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  1. I'm looking to start a new game collection. Preferably something small that I'm able to complete. Do you guys have any ideas where I could start at for a reasonably low price? Any areas I could focus on? General tips appreciated. I've always been fan of Nintendo and Playstation, but Nintendo seems kind of expensive at the moment. 

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    2. Lorajet


      Are you looking more for the PS3 or PS4?  Definitely the Uncharted series (PS3 or PS4 remastered), Tomb Raider series, Infamous series.  Of course, I don't know how much time you have during the week!  Any HOGs, such as Nightmares from the Deep as @Avatar_Of_Battle suggested.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      You could start a collection of PS1 or PS2 classics from the PSN store I suppose. You could make it as big or small as you want! :P

    4. Honor_Hand


      Besides PS2 and Wii, as the other guys commented above, what about Nintendo 64 games? Wii and PS2 are cheap sure but there are more than a thousand games on their libraries and not all of them are really that good. Meanwhile, on the Nintendo 64, you have a pretty small library of exceedingly good games and a good number of the third party titles go for a reasonably low price if you are looking for a cartridge only condition. Granted, some Nintendo titles are helluva expensive but it is a library you can look towards filling out soon ;)


      I know I want to add more to mine haha xD 

  2. That moment when you're finally making some good coins on Fifa 19 ultimate team and you get soft banned for the remainder of the day. 

    I understand the things against bots but it's hurting regular players more than people using bots. 

  3. I wish we could just trade worldwide. Maybe just make it possible only after becoming "ultra friends" after 30 days or so. I have so many pokemon, really strong ones too, I'd love to trade for others but I have no one to trade it with, other than my own secondary account for raids.
  4. No I certainly don't think you'll always be a cheater. When I was 17, 8 years ago, I did stupid stuff as well that I would never do now. You grow and learn as you age. However, like I said, I do believe that he should have fully informed himself of the sites rules before getting premium. That also means reading that being flagged by two or more cheated games will remove you from the leaderboards of this particular site. He had every opportunity and time to remove/hide those games so he would not have been flagged and that means he has to face the concequences for both cheating back then, and not hiding them now. That being said, I think the siterules are fair to everyone and shouldn't give cheaters, either now , in the past, or in the future, an advantage by spending money. He is therefore rightfully permanently removed from the leaderboards if he admits to cheating and the flags are not revoked.
  5. In my opinion, nah, cheating is cheating. Otherwise cheaters could literally pay their way out. Being on this site, he should know the site rules. Especially before getting premium. He even stated that the cheating was years ago so he had plenty of time to read the rules, be active on the forum thus reading other disputes, and hide the games. If you support the site it means you also support it's (house)rules.
  6. I started playing the game 4 days ago. I used to have an account during launch but I lost it. In the 4 days I've played I walked over 65km now, which does wonders to my condition since I was so out of shape due to medical reasons. I'm nearly level 24 now and I expect to be lvl 30 at the end of next month or so if I keep this up. I'm averaging about 120k exp a day or so, and that's without the evolving / egg trick. If anyone wants to be friends, I posted my friend code in the other thread.
  7. Hi everyone! I started out 4 days ago. I'm kind of addicted to it already, having walked 56 km in those 4 days so far. Everyone here can add me, and I will add a couple of the accounts above too. My username is MrSkirra 1 and my friendcode is 8651 2033 8225 Edit: @Dorroile @Sir_Bee @Aexuz so far I've added you guys
  8. Decided to get a bit more active by walking outside. Started playing pokemon go for the first time as well and walked 26 km in three days so far. It actually motivates me and I actually like the game as well. Anyone else who (still) plays it and want to be friends? 

    1. Lorajet


      I surf every morning, plus walking down some mean hills to the beach.  So, good for you on your walking! 👍  Sorry, don't have pokemon go.

    2. aloha


      @Lorajet you surf every morning??? Starts drooling... Sorry guys, I ran out of rep already. Dang it. Feel like my hands are tied behind my back when that happens. Be back later! 😁

    3. Lorajet


      @journaltalk Yes!  I try to get down there in the evening, too, if the sets are halfway decent.  Nice to be there when the beach is a bit empty.

  9. I don't think it should be. It would completely undo the cheating and erase it from their profile, so it wouldn't influence the leaderboards or accounts anymore. That's a discussion for a different thread though, not here.
  10. I haven't checked out if the other back up games are on your current profile, but if you have any more trophies on your profile which come from other savefiles, even your own from an older ps3 etc., it is best to hide all of them before someone flags a third game and you are permanently off the leaderboards.
  11. Well, you convinced me there.
  12. I'm so bummed out by this news. I loved his show no reservations
  13. Has nothing to do with trophies or games but I've decided to upgrade my emergency preparedness kit. I've been having a close eye on the news the last weeks and I think everyone should have a kit at home that would put you through atleast a 7 day emergency without any outside help. Got some good items already :)

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    2. Deluziion90


      damn, didn't know it was that bad up there. I'm all down in Noord Brabant

    3. Zolkovo


      Don't worry mate, you always have 2 days to prepare if you just follow England weather 😂

    4. StrickenBiged


      I'm fucked if anything happens. It's a case of grab everything in the fridge and get in the car in a doomsday scenario for me. 

  14. So instead of PM'ing him about it or PM'ing an admin you decided to publically shame him. Nice. You didn't even link the trophy guide you just linked his PSN profile and called him a bitter person. Very constructive indeed.
  15. A very warm (active) welcome to you! I'm 25 years old myself with the brain of a teenager so I can totally relate to you. We've got the same taste in anime as well Hope you'll enjoy your time here, for me it has been an amazing year on the forum as well.