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  1. The first Vita I bought come with a 10 game pack that included LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout 2048, Motorstorm RC and Little Deviants, and also bought another 8GB card with a Sports pack that included Everybody's Golf and Modnation Racers (and another Motorstorm RC). Instant favorite was Everybody's Golf, eventually my first platinum.
  2. YS Celceta. Slightly different but probably interesting Toukidens (the 3) and Soul Sacrifice (Delta preferably). All these are available physical.
  3. This is a trophy hunters site. If you want trophies the Vita hands down. I still play more on the Vita than the PS3 or PS4 in the end it's just a personal choice. There's plenty of good games for the Vita they'll last a few years. But although the VIta is a great neglected machine the Switch is a lot better and it has few but amazing titles. So if you can skip the trophies, yes the Switch is fantastic.
  4. The gauntlet racing event "Barnstormer" from the Porsche Pack can be made a joke. At start go immediately to oncoming and stay near the right concrete blocks. Immediately after the Lamborghini cop introduction just instant wreck the cop car, use the nitro you should already have to help. Return to your lane, and after the tunnel stay on the right near the concrete blocks and after two separations the next cop will be just in a nice spot just outside the rightmost lane also to be crushed before any possible move. As a bonus no helicopter, and you can just zip along to the finish line, you can shave 20 secs to the time limit easily. Gold will give 10.000 bounty, plus around 1.000 of driving skills, and more 1.000 if you keep beating your record. It would be a nice bonus like this on the races. On the "Fast Lane" the silver 911 withe red rims once it reaches the mountain it just goes away and it's impossible to catch again (I managed this one already, with some luck). The other race has 3 zippy bastards, instead of 1. Stupid AI, the people who designed and coded this game are incompetent morons.
  5. Some guides are good, some guides are not. Ideally all guides should be a work in progress and be updated with useful information, but specially after some time has passed or / and it's not a new game, guides do usually become less useful (and many trophy guides are just a list of the trophies and that they should mostly pop while playing the game, can't see the point in doing one of these). It's usual to have guides in playstationtrophies and here with tons of useful information in the pages and pages of posts following it, and the vast majority of them doesn't get added to the guide. It's sometimes a pain to dig through all that spread information but it's not the first time that I find more useful stuff in the comments posts than in the guide itself. For me I think it's very useful that information about possible glitches or problems is posted. I'm usually on the unlucky side so I do have to handle a ton of these nice "features" anyway. There's constructive criticism and antagonistically one, we should just adapt to the first and ignore the second.
  6. I was banned for almost 2 months. First one day, then two, then 3, then a week. All providers / IPs I used were blocked next day. Then suddenly it stopped, and worked fine since then. Don't even bother to contact Sony, shittiest support in the industry. They have your money they don't care, and the arcane and "supposedly" legal terms of the EULA give them the right to basically do anything they want. I did contact them just for curiosity, according to Sony my account was perfectly fine, no bans or any issues. Amazingly I was only blocked on PSN, although a ton of other sites use the same protection system I wasn't ever blocked anywhere else. And I could always log through their web site to the store without issues, only consoles could not log to PSN. Wonderful company...
  7. There's lots of japanese games with blatant cheating, mostly from changed saves. However most users and the site runners don't care as very few western players play them anyway. And most of these players are not big trophy hunters either.
  8. Hardest game on the Vita? Not Sine Mora. Earth Defense Force 2. Yes, it's not that extremely hard to plat, just long. And not a extremely rare plat. But if you can plat it OFFLINE and with less than 10.000 armor on each of the 3 classes you can claim the title of one of the best, if not the best tactical FPS player on the planet. Hell, you'll be one the best players on the planet, all included. Yes you can farm all the armor you feel like, with 50.000 the game is reasonable even alone. But if you can meet the specs I quoted, which is still more than the normal armor you would reach if you played the whole game, you'll be the only one on the planet that has done it as I'm 99.999999999% sure all japanese and western platinum holders got it by playing online, something that is quite easy to check. Yep, ZERO players did it. And there's always utterly pro japanese players on games from this series. All other EDF games can be done offline, just this one is the true definition of extremely hard. There's around 10 missions from the total 78, that on inferno are extremely hard, with one in particular generally considered impossible to do alone with low armor (77). Online is still hard as servers are unreliable and you need good partners. And last mission will take more than 30 minutes, it's not easy to get everything going fine for such a long period. Another extremely hard game is Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz. Two of the trophies, Super Monkey Master and Motion Simian are extremely hard to get.I honestly can't grasp some of the plat times of this one. Try it and you'll see why, there's almost zero tolerance for errors and achieving all levels with motion sensor, something that like touch is notoriously unreliable on the Vita... Good luck.
