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  1. You mean on every ending playthrough? No, you just need to achieve the boss speedrun only 1 time, and like Gage mentioned, it's optimal to do so on 3rd play (i.e Branch C). It's been a while, but I believe the character & weapon levels carry through on NG+, provided that you do the weapons upgrades especially.
  2. Who knew gardening could trigger so many people? Sasuga, Yoko Taro~ Not looking forward to the horrendous drop rates, but I wish I had my copy already.
  3. I had to laugh when I saw the article on my Google feed earlier today.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it's nice, I guess.
  4. My copy of NieR Replicant has been shipped out EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE❣️

    1. nyarLOLhotep


      Haha, so there's a chance you might actually get it early. Who'd have actually thought?

    2. Bittersweet


      @nyarLOLhotep Pretty excite about it, but who knows how fast it'll get to me from NV. SE merchandise gets delayed sometimes, but game releases seem to get tip-top form~

  5. What are you even on about, lol. I was pointing out that specific part of your post claiming all games have dlc and that they hardly go on sale. Not all games have dlc (amazing huh), some dlc are just for cosmetic purposes and have nothing to do with trophies, and I prefer to get dlcs when they go on sale (yes, there are sales. Multiple sales, even). I got the Drakengard DLC, so what? That somehow automatically equates me to being a "defender"? Is that supposed to be an insult or something? Lol To my knowledge, that dlc never got discounted when compared to other Square Enix game's dlc. I actually waited about 2 years before finally deciding to buy it because I accepted that price would never budge and that I, y'know, love Drakengard enough to get it. Do I wish it was cheaper? Yes. Did I enjoy the dlc? Yes, not hurt by it at all. Veiled low key shade aside, I spend money because I saved up.
  6. Please don't spread misinformation, thanks. Is a 100% account worth it? For me, no. I know my limitations and I'm way too lazy most of the time whenever I game. Good on people who do it, though.
  7. Alright. I'm not sure if demos adhere to a strict release schedule, so I apologize for my ignorance on that. Just think there's still time for one to come out, is all.
  8. Why so quick to decide that? A demo could happen in April, you know. And if it doesn't happen, you could always look at Let's Plays if you're unsure about this release.
  9. White Snow Edition is up for pre-order again on SE NA store, people interested should jump on it before it goes out again!!
  10. Plat #155- Tokyo Dark Remembrance Pretty ok VN, really shows its indie quality throughout the game. Not that it's a bad thing, but I couldn't help thinking it had an unpolished feel to it. Story flows pretty quickly, can't really get feels for most of the characters because of that. As par for the course, did too many playthroughs than I would have liked. (≧ロ≦) Plat #156- The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Oh my goodness, this game felt so wonderful to me. I absolutely love the fairytale premise of it and the art & aesthetics had a cute-creepy quality as well. Gameplay is just some side scrolling journey with bits of platforming and puzzle solving to advance to the next stage. Playing as the Princess, you have to guide and somewhat protect the blind prince through your journey. I found the dynamic really precious and it made me love the pair so much more. Granted, there are some trying situations, but it's nothing that can't be solved with a little thinking and practice. A short and sweet game, complete with a happily ever after. 💕
  11. Seeing different regions of the SE store, and unfortunately White Snow CE is on 'Wait List' status. You could put yourself on the list and hope additional copies are made available when the release date nears/drops. You can also try sites like Amazon, Ebay, etc to see if 2nd party sellers will have it for sale, but most of the time those CE get marked up.
  12. Welp, a very belated last post on this event as it did end on 12/31/20. Only managed 3 more plats since my last post, regrettably didn't finish all of my triple point games and other choices I laid out. Thanks, Cyberpunk 2077. Hope the rest of the ladies did much better than I have, lol. Afterparty (Event Prep 0%) Female lead: Lola Coffee Talk (Event Prep 0%) Control: AWE DLC💯 (Event Prep 0%) Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace (Event Prep 0%) Hopefully @eigen-space can conclude who the top maiden of the event is sometime soon, but I understand that she has been busy with irl stuff. I really appreciated this event's layout and management, thank you for all the effort!
  13. Cyberpunk 2077 The High Priestess 1/1/21 Ooh, intriguing~
  14. Sasuga, Yoko Taro. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. I'm still playing through the issues on PS4 because whatever glitches I encounter don't make me mad. Only had 2 crashes happen in the 15-ish hours I've played so far. Won't be getting a refund either because I don't feel the need to.