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  1. Nah, it's nearly common knowledge in the call of duty community. Even without CoD, hacker mod menus have existed for a long time in multiplayer games. It's specific, but not odd.
  2. A bunch is an understatement.
  3. After a couple power outages and comm. disruptions from T-Mobile and the like I finally got my food storage in my pantry up to a 3 month supply. Thought I had to get the basics down before starting to buy games again. 

    1. DaivRules


      Nice job planning and executing on it. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too dire, but at least you’ll be prepared. Many of us are very lucky not to have to worry about going through with even thinking about emergency planning to that degree. 

    2. DarkLoba13


      I should put together an earthquake kit for myself & my dog...or just move the hell out of here! xD

    3. Mr_Skirra


      @DaivRules Thank you very much. I live in a first world country, but the grid is fragile. Especially with recent cyber attacks everywhere, everyone can be a target. My grandparents were prepared, and I feel everyone should be to a certain extend. Why have a fire or car insurance but not one for an emergency? Even a regular power outage can cause the supermarkets to be closed for a few days and the food in your fridge to expire. Or recently, the KPN (phone / network provider) in the Netherlands failed, so the cash registers at the biggest grocery store chain here didn't work, as they were on that network. 

      @DarkLoba13 if you are serious about it, shoot me a PM and I will help you with it. Any budget you got will be fine. With the recent earthquakes in California, Seattle and off the coast of Japan it isn't a stupid idea to have a kit that will last you atleast 3 days to a week. 

  4. Check my profile for a bunch of easy plats <1 hour that aren't My name is Mayo. Worse case you can do Jak II with the mod menu, to plat it in like 6 minutes.
  5. Finally got done with all the BF1 DLC weapon trophies. I did it the hard way and unlocked every single weapon naturally. Phew.

  6. Anyone with BF1 that could quickly help me with two multikills while being scout class? Been trying for hours, even with vehicles and throwing grenades at choke points but no luck.

  7. (non-gaming related) 

    After the news about Argentina and Uruguay, who quite possibly had a cyber attack on their electrical grid which resulted in the second biggest power outage in history, a lot of people have begun preparing for a similar situation which could be longterm as well. As someone who is well prepared for any emergency situation I highly recommend having atleast a 3 day food and water storage at home at all time, or some type of blackout kit. 

    I myself just bumped up my food storage to a 6 month supply, which may seem daunting at first but it cost me next to nothing when spread over a long period of time. 

    If anyone would like to discuss this, either the use of it or anything emergency preparedness related, or would just like to know more on how to start your preparedness, feel free to send me a DM.
    People get a car insurance against an accident, so why not get a physical life insurance for emergencies? 

