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  1. Are you talking about dojo missions? If the answer is yes, I will try to do some missions solo if the answer is no, how can I unlock them? Thanks mate!
  2. Hi! thanks for your help mate I checked and I have like 92% in both DLCs. I did all the dojo missions on way of the samurai, so in way of the demon only appears the two basics. Here you can see all my progress. Do you have any idea about what could I missed? https://ibb.co/ev1Q3A https://ibb.co/hndiqq https://ibb.co/miR3qq https://ibb.co/cWEdOA https://ibb.co/d5ZHGV https://ibb.co/gRMa3A We're in contact!
  3. Hi! I finished all the DLC missions in way of the demon on first and second DLC but the trophies didn't unlock. I did the twilight missions too (1 for each DLC - I think the names are more or less "tenebrous kingdom" and "crimson fortress"). There are more twilight missions?¿ Every mission I check on the map is done Thanks for your help!
  4. Now it's clear! Thank you so much for you help and patience! Greetings guardian
  5. Hi mate! Do you have any screenshot? I'm confused So, doing the weekly twilight/asault or heroic operation are challenges for the trophy? Thank you so much!!
  6. Hi mates! Is "Challenge Accepted" trophy glitched? I did like 50 contracts from the planet NPCs in total and I didn't get it! (Assuming that i'm not wrong and "challenges" are the 3 daily contracts that NPCs gave you). Thanks!
  7. Hi mates! I'm trying to get the platinum but i need to pass the last challenge: jet ribbons. I'm so bad with this and I ask for help to get them at aerial superiority (China Rising DLC PS3). If someone is interested, I will be glad Thanks!
  8. Hey mate! Can u help me with the rings? i look for help for 2 weeks but nobody came Thank you!!
  9. Hi mates! Anyone can pass me all the rings to get the trophy? of course, i will return them! Thanks for the help ID: DirtySlasH