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  1. I'd say it's because firstly, this latest installment to the franchise focuses on the common aspect of multiplayer games in modern gaming (from what I've heard). Secondly, this game was released in an incomplete state, bugs and glitches galore! I can't really tell if this was intended as a "rush out the door" release before Christmas since Fallout 4 was released the same month in it's release year as Fallout 76 (November 2015 - November 2018). However I do know that know many, many gamers hate it when a game is released in an unpolished condition, later having the developers fix the game with post-release patches. LittleBigPlanet 3, anyone?
  2. I myself had an issue with this trophy. I drove all 41 cars but it the game said I drove 40 out of 41. I made sure I did not miss a single car but that did nothing. I read somewhere that someone had this exact problem that I had. He said that the trophy popped once he entered an public lobby. I did the same and the trophy then unlocked. When I left the online server, taking me back to the single player environment, I looked at my collectible statistics to see that the "Cars Driven" stat still displayed 40/41, despite meeting the requirements to trigger the trophy when it's supposed to pop once I reached 41/41.
  3. I'd like to address two things: There's going to be a disk version? WTF? Who honestly thought it was a good idea to release this garbage for the physical market? Was there ever enough demand for this to be considered? 30 Euros? They honestly think that for what this BS is, it's worth almost 50 dollars in Australia? God some people don't even know product value these days. Please, don't waste your money on this crap. Maybe if it was under 10 USD the price would have been acceptable for what it is, but no. Copy what TinyBuild is doing with Hello Neighbour and milk as much money as possible out of consumers for a product that simply isn't worth that much money.
  4. Oh. I assumed he was just another one of those "boosting games for trophies is cheating" attention seekers. I didn't know anything about this side of the story and now that I've looked at his profile, the possibility as one of the hackers appears very clear (joined PSNP nearly a week ago, the only game on his trophy collection, etc.). The reason behind linking the topic to my reply post was to inform him (and other users) that boosting for trophies is, in fact, not cheating. Unfortunately, far too many users on this site feel the need to express themselves opposing the idea that boosting is not in any way cheating. Now this is the part where I challenge everyone reading this to find any threads for games regarding their server closure (specifically games like Modnation Racers, Motorstorm Apocalypse, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and a lot of others), scroll through all of the posts and manage to not stumble upon a single post from a user stating that boosting is cheating. You'd be very surprised how many users believe this, but here's the catch: they're all wrong! Elitist trophy hunters come at me!
  5. FFS now there's two trophy lists for this shitte game.
  6. My Initial Thoughts: "Why are we still here, just to suffer?" About time someone brought up Logan Paul. What a great way to begin 2018 with another fuccing YouTube controversy.
  7. The title "Platinum Trophy" doesn't surprise me one bit. Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter all had this lousy name for the plat. Thank you yet again Bethesda for ruining the possibility of making this the "perfect trophy milestone" for any trophy hunter. But hey, this is trophies where talking about! Game publishers and developers alike have been forced by Sony to create a trophy list for (almost) every game published for a supported PlayStation console since the introduction the feature back in July 2, 2008.
  8. Remember the situation with Toy Soldiers: War Chest? The Devs: "Just inform Ubisoft." The Publisher: "Just notify Signal Studios." WTF?
  9. Only 22 trophies, Are you kidding me? I believe every AAA release should have a trophy list with at lease 31 (30 Gold/Silver/Bronze plus 1 Plat) or more trophies in the base game. But no, DICE had to go a similar route to what Bungie pulled off with Destiny 2, didn't they? I'm kinda glad the BR mode won't be released with the rest of the Day One content. No BR skill-based trophies is an A+ in my books. I don't mind if they later release DLC trophies for this mode but as long as I don't need to earn any trophies for game modes like this (which is the case for this game) for the platinum, I'm completely fine with that...
  10. I had this happen to me with a particular billboard where I smashed though it more than five times. Then I waited it out for a while when going for some of the other billboards I had left to smash through. Then I wen't back to it to smash it again with high doubts it would register this time, and to my surprise it finally recognized the smash. You'll know when a billboard registers before you land back on the ground when you look at the top of the screen and it says something like "Billboard Smashed - 500SP" and then the recorded distance displayed on the left of your screen along with the "Billboard x/156" stat. In case anyone is interested, billboard #109 on this interactive map ( was the billboard that was causing me these troubles. It displays the Visceral Games text on it (BTW R.I.P. Visceral).
  11. Did anyone else notice Roughdawg4 is no longer on the PSNP leaderboards?

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      @Waddle Dee i have :giggle: I didn't know about all these, I am reading the topic right now, bad situation, sad he is gone :(

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      I didn't know there was a topic regarding this. Better start reading!

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      Long story short: he's super salty Hakoom is back on the leaderboards.

  12. Sony must hate the Vita or somethin’. This is the third EU sale in a row without a single Vita game! I really hope this is not the case for the big January Sale beginning at the end of the year! I’ll be deeply concerned if this crap continues.
  13. I don’t believe these two trophies are glitched in any way but can I ask you this... Do I actually have to start the MP match in order to earn these two easy bronze DLC trophies? If that is the case, I won’t bother finding three other gamers just to earn a trophy I should have already earned before posting this. I fufilled both trophies requirements multiple times but I was doing this in an empty official game servers of Capture The Flag on the Capsian Border maps. Why should I have to actually “start” the game in order to earn these two trophies which can be done without needing any additional players in the server? The DLC servers are dead for all server reigons and the only game modes current BF4 players play are Conquest, Deathmatch and nothing else. So yeah, that’s all I really have to say about this. Thoughts?
  14. It is birthday time my dudes! I can safely say that Skeptical Sixty-Nine is now 1 year older and wiser...

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      May your day be filled with the delicious scent of birthday cake.  Have a good one, friend.