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  1. Arrested for arresting the wrong serial killer by mistake
  2. Gonna set a new world record for the fastest speed! Again.
  3. Finally done with the Utawarerumono trilogy! Got my 100th platinum too. Was really sad this interesting journey is now over. If you guys like reading long stories with some occasional combat in between, then I recommend giving this series a go. I give Mask of Deception 8/10 and Mask of Truth 9/10. Check out most recent platinums for my thoughts. Sadly, my university is restarting so my gaming might slow down considerably from now on. But still planning to get at least 4-5 games ready by Feb
  4. 100th Platinum - Utawarerumono Mask of Truth Legendsung Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Really sad that with this game the Utawarerumono trilogy has come to an end. I played the fan-translated ver. of the first game on PC ages ago and really enjoyed it. So during my holidays after finishing all my miscellaneous tasks, I finally started playing the sequels Mask of Deception and Truth. The slice of life developments in Deception allowed me to get properly attached to some of the characters, so when shit hit the fan and the story rapidly accelerated near the end, was quite sad regarding the huge cliffhanger at the end. Mask of Truth is much longer, has more story and way more battles. The game kept me completely hooked with the civil war and all its tactical games played between the two commanders, but when you think it's finally over after bringing the war to a close and reinstating the rightful liege, more unexpected truths get revealed! The final stage is not the final battle, as there is an epicly long final battle right afterwards that properly concludes the Utawarerumono saga. The Dream Arena is much easier than the previous game due to better mechanics, but also much longer plus you have to replay stages multiple times because of those atrocious drop rates! Lucky for me I got most drops in two to four tries, especially Ultimate Showdown with Benawi and Mikazuchi and the final battle against four Akurukutas only took three attempts! Conversely, the drunken Shis battle and the Tatari escaping one took me 6 tries dammit, considering a 60% drop rate. Can't believe I got the fastest times for both Mask games in EU Vita, since I like to take my time to completely explore what a game has to offer to me. Not that many platinum achievers either. Guess the EU ver. (54 Vita + 464 PS4 owners) isn't getting a lot of love unlike NA (906) and JP (3881). Given how much I enjoyed the game, I wanted to give a rating of 11/10 but the bittersweet open ending brought it down to 9/10. The interesting plot twists and events of the game kept me wanting for more, so a disappointing ending like that completely killed my momentum at the end. Played through the entire Dream Arena hoping for more but nothing more than entering the developers room and listening to their commentary. Seriously they could have done a much better job. Like searching through reddit I came upon this OST image which shows Kuon reuniting with Haku in the ruins that they first met. Now why couldn't they have included that CG in the actual game itself?
  5. Utawarerumono Mask of Truth on Vita. Also gonna be my 100th platinum
  6. Platinum#99Utawarerumono Mask of Deception As someone who played the original Utawarerumono many years ago on PC, I was really looking forward to playing Mask of Deception on the Vita and the game does not disappoint. The new protagonist Haku is very relatable and likeable to me, though I wish the other characters were fleshed out a bit more like they've done with Ukon, but still nicely done. It's mostly VN with some story battles, so it has been a while since I've relaxed and enjoyed a game so much. Especially near the end, where the plot picks up and damn what a dramatic rush. Although I think Haku made a really stupid decision near the end, the plot for the final game wouldn't have worked so well without it I guess. Now the postgame dream battles were a real headcase. For the first time I had to actually use my brain for a change and some of the battles like with those constantly reviving undead guys that can also oneshot your characters or the rematch with Kurou where your characters are divided in the middle of enemy forces were quite challenging. For the final dream battle, I ended up sacrificing most of my characters to take down most of the enemies, with only the twins and Nosure remaining. Had an easy win against Munechika by spamming the twins' shikigami creating attack skill while Nosuri would keep sniping from afar. Since poor Munechika would keep prioritizing the Butterfly, just bullied her one-sidedly lol. Nekone and the twins are indispensable post game characters, with attack/area heal and attack/decoy in same turn. Max BP farming was boring but did it quickly while watching the first Kizumonogatari movie. Gonna make Mask of Truth my 100th platinum!
