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  1. I've gotten that error code a few times when I've left a game open for too long, like a few days, and the game then crashes on me. Normally you can start the game again from your previous save without any problems. However, after opening Atelier Rorona Plus after a long time, after playing for a while the game completely crashed on me and every time I start the game I get an error no matter what. Luckily, I had a backup on my PC using Content Manager and after restoring it, I played it again for a bit and then got the same error again. Searching Google, the problem seems to be a corrupt save file so in your case you could try deleting and doing a fresh install of the game. I was close to finishing my first playthrough in Rorona and didn't wanna start again, so after trying various things I switched off my Wifi and didn't get any more problems for this game! So yeah try deleting and installing the game again. If you have a backup of your save, then as long as the backup save isn't corrupt, hopefully you don't have to start from scratch again. And for games that say Network Features may be disabled during the use of this application, try turning off your Wifi in advance to avoid any potential problems.
  2. Miracle Girls Festival. Has quite a few anime characters I recognise but game is in Japanese only.......
  3. Bullet Girls
  4. Persona 4 Golden
  5. Banned because you are addicted to money
  6. TheLastNinjaEndGame0ver
  7. I frequently see him in a lot of different topics
  8. Nope. I only fight and strip chicks.
  9. No. Would you wait to buy a PS5 next year instead of buying a PS4 now?
  10. Vin Diesel Wheelman
  11. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
  12. 8.5/10 Incidentally this avatar is from The Aesthetics of a Rogue Hero, one of the only Japanese MCs that actually has balls. Who else is swag enough to enter a girl's dressing room, then calmly explain why it is perfectly natural for him to be there instead of getting punched and nosebleed, and even help out the girls with wearing their bras lol
  13. Nope, not that interested in music that I would bother attending a concert or live. Have you ever made the mistake of swallowing too much wasabi when eating sushi?
  14. Being bombed by
  15. I prefer Action but also played many tactical ones as well. What's your favorite Fate Grand Order character? (Nero is the best and most kawaii!)