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  1. This is a sequel to the first game.
  2. Is this what happiness feels like?
  3. Thank you for the 1-year premium! This is my very first time winning in this kind of contests 😁 And congrats to all of the other winners!
  4. #5 Sully: I'm sweatin' like a hooker in church. Nathan Drake: You brought a hooker to church? Sully: Why not? -Uncharted 2
  5. Microsoft and Sony won, Square Enix lost. Which is a shame because I had been waiting for the Square Enix conference for months. Gameswise, I feel like Kingdom Hearts III crushed every other game with its 3 trailers. The loser has to be that Trover Saves The Universe thing. It's called "having an opinion", a concept you don't seem to be acquainted with.
  6. Quite a lot, actually. This E3 was great overall. Kingdom Hearts III The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice Devil May Cry 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Doom Eternal Babylon's Fall Nioh 2 Ghost of Tsushima Death Stranding Control The Last of Us Part II Spider-Man Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  7. #4 Oooh, I don't feel so good... -Bubsy, Bubsy 3D
  8. I didn't need my money anyway.
  9. #3 Sometimes when you meet someone who's going to change your life... You just know it, I guess. -Chloe Price, Life is Strange : Before the Storm
  10. #2 Vanitas : It's always about your friends, isn't it? Ventus : At least I have some! Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep
  11. This trailer made my heart happy.
  12. I'm skeptical. Why would they build up all this hype around it, then give us the release date during an event only a few people will attend, event taking place two days ahead of their E3 conference? Plus, Kingdom Hearts 2 was released on December 22, 2005 in Japan. Kingdom Hearts 3 is allegedly getting released on January 29, 2018. That's a gap of exactly 1 month, 13 years and 7 days. I'm positive this is a prank and we'll have our real release date on monday. EDIT : Never mind.
  13. #1 "Humans are afraid of the dark. And yet… At the same time, we’re fascinated and bewitched by it. Maybe that’s why humans drink the darkness that is coffee." -Godot, Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright : T&T
  14. Is it me, or do we get a post like this every time a popular game comes out?
  15. The only games I'm excited for are Life is Strange 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm expecting some more info on the first and a release date for both.