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  1. I'm hoping that like NFS Most Wanted 2012 (for both PS3 & Vita), NFS: The Run and Burnout Paradise before that, the servers are still populated with legitmate players in 2019. I've boosted trophies for the 3 games I just mentioned but a lot of the trophies for these games didn't require bosting and if so, I'll do the same for this game. I have the Ultimate DLC bundle I purchased for 8.98 AUD from a previous PS Store sale and am thinking about starting this tomorrow (or the next day). A notice for anyone who is considering starting the game soon wished to send me a FR to boost any trophies in the future...
  2. Another day, another Anti-Ratalaika topic where the first 15 posts farm all the upvotes they can get. If you don't like the leaderboards, don't look at them. If you don't like the games, don't play them.
  3. Earned this trophy on 4/19/2019 @ 6:50 AM 8 hours ahead of UK Daylight Saving (BST). I Managed to show up with 11 other users in the Wake-up Club on this time and at 5:50 AM. On the 1st attempt of the day 1 player overslept but then 1 hour later all 12 users woke up within 2 minutes.
  4. As much as I don’t care about anyone else’s trophies, the amount of games published by Ratalaika within a month is out of control. I don’t hate the games (Peasant Knight was good, I guess...) and quite a lot of my platinums in my trophy log are above 75% rarity, but something just doesn’t feel right when Daggerhood, Access Denied, Super Weekend Mode, Iron Snout and METAGAL (plus others I can’t think of right now) are all released within the same 3 month period, compared to just Midnight Deluxe and InkSplosion this time last year.
  5. Funny you mention this. I left an online lobby of Hardware: Rivals after a match ended (around midday here in Eastern Australia) and then I decided to join again minutes later and was getting this pop-up. I closed the game as my membership renews in August so there’s nothing wrong with my yearly subscription. I restarted the game and joining a public server worked as usual. Very strange bug...
  6. Would you say the same about Battlefield V? Sure, It's a AAA release from EA but there are less trophies for that game over this! Then there's 1185 vs. 1230 trophy points + 2nd cross-buy trophy stack with the Vita version = 2460 trophy points against a game that costs 7 or 8 times more than a 14.95 AUD Ratalaika game that is 2-3 hours long competing with a game that's minimum 30 hours to earn the platinum for! I'd pick the trophy title "Platinum Sister" over "World War Two Hero" anyday! Now don't make me start comparing Midnight Deluxe with the base game trophy list for Destiny 2...
  7. On topic regarding homophobia and Sony's hypocrisy... "The Last Of Us Part 2, Anyone?"
  8. Thank Jeebus Crisp your still around! I've always seen you as a child on this site since I first came across you on a topic you created about Sound Shapes. Even so not seeing you active on both here and on PSN in a few months was somewhat concerning...

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      Oh yea. That's right! You've said stuff in the past regarding that platform so please excuse me. I'm often not the kind of person who backtracks to previous events when coming up with a potential reason for a given situation.

  9. Sony: make•believe Anyone remember what Krusty The Clown once said? “...And remember kids, TV violence is fine as long as you don’t show a nipple!” *Insert Krusty’s laugh here*
  10. I quite liked that song from the game you embedded, though most of the songs from the game are the same genre of music. From how I see it, this generalised what EA (Criterion) believed was the target audience/demographic of gamers who would be playing driving/racing games. To be honest there were some songs that annoyed me after listening to them so many times or others that only suited me when I’m in the mood (simular to that of “Cherry Bomb” from the Guardians Of The Galaxy OST) though the inclusion of a few licensed songs I knew prior to playing the game for the first time was welcoming for me. On aa side note, one thing I noticed between PS3 and PS4 (besides the Burger King / Gilette Fusion adverts taken out and replaced with fictional brands from Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012) was the exclusion of 2 songs from the “EA Trax” from the Original Release to the Remaster. One of them was called “Stuck On The Trigger” IIRC (I don’t know who it’s by) and I don’t remember the name of the other but I know how the “chorus” goes as it’s one constant phrase “I’m not the only one”.
  11. I’ve come across SaveWizard many times in the past on psprices.com as I’m browsing game discounts. If I recall correctly their FAQ page claims that the “save editor” doesn’t unlock trophies (yet) though I don’t trust this piece of information, let alone the product itself. I thought about creating a topic about the site as a notice after I discovered it but then I decided not to. Now I’m starting to regret not doing so.
  12. 400 forum posts! Can I get a pin for this?

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      @DamagingRob :lol: I think you took this too literally. Immediate upvote from me!

  13. Mid April 2019 (not long now until it's been 10 years since the PS3 release) this game is still thriving...
  14. I had a feeling this announcement would come soon. Just hope Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 isn’t being discontinued too as that was also by Criterion (plus it’s on my lenghy EA PS3 “games to play” list). I first started this game with the remaster and loved it to bits. The cars (especually the DLC vehicles), the open world (Paradise City), DJ Automica (G-rated Duke Nukem?), the soundtrack (Guns’n’Roses, Epic, Twisted Sister, previous Burnout scores, classical music), it all worked for me! I acheived 100% for both PS4 region stacks though I was lucky with the EU stack first because I managed to earn the “8 Player 10 Mile Bike Freeburn Session” trophy legit. I decided to buy a pre-owned copy of the original PS3 release back in December from EB Games (Aussie GameStop) and bought the $30 DLC Bundle from the PlayStation Store a week and a half later. Since them I earned 100% for all stacks (PS3 & PS4 EU/NA) so I’m done with the game, but will continue to treasure it among the many driving/racing games I’ve played throughout my life...
  15. I honestly don’t see the point of the ranking systems. It’s a feature that doesn’t help with or do anything for the site. I’ve never liked it, but that’s just me. The ranking system is often questionable. I mean, plenty of users have acheived all the base game trophies for Spiderman but none of the DLC trophies, and what did they receive? They got a “B” ran, because that’s better than being given a “C” rank, right? That’s pretty dumb if you ask me. Even if the absolute majority tracked accounts own the DLCs, don’t you all think earning the Platinum Trophy should be an automatic “A” rank?