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  1. Miniature Crown Master and Giant Crown Master in Monster Hunter World was really annoying to grind and I have to do it again with Iceborne at some point. Seal the Deal in Destiny 2 Forsaken the grind for a triumph seal is really fun when you have to do The Shattered Throne every three weeks three times for 5-6 months to get a stupid ship. Cat Fight in Injustice 2 for that you need the Cat Call ability but it only drops from lootboxes. I opened lootboxes for 5 days to get this. RNG sucks
  2. 1. 1,90% That’s You! 2. 2,55% Injustice 2 3. 3,45% Star Wars Battlefront 2 4. 5,60% Monster Hunter World 5. 6,00% Mass Effect Andromeda
  3. Fallout 4 easy plat just takes some time
  4. I’m a bit disappointed that there are no trophies for Shadowkeep but for me the game is more about to do the raid, get some sweet loot and have fun with friends. I probably will sink in another 400-500 hours into this game in the next 12 months
  5. Same problem with Machine Pistols here
  6. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  7. Shadow of the Colossus
  8. Kingdom Hearts KH3 is first KH Game really like it so far definitely going to play the other ones
  9. Destiny 2 it’s actually really easy get one or two friends to play it with you and it’s so much fun but 100% is really hard the Seal The Deal Trophy took me 4 months you will probably need much longer because you did not really played it only go for the platinum it’s better
  10. Monster Hunter World im missing the Gold Crowns for all elder dragons for this one
  11. GTA San Andreas loved this Game on ps2 so much
  12. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age still want to finish it but didn’t played it in 18 months