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  1. For those trying to figure out some of the things they want and what to do in the game there's 4 pages of hints on Steam that do provide some. https://steamcommunity.com/app/640880/allnews/ Why couldn't they put this in the game with a update so that it's less frustrating isn't understandable.
  2. I also play EDF games a lot, they're also luck based too of course, no skills and strategy necessary. And yes, I just have all the games done because someone else does them for me online or I farm a gazillion armor to solve them. Yes, Dead Nation main game is skills and strategy that's why I love it. Road of devastation is not. If I suffered or not I'm not going to comment. But suit yourself. Have fun.
  3. There's this "method" above, there's your "method", there's a ton of other ones. I saw a lot when I was going to do my first run. They're all different. But that isn't a method. They're all the games that each gamer got. That's all you get. The chances that any other gamer will get different runs are very high, or I'm just the most unlucky one on the planet. I've spent a lot of hours on different runs trying to figure a pattern or sure way to get results, as I needed that to help someone else. There isn't. Neither on the Vita or the PS3, the PS4 version is no different. Yes methods are possible for the normal game but there everything is set, from waves to number of enemies, so it's possible to create one, since the runs everyone else will get are equal or almost. And that you only got 2 cutters just shows that "your method" or the one above or any other one else wouldn't apply or be valid if you get a ton of cutters in the wrong place. Or even jumpers, as I do the money runs 3 times and I got 9 or 10 in my 3rd run when I got my trophy on the PS3 (thankfully they're easy to kill even with the rifle). The only thing that is set is the place where they show up, problem is that the game can give you none or a ton, and weirdly is not even difficulty related. It's a different story for the Combo Master and Keep It Up trophies for the Vita since you're able to retry the run to get them, so even if there's a bad run, you can try again. So there a method can be established. My opinion anyway.
  4. And you get 5 or 6 cutters at the same time and it's end game. A clear method should never fail. That simple.
  5. I never experienced awful issues either on the Vita or PS3 versions. But I played alone. I did play the coop on the Vita online and it wasn't pleasant. I think reaching round 10 is a bad idea to get online. I do like the game a lot, so I lost a considerable time on it. Although I didn't like survival mode, I did try to figure a reliable and repeatable method to achieve round 10 and come to the conclusion that there isn't one precisely because of the great disparity between each run each playthrough that is made. The most difficult version will be the one you do first. The game is basically equal so the experience you get from the first you play will help on the second. The Vita version has less enemies but screen area is smaller so difficulty is around the same. BTW the developers found a way to solve the issues when there's too much enemies on the Vita version, everything that is offscreen disappears, that's why I at least never experienced major slow downs. I talk about that on a post I did on a possible way to get some trophies on the Vita forum of the game.
  6. There's no clear method for reaching round 10 because this is mostly a lucky game. There's a few set waves, and a few random ones. There's a random number of cutters and that can ruin any run in a snap. I got 3 cutters on the Vita on the final area in the supplies route on the 2nd run, and 5 on the PS3 at the same place at the 4th, and yes all showed up as soon as I entered the area. Yes these were the worst but these quantities of cutters can drop on all runs, specially in the final area of guns / supplies and beginning of armor / score. Some runs are easy some are not. He was extremely lucky in all runs, since he never got a cutter in a bad place or a large number at the same time, even in the money / health routes he was lucky too. What is clever in this gamer is the place he chose to stay in the final areas of the money/health and guns/supply route, although they're only feasible to reach in the last runs if the paths he chose are the ones you take. The entry points to the final area for money and guns routes are a lot more troublesome but I always avoided the supplies route from run 5+ as I always get 4+ cutters in the last area. Again, this is 85% luck on the runs, 15% skill and focus. If you get great runs it's nothing much. If you get a bad one it's game over. And restart from beginning.
  7. The bundle is tempting, but Rain World seems to be the less interesting. But it's coming basically free...
  8. Sale? 10% discount on most items? It's ridiculous, to make such a huge discount simply don't call it a sale, call it a slightly less expensive price for something that only fanatics will buy.
  9. Also picked this one, very good price. Also: Astebreed (amazing shooter at a fantastic price) Prismatic Solid (another shooter) Hyper Sentinel (a C64 Uridium clone, but the C64 music was better, and the scrolling too the C64 rocked on that)
  10. Usually this sale has some pretty interesting stuff. I does again, but prices are not very good as most of them have been substantially cheaper recently. As usual psprices is your best friend on these occasions.
