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  1. This would be very pathetic haha
  2. How can such a big developer studio like Treyarch not be able to fix an issue like this after more than 1 month since release!?!?
  3. I got it after switching my trophies into offline mode and starting the game again. Thanks for your help
  4. I got every single trophy from the main game but the platinum doesn´t pop. What can I do !?!?
  5. For me it´s too much zombies, too. I would prefer grindy mp trophies in order to have at least SOME motivation to play it I mean something like get a nuclear medal, get 100 wins in mp, reach prestige 5, etc. nothing like bo3 on ps3 but still grindy Don´t get me wrong btw, I love zombies. But normally zombie trophies can be very annoying
  6. I already got Mw3!?:D
  7. Table Top Racing ^^ it´s not that hard
  8. In a german article I read that VR is just opional
  9. I´ll wait for it to be on sale. Both Season Pass and Snowfall are too expensive in my opinion. But I would prefer the season pass since you get more for your money
  10. oh okay, thank you
  11. Did the release date change? For me the DLC isn´t available in the store, although it should have been released on November 14th.
  12. I think it is nice to have some more multiplayer trophies. I mean it is a multiplayer game, isn´t it? The campaign trophies are pretty standart and I have no idea what these zombie trophies say. But overall the platinum seems to be pretty easy