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  1. EDF 4.1 (PS4) or 2025 (PS3) are really fun to play online and it's coop only, there's no competitive play. But it's probably more than 800 hours online. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Dead Nation are also fun.
  2. Just the self-marketing?...
  3. It's possible to sort game searches by average completion or number of owners?
  4. 727 was the one sold in my country. But my disks were 509's. When I tried to find the 509 DLCs only stores that I found it were the german, french and italian ones, but they were all incomplete. I had searched almost all others (forgot dutch at the time), they all had the 727 DLCs, even the paid ones, and I assumed this was the version sold elsewhere.
  5. You could probably know which digital version you have by checking the link in the store with a browser, as the BCES code is usually showed. But I guess the game is now only available as a pack with the DLC and it's a different code. I don't know how you can find the BCES code for a digital game you have and that is no longer available in the store. But try it you'll see if it works, as it will tell once you launch multiplayer after the install that an expansion and maps have been found. If it didn't there will be a message saying DLC is available and if you want it (but can't get it this way).
  6. Because they pop even if the game doesn't really start. If you're the host probably the game thinks the other player has forfeited and issues you a win. The other you just need to start a 4 player game, not end it so it pops too even if the game itself aborts. Yes it's stupid on both cases that it does, but they do.
  7. There's at least 3 different versions of Uncharted 2 disks in Europe, BCES-00509, BCES-00727 and BCES-00757. The majority seem to be BCES-00727 and the DLCs in most european stores only work with these disks. If you had a BCES-00509 (which has available languages in game english, german, french, italian and dutch) you could use a german secondary account to download the free pack from the german PS Store. Unfortunately it was incomplete as the Siege and extra maps would not become available in game. I bugged Naughty Dog and amazingly one month later I got an answer and even more amazingly they have acknowledged and corrected the problem. If you download now the free UC 2 pack from the german store you'll get all DLC, maps and modes working in the 00509 version. I don't know if they have corrected the issue on the other affected stores. At least the one on the german store I can assure it fully works. You can't download the pack from inside the game, you have to use the store app. The download has around 20 files, put in background and you can safely cancel 5 ones that have a gigantic filename that will say they only work with the 0727 disks. It's better to download all the others, just in case. I don't own any 757 disk, I don't know if these got lucky too. Better late than ever, DLC for UC2 was always a mess in several euro countries.
  8. PS4 file system is Unix based. All Unix based file systems behave very badly when the disk is full or near that. To make it better all downloads are compressed, packed, bundled, or a ton of these things together. The PS4 surely is making its best effort not to make a mess that's why the OS is extremely conservative at available disk space for any updates or installs. Because a problem while this is being processed can easily mean a corrupted HD. Also remember everything is encrypted inside the PS3 and PS4, takes creates further mess. Recovery utilities in file systems in OSes were not created to handle encrypted stuff, I doubt Sony changed that or had the expertise to do it. I already had 2 crashes on PS3s, one because the disk was full, the other a crashed save and consequential shutdown. On the PS4 one because the console crashed while shutting down. A problem at shutdown on either system is a sure corrupt HD, something that in computer terms is ridiculous.
  9. After what happened I don't intend to visit the tutorial again, as I recouped my progress and advanced a lot no way I'm going to risk losing it again. Are these fish necessary to finish the game?
  10. For those wanting to know to get the tutorial you can quickly press down on the keypad, and then type the command "/tutorial" in the command window. But be careful, as it wiped a lot of my inventory when I did that, so it can be dangerous if you already have some good progress.
  11. You just need to kill the chicken with the dagger (the player is not necessary), and it can pop a lot later. For me it was when I launched the game again,and I had played a few after the one where I killed the chicken.
  12. Usually chirping sounds in electronics are related to power supply or fan (cooling) issues. The power supply is internal in the PS4, so it's not easy to pinpoint if the issue is there.
  13. It's well documented that even the PS4 Pro has strong limitations in the SATA disk interface. The PS4 is even worse since it uses older standards. None will take real advantage of a SSD, even with a SSHD benefits are minimal, and you'll only really see them in the last case if you keep on playing just one, or several small games over a large period of time, so that the disk algorithm will cache the necessary files. Choosing the bigger and cheapest option is probably the best one as the cost benefit here seems minimal. You can get a 2TB 5400 RPM disk for cheap (specially if you buy one in a housing and disassemble it - BE CAREFUL NOT ALL EXTERNAL USB 2.5" HD's ARE SATA!!!!!).
  14. Skipping the part where the OP wanted more trophies for Smite, which is more or less irrelevant because Hi Rez will almost certainly won't provide more and they will totally ignore any requests for that, one thing I agree, Smite is really a very good game. After being disappointed with Paladins, I'm really surprised at the depth and fun of Smite. But I do play games more for the fun than trophies, so I'll probably keep on playing it after getting the plat.
  15. I explained the game modes the best I could, but it's my opinion. You can try to find a faster way. As long as there's a party leader with 4 other friends, you'll be together, as only the party leader will join a game, the other 4 will just follow him. But unless you have 10, you'll have to play against 5 bots or 5 other real players. Having 10 you need the 2 party leaders try to search for the same game type at the same time, preferably on empty servers, like Asia or Australia. Not easy thought. You can't donate or buy any pass that will give you the 60 talents. You can get a few, but a huge grinding will be necessary anyway. Unless they change the packs or bundles, and it will be bad business to make them nicer, so it's difficult that will happen.