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  1. Mary Skelter Nightmares From left to right: Hamlyn, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Alice, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, Snow White, Gretel, Kaguya
  2. Bakuto
  3. xxxHolic
  4. Nooooooooo I ran out of gas right before the finish line!
  5. Arrested for what you've done to Spyro
  6. Soundshapes so you can experience Death Mode all over again!
  7. Is actually gay for his brother. No wonder he never scored with Lady or Trish
  8. 1. Tokyo Xanadu - Really enjoyable action RPG with good story, fun gameplay and many interesting NPCs. Every main character (about 8 I think) has a personality and depth to them. The PS4 ver. has an afterstory and more content. 2. Sword Art Online Lost Song - Fantastic game I recommend. Can fly and explore at your own leisure plus many playable characters besides just Kirito unlike the other SAO games. Very easy platinum too. 3. Ys VIII - Open world RPG with lots of exploration and fun combat. If you enjoy it, I recommend you check out the other Ys games available on a variety of different platforms like PSP, Vita, PS4, PC, DS, etc. 4. Muramasa Rebirth - I had a real blast playing this game from both perspectives. Even Fury mode (where you die with 1 hit) was surprisingly fun, when I thought it would originally be impossible for me because the bosses have a lot of health. The 4 DLCs also allow you to play with characters with unique fighting styles completely different from the 2 main demon sword wielders. 5. Mary Skelter Nightmares - Leaving the shallow beta male MC aside, the female characters are very likeable (and sexy), like Sleeping Beauty's bust or Cinderella's legs. If you like dungeon crawlers I recommend you give it a shot.
  9. Really? I managed to platinum the game in less than a day. Death Mode can get frustrating due to its randomness but you can just take a break and come back to it later. Depending on your luck and speed it is very doable but I can understand why most people wouldn't want to do it more than once. FFX might not be a difficult platinum but with only 8.72% I can't see many people attempting it due to how super grindy it is. To get Wakka's Sigil for his Celestial Weapon you have to win all the blitzball leagues, meaning you'll have to play many many games of blitzball. The Chocobo races are quite doable but subjective to both skill and luck, especially the one requiring a completion time of 0.00s. Capturing 10 of every enemy in the game, including those super rare Tonberrys and Cacti can take a while, but unlocking and maxing out everyone's sphere grids seem to take forever, especially since you have to do it for like 7 characters. Then there are the Dark Aeons and superbosses. Even with maxed out sphere grids some of them feel almost impossible to beat without spamming great amounts of cash on Yojimbo. No way I'm making perfect sphere grids for 3 characters (Lots of farming in monster arena) just to take on the superbosses in a really long battle when Yojimbo can instant kill them in just one move lol, as long as you are willing to spend millions on him. Another frustrating platinum is The Firefly Diaries, especially if you are playing on Vita. Even though this game has a surprising completion rate of 10.66% I found it quite challenging in some parts. Particularly when you are navigating the firefly through those mazes where a single mistake means you have to restart the entire stage and play through it again to reach that part, because a trophy requires you to get a perfect run. Then there was the final maze part near the end of the game that was too damn difficult with the Vita controls, since you need both speed and precision to pass through it. Imagine my fury when I finally navigated my way out after more than an hour of trying but then there was another puzzle to go through before reaching the checkpoint and I died. The "Are you just Naturally lucky?" trophy was a pain too. The recommended method on the guide is to actually use a video recording software due to how fast it gets near the end, requiring either a superhuman perception or extremely good luck. I somehow lucked out and got the trophy without any external help though. I really am naturally lucky lol.
  10. My average rarity is 40.76% but I mostly play games I like or heard good reviews about. Occasionally I play some of those super easy platinums if I'm in the mood to see lots of trophies pop. I seriously wish trophy guides would also have a separate grindy rating as difficulty ratings are mostly subjective, with some game types being much easier than others. Like I am decently skilled at action RPGs and dungeon crawlers but suck at fighting and FPS games because I rarely play them. Let's Fish, Mind Zero, SAO Hollow Fragment, FFX are all easy enough to platinum but they are all grindy as f***.
  11. Oddworld Munch's Oddysee
  12. No. I just love using Minion(Tank) to curbstomp everyone in this game
  13. Whether man or devil, all shall fall before the power of the Black Hero
  14. Wolfenstein II