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  1. Is a big fan of NTR☹️
  2. FFX, Mind Zero, Lets Fish Hooked On, Injustice, Silent Hill Book of Memories, Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, Valkyrie Drive Bhikunni, DBZ Battle of Z, WRC 4, Killzone Mercenary (Online servers shutting down soon), Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Deception IV Blood Ties All of these games are quite grindy so prepare yourself if you want the platinum
  3. I'm afraid so. Bought the game a long time ago, so still on my download list but can't find it in store. Your only option of playing it would be to buy Zero Escape: The Nonary Games for £45 to get Virtue's Last Reward and 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.
  4. Was a bit tired from grinding, so wanted a nice change of pace and that's exactly what Foul Play brought me! It's hilarious and easy to play, though the constant button mashing is tiring out my fingers so only playing bits at a time. The way your killed enemies look around before discreetly crawling off the stage always gets a laugh out of me. A short fun game I recommend whenever you feel like calling it quits for trophy hunting grindy or difficult games. I swear grindy games should have their own special tag as difficulty ratings do not do them justice.
  5. Try playing Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed, Conception 2 Children of the Seven Stars and Galgun Double Peace if you want to understand what games from Japan really are all about.😏Become the High King of Undressing, father of the World's Biggest Family or the Gal*God capable of making girls Double Peace for Days! All capitals are trophy names. I kid you not. Oh right also the Senran Kagura series and Valkyrie Drive Bhikunni if you want some BOUNCE!
  6. Only 4 trophies left for Horizon Zero Dawn
  7. Could be a useful ride to get to my destination on time. A hero always shows up at the very last minute!😎
  8. My Name is Mayo 36 Fragments of Midnight The Wolf Among Us
  9. Every time you go out in public you can satisfy your narcissism endlessly. If life threw you into a 5 year coma
  10. Only if she promises not to cheat on me (Women don't count).
  11. It's an Adhoc trophy dude😢. Very few Vita users nearby. Platinum currently unobtainable. Same issue with Disney's Epic Mickey 2.
  12. Is actually a guy!😱
  13. Kiss
  14. Milady Queen
  15. Granted but a hacker will force you to buy all the games for £9,999,999,999,999,999,999 leaving you stuck in debtors hell forever with no option to file for bankruptcy. I wish I will become the protagonist of an 18+ uncensored eroge with hot females and no bad ends.
  16. Little Miss Muffet Sat on a Tuffet Eating Her Curds and Whey. Along Came a Spider Who Sat Down Beside Her. Well Guess What? She Ate Him Up Too!
  17. Fellow Vita comrade
  18. Level 13 - Testosterone (Jak II) Level 15 - He Went Commando (Ratchet and Clank 2) Level 21 - Ladykiller (Monster Monpiece) Level 22 - Wisecrack (Full Throttle Remastered) Decided to mention a few *interesting*😏 trophy names for previous levelups.
  19. NFS Most Wanted. Come on dude, just 3 trophies to go for platinum. You can do it!
  20. DBZ Battle of Z Over 9000! (Platinum) Got all other trophies except those ridiculous team trophies that require 7-8 players. Been trying for weeks unsuccessfully coordinating with so many people from different timezones, with some of them leaving immediately after obtaining their trophies without helping the rest of us out. Just 2 days ago, had only 4 people on so wasn't really expecting anything but luckily in less than an hour's time 3 randoms showed up!!!! Quickly got 4th member to enter then kicked randoms out to play easy matches against CPUs. After getting those 5 retarded team trophies the platinum finally popped! I am so done with this game and don't ever plan to buy any games that require boosting with more than 4 players.
  21. I've got loads of Vita games but not enough memory cards to play them all on and I don't want lose my progress, so for games I don't want to play for a while I just backed them up to an external hard drive. Use Content Manager to transfer all games to PC, then just copy paste your games into hard drive, making new folders with each game named to make life easier for you. This will save you the hassle of going though a massive download list cluttered with DLCs and PSP games, looking for an older game even if you have saves backed up with PS+. Just transfer your games back into any Vita you own as long as your account regions are the same as downloaded game.
  22. I first bought my Vita in 2012 and at that time I wasn't really thinking too deeply about a user name and just used the first thing that popped into my head: My Student ID. Didn't ever feel the need to change it since I quite like how everyone calls me ex.
  23. Lol I wonder if the game characters will be as messed up as their anime/LN counterparts. Like Megumin randomly casting EXPLOSION!!!!!! for a regular mob and becoming completely useless, Aqua healing the enemy mob, aggroing all undead like crazy or just doing party tricks, Darkness's perversion will actually be useful for a change, Kazuma's Steal will always give him panties for some reason and Yunyun might be the only decent character lol (but Megumin's antics might cause her to run away).
  24. God of War 1's God Mode is difficult but nowhere near as brutal as God of War 2's Titan Mode. The Loom chamber battle near end I completely gave up on, even though I managed to overcome some difficult fights like protecting the 2nd Translator (even though Kratos kills him after making him read that book anyway). You can also try Deception 4. Game is very difficult for me, even when following a video walkthrough😅