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  1. Hi all I just finished the draft trophy with my friend We have around 100k in FUT If anyone interested to get them fro draft trophy Massage me. Regards
  2. Already done.
  3. 9 wins by far Looking to take out the 5 in a row lol
  4. Anyone who did download the psplus edition ps3last year, will got the game for free on ps4
  5. After several attempts, I got the trophy today, I don't know the problem exactly. My trophy run was In first camp I take out the 3 snipers on the 2 far towers and the middle tower, then I approach to the right way in the map, after the first checkpoint i want to the left behind the two houses and the 2 guards talking to each other, once you reach the second checkpoint there is a tower befere you go down, take out the sniper in the tower and the guard down the tower, the proceed to the guard he washing his face. That's the difference what I did, the rest do what this guy did . I used the rock glitch to skip the 3rd camp. Good luck guys.
  6. Hi About this Trophy in ps3 console, any chance to get it by stealing some expensive cars and wait to someone put a bounty? I remember in PS4 was the work, I don't know about in ps3 if this trick work now, if anyone can confirm this. What about the hackers, if they pup my trophies do I consider as a cheater?
  7. Hey guys I'm almost finished with the PS3 version and I just got the ps3 Japanese version of Dead Island and dead island riptide from Amazon for cheap price Dead island zombie of the year (1.60$) Dead island riptide JP (0.90$). I want to play through this one and get the platinum for the 3rd time. Ask for any help getting an unlimited ammo gun. It makes the game so much fun. If anyone is willing to shere please massage me, PSN is juma-alman9oori. Also I've a unlimited gun in riptide US version, if anyone need the gun I can give. Thanks!
  8. Hi Goodman, I appreciate your help last year, thank you very much for the 250k you give me and my friend, hope to you all the best, and let me know if you interestedin FIFA18 & 19 PS3 version.
  9. I looking forward to do the online trophies, let me know when
  10. As Feb 2020, I just started the game, my stats are not saved, I hope there is alt way to do the trophies or fix the save problem.
  11. hi.. i just start the EU version today, any tips to how to get 'Global Giants' trophy, since they stop the black agents ball. As 2020/1/30
  12. Hi Is it possible to get the online trophy now?
  13. I hope they fix the problem.
  14. The gold edition give you all the episodes for hitman 2 (the main trophy set + the expansion trophy set) (exclude the legacy pack, if you have already have hitman 1, it will come for free, if not you need to pay 10$ for it)
  15. i got it in 3 hours.. you don't need to do much fast travel, when you wonna chance the what thay doing, just run until the icon not showing from the map completely, then hit back to the icon.