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  1. im currently playing Pokemon Y battlefield 4 and im on my 6th play through of the last of us
  2. game related - POKEMON Y non game related - 2014 Dodge avenger and a new Stereo with 12' subs for it
  3. i would rather just be rich ... famous people get stalked would u rather Burn To Death OR Buried Alive
  4. LAST OF 2013 Outmaneuvered In singleplayer, kill 5 Helghast with gunfire while ziplining FIRST OF 2014 Building the Imagisphere Spend 24 active hours in Create mode
  5. im going to do my list a little different instead of choosing a specific game from a series i will just put the series if there is only 1 out of the series i like i will put that in no specific order Legend Of Zelda Gravity Rush Last Of Us Mirrors Edge Final Fantasy Perfect Dark (N64) Fallout Quake 2 Bioshock Pokemon
  6. To me a True gamer is someone with a passion for games ... someone who does not stick to a specific type of a game someone who will play a RPG game just as much as they would play a FPS ... someone who doesn't play just because of graphics or just because its popular.. someone who is willing to go out and buy a game for an old system because its a classic... someone who doesn't stick to one console and realizes every system has great exclusives... a gamer is someone who truly loves games. i see a lot of people saying that if you simply play a game you are a gamer and i have to disagree ... i cook food but that does not make me a chief i can fix my car but i am not a mechanic i can fix my house but i am not a contractor
  7. i have 2 Monitors
  8. Twitch was my nickname through out high school due to my ADHD and i was a bit of a spaz and i would always try and use just twitch but it was always taken so i used the O_o face that i use to use a lot and i have never run into the problem of it being taken so i use it for everything.
  9. so i just looked it up and it seems the tested battery life for the DS4 is about 7-8 hours max as to where the battery life for the DS3 ran at about 30 hours http://www.polygon.com/a/ps4-review/controller its about mid way through the artificial so maybe im not crazy
  10. i know i have about 120 games downloaded to my PS3 that does include classic games and minis ... i had to put a 1 TB HDD in my ps3 and it has less than 200 GB free space left
  11. maybe its just my controllers then i had to get another because they both die on me at least once a day as to where my DS3 would make it through a full day if not longer
  12. so when i saw this the first time .... i may or may not have squealed like a little school girl ... just saying
  13. PSN ID O_oTWITCHo_O im mostly on wednesday - saturday ... and sometimes in the morning ... i have for Ps4 Killzone Shadowfall Need For Speed Rivals Call Of Duty Ghosts Battlefield 4 Knack And of course the free games on Playstation Network Im not the best but i can hold my own Ps3/PsVita/Ps4
  14. Im Normaly on Between Wendsday - Saturday http://www.twitch.tv/o_otwitcho_o/profile