  9. Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon - I truly admire the people who had the patience to get Daddy WarBugs leggit. And truly envy the ones that got Survive-O-Rama by any cheesing method. Some background. You need at least 8,270,300 credits for Daddy WarBugs. You'll get usually 15,000 to 25,000 for each level you'll play.You'll probably finish the game with around 250,000 credits. Just 8,000.000 remaining... I didn't end with 250,000, as I started farming earlier as I was bored by the time it took to kill everything and got the solution: Pesticide Rifle.
  10. If you got late to this one, like me, you're going to see that finding all information for this game is not easy. The trophy guides miss some information, I lost a ton of time digging some and had to find other for myself so I share here what I collected and think can be useful for others in the same spot. Online play Getting the game to recognize your friend so that he can join you or you invite him it's a nightmare on LBP Vita. It's a lot worse with mixed LBP Marvel and regular editions, as they have even bigger issues, as invites for instance don't work. Sometime I could the second player could just join near the 2x part, but most I had to play the whole level from the beginning to get 2 players when needed. It's very usual for your friends to not be listed and that they're not playing if they really are. This is specially bad if one of the players has not progressed as much as needed, as he can't be the host. Wonderfully most of the times the one that has less progress is the one able to invite and host the game. One more successful workaround I found was to publish a created level for each player. Then find the game with the other one and play the published game from the intended host on both. LBP will then eventually figure you're both playing the same level and offer to join you. Then the host can retreat and proceed to the intended story level. I lost a lot more time trying to get the 2 players together than playing the levels themselves. At least usually once connected, it will stay that way so try to do as much 2x levels as possible in one go. I was trying to do all levels in succession, playing the 2x as needed, and it's a really bad idea. LBP Vita has even worse network play in the DC Comics DLC. One of the major problems on both will always be for blue and green objects you must use touch to work, as sometimes they simply don't, or have huge delays in doing so. 2x Bubbles Number of bubble on each 2x level, so that you can know when there's just the multiplayer ones left: Swing-Bop Acrobatics (La Marionetta) - 4 bubbles Palace of the Peculiar (La Marionetta) - 4 bubbles Cogwheel Creek (The Land Of Odd) - 4 bubbles The Odd Rocket (The Land Of Odd) - 3 bubbles The Discard Factory (Jackpot City) - 3 bubbles The Mainframe Heist (Jackpot City) - 4 bubbles Spare Part Pursuit (Coaster Valley) - 3 bubbles An Appetite For Metal (Coaster Valley) - 2 bubbles (not 100% sure, but I think it's correct; good luck getting the 2x bubbles on this one, with the wonderful lags and the game spawning you on instant death spots it's wonderful; getting all other bubbles is easier with 2 players, as in the general mess you have 2x more chances to get them; I remember reading a thread on how to get the 2x bubbles on this level alone, but haven't found it again) A Recipe For Unpleasantness (Spooky Mansion) - 4 bubbles (sticker is ice cube, another 4 there) High Pressure Cellar (Spooky Mansion) - 4x bubbles Some levels will require sticker that will come from bubbles picked on other levels from the same world. For instance in a "A Wander Into Wonder" you'll need a Water Lily Embroidery sticker which will be picked on "Cogwheel Creek". So yes, multiple plays will be necessary for each level, as I could not find a list of these cross level requirements and you'll only be able to finish them later. The plaster sticker necessary in "Sunshine & Shadows" you'll get from "Re-Animation Station". You have to ace Odd Rocket before being able to get 100% bubbles on the same level. The required gear sticker is a acing prize. Only other level with this feature could be "First Lessons In Loco-Motion", it was the only other aced level I had, as I priveledged getting 100% bubbles first. This is also a good level to get the Scoreboard 50% and Scoreboard 25%, specially if you're doing the 2x area. I was able to get them easily on my boosting account as I was just getting the 2x bubbles. Just try to make as many multipliers as you can. To get 100% bubbles on "High Pressure Cellar" in Spooky Mansion you'll have to ace its side level, "Eye Ball Maze". You'll get the required sitcker and then be able to pick all bubbles. Just remember that this will give you 3 stars to the "Rising Star" trophy as you'll be required to get it, so you only need 12 from the other side levels. The level is not difficult, just try to make it as fast as possible, and pick fast the bubbles in the segmented circles as this will net you 2x and 4 x multipliers. Important, switch off WiFi as PSN and LBP messages will decrease your time as the counter doesn't stop for them but you do. I was less than 100 points on my 4th attempt because of this, got it easily on my 5th off the net. Weird and really difficult bubbles The only place that lists bubbles that I found is the IGN walkthrough, but it has incomplete levels and several errors (or I was playing a different game 😬 ), so be careful with what you read there it may be less helpful than you can think. Jackpot City - Hooks and Beats 39: in the second section after a big wheel that you'll have to gain momentum with a jump pad instead fo continuing, just head right and back, the bubble is hidden behind a white rectangle. Jackpot City - Discard