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  1. This will probably be my last entry for the event. Yomawari Midnight Shadows is ready to pop! Much longer than the previous game, with more areas to explore (including some parts of the town from the first game even) and more postgame stuff to do, like befriending a certain nameless girl in the next town. Ghosts are much easier to deal with in this game, but conversely the bosses are a lot more of a pain, especially the final one with all those random meat dropping all over the place and instantly killing you. It's annoying having to run back every time and watch the same cutscene over and over again as you figure out the mechanics. The battle itself isn't that difficult, but unlike all the previous boss battles which required some skill, the final one felt more like random luck lol. The ending however feels like complete garbage to me. Isn't the whole point of playing games to aim for the best possible ending? Unlike certain games that reward you with a horrible, messed-up ending for achieving 100% completion. Almost as if the developers are telling you to go and get a life instead of slaving away for full completion (FFXIII-2 anyone?). Ahh maybe that's why the final battle is so shitty and luck dependent. So you don't get to see the game's ending lol. Apart from that, YMW is still great and fun to play. No annoying trophies to deal with, like the chicken quest or playing for 50 hours. There are loads of mysteries in both towns. Like collecting all the strange parts and throwing them into a shiny glowing circle of light, will cause an actual UFO to appear! Leaving behind a mysterious glowing rock, which upon taking to your room will result in someone ringing your doorbell. But upon exiting the house there is no one in sight except for a cassette player lying on the ground. Who left it behind????? The aliens? The spirits? I know! It must be ghost aliens! After completing a certain deceased dog's event you get a cassette which allows you to listen to 2 nice tracks in your room. In both games, the tutorial ends on a shocking note and plays a significant role that will only be explained near the end. If you are going to play YMW, then don't forget what happens in the tutorial cuz near the end of the game...............
  2. Blazblue Crosstag Battle
  3. Resident Evil 6
  4. Manly enough to use a demon to shave his beard
  5. Granted, now everyone looks and thinks like Donald Trump. I wish I didn't have to carry out 245 tensile tests for my thesis
  6. Spends 24/7 cosplaying as Makoto and shouting Persona!! randomly
  7. Banned for being the first man to land on the moon without using a rocket
  8. I blame you for leaving poor Don out as you all enjoy a pizza party
  9. Arrested for dating 5 girls +1 robot at the same time, plus boning a non-human resident of a certain room........
  10. How many Persona games would it take before Atlas decides to save you from your fate as an eternal door?
  11. I'm actually cosplaying as the driver of that car to pick up chicks. Everything goes well until they want to get on my ride
  12. I have completed Ys Origin, Celceta and Dana on the Vita. For badges I want: Celceta – Frieda ( I actually prefer Karna but Frieda's one looks better) Dana – Laxia Origin – The Claw
  13. Incidentally, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair is ready to pop. Really enjoyed my time with it, with the only downsides being the annoying grinds for pets, gacha and Monomi mode. The logic in the sequel is a lot harder, with some of them not being very clear, so if you are confused or stuck, better to refer to a walkthrough rather than lose a lot of influence. Most of the new mechanics are okay, except for the "Improved" Hangman's Gambit which is clearly a major downgrade imo. I mean hangman is supposed to be a game where you figure out a word by guessing with random letters, not by guessing each letter in a specific order. At least in the first game, some of the letters are already filled in, allowing you to figure out the word without too much difficulty. But in the sequel, the word is completely blank and you need to combine letters and actively eliminate wrong letters and shoot the right ones in the correct order otherwise risk losing a lot of influence from their collisions. Gets really annoying in later debates as letters are all over the screen moving quite rapidly. Logic Dive was quite fun to play, as it's kinda like skating/surfing. I did love how epic the final class trial was, with three characters from the first game making a reapperance at the end to help out. Looking forward to finally watching the Danganronpa 3 anime. I think the recommended order was to watch one episode of Future followed by one episode of Despair and keep alternating back and forth, with Hope being the last episode? Unfortunately don't plan on starting Danganronpa V3 for a while, due to being quite busy but might get one more game ready for Feb event
  14. ***WARNING CONTAINS UNDERTALE SPOILERS*** Sorry for going on such a long rant, but I couldn't stand seeing one of my favorite games being misunderstood like that. The trophies for the PS ver. heavily disappointed me and stopped me from buying the game again, since none of them requires you to see any of the game's three endings, meaning trophy hunters will completely miss out on what makes this game so good. Or those awesome boss battles in the neutral and genocide routes.
