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  1. I care. Problem?
  2. If this game is really that grindy then this should've got a platinum to be received to people who would put in the countless hours into this. So if there are 14 trophies in this 100% list, then this means that this should've had 11 golds, 1 silver and two bronze trophies, just add the plat and then you will not only have a platinum trophy list but this one will add up to the full 1230 base game max point cap. Pretty much every non platinum base game list with 11 to 21 should have a plat with higher graded trophies that all together add up to either 1140, 1155, 1170, 1185, 1200, 1215, or 1230 points. This game betta be free on Consoles as it is on Android/Apple. Don't repeat PAC-MAN 256 all over again...
  3. To this day I still don't know the definite answer as to why these people still do what they do if they already know (or, at least they should've realized way earlier than they will/would) that practices like these give off bad perceptions of them (the hackers) to people who do it right (the legit trophy hunters). But man, I gotta say your guess was uneducated and done with little to no research. Have you actually questioned any particular hackers recently? You know, like "literally" knocking on their doors with a notepad containing gathered opinions/responses on it? I'd be surprised if one of them would come up with this reason for doing, that's really if any of the responders were to actually bother responding to anyone's questions...
  4. Another one:
  5. I have seen this before with other games on the site. Bridge Constructor Stunts was one of them but the game info card has since been adjusted after it's release date.
  6. You are aware that trophy hacking is now doable on the PlayStation 4, right? Don't believe me? Just hop on your PS4, go to 'Friends', search for the online ID 'In_Her_Own_Words' (the most infamous trophy hacker on the PSN who as of this forum reply has 3700+ platinums), go look at his trophies and look at his timestamps on Need For Speed (2015). Notice how he earned all of the trophies for that game (including the base game and the DLCs) within under three minutes? Go figure...
  7. Yeah I’m gonna wait until one or two months later to get this baby when it will be discounted as both InkSplosion & Midnight Deluxe were on sale in the EU. It just ended recently tho. but they will go back on sale at a later date and maybe alongside their other indie titles (like Twin Robots or Squareboy vs. Bullies for instance).
  8. First we got Undertale, now we have this. Does anyone here think Bendy The Ink Machine / Five Nights At Freddy’s / Baldi’s Basics will come to consoles aswell? #TheCringeIsReal Also the trophies for this game appear to be very vague and unspecific (like Attacking Zegeta 1 & 2) and that PSNP game cover image tho...
  9. After a quick google search it said that the fine can exceed a maximum of 275,000 Australian dollars and/or 10 years in jail. I also found out that Western Australia and specified parts of the Northern Territory do not allow the ownership of reclassified games, but every other state/territory in Australia does.
  10. People might aswell just buy it through the North American PS Store anyway. To be brutally honest, Australia is one of the most expensive AF nations on this planet! It costs $60 for a huge AAA game before and (for a while) after release in the US, which should mean that I only have to pay around 74 to 80 AUD but nope! Hop on board the capitalists express and round the RRP to the nearest hundred, why don’t ya?
  11. I think he could either possibly be referring to not forgetting to have the splash potion of weakness with you or that you shouldn’t create or load your save on peacefull difficulty otherwise the zombie villager will either not spawn or will be taken away due to your difficulty selection. The second possibility cannot be undone.
  12. That’s an incredible amount of one-liners from the first movie that are the names of trophies for this game. Too bad this quote isn’t one of them...
  13. I've seen this on multiple threads on these forums. Too bad it does not tell you anything else other than that you simply can't view it and your only option is to contact Sly Ripper himself. An example of one of these threads I came across is a thread created by @Soufwar on the forum for the European version of It's Raining Coins named "*insert game name in full caps here* HALLALLUJAH!". This topic can be seen within the 'Recent Forum Posts' box on both the game's trophy list page and the PSNP home page. From that box is where you are able to select it and be greeted with that stubborn error message, but on the game's forum page you can't see the topic among the other visible discussions.