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  1. Is there any way to get the 1.0 version as of now? killed me
  2. isn't this about suggesting plats?
  3. COD:BO3 plat, it's much more fun than you'd think
  4. goddamn. those 10 minutes were pretty fucking tough. if i knew about this earlier, I would've been spared many buckets of sweat
  5. I just platinumed BB and DS3 and I'm thinking about continuing the journey in either DSR or DS2SOTFS. Do they still have players or are they completely dead?
  6. I dont think u can boost the Proofs of a Concord Kept with 2 people as you need a Way of Blue person, an invader and obviously the Darkmoon. All 3 would use the same password and the invader would invade the Way of Blue guy, triggering the Darkmoon summon. After the Darkmoon spawns, the invader would be killed and the Darkmoon would get a PoaCK. The problem is, from what i heard at least, that even with a setup like this, the summon mechanics usually dont work properly, so its best to grind the silver knights.
  7. The same thing happened to me. How can I erase my progress? EDIT: I am dumb
  8. I already completed the story but I didn't do it in one sitting. Do I have to reset my progress to start the story again or is there a different way to get the trophy?