  15. Punchline is ready to pop. Exterminate humanity by staring too long at a girl's panties. Lol Japan lol. It was an okay game but definitely not worth its full price tag, so good thing I bought it at half price. I mean the second half of the game has choices, but deviating from the anime will result in weird game overs. The game basically follows the anime but with some extra content and a better ending, so was a bit disappointed at how short it was. Game could have had a lot more potential. Watch a few episodes of the anime and if you like it then get the game, otherwise not worth buying Incidentally if you're interested in checking out more 'Lol Japan does it again!' games, then try Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed (Fight pseudo-vampire otakus in Akiba by stripping their clothes off and exposing them to the sun. Very accurate recreation of the actual Akiba in Japan) Galgun Double Peace (Fight off waves of girls trying to confess to you by firing pheromone shots to bring them to ecstasy in order to score with your true love before the days ends or become forever alone) Conception II (Save the world by classMATING with 7 girls to create star CHILDREN. Likeable heroines and decent plot+PLOT, but very bland and boring dungeon crawling aspects but has a harem ending at least) Criminal GIrls 1&2 (Highly recommended to try. Slightly challenging gameplay that will keep you on your toes and awesome character development for all the heroines, plus very good harem ending) Mary Skelter: Nightmares (Great heroines from various fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel. Enjoyable dungeon crawler with invincible bosses that will randomly appear and chase you with your map disabled, until you successfully escape from their range. Need to break a core located in the dungeon protected by a guardian to make these Nightmares vulnerable. Although the MC is a useless JP dense beta loser and ending is quite open and lackluster, the girls are what makes this game good) Valkyrie Drive: Bhikunni and Senran Kagura series (Watch BOOBS break the laws of physics over and over again)
  16. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (Did I get that right?) is ready to pop. Although I played the game on PSP a couple years back, felt like going through the whole experience again. Game wasn't too bad except for School Mode. Having to play through it four times was annoying, but only the second playthrough was the hardest as aiming for building all backups for the tickets wasn't too easy when only two of my character's gathering skills were maxed out. Had to balance building backups, upgrades and cheat sheets, but easier on your third and fourth playthroughs once cheat sheets become unnecessary. Not difficult but annoying having to repeat the same thing again and again for all character endings. One of them was quite hilarious though. The crazy fortuneteller dude predicted that both of your kids will have the same mother and when leaving the school he'll be like: "Let's go brother. We need to search for the mother of our children." Lol. Given how you could end up building romantic relationships with all the female characters in that 'What If?' School mode, it feels like a School Days ending (Boat anyone?) will happen with Makoto getting stabbed in that alternate universe. I mean seducing the Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Gambler, Ultimate Sleuth and Ultimate Homicidal Killer at the same time? Dude is definitely going to have a very short life expectancy in that alternate universe as even his plot armor of the Ultimate Lucky Student won't be able to save him lol.
  17. Broken Age is ready to pop. Game was decent but having a large number of missables meant that I had to refer often to a guide as I didn't want to go through another playthrough. Then the 1 hour speedrun was a pain too. Game would have been a lot more fun if it weren't for so many missable crap, plus those annoying puzzles that you need to get right in one try, especially the knot one and the final crane game. I prefer to explore every possible dialogue and using all items on NPCs for different interactions so would have preferred most of Broken Age's trophies to be like that, instead of those complete the puzzle/quiz on first try. My new timetable looks to be really hectic, plus gotta work on my thesis, so goodbye to gaming until weekends maybe😭
  18. 100th Platinum - Utawarerumono Mask of Truth Legendsung Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Really sad that with this game the Utawarerumono trilogy has come to an end. I played the fan-translated ver. of the first game on PC ages ago and really enjoyed it. So during my holidays after finishing all my miscellaneous tasks, I finally started playing the sequels Mask of Deception and Truth. The slice of life developments in Deception allowed me to get properly attached to some of the characters, so when shit hit the fan and the story rapidly accelerated near the end, was quite sad regarding the huge cliffhanger at the end. Mask of Truth is much longer, has more story and way more battles. The game kept me completely hooked with the civil war and all its tactical games played between the two commanders, but when you think it's finally over after bringing the war to a close and reinstating the rightful liege, more unexpected truths get revealed! The final stage is not the final battle, as there is an epicly long final battle right afterwards that properly concludes the Utawarerumono saga. The Dream Arena is much easier than the previous game due to better mechanics, but also much longer plus you have to replay stages multiple times because of those atrocious drop rates! Lucky for me I got most drops in two to four tries, especially Ultimate Showdown with Benawi and Mikazuchi and the final battle against four Akurukutas only took three attempts! Conversely, the drunken Shis battle and the Tatari escaping one took me 6 tries dammit, considering a 60% drop rate. Can't believe I got the fastest times for both Mask games in EU Vita, since I like to take my time to completely explore what a game has to offer to me. Not that many platinum achievers either. Guess the EU ver. (54 Vita + 464 PS4 owners) isn't getting a lot of love unlike NA (906) and JP (3881). Given how much I enjoyed the game, I wanted to give a rating of 11/10 but the bittersweet open ending brought it down to 9/10. The interesting plot twists and events of the game kept me wanting for more, so a disappointing ending like that completely killed my momentum at the end. Played through the entire Dream Arena hoping for more but nothing more than entering the developers room and listening to their commentary. Seriously they could have done a much better job. Like searching through reddit I came upon this OST image which shows Kuon reuniting with Haku in the ruins that they first met. Now why couldn't they have included that CG in the actual game itself?
  19. Granted but in your intoxicated state you agreed to donate all your organs while alive and without anaesthetics I wish my Fate Extella copy would arrive soon
  20. Just became Friends with Benefits in RDR2
  21. Do robots in Detroit actually want to become Human?
  22. Tales of Xillia
  23. Metal Max Xeno
  24. Will aim to become the next Micheal Jordan. If life caused you to wake up as the other gender one day?