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  1. I was so looking forward to this week since I had no college.. ended up having the flu really bad. There goes all the platinums I had planned.. :(

    1. ee28max


      Ah sorry man. Hope you get better real soon. Drink lots of lemon juice "no sugar added". It helps a lot. 

    2. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Hope you feel better!


      You think it has something to do with the weather getting colder like you mentioned a few days ago?

  2. So for some reason, even in the Netherlands, people have started going frantic and emptying all the supermarkets here. Was kind of suprised to walk into one today and see it nearly empty.

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    2. Mr_Skirra


      Probably the cold weather. I live in an area thats thinly populated and has lots of elderly. I'm guessing it isn't due to an emergency situation but more so they don't have to leave the house for a week. We aren't expecting snow storms like Austria or Ireland where it's way worse at the moment, but it was still weird to see. Only the frozen food and hygiene / pet food section were pretty much filled. The rest was empty. Stores get refilled by trucks each weekend so that wasn't the case either

    3. Meta Knight

      Meta Knight

      Yea, read that they're expecting some serious winter weather in parts of Europe.

    4. mecharobot


      -22 C now. It's been pretty chilly for past month now that I think of it. Much better than slippery and wet winter imo.

  3. I'm against buying trophies but I would *nearly* pay someone just to get that game off my list (and without having to hide it) it is an absolute abomination.
  4. Toro. Absolutely hated it, thought it would be an easy platinum trophy and it ended up being a filthy C-rank on my profile.
  5. There, I made an update for my trophy race/checklist. Now it's time for bed. Goodnight everyone! 

  6. Time for another update after a bit more than a month. Comparing to my last update (23rd of January), my stats have increased by: - 17 platinum trophies (was 75, now 92) - 557 trophies (was 3394, now 3951) - an increase of 3.95% of overall game completion (was 88.43%, now 92.38%) - climbed 231 ranks on the leaderboards (was 717, now 486) This means that as of I have already accomplished two of my 2018 goals ( completion % and leaderboard) so I'll probably have to set myself some now ones. The games I platted were: BF3 (platted it already but finished 100% of dlc), 2x little adventure on the prairie, prince of persia: forgotten sands, the walking dead (ps vita), dream club (100%), late shift, her majesty's spiffing, the world of nubla, nubla, heavy fire: afghanistan, inFamous: First Light, Batman the Telltale game, Hitman GO, Adam's Venture, Origins, Demetrios (vita), energy invasion (vita), energy cycle (vita), Knee Deep I've also started DragonBall: Battle of Z, GTA San Andreas and Surgeon Simulator (on a blank account), so it werent just easy plats I've played lately
  7.  Made a list of games I need to complete to get my completion % off and I instantly got demotivated. Did manage to get from 410 unearned trophies to 342 in a bit over a week though.

  8. There was a guy in this battlefield boosting group I was in as well who tried the same thing, trying to get free DLC from us. I called him out on it ( also saying to warn others that for him to be able to play the DLC on his account, he'd have to make his PS4 the primary console on YOUR account, which you cannot change for 6 months). He left a few minutes later without saying anything. Any account sharing, unless you are absolutely trusted with the other, is always a stupid idea. Hence why it is also not allowed on this site. Even worse: what if your creditcard / paypal is added to your PSN and he goes nuts downloading all kinds of stuff?
  9. plat #92 and completed game #100 (!) Knee Deep. Basically I didn't get any of this game. Was watching two awesome documentaries while just smashing X through the game. Oh well. Got it for free anyways.

  10. Officially in the top 500 of the Dutch Leaderboards! Plat #90 & #91 both Little Adventure on the Prairie. Easy plats I got thanks to @Deluziion90 who noticed me about them.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Jaco


      Nice work!

    4. Mr_Skirra


      Thanks everyone!! I'll first be aiming to the top 400 again. I worked my way uo from 985 to 500 since the first week of January. Top 500 was actually my full 2018 goal but I was kinda fast on that hehe.

  11. I actually like the idea too. I thought about it because I have the GTA V plat (2.10% rarity) and the FIFA 18 plat (2.66% rarity), but I'd love to add my BF3 100%, which is only a 0.99% rarity, however, the plat is 3.29%, so higher than the previous two I mentioned.
  12. Let's say you finally got that awesome Skyrim platinum. Sure, you can put that in your cabinet. It is always great to show off a nice plat. However, most games nowadays have some sort of DLC, often making the 100% much rarer than the platinum itself. Look at Battlefield hardline for example: it has a platinum rarity of 6.49% on PS4, but only 213 people (0.1%) have the complete 100% That's why I thought it would be a nice idea to have the extra function of putting a complete game you're proud of in the trophy cabinet. The icon could be the same as the platinum (or the icon of the base game), the rarity would just be the 100% completed rarity instead of trophy rarity, and instead of the trophy icon it could say a 100%. Anyone else who thinks it would be a nice idea to add? It might bring some extra depth to the trophy cabinet and for those who want to show off that they went for the full game, not just the plat.
  13. The thing you have to consider as well is that being banned (lets just call it like that for now) on a site like this shouldn't be a reason NOT to hack / cheat trophies. You shouldn't do it in general, people should know it is bad. Just like stealing, people shouldn't do it for the fear of being caught, they shouldn't do it because it is illegal. So even though I get your point that the site didn't exist 8 years ago, it shouldn't be the only factor to decide whether or not people would cheat trophies or not.
  14. Well, this is literally just walking while spamming square. I already got the plat without a problem on it, these were just things I experienced during the 20 minutes I played the game. Sure, orc slayer is broken to and it is basically just running in circles until nothing is left while headshotting everything, but I actually had a fun afternoon with a few friends over the game. This is just.. No puns, no jokes, no laughs, hanging in the air to glitch onto the head of an enemy and spam square while the enemy is running into you. Platinum.
  15. Holy shit this game is broken as f*ck though. I mean, I actually sort of *liked* my name is mayo compared to this. It is incredibly easy, but I'm getting stuck in the air, one hit ko'd on the first level, I'm not able to hit enemies, enemies are not able to hit me. This is WORSE than orc slayer. This is a disgrace.