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  1. This isn't an issue for me now but I'm curious if anyone else has been receiving errors when attempting to download the EU PS4 stack of this game. I could not get it to download at all until I restored my licenses (PS4 Home Screen > Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses) but even after fixing itself it failed mid-download. I had to resume the download until it continued to installation. In case anyone cares, this wasn't the only error I experienced today with my PS4. I purchased this game alongside others through one transaction on the PS Store via the PlayStation App. When I started downloading THOSE games they had the "lock" icons on them. So that's another job for me to deactivate my account as my "Primary PS4" and reactivate it.
  2. All (and upcoming) trophy sets for Sometimes You games possess 4 common similarities: The title for the trophy lists associated with their games always have "Trophies" after the game's name. Just like Titanfall 2's trophy list title is "Titanfall 2 Trophies". Quite annoying TBH. All 4 stacks have shared PS4/Vita platform tags. I don't believe they know how system tags work, so they just label all the trophy lists this way. The titles for the platinum trophies are the same idea, like Ratalaika Games always names their platinums "Platinum Hero/Midnight/Destronaut/Hacker etc." Every time it's "*Insert Game Title Here* Platinum". Even the platinum trophy descriptions are reused. "Good job! Completed all tasks!" is a complete copy and paste. Also, why has Sometimes You been giving away early access codes for their games lately? You cannot deny that the only people who care for their games are trophy hunters, and that's very likely the only reason they're still releasing (often) poor quality games. I guess so they can generate hype across the trophy hunting community once one of their early game "testers" creates a trophy guide for that game, giving people a reason to buy their game earlier? I guess, like EA towards they see something that works and they'll stick to it. The only thing in there way is if we stop buying their games, but that ain't gonna happen! They're selling platinum trophies like hot cakes!
  3. The Recent Players category is often illegitimate. To raise the numbers, you have to unlock a trophy for that game. Once a full week has passed since the date and time you earned your most recent trophy for that game, the number decreases by 1. So for instance, I could be playing the game but because I’m not earning trophies I don’t count as a “Recent Player”. This site cannot recognise users playing the game unless they’re earning trophies.
  4. Hmm. That’s interesting. The idea is that should anyone change their avatar from the default set up upon creating their PSN Account, they cannot revert it back. This intrigues me as to how this is happening. I would only think as @cris3f said it has something to do with the name change beta implimention. Speaking of the Online ID name changing, why hasn’t any additional information been released by Sony since the beta was introduced? Is this like Diablo: Immortal where the “game” (online casino?) was revealed with much objective appaul and has not been further discussed since believed as a direct result of this? The name change “loss of data” fiasco may have prompted Sony to drop out all together with this and let’s face it, there was no way they could’ve executed this flawlessly as the PSN was not created to to support name changing from the very beginning. So that’s Sony’s fault they couldn’t deliver the idea properly 12 years after the PSN was introduced with the rough launch of Sony’s installment to the 7th Generation.
  5. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Should Charlie do Moist Meter, anyone?) The Simpsons Game. Not because of the game itself, rather the enjoyment I got out of the comedy. The cutscenes, background character dialogue, Homer’s hamsterball ability, EA’s self-awareness, Simpsons parodies/depictions of popular media (“Grand Theft Scratchy”, “Medal Of Homer” and “Need For Speedo” for example).
  6. I had no issues in my case. I did notice it was on 99% for a while, I switched the TV to my PS4 for a few minutes do stuff in the mean time. Then I tuned back into my PS3 and it was installing at 11%. Two minutes later, back to the XMB Menu. I have feels for those experiencing issues with the new update. I’m quite interested which PS3 models you guys are using. I’ve been using a 320GB Slim model I bought second hand (pre-owned) at EB Games back in June/July 2017 because my previous Fat model I’ve had for almost a decade became a chore to turn on (3 beeps 5 seconds after almost every time I attempted to turn it on).
  7. I noticed this as well. It's $8.95 on the Australian PlayStation Store, which I may recall as the price tag for the DLC itself. Anyone willing to take the risk to find out the answer for others? Also does the Save Data (Game Data Profile Back Up) from the Physical version work with the Digital Extras Edition in the same region? I may move on to playing the digital game over inserting/ejecting the disk to play the game if the answer is yes...
  8. Same here. It's always the same ol' generic PR response, just like when I'm having issues with my internet and the Indian call center carries out the "suggested auctions".
  9. FFS why is NG+ always an afterthought?
  10. Here we go again with the subjective argument discussion threads! Everyone better buckle their f**kle...
  11. If this is considered, then wouldn’t that mean all posts quoting/replying to that post (and posts quoting those replies) would also be deleted?
  12. Squareboy vs. Bullies comes to mind. Most of the game was a challenge but doable. The stage before the final boss however, is an insult to anyone who believed others saying that this was a REAL easy platinum. I never continued to platinum Teslagrad (look at my trophies!) but my brother has the platinum on his account. I was watching him play as he was having troubles with some of the bosses. Afterwards he couldn’t understand why players made it out to to be so easy. “Finding all of the collectibles for a platinum trophy doesn’t sound so hard, does it?”
  13. My Brother started playing this title yesterday on his PSN Account. He told me the trophy popped through this exact situation, just playing normally and unlocked the trophy without really trying.
  14. LittleBigPlanet 3 has multiple save files tied to the different aspects of the game (Adventure Save, Poppit Puzzle Save, The Journey Home Save, User Profile Save and so on). But is the Kingdom Hearts 3 save data a single file or multiple saves as I just mentioned for LBP3? And yes, the PS Plus auto upload is very useful. It backs up my saves even when my console is on as my brother is using his account on the PS4.
  15. Funny that, Darksiders 3 doesn’t really look like it was originally intended for consoles at all, despite both the first and second games releasing on consoles + PS4 Ports > Darksiders 2 free for PS Plus members = Money from Sony, not from consumer sales. But if they did that they’d be missing out on a huge chunk of the market! Now THAT’S what I call “Hit or Miss!” Ain’t that right, NyanNyanCosplay? *Okay, I’ll admit. That was cringe. I’m better off waiting for a Lollypop Chainsaw sequel.* Let’s not forget there are costs involved for developing games to cater to all advertised platforms. On PlayStation: “Press X To Play” On Xbox: “Press A To Play” On PC: “Left Click Mouse To Play” On Nintendo Switch: “Tap ???? To Start?”