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  1. Yes, I'm so happy this trophy exists! I heard the hard playthrough is super fun.
  2. With chapter select I believe there are no missables.
  3. Can confirm this bug/exploit still works as of April 2, 2020 NA version. Just got my plat, finally!
  4. keep in mind that the AHK script is written for certain timing of the Enter key press for RDR2. For Dreams, I changed my script to this below and it is stamping rapidly now. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 ^b:: Toggle := !Toggle loop { If not Toggle break ControlSend, , {Enter down}, PS4 Remote Play Sleep 5 ControlSend, , {Enter up}, PS4 Remote Play Sleep, 100 } return
  5. The game only awards XP while actively playing, creating, etc. It's a bit of a grind. But if you find an aspect of creation or curation you like, and mix it with exploring different dreams people have made, it is a really cool, weird, inspiring time that I don't think you'll regret. Easy platinum, just a time investment.
  6. Spiderman is a super fun game that is worth playing whether you want the platinum or not. It's one of those games that you sort of naturally get the platinum as long as you try to 100% everything. Other trophies not tied to the 100% may just happen via normal gameplay or discovery, which is really fun since this version of Manhattan is an amazing playground to explore.
  7. I can join, too. I will be able to 100% Letter Quest Remastered on Feb 22nd.
  8. Working on Hitman:Go and Back To The Future right now. Will be moving on to finish Shadow of Mordor after that. My favorite trophy is still probably the GTA Vice City platinum. T'was my first plat.
  9. The PS4 offerings are great! I can't wait to play both Resident Evil and Transformers. Excited to do the plat run on RE. Heard great things about Transformers.
  10. I believe it was inFAMOUS. I also had a copy of The Bigs (baseball game).