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  1. Some additions that I haven't yet seen listed: Anima: Gate of Memories (The Bearer of Calamities) Control (Jesse Faden) Lollipop Chainsaw (Juliet Starling) Shadwen (Main Character) Silent Hill 3 (Heather Morris) I would like to join up, if you ladies will have me! Triple point choices: Control Dishonored: Death of the Outsider The Legend of Korra
  2. Plat #143: Persona 5 Royal Plat #144- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Persona 5 Royal was great to play and the extra additions were clever and very fun. I dedicated a month to that game alone, woo boy. Finally platted JJBA and it only took me a year+, lol. Even though Jojo is considered easy, I'm still pretty terrible at playing fighting games. Also did 3 playthroughs of Resident Evil 3. It's a great looking game, but yes, it's terribly short. I never played the original, so I don't know what was cut out. Added some more games to the backlog from the last couple sales, the most recent being The Sinking City.
  3. #144: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Man, this took me forever to complete. I really love JJBA and also platted All Star Battle, so of course I had to get this. The whole game is very sleek and stylish, staying true to Jojo fashion. This title is most likely one of the few easy fighting games people can experience, but being the trash scrub I am, fighting battles wasn't a complete cakewalk for me. I'm pretty bad at trying to execute most of the moves, trying to string combos together, and would miss pulling off Heat Attacks, like, 70% of the time dammit. Playing online was pretty bad for me too, it seemed there was lag whenever I got into matches. Movement was incredibly slow, don't know how it was for the other player, but I had my ass constantly handed to me. (゚⊿゚) Doing S Rank on all Story Missions AND Extra Missions was also too much and unnecessary. But oh well, better late than never.
  4. Plat #143: Persona 5 Royal After 175 hrs, I've finally finished it! What a blast to play; new scenarios, new characters, updates to the battle system, some new music, extra Mementos area and Palace, and a different ending! It's definitely easier to max out Social Stats in 1 playthrough due to extra opportunities to obtain more points and I managed to max all but 2 confidants as well. Persona is one of my favorite series to play and it was really fun playing this polished version. Newcomers who are curious should definitely check out this entry! YANDERE!Akechi for President. (゚∀゚)
  5. Put in a preorder since September and haven't cancelled it as I have not watched any leaks and refrained from joining in on the discussion/argument clusterfucks happening around. I enjoyed the first game, so I'm curious on how I'll receive Part 2. I'm pretty apathetic to whatever "agendas" are being touted on the story and the descriptions of ultraviolence don't really put me off.
  6. Ooh, Ruiner? Fuck yeah! Also want to pick up Bloodstained and Guacamelee 2.
  7. I wasn't hyped up for Death Stranding when teasers were shown and didn't follow its development, but when the release day dropped I totally got it within a week lol. Idk, the hype finally got to me and reading some players impressions of it intrigued me. It's definitely different and I found delivering stuff kinda relaxing lol. You can also build things and repair roads to make routes easier, but it's also pretty cool that you can utilize other player's inventory and vice-versa when connecting online. Story is pretty WTF, but it's Kojima. I personally like his take on game direction, detailing, and scenarios while other people think he's overrated. The acting is pretty nice too, definitely like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen~ Watching streams/Let's Plays is a good way to regard it if you're unsure!
  8. Someone skipping or not skipping the text will not affect me in the slightest, having a thread about such a thing is not a good look. Didn't finish my 2nd playthrough on vanilla P5 to the end (skip used too), about 75+hrs in Royal having finished Futaba palace without skipping anything. I didn't skip as I don't mind refreshing myself on the texts and wanted to look out for translation differences/improvements.
  9. Bayonetta Hotline Miami 2 NieR Any Grasshopper Manufacture games: Lollipop Chainsaw Killer Is Dead No More Heroes Shadows of the Damned The Silver Case
  10. It's a polished version. New events and characters are woven throughout the game, and there's additional traits that have been added to the battle system too. I'm not too far in P5R, but I think(?) there's an extra dungeon or two when going for True Route. Atlus has done this previously with Persona 4 to its polished form Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3 with it's FES addition and Persona 3 Portable entry. I wholeheartedly recommended newcomers to play the polished versions, it's just extra fun and you get a fuller experience!
  11. Out of the 1TB my PS4 has, I only have 40-ish GB left, aggggh. And yeah, check those games out if you can! Lollipop is stupid fun, Killer is a little more serious nonsense (some of the grind is dull, tho). Don't know if these are still available for EU, but Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day and Black Knight Sword are some more Grasshopper Manufacture titles if you're interested. Good luck with the PS3 backlog! Need to focus on that myself, lol.
  12. You mean FF7R? I haven't started it yet. From what people who have finished it say, Part 1 ends when the party leaves Midgar to continue their journey on the outside world. There's not a definite answer to how many games 7R will take to fully wrap up the story, I'm guesstimating anywhere from 2-4 entries. I'd have to clear off a couple of games off my PS4 in order to play 7R, it's a whopping 100GB to install! Not to mention whatever patches they decide to tack on by the time I get to it, lol. Ah, you're playing Shadows of the Damned. One of my favorites! Hope you're enjoying it~
  13. Plat #141- Final Fantasy VII Plat #142- The 25th Ward: The Silver Case Pretty cool that I got FF7R on release day, thanks SE Store! It will be a while before I play it though, going with P5R first and then have a set selection down after I finish it. Trying to focus on playing 1 game currently, it helps from doing the game hopping that I was guilty of doing before. Still going at the Bingo event ever so slowly. The selection I mentioned before has the event in mind and the plan is basically: Game I want to play, Bingo game, Game I want play, Bingo Game, etc. Of course, it works beautifully if a game fits both of the criteria. ^^;
  14. Plat #142: The 25th Ward- The Silver Case The second part of the hard boiled crime VN from Grasshopper Manufacture has been achieved! It really is a dark storyline with heavy David Lynch-esque bizarreness incorporated into it, but that is to be expected if you know what you're getting into as a Grasshopper/Suda51 fan. Would really recommend you play The Silver Case before starting this title, although there is an excellent summary of events that is laid out in one of the later chapters here. It was quite a while since I played the first game, so starting up this one just recently had me thinking who's who for a little bit, lol. Pretty straightforward with the trophies by just playing the game. Now, there's a certain amount of ridiculousness when playing Grasshopper games . . . but that All Endings trophy is some straight up troll bullshit.(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 100 is just too much, just do the classic "51 type" of trophy (turtle talk non withstanding). And as always, endings that don't make sense and are open to interpretation. Will The Silver Case have a 3rd entry? By my feeling, probably not as playing the YUKI chapter had a sense of finality to it. So yeah, play at your own risk (maybe).¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Uh. Good for you being an RE master, but not everybody is you. Difficulty is subjective. And yes, it's your opinion but the narcissism is a bit ridiculous. Even if RE3 did include the cut content, you'd probably get your share of people complaining about it being not right/easy/or some other shit.