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  1. How dare you mention this. I was hoping to not see Minecraft or Rocket League in this topic. As for my response, I choose any game with minimal demand that’s been out for a while, offered to PlayStation Plus members at some point then within a month to a year and a half after that add DLC trophies becauseof some DLC. Fuck the Amnesia Collection and Absolver: Downfall to the moon! Dead By Daylight doesn’t count because it’s been 10 months since it was offered as a PS Plus game yet it’s among the Top 10 PS4 games with the highest amount of players streaming numbers as I’m typing. The game had a shit load of DLC trophies before it was given out anyway. I would say the same about Borderlands 2 except it’s actually a great game (currently playing through it now TBH) and Borderlands 3 is just around the corner so do excuse Commander Lilith And The Fight For Santuary, why don’t you all?
  2. Plat #101 - Paladins: Champions Of The Realm Champion Of Champions 0.3% (2.66% PSNP) Platinum difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate) Enjoyment rating: 7.8/10 Total play time: 2 days, 23 hours & 35 minutes Matches played: 268 For about 2 and a half months I've been playing this "Overwatch Clone" every day for under an hour. I'd do so whenever there's new daily challenges at 9 AM GMT to speed up the coin/gold grinding for the Master Collector trophy. I ended up with 22 Locked Champions at Mastery Level 2 and 19 Champions I own at Mastery Level 8, that's 60 Talents total. As for the Last One Standing trophy there was no way I couldn't have done it without boosting (obviously). It was well worth the 5:45 AM wake-up alarm to meet with players from Europe and North America seeing as finding the right session times is difficult for trophy hunters living in Australia or New Zealand.
  3. Plat #100: Super Exploding Zoo (Everything’s Ruined)
  4. I got this a couple of days ago. I’m almost done with Dynamite Heights after starting a new game yesterday. If anyone else has this occur to them I advise you to stick to one platform instead of switching consoles to transfer your save from one to the other. I’m doing it on my PS4 because the Vita version is somewhat problematic. Luckily, restarting the game deletes the current cross-save. I believe this was causing my problems as it would end up causeinh the game to crash on my Vita every time I loaded up SEZ. However, on the PS4 version it takes a long time to load any stage and freezes the game when it fails to load after you leave it unattended for 1-2 minutes. EDIT: 100th Platinum.
  5. Holy crap! I was reading your reply and at first I was thinking: “What the hell are you referring to? Am I missing something?” Ah well, problem solved... (SOMEONE ELSE CAN CLOSE THIS TOPIC NOW AS I’M NOT A PRIEMIUM MEMBER OF THIS WEBSITE)
  6. Before I started playing I had many PSN friends who have played this game (if you’d like me to I can suggest a few usernames). Quite a lot of the times they posted were very doable to beat. In fact, it’s easier to play the game with the Alternate comtrols over the standard controls (forgot the specific names) since you control the direction of your RC with the right analogue stick rather than moving it left/right to turn your vehicle. I discovered how easy it was over the “default” on a PST forum topic and if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have the platinum. However from personal experience I don’t recommend alternate controls for the drift events.
  7. Another disappointing EU sale. Most of the games featured on this list were discounted just weeks ago. Too bad I didn't decide to buy the Ultimate Edition of Battlefield Hardline later than I did. The last time it was on sale the listed price was 11.95 AUD versus 179.95 AUD, now it's $7.55 Down Under.
  8. Please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong category. I bought a voucher for 1 year PS Plus membership to go on top of my current subscription which ends in August. I entered the code via my iPhone and accepted it, went on my PS4 on the PS Plus Menu to check my suscription status. It stated that it would renew on said date for 79.95 AUD, yet I just accepted a code I spent 55.95 on (the Days Of Play 30% off deal). Then I realized I forgot to cancel (unrenew) my current subscription before inserting the code. The code I redeemed is visible on my Account’s Transaction History so I don’t think I should be worrying. However, what do any of you think? Did I just flush $55 down the f***ing toilet, or will it work when it comes into affect? Please comment.
  9. Ahh crap. Guess I’m starting this right after I’m finished with 2 other games. Way to let the crowd down, 2K! I mean, It’s THE HANDSOME COLLECTION. All DLC is free and that’s final. I guess it has to do with making a quick buck from those who own it through PS Plus, though Sony’s subscription profits go to the Devs and Publishers to make money from offering their game “for free” at the end of the day. But even then, why?
  10. Same could be said about the Doomsday Heist for GTAV? I encourage more free DLC for games (Minecraft & Rocket League for example) as being a trophy hunter it gives me a reason to play the game again, depending on how long the trophies take. Also look at the bright side, It’s fucking BORDERLANDS 2! I’m glad this DLC has trophies to be completely honest. More trophies for my profile total, more points for my account level / leaderboard ranking and so on so fourth. I have yet to start Borderlands 2 for the first time (I enjoyed Tales From The Borderlands despite no prior knowledge to this franchise if that says something) and have no experience with “looter shooters” despite being optimistic for this game. As I’m playing them I won’t intend on earning the platinum for this and The Pre Sequel (as I don’t with other games I play) but I intend to earn lots of trophies from these games regardless. If you don’t like new trophies, than don’t become a completionist. It’s that simple! Should I remind anyone that nobody’s holding them at gun point for that 100% profile. TL;DR - If you don’t want to play Borderlands 2 again, then just don’t.
  11. I was just about to suggest this video once I saw this topic but you beat me to it.
  12. I mean, 2K makes all their money off this game from MTX (because 60 USD isn’t enough. I’m just suprised Borderlands 3 won’t have this BS, or so Randy says...) however I highly doubt this price was intentional and that it was just left unnoticed. They might aswell give it away as a 2 month bonus for PS Plus members as NBA 2K16 has been offered in the past, 3 years ago actually.
  13. Same here. I just finished all 6 episodes 1-2 weeks ago, actually. I have zero interest for the show (Season 8, anyone?) and played it just for the trophies, but I ended up somwhat enjoying it. After Episode 6 I could see why there were plans for a sequel, but then Telltale happened over half a year ago. Stuff TWAU S2 & Stranger Things: The Telltale Series! Don’t forget there’s always the Downloads List on the online PS Store website. If it’s not on your console, scroll down the list to find the episodes to add them to the downoad queue. Unfortunately it’s useless for the PS3 version as the download queue hasn’t been working on the system for a while now because $ONY... @Lance_87
  14. Again, I'm not surprized this doesn't have a platinum trophy. Typical Konami. You're all better off just sticking to the Arcade Archives port. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5142-arcade-archives-contra
  15. What the actual fuck? Please don’t tell me this is what they really said, I refuse to believe it...