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  1. I'm so bummed out by this news. I loved his show no reservations
  2. Has nothing to do with trophies or games but I've decided to upgrade my emergency preparedness kit. I've been having a close eye on the news the last weeks and I think everyone should have a kit at home that would put you through atleast a 7 day emergency without any outside help. Got some good items already :)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Deluziion90


      damn, didn't know it was that bad up there. I'm all down in Noord Brabant

    3. Zolkovo


      Don't worry mate, you always have 2 days to prepare if you just follow England weather 😂

    4. StrickenBiged


      I'm fucked if anything happens. It's a case of grab everything in the fridge and get in the car in a doomsday scenario for me. 

  3. So instead of PM'ing him about it or PM'ing an admin you decided to publically shame him. Nice. You didn't even link the trophy guide you just linked his PSN profile and called him a bitter person. Very constructive indeed.
  4. A very warm (active) welcome to you! I'm 25 years old myself with the brain of a teenager so I can totally relate to you. We've got the same taste in anime as well Hope you'll enjoy your time here, for me it has been an amazing year on the forum as well.
  5. I loved the dub for Dragon Ball Z, but I watched Super completely in Sub, because I wanted to watch it the moment it came out to avoid spoilers from the internet. I'm actually really looking forward to it. I'm guessing it'll be about what happened after the tournament.
  6. Is there anyone here who could quickly drop me the last two rods in Far Cry 5 + do a couple quests for my remaining trophies? I tried game sessions but I've had 4 no-shows over two days. 

    1. Roster60


      Any luck with your Far Cry 5 boost ? 🙂

    2. Mr_Skirra


      @Roster60 unfortunately not yet. I'm not home now anyways until Monday but I'll try again then. It's just those two trophies I need for the platinum, done everything else :)

    3. Roster60


      I think I have a friend or two that might be able to help you, so I'l send you a PM later today or tomorrow 🙂

  7. I've finally been getting back into trophy hunting a little with a quick plat (jak II w/ debug), trying to plat Far Cry 5 and getting back to an old one (EGTTR). I now need a couple quick easy plats. Anyone care to take a look at my profile and recommend me some quick/cheap plats that I don't have already? 

    1. bezdomnekoty


      Midnight Deluxe x3 InkSlotion x4 Hex Tunnel x2

    2. Mr_Skirra


      @bezdomnekoty Thanks! I'll take a look at them. That's a good amount as well :)

  8. Unless it is through a salad or a cocktail I don't like pineapple in my food. I have tried it once on a burger (you know, you can't hate it if you haven't tried it) but it is disgusting to me. It completely overrules the taste of the burger.
  9. That's what I meant. I have the 100% and I don't want to put more effort in it to get back to that.
  10. I'd like the update but I really hope they won't add any trophies for it. I'm happy with my platinum and don't want to get back to it
  11. Did you quit gaming 😱?

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    2. Mr_Skirra


      Yeah like I said I just need some new motivation. I've been trying to do some older easy games like Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, or doing a veteran run on CoD infinite warfare, but the moment I start it up I basically just turn it off right away. 

      I think I'd need some easy 30 minute to two hour platinums to get back to liking it again, but most I have left are 15 + euros and I don't have the money for it right now. 

      I will probably get back to some other games I really enjoy, like doing a 100% fallout 3 run. I just kind of wanted that one as plat #100 and I'm just not getting there. 

      The team profile idea was just a random brainfart to get back into it, getting others to motivate me as well as keeping my own account. Any ideas on how to get back to it?  

      Man, you're doing amazing. I'm jealous of the amount, time and effort you put into it, really amazing list! 

    3. Deluziion90


      Geting back into it is kinda hard to tell someone. I've been gaming since I was a little kid and never got bored of it. My motivation to pump out games does change ofcourse once in a while. At the moment I'm having a god of war marathon so I'm super stoked to get all those games done. Probably when it ends I'll slowdown a bit again. Though I've got my eyes on Sly Cooper collection so that's another 3 platinums I want to get.

      Later this month Detroid become human becomes available and before you know it Vampyr get released. You see the pattern? I just keep focussed on new released/older stuff😅

    4. Mr_Skirra


      Well I've been able to get back into it by a little. Abusing the mod menu from Jak II got me a new plat and in the meantime I'm trying to plat Far Cry 5. A great game and a fast plat should get me a bit motivated again. I'll try to get to 100 plats around half June. That would give me a nice goal as well. 

      Thank you for your kind messages again, it got me thinking and a little excited about gaming again. I'm also charging my vita right now so I can finally plat Dragon Ball Z :)

  12. I'm definitely not a good CoD player nor am I a speedrunner, and taking my time I did the veteran mode in around 6 hours. If someone is actually good at it and knows how to do it, I don't think it'd be hard to do it in about 2 hours.
  13. Then they hid the game. When a flag is approved you are removed off the leaderboards until you hid said game. If you don't, you're not on it. Same if you have more than 2 flags.
  14. I was so looking forward to this week since I had no college.. ended up having the flu really bad. There goes all the platinums I had planned.. :(

    1. ee28max


      Ah sorry man. Hope you get better real soon. Drink lots of lemon juice "no sugar added". It helps a lot. 

    2. Leaderboards


      Hope you feel better!


      You think it has something to do with the weather getting colder like you mentioned a few days ago?