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  1. This was already bad, but now it has become torture. We've been doing this daily to finish challenges trophy (just 1 or 2 days left for me) and it's VERY noticeable how overall operation of the game and server connections have been deteriorating each day. Since last weekend has been rampant. It now takes 1 hour to get 1 or 2 games. This on any mode, challenge, versus, arena or gauntlet. There's weird glitches everywhere, which clearly were not happening 2 weeks ago. I don't believe it will get back to the even shitty way it worked 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was even going to post a thread on how to optimize the grinding but now it's worthless.
  2. For those having trouble with outlook: Then just copy the required part and paste on https://www.base64decode.org/
  3. DON'T! Servers and the game have gone berserk in the last few days. The game behaves weirdly,resets itself without reason. Server connections are dismal with consecutive aborts. If you're a paranoid completionist don't even try. You have been warned.
  4. Just bought this game and it's awesome. The graphics, the sound, the movement, the color, the gameplay it's great. I avoided this game for so long as I hate Resogun (but love Dead Nation) and since on everything I read it was compared to it I was expecting to be terribly disappointed. Glad it's not true. Terrible pity the game performed so poorly in sales and Housemarque decided to stop creating this kind of games. They were in the top 3, well possibly even top 1, of the fantastic shooter market. Hope they succeed in their new endeavor, but for me it's disappointing.
  5. I checked all my alt accounts (I have a lot as I needed them for 1 PS3 game), and zilch. They could be nice to us we're making them look like they have a gazillion users and nothing. Dumb idiots... 😡
  6. Check your SPAM folder, promotional and social tabs! If you keep sending Sony emails to trash, they can get automatically to the spam one.
  7. As far as i could understand, the email is basically the same to everyone, but there's embedded code inside it that will get in touch with sony servers and answer to get what you deserve. At least the last one you would not be able to check the code if you forwarded the mail to another email address. This is probably competently made and that's why it doesn't work for everyone. Amazingly at least this time mine works. I can see it by using gmail in Chrome on a PC. Good luck. But if it wasn't this thread I would have missed it, as mine all go to the promotions tab, which to me is the graveyard. Terms: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/legal/icd20dec19/ only once as the previous one, so 10 items at most. At least it's good for the stuff on sale. Attention expire date is 19 December 2019 at 23:59 (GMT). Second Genesis is a kiwi, hence is expiry date and time being different.
  8. I use vidaplayer, they're very known in my country since they were or are one of the few that sells our country cards at a discount. Already bought 3 cards there, no issues. They're US based. Bought something form eneba, went well but it was a 1.5 euros purchase, can't say much. They're based in Estonia or Lithuania. Just beware that many card sellers are based and registered in dubious countries or ones with dubious laws. I would avoid buying anything based outside US or Europe. Specially the ones that don't even say where they are (read the policies, if they don't say the place for litigation, which should be their base, avoid, they're most likely crooks). Always doubt things that seem to good to be true, usually they're not. Don't invest a lot, buy and use only 10 or 20 US$ cards unless you can get a huge discount for more. Register your account in a state that doesn't charge tax on internet sales! US based players can help on that. I have mine in California. But that's me. I'm not endorsing anyone, just giving my opinion and experience. But yes a US account is very worthy. Just bought 2 games there, they were on sale in PSN europe for twice the price they're selling in the US. They have several times interesting games for peanuts, for the 3 consoles. Just be careful with the ones that you need DLC as you'll have too buy it on the store where you purchased the game, or at least in the same region.
  9. Only way to get PS3 games at decent prices is to have an alt account in the US PSN. I did it. There were 2 PS3 games that are not even listed in my local store so I could not even buy them. Talked with store support about it, a rock would have been more brighter and responsive. We can definitely forget any sale for PS3 or Vita stuff in the EU store, except cross buy and a few more crappy things (I think there was one Just Cause game in the Black Friday sale). I'm even seriously considering installing one of my Vitas with the US account and use the available hack to use them.