  11. The mature discussion can end pretty quickly. Just check what Sony offered every month in 2012-14 and it's pretty obvious Sony could offer much better games every month. Fact: Sony at the time had a LOT less Plus subscribers and apparently could afford to offer several AAA games, even more than one each month. If they have now around 35 million subscribers even considering they are getting 3 US$ each month for each one (which is a low estimate as most people pay a lot more than that) it's more than 100 million dollars each month. I think they can afford better than this. But they don't need or won't. Don't talk about more network infrastructure for keeping more PS4 online games, I can't believe Sony provides this free of charge for publishers / developers so they're getting their money elsewhere anyway (except for their own games). The majority of PS Plus users are just playing FIFA, GTA, or whatever and don't give a fuck about what games they receive each month. This situation is also a prize for the smart asses who wanted Sony to remove Vita and PS3 games because they wanted more and better PS4 games. Well they got what was obviously coming: less games (no more Vita cross plays and even occasional PS3 one) and more junk. It was plain obvious this was coming, I can't believe how naive or dumb people are. Mind you I even want to buy Overcooked it's a game that interests me. But the fact remains that Sony doesn't give a crap for its loyal customers, and all they'll offer is more crap and cheaper one. Never did, never will, nothing new. I can even bet they choose the games based on a price war between developers, whoever asked for less gets the prize. They're not stupid, few complain and even stop subscribing so they're happy. People complain about EA, Ubisoft and Activison being moron crooks, Sony is a lot worse.
  12. I can't understand how you guys keep complaining about US sales. You should see the junk and awful prices of european ones. There's a lot of things I would buy, mostly Vita and PS3 stuff.
  13. EDF online is all about coop. If Mercenary is one man (or woman) for himself EDF crowd will not enjoy it. Dumb move if that's the case.
  14. If this is any similar to EDF IA (which I truly hope it's not) Fully Stocked, Elite Customizer and Complete Arsenal could be reasonable to awful grinds. If they don't plat seems too easy.
  15. Some ways to solve the worst levels: Chapter 4 Command Center II If you're having trouble with the last guy behind the red door you can create the wormhole on top of him. Just remember you need the red key to open the door and the first collectible, as you won't have enough time to get it before wormhole collapses and you lose. Locating the Time Eater II For a level with so few enemies this one is extremely hard. On murderous if you manage to kill the enemy in the door by the 2 lasers, you should immediately enter that room to kill the other 2 while you have the kill slowdown. Good luck with this one, took me a lot of retries. On the PS4 on Murderous, which I made through story mode, I was lucky to have the power machine gun, then yes it was very easy. Just go up from start kill guys to the left through wall, you'll get a dash, go through that wall, kill others to left through wall, pick key, end level. Locating the Time Eater II You must clear all enemies to the left to make your life easier in the end. When you get a enemy in the middle of right side going up, in a room with explosive boxes, you must kill the 8 enemies (starting with that one) in a row as you need a time freeze to be able to continue. If you don't you can't open the door to the room with the key and get there while it's open. Another nightmare. Time Eater II Usually slows down to a craw when you enter central room, so killing enemies inside is extremely hard. This level isn't difficult but this makes it very hard. Go counterclockwise from start you can achieve, if the bystander near the shielded enemy goes down, a time freeze before reaching the key. It's not a panacea for finishing it, but who knows. Chapter 5 New clues Immediately go down, kill enemy, enter door just up left, kill enemy and lab guy, exit left door kill 2 more enemies. This will give you a Psy-Blast special that's a blessing to continue. It's very usual that you get no weapon drops here. Before unlocking the door, if you press left against its top you can use the Psy-Blast to kill all 3 enemies in the corridor, and get another special. It will come in handy for the shield guy in the next room. Going through this corridor without this, specially on murderous it's big pain. The Last Visit You have to trigger the mine by passing by its border. It's really difficult to master, but at least it's right at the beginning. Then kill the enemy below right and taking opportunity of the time lapse kill the unshielded enemy on the left room through the opening the bomb did. You'll get a a dash if done correctly, dash the 2 shielded enemies from the right wall, then kill next shielded enemy and lab guy. All this done correctly should have given you a Dash-Blast. Try to get a dash and don't enter the main left middle room through the opening, dash through the right wall (and destroy mine), you can get another dash in this room for the shielded enemy above. Be careful with remaining mines on way back. In the last room there's 4 enemies, one really near your target, and as usual you can't kill or have killed the character you'll need to speak to. Finding Mr. Time I The most difficult one on the Vita. The enemies are free roaming the most probable way for you to know they're coming is that you're dead from their bullets. After that they show up. This one is really hard as is mostly dependent on sheer luck. You'll have to destroy 6 generators. Once you destroy the first there will 2 groups of enemies coming regularly, 2 easier pistol holders from left and a