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  1. Since the time I've lurked on this site till being a member now, I've seen this user go through like 8+ accounts. The common thing among them, he plays the same games and series each and every time. At this point it's sadly nothing new and when the next account comes along, the same games are going to have a comeback. From what I've seen on some comments of his, he doesn't seem to like going out his comfort zone. Says he won't play RDR2 because it's "too realistic", won't touch Dark Souls because it's "too violent and scary", etc. Plays EZPZs, but not VNs because they're not considered games. It would be refreshing to see something different from him, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it.
  2. @eigen-space The following are missing from my completed games spreadsheet, but everything else is accounted for.
  3. 5540- The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS3) 5521- Syberia 💯 4882- Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments 5253- Dear Esther 💯 1264- The Darkness II 5- 4456- Day of the Tentacle Remastered 7- 8- 5789- Zero Escape: The Nonary Games That's gonna be it for me! I could have been more focused on playing games, but oh well. Thanks to @eigen-space for putting this event on~
  4. Toilet trophy? YES PLZ. Anyway, I think doing no continues is doable on easy mode right? I dunno about playing on Spicy tho. I'm excited, even if this game might not be great?
  5. Was waiting for Episode Ardyn to go on sale, so yay. Probably will grab some others, like Silent Hill and The Last Remnant.
  6. Remaking artwork looks pretty good. Wonder if they'll do the individual character eye catch images too. I'm still expecting them to push back the release date, however.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Plat #125- Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Great VN puzzle game. I played the first game on 3DS some years ago, so the second part was some new stuff for me. It was quite interesting, a little confusing, and sometimes I saw things happening a mile away 'cuz anime plots. And like always, I fell asleep like every single damn time when doing a play session. I must have VNarcolepsy™. Plat #126- Thimbleweed Park Not too bad of a point & click. Breaks the 4th wall and there's small town weirdness to be had. I think it could have been more *bleeping* weirder tho. 100% Syberia I can see why this is/was popular when it was first released. The motion capture and cinematic movies were amazing. A nice little point & click adventure with a pleasant cast with a straightforward plot. Plat #127- Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishments Various cases to get through as the famous detective, nothing too bad if you follow a guide. I liked the variety of the case circumstances and backgrounds/aesthetics. Interacting with Watson, Lestraude, and Toby was equally fun as well, along with the suspects and witnesses. Plat #128- The Darkness II Never played the first game, but the look of the second game really appealed to me and got it in a sale a few years ago. Finally played it a couple days ago as I'm currently on a PS3 kick. It's a really fun game and the FPS aspect is easy to grasp, along with controlling your demon appendages. Things can get pretty bloody and gory, something I'm ok with. I mean, look at that goon cut clean in half! Collectables aren't too bad either. Almost all the characters are really likable and the dialogue is witty and damn funny at times. It doesn't seem there'll be a Part 3, given how the ending went in Part 2, and that kind of sucks. I would love to see more, especially if the game continued on in that cell-shaded comic aesthetic. Since I liked The Darkness so much, I'm looking into reading the comics sometime and I don't usually read western comics. JACKIEEEEE💔
  8. I had a predetermined list when I signed up, but the more I looked at those games, the motivation to touch them just wasn't there. I'm just doing whatever while I give the PS3 some love lately. Not sure I'll get all 10 games done, but I'm working on #0 game currently.(T▽T) 0- 3071- Syberia 💯 2932- Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments 3- 1264- The Darkness II 5- 6- 7- 8- 5789- Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
  9. Yaaaay, more info on ShinRyu! I welcome the change and feel the new battle system will be interesting. For some people that seem vehemently opposed to it, maybe don't knock it till you try it? And I feel like this entry fits in the mainline series. There's no Kiryu, but Ichiban's origin is very much like his and I believe there can be more than one Dragon (of Tojo/Dojima) amongst the thousands of yakuza set in that universe. A succession entry sounds very promising to me~
  10. Oof, not sure how I missed this update. Oh yeah, I don't tend to log in on my phone lol. Very nice plats, glad that you enjoyed them. Sagebrush sounds like my kinda thing, but like most of my buys, I wait for a good discount. Always happy that people get Yakuza. I'm expecting you to fall totally in love with the series and get games 1-6 plus spin-offs.
  11. @eigen-space PSN name if I obtain a badge, please. Thanks for the tag~
  12. I don't think it warrants "horrible" and it does relate to the plot somewhat. It's a step up from PLATINUM TROPHY, anyway.
  13. Never pre-ordered an FF/digital game before, but I'm going to do so for VIII. Can't wait!
  14. Yes yes yes, bless you SEGA. I'm getting that sweet physical edition
  15. "Trophy integrity", lmao. Don't see the correlation beween virtual achievements and upright morals, but ok. Not sure how a desired solution is gonna come about when there is a market for ezpz, doesn't seem it's stopping anytime soon.