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  1. I have 100% on this game on both ps3 and Vita. I did it playing online on the Vita and then autopopped on ps3, iirc. I just tested it on the Vita. Just played a quick game online to see my score. It went up a bit as usual. Then I played a quick game offline, and got the same error message people posted above. Then I played once more, this time online, to see if my score actually went up offline, but no, it didn't, I got some points from this 3rd game, but it showed my previous total as the same score after the first game. Then just to be sure, I turned the game off and loaded it up again and played a quick game on the same table (Rogue One) to see if the score got updated or something, but unfortunately no, I just got some new points and my previous score was the same as the score after the 3rd game. I'll try to add screenshots if I can figure out how to add images here. And I can't see the OP's proof image because imgur is banned in my country. But I can't test this on ps3 now, so I can't still say for sure that this is a proof of cheat. And a friend showed me OP's proof pic and it does seem to support their claim, so I don't know. And by the way, this trophy can be obtained in about 10-15 hours if you spam skill shots on The Force Awakens table and then tilt the table on purpose to finish the game quickly. You can get up to 12 million points from one game in 30 seconds if you pull off a skill shot 3 times, which will give a decent progress for this trophy. Even if you pull it off only once or twice, it's still worth it for a 30 second game. That's how I grinded for this trophy. Screenshots here, sorry for the links, don't know any better way to do on mobile. https://gyazo.com/74aced3087ad4316b1c4ff3a2a11d543 https://gyazo.com/6355d08454162840b64d6088e1ec447a https://gyazo.com/e24ca7bc4efb4e0cfb84d84f9bd01575 https://gyazo.com/32c54aa4269bb70f9aa49e837a4d76a7
  2. I don't have this game on my profile, but I kind of want to get EA Access and play it. So I tried EA chat. Helping guy probably had no clue about trophies and directed me to the forums. But turns out the FIFA 19 section of that forum is archived and you can't post new content. I also tried sending messages on Twitter to the community manager, and also official accounts of EA Sports and EA Sports FIFA, but didn't get a respond unfortunately. I also made a post about it on the FIFA subreddit, but honestly, I think there aren't really that many people out there who cares about trophies like us. So it's highly unlikely for them to fix this when they are just releasing the next game. I am still a bit hopeful, since it seems to be a very easy fix, and the servers are up, but I think this trophy isn't coming back. I wish it did though.
  3. I was planning to get EA Access and play this once I've completed The Witcher III, but I saw this situation last week and didn't want to risk it by starting the game with a few days left for this trophy. I still hope they somehow change the registration system or something so that you can still earn a place for it (by getting 2000 points) even though you can't play in it anymore. This way, the trophy will still be obtainable and will be fair to others who have already earned it.
  4. I had the same problem, and then I figured it out. So I'm going to post it here to avoid further frustration The trophy isn't for beating the wizard mode. Its wording makes it sound so similar to the final mission of the wizard mode and that was the trophy on Zen Pinball 2, I guess that's why we both made the same mistake. The trophy (Diamond Plated Needle File) is for beating a side mode which is activated by hitting the Get and Out targets (red targets on the left side of the table, above the left flipper), and then hitting the flashing lane (between those 2 targets) within 20 seconds after hitting the second target. After that, it's like the very end of the wizard mode. Just wait a few seconds until it says "Jump" on the dot matrix display, then press the launch button, and then tilt the mini play field with the left flipper at the right time to navigate the ball to the bottom left tube. After that, you need to hit the flashing sink hole (at the right side, above the right flipper) within 10 seconds to get the trophy.