  8. The Netherlands as well. It's a world wide server failure. Hopefully it's not a cyber attack again. I love doomsday thinking.
  9. Another backlog game to 100% completion. This time I did all Fallout 4 DLC. Nuka World was kind of tedious but enjoyed it nonetheless. Slowly chipping away at Toro as well. Might go for some easy plats again first to get back into it.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  10. In my opinion it should be lifted. Flags should be only given on reflected timestamps or CFW. Not on forum posts. If the timestamps show an illegitimate way of playing the game it is completely fine, either with savegames like MW2 or otherwise, but if it doesn't, it doesn't impact the leaderboards either and shouldn't be reported. If I posted something back in 2010 "supporting" savegames and people starting reporting me now while there's nothing wrong with my timestamps I'd be really pissed too. Not that that's possible, as I don't, but hypothetically. Either way. Timestamps are OK + no CFW = no report. WE need to prove he actually did use a savefile, BEFORE it is reported. He might as well used it on a different account. We don't know, as the timestamps don't reflect it. You need proof. Just like in a murdercase you need a weapon + motive + body. In this case we have the motive ( the forum post) but no body or weapon ( timestamps ), so there shouldn't be a prosecution.
  11. Alright buddy. Best of luck to you then. Hope you'll find a forum that suits you better. And good luck exposing everyone. It's an open forum, no one is hiding anything. That's what social media is for. So, again, I wish you a nice day and good luck in the future.
  12. That's your right to do so, anything you want to say that hasn't been said before threat is closed?
  13. @MMDE Can we get this topic closed? He's getting offensive now and there's now way he'll return to leaderboards. Just get him out of here.
  14. You're the one that's constantly avoiding the question that could benefit you but you'd rather attack people for non-existent toxicity. This is not some grand scheme against you, everyone is following the exact rules that are used with literally all other disputes. If you're not able to come up with a decent explanation why the reports are wrong, or provide counter-evidence (which you won't be able to, now that it's proven someone that used your playstation has edited timestamps on your account), the reports won't be lifted. You're permanently off leaderboards and that's it.
  15. Disputes are always open to the entire forum so people who played the game as well can help you defend your case. Or they find more cheated games, which happens with most of the disputes.
  16. Anyone still play this? I need some new friends since most people stopped playing 8651 2033 8225 Daily gifts
  17. Glad to see another Dutchie as well. Hit me up if you wanna do some trophy contests sometimes. I love a good local challenge
  18. Second reputation point from me ^-^ Welcome to the site! Hope you'll have a great time here
  19. I like the amount of plats because I also like the amount of trophies I get, and with every "pling" I get a little dopamine shot which makes my horrible social life a bit more acceptable.
  20. Who hurt you ?
  21. Stop being so condescending towards others. That doesn't help your dispute. If you don't trust Hakoom, go through his games and report him yourself. Everyone gets treated equally here. The official and latest ps3 firmware doesn't do anything. Some savefiles are uncrypted and can be used no matter what. You simply need a usb stick and that's it. No custom ps3 needed. Everyone can see those posts. I can see the post that got linked perfectly well. Besides, just saying it is "glitched" doesn't help you. Explain how it got glitched, what happened to have those timestamps like this and see if others can recreate said glitch. Otherwise they're seen as illegitimate trophy times. Just because your trophies got reported doesn't mean you cheated or hacked. It means that the trophies have impossible timestampts that can't be allowed on the leaderboards and those are not wanted. Let's say you got into a hacked lobby on CoD: World at War and your trophies start popping, that doesn't make you a cheater but it does make your list unwanted on the boards.
  22. In the last two weeks I knocked out nearly 40 unearned trophies, all of which were DLC from both Borderlands 1 and Far Cry 5. I'm now nearly at 96% completion on my profile which is amazing. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I see. For me 100% is no longer option. Some stuff is completely unobtainable and some i just don't want to play anymore. Like Buzz. For me that thing could only be fun if i turned it into a drinking game.


      Good luck if you decide to go for 100%!

    3. ee28max


      Nice going man, that's awesome. :) 

      DLCs are there to keep my profile away from 100%. I don't think I'll ever buy a DLC separately from a base game, unless I get a complete edition of that particular game, or if I think the DLC is worth it, but either way...

      @ihadalifeb4this I was going to ask you about Buzz a few days ago lol. Saw it at the very bottom of your profile and wondered if you were ever going to revisit it. I like the games you played and platted on PS3. I'd like to have them one day. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      @ee28max Revisit? I can hardly force myself to call it a video game.


      Thanks dude! I had a lot of fun playing ps3. I would recommend Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but i heard there's some issues with online part now. Such a shame.

  23. Does anyone know the server status of Army of Two: the Devil's Cartel? A friend and I want to try and plat that game but we can only do online coop.

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    2. Mr_Skirra


      @TheYuriG Thanks, I'll try that. Couldn't find it anywhere either but EA servers are kind of dodgy when it's not about sports games. 

      @Deceptrox thanks for your input, but I'm specifically asking since I want to plat the game with a friend who lives in another country. Otherwise I would've done that. 

    3. Deceptrox


      Only way to find out is using a dummy account as theyuri says. Good luck.

    4. lordguwa


      GL on the game. i had a bit of trouble towards the end on single player with 2 people it would become easier.

  24. I played on God of War difficulty, as I like a challenge in such games. I had the fully maxed out dwarven armor of sigri, all the runes I could find that upgrade cooldown and a beserkers resurrection stone. What I did was spam my light and heavy runes with the axe, then spam the attacks with the blades of chaos, then made Atreus spawn those wolves, while doing some heavy attacks with the blades. After she recovered, I turned on Spartan rage to avoid damage and keep getting her cornered. By that time she was already a fair bit down. Then I just repeated the process with the rune attacks.