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  1. I like the yellow one that gives you extra damage for every light armor piece. You also said that you´d prefer light armor so that should be very useful for you For the 2nd and 3rd I also chose muscle memory and gourmet
  2. Thanks! What a relief to see that haha
  3. There´s still no trophy list for the Ps5 version, I´m starting to get a little bit nervous But there has to be a new one, right??
  4. I missed a few skill-tree related trophies in the Ps4 version but I got the platinum in the Ps5 version. Now with the save transfer update I was hoping to get my ps5 savegame onto the ps4 version in order to have the skills that are requiered for the trophies. Unfortunaltely, I can only see my ps4 saves on the ps5 but not the ps5 saves on the ps4. Any ideas? Or is the save transfer only working in one direction? 🙄
  5. I had the same problem, do NOT use the Overwatch sniper from Panam since it doesn’t make collaterals even when you have 2 enemies lined up perfectly. For me it worked with some kind of smart sniper rifle
  6. I have the same problem... -.-
  7. Thank you ! In german the trophy description is very misleading, I should´ve read the english one 😅
  8. I can see that 41 people are using my walking tour lines per week but I´m already waiting for several years and the trophy didn´t pop. Any ideas what I´m doing wrong?
  9. I did a video showing a possible path: Sorry for the sound, I don´t know why it bugged 😅 hope it helps
  10. First, I´ve tried to create a Grand Prix Session with many races and one--shot-qualifyings. I completed the qualifying on pole and quit the session after the race started. When I should have hit the 50 pole positions, the trophy hasn´t unlocked. Then I did 50 in career mode, because then it was indicated in the statistics. But it still does not unlock!? I played one-shot-qualifyings again and then simulated the race. Any suggestions or anyone who dealt with the same issue? Update: It popped after 51 career pole positions when I restarted the game 😂
  11. It actually plays really good in my opinion! There are a few graphic bugs sometimes and I fell through the ground 2 or 3 times but apart from that not a single crash or questbreaking bug. I can highly recommend it
  12. So we have to play 100 online races again?
  13. Also prefers fun over hunting the rarest trophies and probably likes anime
  14. I still have issues with multiple trophies... the most annoying one is the 1000 miles trophy. I have 1019 and it´s the last trophy missing for platinum.
  15. Can you transfer the safe and get them way quicker, just like in it takes two, though?