  5. Thanks! That sounds extremely helpful, I'll keep it in mind Epic Quest is one of my favourite tables. A few tips: - Know exactly what monster you trigger when you hit a certain spot at the Orcanium. And also know which monsters you already defeated and where exactly they are shown on the table. This is because when you lose against the final boss, the table doesn't reset completely, but you lose 3 random monsters. You should know which one you lost. - The normal best way to beat monsters is regularly pulling off counter attacks (hit left shield ramp and then quickly right sword ramp). But the magic attacks are very crucial against the final boss in my opinion. So learn how to activate (acquire) a magic attack and learn how to use it, and use it only on the final boss. There are 4 different magic attacks iirc, and having all of them available is very helpful against the final boss. - And the health potions. You can refill your health during a fight by hitting a certain spot as long as you have a health potion. Try to save them for the boss fight. The table isn't too bad as long as you are consistent at counter attacks. I did it without savescumming on ZP2's ps3 and ps4 versions
  6. Congrats And good luck with the rest
  7. They didn't even resurrect the super league football table for ZP2, even though they told that they would. This was discussed on their forums, they would replace the licensed tables with a generic table, they even got back to my e-mails and told me that they were planning to do that, but instead, they delisted the ps4 version of ZP2. I guess their plans changed. So I don't think that they will ever relist ZP1. Like others said, your only chance is finding someone to help you with that. But I see that you already got 100% from this game, then I guess it worked out fine for you
  8. I found a solid way to complete the boss fight in the Street Fighter table. It's still all about timing, but there is a nice and easy shot that you can consistently make. First, you want to shoot Bison's head with the right flipper. When you hold the ball on the right flipper and then slowly let it go, it will roll down over some numbers that show your multiplier level. The trick is shooting the ball right before it completely rolls over "6x". The ball moves faster than it does on Zen Pinball 2, but all it takes is a few shots to learn when exactly you need to shoot. You don't even need to look at Bison. And the best part is that the ball usually lands on the right flipper safely after hitting his head. And I'm not sure how important this is, but completing the Akuma side mission up to 3 times before reaching the boss fight, and lighting those 3 letters (I think it was C-H-I) is supposed to help with the final fight. But this help is irrelevant when you can consistently hit his head with the shot I mentioned. Good luck
  9. Thanks a lot for this very informative and helpful post. It sure helped me a lot.
  10. Star Wars Pinball (Vita) with 0,04% for me.
  11. Welcome Park. It's easy and short (1-2/10, 2 hours). And you already have some of the trophies. If you want to complete your old incomplete games, I'd say it would be a nice start. The only difficult trophies can easily solved by some programs or websites you can find online, unless you can solve them yourself. Just check the trophy guide Edit: I just realized that I'd better be suggesting a plat. So my suggestion is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Looks like you're playing the remastered edition of the second game. And you only need a crushing playthrough for this one
  12. Yeah that's what I meant. You have to beat both characters until your super combo is ready. I don't think it's possible to do a super combo when you aren't hit at all. That's why I asked if there was a faster way
  13. How can you do Super Combo's when your life is 100%? You need to have a full (4 bars) super combo bar to perform a super combo, and I can only do them after both players are almost dead I'd like to know if there is a faster way. After getting 50 super combos, doing ultras for the rest is a better way for me. Ultra meter is ready much earlier than the super meter.
  14. Thanks. I hope the issues will get fixed. Ok then I'll complete the Fury campaign and I'll host/join a session for Bling Brigade and I'll try to keep at least 1 back up. If it works, cool. If it doesn't work, I won't waste the time of the other boosters and I'll try to complete the main campaign. Yes, it's very unfortunate. I am looking at High Velocity Bowling. It's supposed to be online until July 1st, but it doesn't work and I can't complete my remaining trophies. I already had a couple of games that are unobtainable because of the shutdown servers, but I hoped that I'd get High Velocity Bowling. It is frustrating. I don't want the same thing for my other games, so I just try to obtain the online trophies as quickly as possible
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I just earned a trophy for another game (on Vita), then synchronised it, and then updated my psnprofiles profile, and now Wipeout HD is there again. But just like PS3, it's still at the bottom of my list. But at least I got my milestones back. I did the 2500 kills trophy on Uncharted 2 as my 2500th trophy and I kind of like it that way :)) Yes I'll check back tonight when I get back home, I might have been playing Fury. By the way, I saw a post here that the skin that's awarded after completing Fury campaign on any difficulty is enough for Bling Brigade trophy. But no one commented on that. Do you have any idea about that? I've been clearing online trophies of my old PS3 games, and this last online trophy (Bling Brigade) requires finishing the campaign. I just want to do it as soon as possible to get Bling Brigade. And since Fury dlc has a trophy for finishing its campaign on any difficulty, it would save a lot of time for me.