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  1. Any point in buying this version instead of just the game itself? Not just in terms of trophies, if it really adds something to the game too.
  2. Try this,beats me if it's a good solution or not (don't have the game yet)
  3. The european PSN stores are a mess. They could not care less, people buy anyway and they make money. My country's store is a piece of junk, always broken, either via web or in the consoles. Support is a joke, either they're morons, dumb or dishonest (or a mix or the 3 at the same time). Most people have not noticed but even in the european blog there's no longer a manager (or even someone) responsible for the promotion posts (and others). Years ago there were people responsible for this, they had names and they even "participated" in the posts. Vanished, now things fall from the air. People must realize Sony doesn't give a shit about their customers. There's a gazillion idiots will buy anyway and still be fans, so it will only get worse. Even if the european stores are more difficult to maintain they have 0 interest and competence to do it. Don't believe or expect anything to be solved, you're naive if you do. My opinion anyway.
  4. Really crappy this is no longer available. Finished this on the Wii and loved the game.
  5. Read on for essential steps to avoid playing all the game on both consoles! Game is cross buy, so if you have a Vita and a PS3 you can 100% both. You can play online with yourself, no need for another account. While trying to play online, on several levels for some reason you can't get matched to yourself or a boosting partner no matter how many times you try. To solve this one of the players should choose the level you both want, normal difficulty and a public match; the other should choose a random mission (?), normal difficulty and public match. The chance of being matched to someone else is zero these days I think. Worked first time whenever I had issues and I wasn't connecting when needed. You can get many trophies on the other console by playing on one. I played on the Vita, dumb error. Play it on the PS3 if playing both, as you can get damaged easily while moving up, or specially down, as the smaller screen and the current weapon placement make this prone to happen. First thing as it's clear on the only trophy guide available buy the map. You'll never finish some missions without it. Second thing, buy a flamethrower. I bought the Ryxx Firebolt MK22, it's awesome and it was the only weapon I used in the entire game, will kill everything in a snap, including bosses. Don't buy more weapons. They're useless and just add bore to the game, as switching them will become troublesome and time consuming, as with just 2 it's a breeze. You'll need a trophy with another weapon, do it at game end. Use the machine gun to open doors to save keys, the flamethrower to kill enemies. This way you'll get the "Ripley" trophy quickly. You can speed run levels without scavenging them all. It's a error. I scavenged most and ended all levels with barely the money to buy all weapons, so if you speed run you'll have to farm more games to get the money you need anyway. Also be aware that there are at least 2 missions in the Special Edition (and I think others in other stages) that you barely have time to return to the end spot within the alarm time you have. If you have doors to open and don't have keys you won't make it and have to play the level all over again. So cleaning up your exit path is crucial to avoid mistakes. Believe me, I had to, and it's a bore. Now the real important part. Before playing your last mission of the game (of all stages) and buying any further weapons (and hopefully you have the money to buy them all) do a cloud save. No PS Plus needed. Then launch the game on the other console. Go to cloud load (it's in options). If all missions you played on the first console are not unlocked it did not work. Abort the game. On the PS3 go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)" folder and erase the "Alien Breed" save file. Launch game again and immediately go to options, cloud load. You'll now have all the missions unlocked except the last and all the money, keys and everything else you had on the first console you played the game on. If you played first on the PS3 you'll have to erase the game and re download it on the Vita as ou can't erase just the preferences of a digital game. Game is very small anyway no major problem. Do the same as detailed for the PS3 version, launch game again and immediately go to options, cloud load. Play and finish the last mission you need and you'll get "HARD AS NAILS", along possibly with others. If you use the flamethrower as you should you'll get "RIPLEY" along the way, and possibly others like "BURN, BABY BURN". Once you get the all levels trophy, start any level and buy all remaining weapons to get "LOCKED AND LOADED". If necessary do the same steps when you need to reload the cloud save again on either platform. If you did not do as I detailed and already popped the all missions and weapons trophies, you'll have to play the whole game again on the other platform. Follow the available game guide to get all other trophies they're all very easy to get except "Roxanne". I was only able to get this one on mission 3 of Valence. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get "TEAMSTER" the same way, by saving to cloud before making the last game that will pass the score, so that I don't have to grind this on both. On PST org there's a thread with a nice place, precisely the one for Roxanne. Accuracy as said there is VERY important for a huge bonus. I finished the game with roughly 6.5 million points, so still some grind ahead. You can check progress on all trophies in a very detailed way in the options menu. Have fun
  6. Create a session for this, you shouldn't do this on forum posts.
  7. This trophy is not difficult to get but if you want to farm it play a training game in siege with Ruckus, which is a champion unlocked by default. Pick as item "Morale Boost" (utility, yellow line) and build your special to 100%. Don't use it. When the round ends either successful or not, just launch your special and killing almost any enemy is kids play. Just try to avoid a Front Line as time is limited and he can survive if it's at full health. Got it first time on 2 of my alts to test. Have fun.
  8. How stupid can this be? I can totally understand that you can't do other things online, but sending scores of games? The vast majority of PS4 games still do it without Plus. You can download them and see your friends ones and global ones. EDIT It does work after all. It seems to have good and bad days so sometimes it won't work. Better than nothing.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I just asked mainly to see if it was worth to wait for a better sale. The game is (oops was...) now at 2.49 in the US store and the best price for the deluxe is 3x more, and I'm curious about it, and the interest was not just in trophy but in the game itself too.
  10. As someone would say this is mostly a "fake" sale. Most of the prices are absolutely awful, as the vast majority of what I've seen as been on sale recently for a much better price. Sony's trying to milk the cow of the lock downs, they've been having 3 promos simultaneously for the past 1 or 2 months. What I would recommend is that gamers looking for some good deals on good stuff to look at the "Instant Indie Collection" bundles from Curve Digital and "Indie Darling" ones from Digerati as they are on sale at a better price than some of the individual titles are. Some really good stuff, but not Ratalaika shit if that's what you're after.
  11. You'll still be missing a lot of DLCs. Not part of season pass and no longer available.
  12. Marauders is much better than Magistrate's for 'Last Man Standing'. With 10 it's dead easy. You need 2 teams in a party with 5 players each, it will never work if you're not in a party. The 2 party leaders must change to a empty server, like Australia or Southeast Asia. Like this the chances of matching are very big and it's just a case of meeting in some point and 9 jumping overboard. The other 8 guys do nothing as only party leaders can change servers and start games. The only problem is making a 10 player boosting session with all showing up.
  13. As title, any point in waiting for a smashing price for the Deluxe, or the vanilla one is the wisest choice?
  14. Pretty stupid that Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair and Yooka-Laylee: Buddy Duo Bundle have the same price on sale. Gonna keep waiting until it's alone under 10€. And ingeniously they put on sale AO International Tennis, but it's not possible to buy. EDIT What Remains of Eddie Finch in the same boat. The sheer competence of SIE Europe never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps it's a new sale technique, you announce products on sale, but then remove them from purchase. Genius stuff.
  15. Unless it's a incompatibility between the PS3 and your router, which is difficult anyone will solve, only option I see is hard reset of the PS3 (system restore, it will erase everything). Or the PS3 could be going berserk. Backing up the PS3 contents takes ages, it's USB2.