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  1. I'll try that right away. Thanks for the hint 😁
  2. I tried that and it's still not loading. This is pretty concerning, to say the least. These clowns told us to download the game so that we wouldn't lose it and now we cannot even play the game anymore?
  3. I'm having the same problem here. I'd actually finished episode 4 and gotten all the missable trophies; some hours later on the same day I tried to load the game and it wouldn't load past the title screen.
  4. oof, i was getting a little desperate about this not popping up, thanks a bunch!
  5. Yes, in combat he's the slowest of all characters. But it's nice to play with him for a change, once you get good at the combat challenges you realize that Catwoman and Nightwing are pretty overpowered hahahhah the worst objective imo is the one involving blowing up the gel near a gun crate with batman, ridiculously buggy
  6. Thanks man, it's been very helpful
  7. Some SE titles have online features working just fine, like Just Cause 3. But yeah, those devs are dumb asf
  8. Sign me up for Survivor Tier: Far Cry Classic Far Cry 2 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 (PS4)
  9. I just started playing this and finished the first two Breach levels. All good so far.
  10. Took me more or less one hour, and I got controlled defending along the way. Thanks a lot
  11. with the exception that it has no plat.
  12. Friday 6 July Uruguay 2-1 France Brazil 3-1 Belgium Saturday 7 July Russia 2-0 Croatia Sweden 1-1 England (Sweden wins on penalty shoot-outs)
  13. Rogue Legacy is my main game, but I'm also playing Sly 3 on the side. Both we'll still take a while since I have just beaten 3 of the 5 remixed bosses on Rogue Legacy and still need to do game plus, one playthrough with less than 15 deaths, etc. Sly is just eazy-peazy
  14. OH SHIT
  15. Yeah, I grew a little impatient as well. Luckily I got the plat in three playthroughs.