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  1. I honestly can't tell if this was intended to be a legitimate post or you're just attempting to stirring people up. I could imagine both of these games becoming a PS Plus freebies (numerous God Of War & Insomniac Games' titles have been listed in previous line-ups) but don't expect this to happen until two years have passed since their individual release dates.
  2. *Accidental Double Post* (got caught up with the 502 Gateway Error)
  3. All Hail Lord SIKE! "Why should anyone fall for this shitte?" You should not even be asking this. You should be saying, "Everyone shouldn't fall for this shitte!" Why? Because we (legitimate trophy hunters) said so!
  4. EDIT: I just found out about the console edition bug tracker website and I came across a submitted issue about this (specifically about the PS3 version crashing). Maybe we could be seeing a bug patch after all...
  5. As Mojang/4J/Micro$oft has stated previously, the aquatic update would become the last update for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita editions of Minecraft. Unfortunately this means that there will no longer be updates of any kind, including any bug fixing patches. I desperately hope this is not already the case at all as there was a much needed fix for Minecraft that started occurring to players on all three versions where your game crashes randomly. It seems that a patch was released for the PS4 edition to stop this, but was not released on the PS3 & Vita versions, leaving these two last gen versions of Minecraft in a broken/unrestful state. Is there any chance anyone reading this can contact 4J studios (idearly via email) so that patch 1.77 can be released on all of the discontinued legacy console editions of Minecraft so that those versions of the game can finally be put to rest? I even browsed the many replies to a post they (the developers) submitted to their twitter account (I don't have a twitter account, sorry) to see that may users were asking for the patch to be rolled out for the PS3/Vita. I do doubt these devs look at any of their twitter replies or any tagged tweets, however I could be wrong about this. I'm posting this so that anyone playing Minecraft on their Vita or their PS3 can play their game without any fuss. I don't honestly care if there is no new content being added to the last gen editions but no way should these versions of Minecraft become completely ignored when a bug in your game has negative effects on almost every person that plays this game. Thank you for taking your time to read this, Skeptical69.
  6. "Here comes another funny!" "I suggest a new strategy: let the robot win." -ImARobotSoSueMe Instead of the stupid "select or click on all squares with/without x on it" tasks, is it possible that we could see one of those 'unreadable by robot' text entry boxes? You know, just like the one in the shown image below?
  7. *Notices this game received 11 total trophies, 10 silvers and 1 bronze, for a no-platinum 100% game* You guys do realize you could have got a platinum out of this? Eleven is the minimum number of trophies any 100% game needs to be eligible for a platinum trophy. Just change all of the trophy grades from a bronze/silver to a gold, then add a platin to complete the list. Simple! This is almost insulting to OCD trophy list observers like myself who know that they could have been rewarded a higher number of trophy points upon completing a certain game. For example, this game rewards users with 315 trophy points upon completion (the maximum 100% list point cap). If this were to be a full platinum trophy list, players will recieve 1170 trophy points when they complete the game. So how much trophy points would you like to receive for completing this game? 315 or 1170? Go figure...
  8. Is this in BST or just the regular GMT? I never thought about paying attention to when these errors appear for me. Guess i’ll have to take note of the time whenever I come across this to prove that it really does appear at the same moment of the day as any of my previous encounter(s).
  9. When I browse this site I use Google Chrome when on my computer and when I'm away from it I use Safari on my iPhone to view PSNP. Often I receive this error on both devices during extensive use. I have even had this error show up on my computer and then I will switch over to my iPhone to have it show up again.
  10. I find it funny how Mojang/4J/Micro$oft labled the Vita a “last-gen” console despite the fact that it is not at all a part of the 7th generation (the PS3/360/Wii era) and is actually apart of the 8th generation (this current gen). I can’t even tell if it was the Vita or the 3DS that became the first system to kickstart the ‘then new’ console genereation.
  11. If this makes anything sound better, it is possible to have both your Vita and your PS4 signed in with the same PSN account and get the two systems to play a versus game together. That's what I did!
  12. One game I particularly regret buying was Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations. I will always regret buying it not because it was an awfully boring game (even though it's definitely one of those 'meh' games) or because I heavily relied on a trophy guide to pop the platinum, but because I spent over 50 bucks on a game like this! This is why you should always buy certain games when they become heavily discounted. I hope to not make this mistake ever again. Another game I regret buying is the Vita version of the Lego Movie Videogame. I have many reasons as to why this should never be considered a 'traditional' Lego game to anybody. One of the major highlights to this is the fact that once you die, you have to start the level you were on all over again. Quite a lot of people will know that this is not the case for any of the proper lego games. So here's the catch: don't buy any Lego Games for the PlayStation Vita (or any other handheld consoles) unless you are absolutely sure they are the same as the home console versions!
  13. I had this happen to me as well. It appears as if you can only self-boost when your Vita and your PS4 are connected to different WiFi networks. Attempting to do so with the two devices connected to the same internet connection will only ever greet you with this message.
  14. I honestly can't tell if this game's DLCs will add extra trophies as there has never been a game in the past developed by Insomniac that has received any DLC trophy packs. I'm praying there will be DLC trophies because I don't want this to end up like Dark Souls 2 & 3 or the two South Park games (TSoT & TFBW). Both of those games included various expansion packs / DLCs that did not add any extra trophies.
  15. This wasn't a free avatar at all. This was one of a few PSN avatars you would receive if you pre-ordered The Last Jedi digitally via the PS Store. BB8, General Organa, Kylo Ren, Ray, & Poe are the other avatars that can be obtained. The same thing happened with the recent Justice League 2017 film where you would be given a few exclusive avatars (in this case, the logos/icons for Wonder Woman, Superman etc.) if you were to purchase the pre-order digital copy of the movie. Also, why were there two topics created for this?