  7. Mind Zero. Incredibly boring game that just reuses enemy palettes, combat that will become seriously repetitive especially if you are playing on Expert and can't just autofight, story that is incomplete with no hope of any sequels being made. A s****y Persona ripoff that I really regret buying. Once you have all the best elemental skill cards for your characters, then the remainder of the game will just devolve into you spamming your skills to kill all enemies save one weak enemy on first turn, then guarding for two turns to recover your TP, then resummoning minds and autoattacking with triangle and fastforwarding with L button to finish battle in 4-6 turns. And you will be repeating the same strategy for many many battles. It is not recommended to skip battles as you need to level Kei to 99. The only good thing about postgame dungeon is that you can switch difficulty to easy but there is a total of 50 frickin floors to go through for exploration trophy EDIT: Sorry about that, accidentally quoted the wrong person lol
  8. I'll sell unnecessary stuff on eBay and work my way up into becoming a multi-millionaire. If life threw you bankruptcy as a Christmas present?
  9. Banned because adventures never truly come to an end. Unless you're too old now lol
  10. I blame you for getting that song stuck in my head
  11. Arrested for making Winter colder than it already is
  12. I've decided to buy Punchline along with a few other games: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (already played the original on PSP but recently felt the urge to play it again then Danganronpa 2 and V3), Megatagmension Blanc (Decided not to buy Hyperdevotion Noire as game seems really grindy), Resident Evil 2 and One Piece Burning Blood, with their prices coming down to about £40. Right now I'm going to start the Utawararerumono games soon, with Mask of Truth intended to be my 100th platinum
  13. Saw a discount on PS Vita games going on atm in Store so ended up buying a few more titles
  14. I agree. The option for voting difficulty and completion time would be a neat addition, though a rating of 1-10 doesn't give a very accurate estimate as skill level can heavily differ from one person to another. So maybe separate voting lists by noobs and regular gamers for a game. Plus, it would be better if guidewriters specified the difficulty and grind depending on the type of gamer. For eg, Let's Fish Hooked On has a difficulty of 2/10 and a completion time of 35-45 hours, also the guide says it's a simple and straightforward platinum. But never does it say how mind-numbingly boring and grindy the game is. Finishing World Tour Mode consisting of nearly 35 freaking rounds was boring enough, and maybe some replaying as the fish can totally glitch out on you. Now imagine doing the same thing three more times! With the same content in each round I might add. At worst you might be able to skip 1 or 2 matches in each tournament depending on how well you played but still a major annoying grind. Or Hatsune Miku Project Diva X. Seeing as I was able to eventually platinum both Diva F and F2nd, thought X would only be a slightly difficult challenge as its difficulty rating was 7/10, but I believe it deserves a full 10/10. Trying to complete those Extreme Songs with three challenge effects in play is impossible for me. Especially that Ultra Hard Medley, but a few other songs like Holy Lancer Boy are still not passable to me
  15. Add Hotline Miami ready to pop for Feb event. Btw there seems to be a major discount on PS Vita games in the Store atm. Is it worth getting Punchline for £15? I've heard some mixed reviews about this game
  16. Nope no online trophies and no missables either. But there is a trophy for using the same weapon type 500 times so keep using the same type of gun or weapon until trophy pops. I recommend going with the Blast gun as it is the only gun that allows you to store oracle cells as a reserve, allowing you to use some really OP bullets that would be impossible to use with any other gun due to their cost. There are Urgent Missions that randomly show up and you need to complete a hundred of them for trophy but since these missions give you rare materials you will be completing them anyway. 3 part Survival missions will count as 3 Urgent Missions done. You also need to upgrade/buy to get a set of rank 14 equipment for all 13 types: Short, Long and Buster Blade; Scythe, Hammer and Spear (from GE2RB but I don't recommend using these much as they have limited upgrades); Sniper, Assault, Blast and Shotgun; Buckler, Shield and Tower Shield. You need to complete a Perilous Challenge mission. Option to add difficulty modifiers will unlock after you finish story. You just need to complete any mission with +1 difficulty but if you want a harder challenge try +99 where a single mob can oneshot your character lol. You also need to complete a 3part Urgent Mission on the Highest Difficulty alone. Once you have good Rank 14 equipment and Urgent mission become available, there will be 3 rank 14 survival missions. Pick the one that appeals to you and go at it solo. Probably one of your last trophies and not that difficult considering your skill level at that point. The game itself isn't that difficult until you get to two turning points much further in the story. One of them is a fight with the Corrosive Hannibal in a very narrow space and you only have 1 ally. It can be a very difficult but doable fight. Instead of attacking recklessly and expecting your teammates to heal/revive you now you gotta learn to play defensively and slowly whittle down its health. Or you can be completely reckless like me and go attacking it like crazy while using up all your healing items. This was the final story battle in God Eater Burst on PSP, and I somehow won on my first try with such an aggressive strategy but ran out of healing items completely lol. Playing this battle again on Resurrection allowed me to win it easily cuz I'm already experienced but the new Resurrection Arc adds one really insane final story battle. I managed to clear most missions without too much difficulty due to my days of playing GEB on PSP, but GER adds a new monster called Arius Nova which completely wrecked me! You fight in a limited area, but still way bigger than Corrosive Hannibal fight, and get 3 allies but still super difficult! That fellow is like a super upgraded Dyaus Pita whose attacks cover practically the whole screen and is super fast and really aggressive to boot. There is a really cheap way of winning this fight by using Shotgun and a specific bullet. Use a Stun grenade and get up to his face and keep firing away. Keep using Stun grenades to keep him in check while drinking medicine to restore your Oracle cells, and eventually boss will go down fast. I still beat Arius Nova legitimately though. Just gotta learn his movement patterns and keep defending whenever he's attacking and not that difficult, but kinda annoying that the boss's hitbox is actually greater than his animation would suggest. My other two allies were knocked out but Soma somehow managed to last until end. Truly a guy who will grow on you as you keep progressing through story. The Dyaus Pitas in this game are from the anime, but you can still fight GEB's ver. of Dyaus Pita in a mission called Heavenly Emperor. I liked how they added Lenka's face and weapons from anime, and used them frequently. Except for the gun since I prefer Blast. Overall a fun game and I eventually plan to get started on GE2RB but playing Dragon's Crown atm.
