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  1. I had the same problem. It worked if the other player choose the invite from the PS3 messages. From the game itself it doesn't.
  2. The only way I could find to do these is the one detailed by M-Easy on playstationtrophies. I was following it but even thought I eventually got Combo Master, Keep It Up was driving me insane as the best I could get was 94 kpm and it was a very good run. So I tried a modified approach and it provided a lot better results. Start Solo - > Arcade -> Braindead. With the initial 50.000 upgrade the rifle's Rate of Fire 3x and Power 2x. The remaining 5000 are not necessary. This will enable you to kill easily all zombies, even cutters and jumpers, these with just a few shots. - follow the Guns and Supplies road, then Supplies choose the turrets - follow the Money and Health road, then Money. Try to do a extensive pickup, you'll get around 350000 gold Max out the rifle's Rate of Fire and Power, so at least now you have a decent weapon with infinite ammo, it will be very useful. Max SMG and turrets inventory, this way you'll pick freebie supplies. If you want you can upgrade the flare's duration once and their inventory too, plenty of flares will be available on cars if you find them useful - follow the Guns and Supplies road, then Supplies choose the mines Max mines inventory, so you can again pick some freebies - follow the Money and Health road, then Money again. Try to do a extensive pickup, you'll get again around another 350000 gold There will be jumpers on the money road, around 2 to 4 on each zone. They're very easy to kill with a maxed rifle. It's possible to end with almost 40 kpm, which will net you more money in the end. Max out the turrets and mines in everything, buy all ammo you can. Then max out the SMG starting with inventory (you should have done this on the second level), Rate of Fire, Power and last Clip. Clip is unimportant it's just the ammo until it will have to recharge. Health is restored when you return to start. kpm is also reset, but I started with around 7 kmp in the 5th run, so something does remain if you ended with a big kmp in the last level. Now go to the Score and Armor route, then follow Score. In the first part there will be a reasonable number of zombies, kill them all as quickly as you can with the rifle, it's very easy. From this point on it's important to be fast, as kpm starts to dive reasonably fast if you're not killing anything. I managed around 35 kmp just in this area. Now enter the next. There's a good chance a cutter will fall in a pod before you enter the next area. Ignore him. Enter the next area, ignore the zombie soldiers that should appear from the right (sometimes they come from up, it will be more difficult to ignore them) but if necessary rifle them. Proceed up, the right, pass by the first screamer and go to the bridge but don't cross it. This is just to assure that the screamer follows you. Switch to the SMG, if you want kill the spawned small zombies. You should NOT kill the screamer, better don't kill any screamer you need them for both trophies. When he does follow you go up, there will be another screamer. Go around him, either side, then after the path is narrow and the third screamer appears go left. A jumper will com from the water. You need to kill him immediately. I always liked to leave them alive while they killed other zombies, but the problem here is that they one jump kill the screamers and you don't want that. Continue up and a fourth screamer shows, near the blades, go to his left. The exit of this area is just above. Using the SMG kill all small zombies you can, a few runners will also appear. If any cutter is on sight deal with him immediately. Don't go too much near the left wall, as 2 other jumpers can come. At this point you should be able to get the Combo Master trophy, the 4 screamers do generate enough small zombies for this. Again, try not to kill the screamers. The exit to the next section will open quickly but DON'T pass it if your kmp is below 85 (up right corner). The next section isn't all that good in kpm and it's unreliable, so dont risk it. If you can't manage die, you restart before second section with a small hit in your previous kpm rate that you had when you passed the second section checkpoint. It's not difficult, the only major issue is that there could be the case that a big number of cutters spawn on section 2. I spent sometime playing around the section while I was trying M-Easy's method and up to 4 cutters can be spawn on the left side of the water, plus 3 on the right. However biggest number I got in whole play was 5. There's 5 places up to the "safe area" where they can spawn: 2 in the entrance just after the checkpoint, one just above the corner of the bridge where you wait for the screamer to follow you, another where the second screamer is but more to the left and upper, and the last is near the water from where the jumper comes. I never got more than 4 in the same play, but here the extra power and ammo of the SMG will come very handy, as when I was trying this with the previous method I would be SMG ammo and just a lousy rifle, and even you mange to survive a good kpm is impossible. Just let yourself die if you can't handle the cutters and achieve the required kpm. Some other things I found out: - screamers will only spawn 5 groups of zombies at this level. Once they do that they will attack instead of keeping their distance. - if instead of staying in the top near the blades