tougher shotgun enemy from right. My advice? Destroy generator to your left with melee, alarm will sound and enemies will come. Go up and shoot the 2 coming from door, get dash. Continue up, ignore top left generator for now and dash to right room, destroying mine. Go down, shoot explosive to the right of mine in the way to the center, go up enter generator room just above, melee it. Wait inside room and destroy the incoming 2 easy and 1 shotgun enemies (not easy, try to move and shoot and they're just reaching door). Proceed left, melee generator you ignored, wait and destroy more 2 easy and 1 shotgun enemies, although one of the easy ones usually comes very late and you can exit the room and kill it outside. You should get a dash between these 2 groups, you'll need it. Now go down, then right, and there's a generator with a power machine gun that shoots through walls. Melee generator, pick weapon, kill enemies that are within reach. Go right again, you'll need the dash to pass the mine. Go up, destroy right generator through wall with a shot. Be careful the shotgun guys spawn point is just right above this generator. Go up and blow last generator to right, with a shot through a wall. Now go left and you're in the room where you destroyed the mine and the 2nd generator. Walk around the generator smaller room and shoot enemies until you get another dash. If you have it even better, just go to the central area dashing by the 2 mines, and enter elevator on left. Level ends. Good luck, you really need on this one, specially on murderous. This one is plainly frustrating. Took me more time to finish this one on the 2 difficulties than the rest of the missions together. Killing Mr. Time II Another nightmare. You need a time freeze to pass the door to the 2nd section. But there's only 7 enemies in the 1st and you need 8 for a time freeze... Go up, kill first enemy, then 2nd up and slightly to the left of the first. Go back, hoping that the 2 guys on each side shot the windows. Go up again kill both (I find the left one easier to kill first). Now there's 3 other enemies on top. The upper center has a rocket launcher, the two on sides have pistols. You must kill the center guy, while not even seing any of these 3. Then, the left guy and the right guy as late as you can. This is because you must go to a room in the right to hit a switch to open the upper door and sound a alarm, which you need for a eight straight kill. When you hit the switch, the alram will sound and 2 enemies will come, one stays inside the spawning right point the other will come from the left spawning point but will walk towards you. The timing between the 7th kill and 8th kill is EXTREMELY tight. You'll need a perfect run to get it. Do remember you'll need to kill all 8 in sequence to get the time freeze. When you do get the time freeze, you'll probably have to hit the switch again to open the door. Just pass it go up right immediately and proceed along the corridor to the elevator. Just rush trough the next section, or you'll regret it. So you have limited bullets, on murderous enemies will kill you with 90% of the shots, timing is really on fractions of second. Completely fun. Don't try to get the time freeze with 8 kills after hitting the switch I think it's impossible as there's no enemies to achieve the timing sequence and you'll run out of ammo. That if you survived anyway. Another plainly frustrating level, luck is mostly what you need. Killing Mr. Time III A piece of cake compared to the ones above. Kill the incoming 2 enemies, while not picking weapon just near elevator in case it's needed later. You can't go left or Mr. Time will come immediately. With the time lapse go immediately down, kill shielded enemy and trigger mine. A rocket launcher enemy is below, I usually melee him or have him blow himself up. There's a pistol enemy to left, he should come too. Now the toughest part, as you go left there's a shielded enemy. A pistol one will be triggered just after him, and will advance to you. Kill it and with the time lapse dash the shielded enemy. Use the time lapse again to trigger the mine in the down corridor you just has passed by. It's not easy or reliable as you'll be shot at by 2 tougher machine guys from left and above. If you managed, kill the machine gun guy on the left, he's in the middle of corridor, shoot while he's not in sight. He has armor will need 2 shots. Kill the one inside the room above too, just in case. Killing Mr. Time needs ammo, you could be short. Down the corridor where you had just triggered the mine there's 4 more enemies, 3 machine gun guys and a rocket launcher one. Go slowly, when the corridor reaches the room you can kill 2 machine gun guys, one is on the right, the other left. Just check where they're and shoot them down from offscreen. Now the last machine gun guy is down the central corridor to the tight, the rocket launcher guy to its left. Kill the machine gun guy, then handle the rocket launcher one (I just melee him or have him blown himself up, although this can go berserk). You'll have at least 1 but possibly 2 machine guns here. Now go handle Mr Time. He's in the central room and will go after you when you approach him.The easiest way to kill him is entering this room through the switched door just above the intersection where you killed a few enemies. If you close the door he'll go all the way around the right to reach you. Just leave the door open, shoot him while he''s coming in the corridor, run away to the central room and lock the door. He will go back return to corridor, while closing door again. Repeat this until he's dead. You'll have enough bullets now. Just be careful as on the Vita you have to almost be in his reach to see him and shoot him. It's not a walk in the park, but a lot easier than the 2 previous ones. Hope you have fun, I didn't. Only stubbornness made me finish these trophies.