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  1. Thank you ! In german the trophy description is very misleading, I should´ve read the english one 😅
  2. I can see that 41 people are using my walking tour lines per week but I´m already waiting for several years and the trophy didn´t pop. Any ideas what I´m doing wrong?
  3. I did a video showing a possible path: Sorry for the sound, I don´t know why it bugged 😅 hope it helps
  4. First, I´ve tried to create a Grand Prix Session with many races and one--shot-qualifyings. I completed the qualifying on pole and quit the session after the race started. When I should have hit the 50 pole positions, the trophy hasn´t unlocked. Then I did 50 in career mode, because then it was indicated in the statistics. But it still does not unlock!? I played one-shot-qualifyings again and then simulated the race. Any suggestions or anyone who dealt with the same issue? Update: It popped after 51 career pole positions when I restarted the game 😂
  5. It actually plays really good in my opinion! There are a few graphic bugs sometimes and I fell through the ground 2 or 3 times but apart from that not a single crash or questbreaking bug. I can highly recommend it
  6. So we have to play 100 online races again?
  7. Also prefers fun over hunting the rarest trophies and probably likes anime
  8. I still have issues with multiple trophies... the most annoying one is the 1000 miles trophy. I have 1019 and it´s the last trophy missing for platinum.
  9. Can you transfer the safe and get them way quicker, just like in it takes two, though?
  10. Hello Everyone, I had the idea for a new feature: It´d be great if it was possible to leave comments on other profiles or rate their collection. This makes it more interactive and maybe it would motivate some poeple to play less shitty "free platinum" games Let me know what you think about the idea
  11. So i guess you don’t recommend buying the game? I thought it looked kinda fun 🤔
  12. I wasn´t thinking about people hating other people because of their profile, I was thinking about interaction, giving probs, receiving and giving appreciation for all the hard work you put into it. There is a reason why "Platinum Chasers" is reviewing other´s profiles on youtube and the list of people who want to receive a review is so long. I was thinking about congratulating a first or fastest achiever directly on his profile. Or giving probs to someone because he has hundrets of platinums without lots of "shitty easy-platinums". And in case someone abuses the system you can report him, just like in the forums. With all what you guys said, I do agree that a rating system might not be a good idea. But I will stick to my opinion that a optional (!) comment section directly on the PSNprofile would be cool in order to encourage everything I said above.
  13. I think there was a misunderstanding. I didn´t mean that all ezplatinum games are shitty. But that some people play lots of crappy games just because the platinum is easy. Of course there are good games with an easy platinum aswell.
  14. Yeah, you´re right, I didn´t think about the negative effect it could have. Making it optional might help but having a rarity based leaderboard is a great idea aswell. Maybe you could use the rarity as a multiplier. Just to clarify btw, I don´t hate anyone with easy platinums, but I think we should think about ways to make harder platinums more attractive, also for me. In the forums I only saw positive interactions though. Since we are a community sharing the same passion for trophy hunting, I don´t think there were many "harassments"
  15. Hello Everyone, in this post I would like to collect all the games that will get a ps5 upgrade. Also feel free to post the games that you wish to receive an upgraded version. The games that I know so far, besides the ones already released, are: The Witcher 3, Rocket League, Wreckfest, GTA 5, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2. I am also hoping for Red Dead 2, the Mafia Collection, Far Cry 3-4 and the BioShock Collection
  16. Is there going to be a double XP event soon, maybe in order to celebrate the update or so ?
  17. Why do you remaster a game for the same console though? I would have loved to see a ps5 remaster with raytracing
  18. I had the same issue with the garbage collector trophy and I just replayed the game. I don´t know if there is any solution but to anyone that wants to play the game in the future I can advise to not collect all the collectibles in one "district". So do not have 10/10 number plates for example before you are done with the story. Then collect all except for one in each category and in each district, make a manual save and upload it to the online storage. Then collect the rest of the collectibles
  19. Do you think it will be as easy as "A Way Out" ? Also, is there anything known about a potential seperate Ps5 list since there are 2 versions?
  20. I just got the 100% trophy with no problems but the "Garbage Collector" trophy doesn´t pop. In the game´s mission Log menu, I can see that the Golden Shores´ mission for collecting 10 number plates is not completed even though it says 10/10. Maybe there is the issue... Does anyone have an idea other than replaying the game? Is there another patch announced? I even put a savegame in my cloud but unfortunately I already had Golden Shores completed there.
  21. I just reloaded the last checkpoint from my other save game and after doing the boss fight on extreme again I got all difficulty related trophies. I don´t know about other trophies yet, I´ll try them later
  22. Me and my friend both have unlocked all abilities in the skilltree but we still get the notification that 1 character ability is available... and the trophy does not pop. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe there is one new ability the developers have not published yet but it is already relevant for the trophy? I will attach a link with our screenshots and there is one guy who indicates that, what I suppose might be true. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/more-human-than-human-achievement-on-wolfenstein/0b736ba0-bd46-4032-845b-dfb6e3c8981d
  23. The trophy popped after the first treasure hunt, thank you so much
  24. No, not yet. I did not think it was relevant for the trophy since the guide did not mention any of that. But thank you, I will try it out and let you know
  25. This would be very pathetic haha