Factory 37: see thread in this board Jackpot City - The Mainframe Heist 9: bubble is behind 2nd checkpoint after opening 2nd lock. The checkpoint has a purple rectangular window behind it, and it's just after the first jump you'll make. Coaster Valley - Makeshift Transportation: the last bubble on the level can only be picked by getting thrown by the train so kill yourself until you get it, as thankfully it's after the last checkpoint. The first sticker gets you a racing start, no bubbles, the same thing in "Three Wheel Tracks" with a prize from picking all bubbles in the last level of this mission. Jackpot City - An Appetite For Metal: besides the 2x ones, only really troublesome ones are 2 just before the 2x area that you must use a blue round lever to propel yourself, as it's really tough to get the right position to throw yourself to land on the platform with the 2 bubbles. Lives lost counter will reset for 2nd section, which is a lot worse than the 1st. Spooky Mansion - Sunshine and shadows: there's 2 sets of 2 bubbles well hidden. Right after the place where you can use the first sticker, you go up and light a lamp with a switch in a window; when you're passing under the lamp just ahead, retreat go under the wardrobe just to the left, head back, then right and pick two bubbles below the floor. Second set is right after a closet with 3 sleeping hallows, there's chequered floor piece with a high wall that you'll have to pass by hiding in a coffin shaped window in the back; below the chequered part before you pass this wall, there's a square box you must go in for these 2. I will not comment on the numbering scheme in all LBP games bubbles. I could not get a better one by studying Game Design for 100 years. Its usefulness beats anything I've seen hands down... Obsessive Collecting, the trophy for 100% bubbles will pop immediately after picking the last bubble on all levels. The bubbles for 100% of collected bubbles in level and acing are not necessary for this trophy. 50 Unique Players This trophy like the 24 hours in Create mode is a royal PITA. I had a shared level for over a year and tried to get p4p. Result: 3 plays. Then I read about the weird naming schemes and decided to try it. It worked. I named my level "Minecraft Clone" and in 2 days had 63 plays and the trophy (yahoo!!!!!!!! 😀😁😈 ). I did a minimal level with just the start floating and the end below. Even got 4 hearts, so some people were really nice. Yes I know it's not polite to other players but was really productive. And got rid of this damn thing. Will it work for other people? I don't know. Try something flashy in the name, remember to edit the description besides the name and publish the level friday afternoon, so you pick the weekend in the top spots when there's more players. Make it really small, and extremely fast. As long as the player starts the level it will count. I tried the same "smart ass" move on the PS3. 2 plays over 2 weeks 😭 ... Either PS3 players are smarter, lazier, less naive, I don't know. But there's a gazillion more levels published on the PS3 over each hour compared to the Vita. Hope this is helpful for anyone else.
  11. I couldn't use my pass from the Complete Edition either. It was a sealed game. However the game was a Plus offer on November 2016 and the pass was offered, but finding the VIP Pass is a pain as the name is completely dumb (how wonderful the store is for people who have lots of things in the transfer list...), and it doesn't even mention DIRT in the name or description so it will not be easy to find. Some people reported at the time not having received the VIP pass. The 10 year rule even if it's true it doesn't always apply. I have sealed games with expired codes that did not work, and second hand games I bought in which the codes would, both being expired. However there are more expired codes that work than the ones that don't.
  12. If it was in Europe it would be their usually awesome proficiency and utter respect for their customers... Unless the "disease" (feature...) is spreading throughout all Sony's ofiices.
  13. I don't even own the game, but it wouldn't be No Mans Sky if there were not a pile of bugs and tons of patches. At least they're doing them... I can quote a ton of other games in the same situation and no patches or a blink of support form the devs / publisher.
  14. I didn't found the information elsewhere so I thought it could be useful to others. You can get the 2x bubbles and "League of Friends" trophy with another PSN player that doesn't own the DC Comics DLC. The player without the DLC will get the "League of Friends", and also the "The Power of Green" (green lantern material) trophy if the player with the DLC already has it. "Super Collector" is not earned by the player without the DLC even if the DLC owner gets it while playing this level online (I did this on purpose to test). I assume the same will happen with the acing trophy, but if the 2x bubbles is already a pain due to lag, acing would be awesome to do. This can be troublesome for perfectionists who just want to stay with the plat and not spare trophies from DLC they won't have. BTW lag is awful even with 2 Vitas on the same router. Specially bad with blue draggable items. Last I'm pretty sure that although with some really good talent and patience the player without the DLC can get the 100% bubbles and acing trophies, "Great Caper" can't be done without having the DLC as the game says clearly that DLC items will not be available in the add-ons, so he won't be able to publish a level with the hovering cape. You have to complete the whole La Marionetta section before you can access online areas on LBP Vita.
  15. I have the digital EU, physical base EU and physical Marvel Edition Eu. The save is shared between the 3.