  17. Octodad: Dadliest Catch (100%) Completed in 2 weeks, 3 days Platinum#91 Killzone Mercenary Platinum in 2 years, 11 months Collect all trophies 3.99% ULTRA RARE Platinum#92 Lara Craft Go Platinum in 2 weeks, 3 days A true adventurer Collect all trophies 79.22% COMMON Platinum#93 Senran Kagura Estival Versus Platinum in 1 week, 4 days How I Spent My Summer Vacation Obtained all trophies 33.86% UNCOMMON Platinum#94 One Piece Unlimited World Red Platinum in 9 months, 1 week I Will Be Pirate King! Earn all voyages 7.06% VERY RARE Platinum#95 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Platinum in 4 years, 4 months Can I Get a Pin of That? Earned all other trophies in the game 0.78% ULTRA RARE (Only 62 Achievers lol) For details on my thoughts about each game check the Most Recent Platinum thread.
  18. Octodad: Dadliest Catch Now this was one weird game. You play as an Octopus who is living in disguise amongst humans. How his wife never noticed this fact despite having two kids with him is completely beyond me. Instead of moving the character around with the analog, this game has a very novel way of walking. You alternate pressing the L and R buttons to move his feet and control both the distance and direction with the left analog, making just moving around quite a chore when you add in the game’s really weird physics. Certain trophies like completing the dance minigame perfectly can be a bit of a chore to get due to this super awkward way of walking which makes you think how does anyone not notice he’s an Octopus? The guy is only wearing a suit for crying out loud and talks with blubbery noises. It’s a short 100% that won’t take very long to complete and is a game you play mostly for laughs.
  19. Platinum#95 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Can I Get a Pin of That? Earned all other trophies in the game 0.78% ULTRA RARE (Only 62 Achievers lol) This was a game that I both loved and hated. Let’s go into the positives first. The game has an interesting moral dilemma and lets you choose how to play as Mickey. You can be the good guy and befriend all your enemies, always do the right thing in quests and even make friends with all the bosses lol. Even that Doctor will turn over a new leaf and become a genuine good guy at end if you do the Paint route. Or you can be a complete prick killing every enemy you encounter (by dissolving them with Thinner), helping out the bad guys in quests while making the Disney characters completely hate your guts and kill all the bosses, which will result in the poor Doctor being melted in a vat of Thinner (think of it like acid lol). Or you can be an Anti-Hero doing both good and evil as you please. Most quests can still be completed regardless if you go the Paint or Thinner route for each quest (Good or Evil). Using Paint is like Good while Thinner is like Evil in this game. Completing a quest will usually reward you with one of 2 Pins depending on how you completed them, but you can still get the other Pin from the Pin store (though you will require a large amount of Scrap Metal if you are aiming for Master Pin Collector). For your first play through be as evil as possible and don’t repair any train stations to get a trophy at end game, where you visit each station only for them all to blow up lol! For the second playthrough be the good guy but that’s where all my troubles started. Now onto the bad and frustrating parts. The game only uses a single save file and no manual saving, only autosaving! So if you don’t have a Cloud save to back up to regularly, then you are screwed and have to start all over again. The guides for this game have quite a number of mistakes that I’ve noticed. Like in one guide if you follow it to the letter and give items to people, then you will miss out on completing a quest. You are supposed to hand over the items to the museum and once quest is complete, buy them all back before giving them to the required people! Or in Horace’s Quest, following the guide prevented me from getting Clarabelle as his assistant. Well I played this game a long time ago so maybe there are better guides available now. The Perfectionist Trophy for completing every quest is a super pain to get if you don’t keep a frequent backup of your save. Since there are multiple ways of approaching quests, in some quests you can actually get locked out of completing the quest if you choose the wrong action! Plus the game immediately saves so you have no other choice but to start a brand new playthrough. Like I made a stupid mistake that wasn’t mentioned and a quest ended prematurely, locking me out of it completely. In subsequent playthroughs, due to my haste in rushing through I ended up making careless mistakes that forced me to keep starting from scratch. For instance, there is a quest where you have to retrieve bunnies for Oswald’s girlfriend but while using those pipes to send them back I forgot to reprogram them