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  1. I actually enjoyed this little game.. Platted it today while listening to some music, just playing it casually. Wasn't the worst time I've spent playing a game, I've done worse (Toro..). I always like giving games the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it really is an easy game. Didn't have any trouble at all. Most times I had to re-do a level was maybe 5/6 times.
  2. I'd just say keep going with Final Fantasy!
  3. Hey, you can also add me on PSN (Mr_Skirra) I'll happily have a few good talks. Need more kind people in this world anyways.
  4. I'd actually like to buy Spare Parts, but (in the Dutch store?) It says Not Available to me, when I try to buy it. Any reason why that could be?
  5. I don't know why but the only reason why I have trouble with this game is because the bull turns aroun literally a meter away from me and immediately attacks me again. I have no time to even perform a move. Or he just quickly turns around when I'm already on the ground and gores me again. This entire game is probably the worst on my list.
  6. Thanks! I'll give this a try
  7. I couldn't even finish the last level on normal. I felt so bad for not being able to. Glad I'm not alone, this gives me the confidence to pick up the game again and finish it. I heard that there is a glitch with the first level on nightmare as well, that you can be instantly killed there, but after that it gets better? Hopefully when I fully upgrade the second cop it'll get better.
  8. This entire game is glitched. Just like AC liberation. The trophy of His Own Medicine, the guy would spawn without the poke, he would just fight me barehanded. This trophy took me atleast 10 times even with bigger ships when I had no deaths. Same with the rope swing kills, took me atleast 10 assassinations. Worst one was the 100 sync, for the mission that you need 5 investigations and no one killed. One investigation wouldnt even spawn and there is a well known glitch that you have to reload the checkpoint because of the knockouts counting as kills. This game is BS and should never have been a standalone.
  9. Gotta love when I came back to plat this game and it keeps freezing on the final seconds of the last bossbattle. The moment the Missouri gets into position for the last 10% health it just crashes. Great. I tried it 6 times and every time it crashed. FML.
  10. I know, I wasn't disliking that game or visual novels in general at all. Heck, I love me some telltale games to unwind so that would be quite hypocrite of me. Its just the comparison between easy or fast games that people hate on. Some are just hated on and others arent. Just like the discussion why same games have a platinum and others don't. I love games in general and I try to play a little bit of everything (and then complete it) Again, I wasn't hating on those novels, I love telltale games as well! I just think its unfair that some short lists or easy games get hated on while others don't. It's useless. My point was just, there are a lot of different types of trophy hunters and each has their own playstyle. We just have two things in common - we game and we love trophies.
  11. People complain about short lists all the time but not about the 600 japanese visual novels that take 30 minutes to platinum as well. Trophy hunters from 2008 that get mad over these lists? Stick to your hard game - apparently you just want quality/hard trophies. Thats fine. Quantity trophy hunters? Get the game, its another number. If not because you feel scared the people here will start nagging about having it in your list - buy another steins gate. Let people do what people want. In the end we all go for trophies, but how you do it and what you play is individual.
  12. I'd be a roleplayer in the game if I wasn't "the best of the best, legendary warrior, etc." I wish I could just be a farmer who is a thief/assassin on the side, instead of the almighty dovahkiin, archmage, thane of each city, own 3 full houses, hero of k'Vatch etc. (yes I know, the last one is Oblivion. I need my point made.) For sure there would be huge problems in making a real (main)questline, but it just doesn't seem immersive when I try to live life slowly in whiterun or so and the guards keep asking me if I really did absorb a dragon soul. Long story short - can't get into roleplay, became a completionist.
  13. I actually wanted to write a topic about it as well and I asked about it in the chat today. I've had several on different accounts just saying "hi" or "sup". I haven't played online in around 4 months now and they don't have a single trophy either so I assume it's not someone from this forum- they must be bots. It seems like they are being sent from either the mobile phone app or from a ps4, since my ps3 says they are being sent from a different system.
  14. DC universe online!
  15. I have had several problems with the GTA V trophies popping. You just have to keep trying, same with the levelling trophies. Also the rob 20 store trophy took me a few times more, I actually had to rob 3 more (already done ) stores to make it pop. As you can see in my list, I have the 100% completion trophy but the trophy for waste management didn't pop which is part of it. Make sure you sync your trophies all the time like Alvarez posted, that is the only one that seems to help (atleast for me)