you cross to the other side and proceed down, when you reach the bottom and kill all zombies on screen you'll find out that all other zombies vanished. Only reason I see is that it was the option developers had as the number of enemies was too much for the Vita to cope. Can't see any other reason, but it always happens. At least a large kpm it's impossible to get at this point 😀 - there's 3 jumpers on the section at this difficulty, one I already mentioned, another jumps from the bottom water if you get near there, and another is between the water and the two top right screamers. This in case you wander around... The other 2 I mentioned coming from the wall will not spawn if these 3 have been killed The last section is easier than this one. Go up,when you're reaching the end of the stopped moving floors drop the turrets in line. As zombies get killed, go up right around the containers in the center to summon the rest of the zombies, which will com from a upper container in the right of the central group of containers and from the water. Drop mines, one under this container and 2 along the water. And return to near your turrets for safety. This should enable you to get to around 105-110 kmp. When you do and the gate is open, cross it and the Keep It up trophy will pop immediately. Just above the moving floors there's one container to the right and 2 to the left. Sometimes none opens, sometimes just the upper left one does, couldn't figure what triggered them. It does help when they open as it's more zombies to die and increase the kpm. A cutter usually lands on the bottom right corner of the central pack of containers, the turrets will kill him. You have to move fast on this one as there's no screamers to spit enemies and they're all tougher than the crappy zombies screamer summons. The number of enemies is not that big so achieving the total kpm can be difficult, specially if the mentioned containers don't open. If you die on this section you can do it again, with another small hit in your previous kpm, but the trophy is still achievable. It's a lot easier than the section. Overall I don't think the health pickup is necessary, but the maxed out SMG, turrets and mines with full inventory help a lot, as a decent rifle. Got Keep It Up the first time, as I had the other already, tried it a second to be sure would have managed both again with even larger margin. BTW kills on these levels don't count towards Genocidiary. I checked and they did not add any. Hope this helps others.
  3. They did spent an inordinate effort in the creation mode, pod and level sharing so I think it's important. LBP trophies even reflect that. And it's quite frustrating to see throughout the game the sections labeled 2x and knowing you can't access them otherwise. And while you're playing any LBP game if you're connected to the Internet you're several times asked to let other players join you. I'm not a fan of the LBP games. Some clever ideas, the DC Comics levels are quite good but too long. Collecting all the bubbles is fun, but again you can't alone. And yes playing any LBP game online is awful, even with 2 Vitas in the same network there's considerable lag.
  4. For those trying this I found out somewhere that you can't use nitro but can use Air Brake (use nitro while pushing down the direction). It's stupid, since it's a nitro anyway, but works. Useful for class B and C which are the ones that are right on the limit to meet the requirements. Hope this helps.
  5. The Vita did have some marketing, but it wasn't exactly successful (neither the marketing neither the Vita itself). For me the biggest failure was that they promised Playstation 3 performance, which for regular users meant that all the plethora of AAA PS3 titles were going to be made for the Vita. They didn't and the few that were most weren't stellar. Uncharted, Killzone and FIFA were good, but a lot of others were not. And what materialized wasn't enough, so 1 year after launch most prospective customers went away. Yes there were some good titles but these were niche ones and they did not help the sales of the console. Sony was probably expecting to sell a gazillion Vitas in the first year. When that didn't happen they just neglected it. They over promised and then dump it in a snap. Amazing that it did sell in any numbers anyway,but since at least 2014 it was a niche console for niche players. Square Enix did support the Vita at launch. They had Army Corps of Hell... And another japanese only title. I think that there's a different market perception on how you can trust that Nintendo will do the right thing in terms of really good games they will get for their consoles. And they sell very well, see the staggering numbers some of the Switch games have in sales. Even the failure that the Wii U was has some amazing numbers in some games. They had several multi million sellers, and it seems that Sony didn't even manage to sell 1.5 million Uncharted games for the Vita, which was their best seller (Wii U has a few titles in the 5 million). And the Vita even sold more than the Wii U. So if Uncharted sold these numbers you can guess how many most titles have sold. It's pretty obvious why all major publishers went away, if Sony was dumping it were they stupid to bet on the boat that was sinking. In the end it was stupid that the market didn't exist. The Switch isn't a failure, is it? It's mostly a problem of competence. Yes for the players... Pity yours is collecting dust. I still think it's a very good console and play it a lot.