and sent them to be sold as pets instead. Since I need to retrieve all the bunnies to get a picture of them outside Ortensia’s House for another quest, I essentially screwed myself over. This game requires you to be consistent in your actions, if I had sent ALL bunnies to be sold as pets or saved them instead, then quest could be completed either way but trying to do both (like sending 1 bunny to wrong person) means said quest is impossible to complete. Or in another quest I needed to retrieve a compass from someone. I used Paint on them at first but since nothing was changing decided to screw it, might as well Thin him out. Unfortunately, stealing the compass in such a fashion upset the quest giver and he ended it prematurely, locking me out and requiring a fresh start again. It turns out that I needed to keep using Paint on him until he’s completely drunk on happiness to get that damn compass. Because of these frustrating small mistakes that can stop you from completing a quest line, you might need to start over again and again and again and again……… For me it actually took me 4-5 playthroughs (was forced to restart multiple times halfway through game) to compete the damn perfectionist trophy for completing all quests! Since the trophy is sitting at a 1.18% out of nearly 8,000 game owners, you can be damn sure most people have trouble with this game where a small mistake is completely unforgiving in terms of total quest completion! Then there are two Adhoc related trophies so if you live somewhere where the Vita is practically a myth, then the platinum is impossible to get. In my case, playing Malicious Rebirth and performing all those constant dodges had made my left analog stick quite wobbly (Guess I might have used too much strength from frustration lol, those all S rank and No Repair trophies aren’t a joke), plus my Vita was getting quite old so I ended up recently buying a near-mint condition Japanese Vita for a decent price. With two Vitas, could finally get those Adhoc trophies out of the way and obtain my 0.77% Ultra Rare Platinum. Furthermore, game has been delisted so you will need two physicals on two Vitas if you want the platinum! Good thing I have the digital version.
  20. Popping platinums for Japanese VIta's birthday! Platinum#91 Killzone Mercenary Platinum Collect all trophies 3.99% ULTRA RARE I don’t normally play FPS games but since I heard a lot of good stuff about Killzone Mercenary I decided to give it a shot. And I have to say this game was really good! The fantastic graphics for a Vita, the futuristic weapons as well as those cutscenes where you glide from one building to another or that nuclear explosion near end was quite entertaining (until you are forced to realize that there is no option to skip them making them a really unnecessary hassle). I used Botzone DLC for farming multiplayer which also came with the M22-A41 machine-gun that is a really good weapon for Campaign with armor-piercing rounds and large ammo capacity (96/96), albeit a long reloading time. Managed to get most MP trophies done in Botzone except for the trophies related to playing 1 and 100 rounds of MP, winning 1 game of Warzone and the Interrogation one. Managed to get the tranquilizer one by fighting against gold bots in team deathmatch. I did like more than 90 rounds of Botzone and did the remaining matches online. Thought I had to boost the Interrogation one at first due to having no luck with it, but while playing Warzone managed to randomly get it near beginning of match lol! Which means I actually completed the online trophies without any form of boosting! The Million Dollar trophy popped for me while doing Botzone farming (seriously Centurion is such a pain to get), but the 10k kill trophy is clearly overkill. I still needed like 5k+ kills which meant replaying Diplomatic Incident more than 50 times! I swear watching Justus’ parents getting killed and hearing him say: “NOOO! Mother! Father!……”, then letting Boris die early so he doesn’t steal your kills felt pretty bad every single time. Glad I am finally done with this game. Platinum#92 Lara Craft Go A true adventurer Collect all trophies 79.22% COMMON I wasn’t expecting much from the Go games, when I knew that Go is like Chinese chess and thought that I would have to follow the trophy guide every step of the way due to not understanding the rules, but boy was I pleasantly surprised when I played Hitman and Lara Craft Go. Committing assassinations and exploring ruins in board game style was surprisingly fun! Managed to complete most objectives without any help, except for 2-3 parts where I got stuck and had to use the in-game hints. Unlike Lara, in Hitman using hints will disable the “Silent Killer” trophy but not if you restart before finishing the level! So if you get stuck on one part, can just activate hints and follow the steps while memorizing them, then restart before finishing the level and play through