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  1. I got mine in 6 days so yeah you're fine.
  2. It's easily one of the worst games I've had to plat. Some of the side objectives for 100% Sync are infuriating and truly unfun and everything needs to be done in one mission (thank God checkpoints exist in this one at least). Also the remaster is quite glitchy, the game is super rough and feels really unpolished in some areas. Most scripted sequences have an issue or bug causing the NPCs to do crazy things. I think the game is ok if you don't plat it but if you want to plat it it become a chore and all of the flaws of the game start to appear more and more. It is my least favorite AC game by far.
  3. Probably won't bo too hard imo (not counting the game itself) but I hope there's no missable collectibles For the trophy icons if the Xbox version has nicer ones the devs should be contacted to get it changed.
  4. Oh wow, I planned on playing this soon, that's good to know. Thank you !
  5. This trophy is so annoying, the rest of the game has super nice trophies and then there's this. I'm stuck at 39 dwellers for weeks just to get to 50. Going at snails pace.
  6. Personnaly I just followed this guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/211428-final-fantasy-xv-multiplayer-expansion-comrades/faqs/77190/walkthrough and only ever used the 20% buff, the weapons made with it were more than enough to complete it. For the standalone version you'll probably need more but you can just farm dailies to get the buff easily on that one so its not hard either.
  7. Don't how that helps you get it easily on both consoles, you still need to get it to 9. Progress is server side so you can't save before getting to 10 and change consoles. You will need to grind 2 sets no matter what. It's nothing too bad with endgame gear though.
  8. I can unfortunately confirm that upgrading to 10 (or 3 for accessories) gives you the trophy but connecting to another console (PS5 to PS4 in my case) does not pop the trophy. So you will need to upgrade another set of items on the other console.
  9. This thing goes so fast how do you even follow that ? And the tiles are not shown in the solution, just step numbers. Edit : Nervermind I'm just an idiot, its always the blank space that moves. Got it now, thanks, my small brain would never finish that on its own.
  10. It's a bit annoying but nothing that is too hard. Once you get to postgame there is no crappy story cutscenes to slow you down. I just spammed skirmishes to get to 210, and now I'm farming for tickets for upgrades. With a podcast or series/movie on the side it's easy. The harderst part for me was finishing the story mode, its incredibly boring. The gameplay itself is fine so endgame is actually almost decent.
  11. Do you unlock the upgrade trophies directly if you are holding lvl 10 armors/weapons and lvl 3 accessories ? or is it the act of upgrading to 10 that gives you the trophies ?
  12. Could be decent if there was anyone to do quests.
  13. I just did it on the EU PSN, maybe it depends on the regions but I got mine today from a brand new physical copy (I never opened it LMAO) Still I recommend everyone to download and install both versions if you don't want to risk the double plat
  14. Haha I'm glad you finally got it, the nightmare is finally over !
  15. This trophy is absolute garbage, the game was pretty mediocre overall but this is just pure shit. I don't even know how it's possible, the boss is at 0% and it does not die from her attack then Ignis just pokes it and it dies. I've been doing this garbage for 3 hours, I'm going insane Finally got like an hour after complaining, it was shitty, I'm glad to be done with the game