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  1. This is a very weird and impractical goal, to be honest. A lot of trophies you get by natural progression and are tied to actions you perform in every match, so you'd really have to go out of your way to try not to do them...
  2. I played this game in two stretches, first one I got halfway through and the second I finished the game. I've gotta say, it's not exactly boring, it's just very frustrating at times, especially with the mazy hub map and the sheer amount of enemies always looking for you there. I still need to grind a lot of things (collectibles, gold, secret areas) so I'm not feeling very encouraged. It's definitely one of those somewhat niche titles that people will rarely get around to.
  3. The shortcuts for each time attack make them quite trivial if you sustain a good lap and don't mess up the jumps too much. It's definitely necessary for a bunch of the last ones. The races are easy on easy (speaking of puns lmao), you just need a decent car like the Jesko or the 24 Ours. The main hurdle is really the odd time attack and grinding gears and coins to mop up.
  4. No worries man, glad to've helped 😁
  5. The game crashed on me twice; other than that, everything went pretty smoothly. I paid heed to the rooms with glitchy collectibles, and the guide does a great job at pointing what are the problematic places. It's a nice LEGO game, I had played it some years ago on Nintendo DS, its much shorter and less tedious than Marvel Super Heroes when you get to free play. On a sidenote though, you don't need to play through all levels twice. The moment you get all collectibles during Free Play you can leave and save the game.
  6. Well, it seems to be just a matter of time until everyone gets the new launcher version. People seem angsty to get the autopop plat lol
  7. The only version I have is the old one. I was asked to create an Epic Games account but it's the same game. No new trophy list.
  8. So, did you start a new character, got the bounty in a 1 vs 1 deathmatch and talked to Lester? Would like to have more information on this because I wanna try with a 2nd character on my main account ASAP.
  9. It's not awful but graphic-wise it's the port that looks most unrefined of all the ports. The Chronicles series, Revelations 1 and RE4 are also ports/remasters and look much better, more so because they were ported from better consoles. Regardless, I had lots of fun, it's certainly one of the best RE games of the tank control era.
  10. I achieved two time trial trophies today (laboratory and tower) and I was like "wtf" when I noticed the percentages....... to have the harder trophies in the game at 10% rarity is ridiculous
  11. Nice, I've popped mine earlier today as well. I played on Give Me a Challenge on NG+, it was very easy and with all my items from the previous playthrough I barely had to explore. My choices were similar to yours, the only thing I did differently was doing the Heist mission. I'd like to point a few other things though: 1) Failing most remote hacks is fine. The only remote hacks, to my notice, which trigger an alarm upon failure are the ones that deploy the corporate vaults inside Palisade. Given that is perfectly possible to make the way up to the top without hacking them remotely, I'd not touch them. Or at least I'd make a save before trying to hack them or just go to the standard hacking panel beside the key card reader to hack them. 2) Using the Ice Drill seems to be kosher if you choose the "scold" option during the dialogue that intervenes. However, enemies in this area seem to go a little crazy from time to time and start searching at random, so be wary of that. 3) In my last two playthroughs I got lucky and the drones that appear after meeting Janus didn't even go into “searching” status. Using cloak and going back up through the ladders remain to be the best decision, anyways. 4) Losing the debate against Talos Rucker doesn't seem to trigger an alarm, but the enemies will storm his office after his death and will stay there searching for you indefinitely. 5) The alarm tutorial is easily overlooked if you are searching for new items because they pop in the right side of the screen one after the other; checking the menu from time to time is advisable. 6) I dealt with Marchenko first using the killswitch and then saved the delegates. I don't think the order matters if all 11 enemies of the first area are taken down silently. 7) Sticking to the main objectives doesn't void the trophy. As mentioned above, the only optional objective that needs to be accomplished to avoid an alarm is taking down all 11 enemies quietly in London. Good luck to everyone trying to get this, it's not as bad as it looks. Save often and pay careful attention to the manner the enemies are reacting.
  12. It didn't pop, as expected :/ , I have the suspicion that I actually triggered an alarm for losing the debate against Rucker, but I'm not sure. I had no idea if you lost he could trigger a silent alarm and enemies will storm the office after his death.
  13. Okay.... I just checked the guide menu and have the alarm tutorial there??? I'm quite sure it didn't pop on my screen cause I was paying attention to them. I'm halfway through my I Never Asked For This playthorough so I won't reload, but this is dumb.... Good thing is that I have a older save from which the 1st playthourgh so I can do NG++ afterwards. I'll post the results whether I've got the trophy or not here later.
  14. @JaM Thanks for the Nukumi code, it's a pretty strong character.
  15. I've only played the 1st level of the DLC, but have already noticed that the controls are heavy-duty. Really clunky and strange, plus the level design is really iffy which just makes things somewhat worse. I can't really say my first impressions were good, it seems to be a seriously dated game