  6. Smart As and Everybody's Golf spring to my mind. Tennis too. And LittleBigPlanet was built from the ground up with that intention, how successful it was depends on anyone opinion. EDF 2. Probably other players will have other titles on their minds.
  7. Considering the fabulous work Sony did with the Vita unfortunately it's more a obstacle than a social issue. If it was a Switch It would most probably be a social issue. In any case this is a handheld, Internet and ad/hoc shouldn't be mandatory to enjoy games, and inherently trophies should reflect that. Unfortunately they don't.
  8. For the record it doesn't work with the Vita and PS3 on the same account. Although the stats for each system are different when you try to connect both with the same account they stay in endless search. You have to use the PS3 on one account and the Vita on another. It would have been great, at least to the number of matches played online and victories.
  9. In an area where most players are disgustingly egoistical there's some absolutely stellar examples of truly friendly, helpful and nice players who deserve all kudos. T_Fernandes_Nov is one of them. Congratulations. Don't bug him too much, but I guess he'll probably help a lot of people anyway.
  10. If you can do that one remember to drop me a note, I'll rave you ad nauseum. I can't, not even close. I can do all 2 up to hardest without armor farming, but inferno is a different beast, there's around 10 missions that are really tough, with one the true definition of hardcore. Stupid this is a handheld game it was supposed to be played alone. As to Iron Rain I'll wait until I'll see it. I hated Insect Armageddon, if it's similar I'll probably hate it too. IA is the easiest EDF game by far but the most boring and stupid grind of them. And the other already take that a long way...
  11. If you want an adequate challenge finish EDF 2 with, let's say 10.000 armor on each class, all offline. If you do then you're the king of hardcore. Believe me. Killzone is peanuts compared to this. But of course anyone can plat the game online, and someone really nice (it must be nice, it's a 200 hours+ effort) could play the whole game for you and you can get the plat with almost 0 effort. But it's easy to see if you did it offline or online anyway. Then you can brag around, it's totally deserved.
  12. It has happened to me 2 times in the last few months. I would guess it's something related to the supposedly forthcoming name change feature.
  13. Even if I can understand that you're so supportive of PSNProfiles over PlaystationTrophies the real fact is that there's a ton of extremely useful guides on PST. There's lots of dreadful ones too. But tons of information, mainly on PS3 and Vita games. The major problem with guides, there or here is the lack of will, patience, humility or time of the guide writers to correct them over time, so several become incorrect or incomplete. But that's an issue that affects all sites. And I can understand that people move on to other things or simply get tired. Let's face it, the majority of trophy hunters are selfish bastards anyway (yes I know this will raise complains), so very few are willing to share information or help others. It's the me, me, me talk. However the lack of interest on PST from the site owners and runners is obvious and that will be a nail in the coffin in the long run. Either site is useful, I for instance use this one to check what I will do or not, rarely for information on the games themselves as for that PST is better. As everything in life there will be different opinions just giving mine.
  14. Smart move from Limited Run. Since physical Vita games will become impossible to manufacture, they're testing the waters for an alternative source of income to replace the lost one. It will take sometime to see if they're successful.
  15. You can't connect to the servers with an unpatched version. i tried that too.