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  1. In Warzone the third phase is where you get points for interrogation. Use the Ghost generator and follow one of your teammates around until you see them taken down and being interrogated by someone, then quickly kill the enemy. You could also wait until you see the enemy punching your teammate once before killing him as the game might lag sometimes. Alternatively, join or set up a boosting session for Killzone Mercenary. Just open the Gaming Sessions option on top of your screen and if there are no available session, then create your own and say what trophies you are aiming for. Time and date can be tentative if you want but make sure to mention that. Remember to help others get their trophies as well
  2. Have you tried playing other games and seeing if the same issue persists? If it was digital I would just tell you to delete and redownload the game but for a physical copy no fixes that I know of. Rebuilding database will have no drawbacks apart from resetting the appearance of your home screen back to default so I can recommend you trying it to see if it helps, but you've either got a broken physical or Vita.
  3. I have 7 interesting ones and they are: Advent of the Akiba God Combat Veteran The Legend Begins Banana! Omnipotent Praise be to Jiraiya! Unlikely Bandit
  4. #90 Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 10/10 I really enjoyed this short game from start to finish. The narrator does an excellent job of storytelling as you progress through levels with pacing done just about right. Died a few times but never needed to restart the level and fell off so many times on my first playthrough lol. Starting Score Attack I actually managed to obtain first place in most Proving Grounds with only 1/2 upgrades! Thought I would have difficulty with the shield but only took three attempts. Messed up my timing for rolling, so final Scumbag knocked me off platform then jumped off before I finished respawning netting me first place with only 2 hits! All the Proving grounds are easy enough to get first place in with only the last one proving to be a real headcase. Getting the final upgrade means 1st place is a cakewalk but just completing it to obtain the final upgrade took some effort. My first real challenge in this game was the dream sequences with ten idols invoked. Attempting it at Level 5 was a mistake as those spinning Gasfellas cause way too much damage, but not that difficult once you have the right spirit setup and got used to their movement patterns. I actually found Zia's Dream to be much easier than Kid's Dream for some reason and Zulf's Dream wasn't too bad but Stranger's Dream? Uggh now that was a real pain. 30 waves with no recovery items is a bit too much. My first attempt I carelessly died in the middle. On 2nd I managed to get to final wave but with only 1,2 health potions and no special skills so got completely wrecked by that annoying melee/crossbow tag team. Third attempt my game just crashed in the middle lol. On 4th got to final wave again with 3 potions and 3 special skills left but still got destroyed. Went to eat dinner then tried again. This time I used the Squirt Lure Special Skill and managed to get to final wave without using up any potions/skills/continues! Guess my gaming skill improved. The Squirt easily kept the other two enemies occupied while I just spammed Mortar on the Ura Leader, then easily finished off the ranged Ura before playing Queen Anne to death. I chose to For Score Attack, there is no need to ever pay any attention to the score multiplier, as completing all dreams with 10 idols invoked is more than enough to get you a score of 1mil+. The trophy popped for me after completing the third dream, plus final dream can net you anywhere from 400k-600k.
  5. Hungry Evil Lions Licking Oreos SWAT
  6. Danganronpa 3
  7. Is close to platinumming Destiny 2
  8. Nope I prefer the Blazblue series
  9. Granted you make others happy by absorbing all of their misfortune (Luck Stat: -∞) I wish I can cast a real life Kamehameha Wave
  10. Banned for still listening to something as ancient as the radio
  11. The Blade of Judgement comes for you! Cutting through Time, Space and Reason! FLASH KILL! (Kudos to whoever gets the reference)
  12. Chrono Cross Definitely! Buy PS4 Pro or wait for the upcoming PS5?
  13. How long do I have to stay hiding in the box before I can pop out in my Santa costume and say "Merry Christmas!"?
  14. Arrested for not trying to change the subject away from zombies
  15. I blame you for being a physics nerd
  16. Are you a robot cat from the future?
  17. Ico
  18. DragonBall FighterZ
  19. I always use Samsung so don't know What do you think of the iMac?
  20. Virtue's Last Reward
  21. Ganondorf (Zelda)
  22. Ultragirl