it again to complete the objective without using hints lol. In Hitman Go you need to reach a specific point by distractions, disguises, weapons and assassinations whereas Lara Craft Go plays similar to an actual Tomb Raider adventure. If you are tired from farming, grinding or getting close to your breaking point for a game, then I recommend playing both Go games as a refreshing change of pace. Only if you are good at solving puzzles though lol. In addition, they are both very cheap. Platinum#94 One Piece Unlimited World Red I Will Be Pirate King! Earn all voyages 7.06% VERY RARE You can take control of any of the Strawhat pirates in this game that plays like a beat ‘em up. I really liked the concept of how when you are exploring the town as Luffy, you can use his arms to jet around the town similar to Spiderman! The game has a variety of bosses, from Buggy and Arlong to even Whitebeard and Blackbeard! Even a certain character who is supposed to be dead makes a key appearance in a very iconic battle for Luffy, but I won’t spoil anything other than saying it will be a very moving moment for One Piece fans. The combat in this game unfortunately can become very repetitive. You will fight hordes of enemies that have very similar movesets with only changed skins, plus there aren’t many combos despite having 9 playable characters. You simply attack with the square button, while pressing triangle will end a combo early. Given that you will progress through most mobs by mashing square with the occasional triangle and maybe circle for deflecting/countering, combat will bore you immensely by midgame, except for boss fights. The addition of an Adhoc-only trophy can easily deter trophy hunters, as well as those who dislike Adhoc on Vita. However, not a bad game overall. Platinum#93 Senran Kagura Estival Versus How I Spent My Summer Vacation Obtained all trophies 33.86% UNCOMMON Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle. Just what you’d expect from a game centered on boobs for adult entertainment. The way these hills move completely defying the laws of physics reminds me of that one scene in Highschool of the Dead where Takashi shot a bullet horizontally through Saeko’s chest passing inbetween her melons! Or that scene in Musaigen No Phantom World where Mai got through that Limbo Dance by jiggling up and down, then using the passing momentum of when her boobs are at its lowest point to pass through. In terms of trophies, they are much easier and far less grindy than Shinovi Versus, plus gameplay is easier and smoother. Also got loads more missions than SV, so EV can keep you occupied for a while. However, I feel SV had the better story as EV’s plot felt a bit out there. Not that EV was lacking in heartfelt moments or anything but then again it was a festival of sorts so less focused on story and more on fanservice.
  21. Not sure about Adhoc mode. Online is definitely region locked but if you have digital ver. just download same game again on different memory card and you can just play Adhoc
  22. Here are some Vita games that I recommend playing. There are plenty more good ones depending on your tastes. Muramasa Rebirth Gravity Rush Tokyo Xanadu (Strongly recommend if you like RPGs like Ys VIII) Jak Trilogy Sly Trilogy Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Ratchet and Clank Trilogy Assassin's Creed III Liberation (Fantastic graphics on Vita similar to Uncharted Golden Abyss) Any Atelier game Persona 4 Golden Persona 4 Dancing All Night Gal*Gun Double Peace Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Sword Art Online: Lost Song Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Accel World Vs Sword Art Online Ys Origins Ys IV: Memories of Celceta Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana God of War collection Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Tales of Hearts R Mary Skelter Nightmares Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth V1, V2 and V3 Oddworld Stranger's Wrath God Eater Resurrection God Eater 2 Raging Blast All the Danganronpa games Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory Utawarareumono Mask of Truth Utawararerumono Mask of Deception Criminal Girls Criminal Girls 2 Demon Gaze Demon Gaze 2 Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star Dokuro Yomawari: Night Alone Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Hatsune Miku Project Diva f and f2nd (Don't buy Diva X) Soul Sacrifice Delta Toukiden Kiwami Toukiden 2
  23. There is both Online/Adhoc so yeah you can use two Vitas together on same account for 100 coop completed. For online there is crossplay between PS3 and Vita however you can only play with someone in the same server as you. Like NA with NA or Jpn with Jpn. EU ver. is digital only and quite rare so you are better off doing Adhoc if you have EU ver. Like Freedom Wars, game is a lot more fun to play with others but can be done solo if that's your preference.