play?