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  1. Most people who use savegames just want a lot of trophies, quickly, on their games. Or just the last ones, like collectibles and a hardcore playthrough or so. What you described would only be for the hardcore cheaters, who also care about the leaderboards on this site. So they'd already need to have a profile here, visit the forums and know about these "tips". I think the time they'd have to spend time making sure each timestamp checks out, modifying the (or getting another) savegame, and using it, would be nearly as much time as getting the actual trophy itself. Just saying, I still agree with the fact we shouldn't "help" cheaters in any way, but I don't think the amount of these new cheaters would be that big that we need to do something about it
  2. First coming up with a lame lie and then admitting it.. Why even try? Come on man.. these disputes are just a waste of the moderators time. you'll only fool yourself.
  3. I moved away from my old place some time ago and I can't seem to find any people to hang out with here. I need friends.
  4. Yes, he logged in to his account on my ps3. When we started up borderlands a second time, he also had to load his character savegame from his account again. So everything is done on his account/PSN, but since he was player 2 no trophies popped for him. Only on mine.
  5. So my friend and I decided to play some local coop together on PS3 this weekend. We started a new game. We just played it on my account and got to around level 20 before we decided to play some other games. He had to log in with his account to be second player, but while playing through the game the trophies didn't unlock for him. Just for me (player one/main account). Now he's back home and we want to start playing it online and I'd upload his character data for him, but does that mean all the level trophies would pop for him once we play the online coop? And if so, would it in that case also result in a ban from the leaderboards? (not counting hiding the two games etc.) He isn't actually interested in trophies or leaderboards, hence why I posted the question and not him, but I wanted to know since the usage of savegames, whether your own or others is illegal. The only problem here is that that would mean you'd have to start a new game on your own, and play solo all the way up to that point again to have normal timestamps.
  6. well the popular games are literally just based on the amount of players playing it (either in general or that week). Which factors would you use for it to become implemented? Which factors would make a game impopular? If it is based on the amount of players, any online game with dead servers would count. If it is based on trophies, any new game or low % game would be least popular. I think that would be really hard to determine on its own, let alone implement it.
  7. Diablo III
  8. I once was on a forum where a lot of people ended up deleting their forum profiles, including a few very active members. Half the threads I visited were full of "deleted member" with blank profiles. Made the forum look completely dead and uninteresting. As I see why some would want their profile to be deleted, I myself don't think it should be possible. Just imagine seeing a thread made by "deleted member" (9 answers) deleted member - deleted member - deleted member.. etc.
  9. We don't take too kindly here to timetravelers. Or aussies.
  10. I love playing black ops II, it had a lot that I just didn't like in III or the other ones. I solely use another account just to play that game. I got in a hack lobby a few times just this month. There is a reason I won't play it on this profile, and this is exactly why. (game) Bans for people that play games legit.
  11. I just gave you a follow on Twitch, I'll see you there
  12. I might be the worst pac-man player ever. I decided to come back to it but even with the cherry pattern/save game glitch I just can't seem to get the om nom nom trophy. I feel so bad. 

  13. Some of the trophy hunting twitch streamers I watch are: Deadman_haguro , OggieBear , NMGBobben , Renanz21 and dmon3yworld (twitch names, not their psn names) They all have some good streams, different games and a good interaction with the viewers.
  14. Well I've had it too for periods that I wouldn't be able to game or wasn't interested in it, then when I wanted to I had so many (new) games laying around that I just didn't know where to start anymore, and was just staring at my screen. Pretty much until a friend of mine suggested a game to play together and I haven't stopped since. It is still one of my biggest hobbies and it always was. But even a passion can sometimes just be too much and you then need a kickstart again.
  15. For sure all of this is my opinion and my way to play games. I would start with "Life is Strange" as it is a really easy platinum, with trophies popping left and right all the time. The story is amazing and in my eyes one of the best I've ever played. After that I'd go right on with ether one. I liked it and it only has one missable which is easily gotten. That'll be two fast plats in a row. Since you have the hardest trophy already done in Modern Warfare Remastered, and only need to replay a few missions, I would do that one next. It's a nice shooter which is different from the first two I just listed. You can also go for battlefield 4 or sleeping dogs (ps3) as they are far in your backlog, but nice games to come back to.