  10. It's quite usual for Sony. They're arrogant bastards who think they don't need anyone. Also it doesn't help that they think (are) the kings of the hill and don't need that. Cross play on most cases just needs the console network infrastructure for the gamer information, since the rest is handled either p2p or between consoles / pcs and the game servers. There was no technical difficulty in implementing playing for one console and not for another. They just had to eat what they did not want to avoid missing the Fortnite boat. Once the success was there, Epic was in a different position from everyone else and they had no option other than accept (I'm just betting they told Sony they would stop developing Fortine for the PS4, it's what I would have done) cross play, as Epic clearly wanted it. And after that it was impossible to tell the others they couldn't. So yes, clearly it was Sony fault.
  11. You can complain to whoever you want, it's not going to change. Sales in PSN Europe are supposedly invite only, and Sony is too ashamed of the Vita and PS3. Also they're too dumb to understand anything. A few years back they had some managers that even bothered to read and reply in some of the blog posts. These days they don't give a fuck. It sells anyway, there's plenty of idiots who would buy even if Sony would sell them shit. But they create and sell a PS Classic. One day they'll sell a Vita retro (really doubt) or a PS3 clone with a bunch of games preinstalled. Despicable... This sale is not that bad. For me going to most probably buy the Steamworld games I'm missing, their price is really good. Psdeals is paid to have real use. Psprices is not, he just politely asks for a donation. So psprices deserves a lot more kudos, and althoug not as flashy, it's much more useful and has better information. It does also help that the guy that runs psprices is really nice and responsive.
  12. Even if it does it's usually a disappointment. Only a bunch of AAA titles that mostly are available at better prices just a few days before or later.
  13. Was checking the price of a DLC I want, it was on sale, but I didn't knew. Not even 15 minutes got bombarded by psprices with a lot of price warnings. It's the only place available to check for now, and it's neater than anything else anyway. The list seems to be pretty massive. Already chose 2 that I want that are at a good price, some stuff isn't a good deal, but check there. EDIT It's no longer nameless, so I changed the topic title. And their way to check what's there: https://store.playstation.com/?resolve=STORE-MSF75508-PSXMASDEC End date 23/12
  14. i'm sorry but this game is a crap. The most obvious problem to anyone is that the controls are trash. Unresponsive, imprecise, inutile. So that basically ruins the game. I can't understand if the problem with the controls are a UE4 issue, programming incompetence or intentional design to make the game extremely difficult. If were not the controls it would be reasonably easy. Next there's some other amateurish errors and design flaws. You're hit by enemies that are outside the screen, you're supposed to take leaps of faith through paths that are almost impossible to reproduce since your character flies like a brick to pick coins, and there's pixel perfect requirements ...with shitty controls. The levels are bland and repetitive, and take a long time to complete, particularly if you want the trophies as you don't want to risk to have to do the same crap AGAIN. As there's no maps, info or videos available your only choice is to be thorough to try to do it once and for all. The best example of how bad it is, is the first boss which requires you to do a almost perfect run because if you don't you'll not be able to do it. And it's always because of the crappy controls. Even the stupid shield doesn't work half the times, the result is random in the same situation. I don't mind to make mistakes and learn, but it's not the case here. It's them who advertise it as "Featuring silky smooth animations, pixel perfect controls, challenging gameplay, huge non linear levels and an awesome original soundtrack." . Even the soundtrack is monotonous and becomes boring due to how many times you have to ear it. And it's not good either. I can understand the disappointment of the developer (s), but the flak was completely deserved. That's why the game is and was dead from start everywhere (Steam, xbox boards, gamefaqs). The only place where you'll find some information is PlayStationtrophies. Thankfully I paid 1 US$ for it. I would be really pissed if I had paid more. Manic Miner is almost 40 years old and is a gazillion times better than this, even with bad graphics and color clash. And a lot more fun.
  15. That I already knew, but I'm still on the same situation... EDIT Answering myself, yes it does.