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  1. need a partner to boos the MP, add me please
  2. Hi all I've the game GOTY edition, I'm thinking to start it this week, but I've read about the ambassador trophy, is it obtainable now or it too late to start??
  3. I'm not gonna take them even if thay for free, the game servers is a nightmare
  4. Hi brother I think you just start the game when everyone is leaving it. My advice: you need to be patient, try as much you can in public matches for kills, fix, escapes rated trophies. When you feel you can't take it anymore, relax for a while and find for yourself a good boosting partner/group and finish what you start 👏 Best of luck*signature*
  5. great tips يا اسطى I just got the 50 waves trophy we 2 partners, it not that hard.
  6. battlefield 1 I loved this game when its come back in 2016
  7. Hi guys i wondering what you like how your PSN profile is looks... is your type in trophies hunter make every game in your profile 100% or you just focus in earning the platinum. i like to achieve 100% in games that I love, and I’m not a big fan for getting 100% in game with DLC unless I love it. if I got the platinum only in the games has online DLC trophies. this is good for me, I don’t like going for the online DLC finally it’s depends how much you like the game. and what about you guys?
  8. Good work sams16 i used the method for volleys and i earn the trophy 20 challenges now yet!
  9. Keep changing the date till you got the kills challenge
  10. Hello guys i just got anything you can do... trophy by self boosting in public match’s Big thanks to smas16 for the method, he just contacts Ubisoft about this trophy the method 1. Delete all your friends who played the game. 2. Delete your save data 3. Add your alt account in your friend list 4. Play 1 match online and get 1 kill only ( in your alt account ) 5. Log in back to your main account and then keep change the date til you got the challenge from your alt account says (get more than 1 kill in single match) accept the challenge and do it then send it back. 6. Log in back to your alt account and do the challenge back (do 3 kills only) 7. Back to your alt account and accept the challenge (do 4 kills only) 8. Keep doing this till you got ( do more than 5 kills) in your main account.. do it and... congrats... the trophy is yours. this method took me 2 hours and half to complete it and earned my trophy. hope you all understand the method..
  11. hi I'm asking about the online trophies for the main game only(no DLC) how many players do I need to boost all the online trophies
  12. from first look, the game is easy and fun. but the platinum is like hill game of the year my ass
  13. ^ try the evil within