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  1. The trophy popped after the first treasure hunt, thank you so much
  2. No, not yet. I did not think it was relevant for the trophy since the guide did not mention any of that. But thank you, I will try it out and let you know
  3. Me and my friend both have unlocked all abilities in the skilltree but we still get the notification that 1 character ability is available... and the trophy does not pop. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe there is one new ability the developers have not published yet but it is already relevant for the trophy? I will attach a link with our screenshots and there is one guy who indicates that, what I suppose might be true. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/more-human-than-human-achievement-on-wolfenstein/0b736ba0-bd46-4032-845b-dfb6e3c8981d
  4. This would be very pathetic haha
  5. How can such a big developer studio like Treyarch not be able to fix an issue like this after more than 1 month since release!?!?
  6. I got it after switching my trophies into offline mode and starting the game again. Thanks for your help
  7. I got every single trophy from the main game but the platinum doesn´t pop. What can I do !?!?
  8. For me it´s too much zombies, too. I would prefer grindy mp trophies in order to have at least SOME motivation to play it I mean something like get a nuclear medal, get 100 wins in mp, reach prestige 5, etc. nothing like bo3 on ps3 but still grindy Don´t get me wrong btw, I love zombies. But normally zombie trophies can be very annoying
  9. I already got Mw3!?:D
  10. Table Top Racing ^^ it´s not that hard
  11. In a german article I read that VR is just opional
  12. I´ll wait for it to be on sale. Both Season Pass and Snowfall are too expensive in my opinion. But I would prefer the season pass since you get more for your money
  13. oh okay, thank you
  14. Did the release date change? For me the DLC isn´t available in the store, although it should have been released on November 14th.
  15. I think it is nice to have some more multiplayer trophies. I mean it is a multiplayer game, isn´t it? The campaign trophies are pretty standart and I have no idea what these zombie trophies say. But overall the platinum seems to be pretty easy