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  1. SIE did not close the store but I think the idea is to make such a crappy place that will be completely unusable. I was dumb and bought the Motorstorm RC Complete Edition upgrade, one of the last Vita DLCs I was missing. Bought it on the Vita. It's cross buy. The PS3 store still wants me to buy every single item, pack, everything, except the game itself which knows I own, but that was done a few years ago. So I'm supposed to go through my download list and get 47 SINGLE ITEMS (the 47 items for the Vita can be downloaded with one operation)! Do these idiots know how much time this takes? I don't even know if this is the worst case of number of separate files with 1 purchase. I do think the notion of cross buy PS3 / Vita is gone, happened on another item I bought, but at least in that case it was only 1. Unbelievable.
  2. Good controls The vast majority are reasonable, but the number of games that have erratic or unusable controls is astonishing. Games that are ported from PCs that used mice as controllers are mostly directly ported and it becomes a piece of crap. I read a few years ago (quite few...) that Shigeru Miyamoto would start to create games by the main character and their movement. Only when it was fluid and responsive they would progress to everything else. These days it's the opposite. The collectibles thing is of course essential. It takes a idiot to publish a game with collectibles and no way to track them except taking notes in a paper or some digital device. This is plainly dumb. But most "game designers" forget the basics.
  3. It's a interesting idea, but I would just narrow it by price as there's a chance some DLCs are classified as unusual things. This would even be easier if they removed the Rockband and Rocksmith songs, as they should be around 1/3 of the content on the PS3 store.
  4. HuntingFever is probably right, but I bought them anyway as I like voxel graphics games and wanted to try them. Seem they have (or had) bugged trophies too. Just wanted to add that I bought the collection for 31HK$ in March at the Hong Kong Store, something around 4US$ / 4€...
  5. Thanks for pointing this out @Gueeds . It's Amusement Park at 5.99, Pinball: Abusement Park at 1.99 is NOT necessary. I did not notice either, only today when was checking other characters and extras. Name is very similar the mess comes from there.😊
  6. Thanks for the compliments. PS4 one would be a insane job, specially considering that it would need constant change for now. But you can do one. I think only the Extras Edition has, which I also think it was only available in Europe. And as threads detail, Sony nicely isn't honoring expired codes.
  7. "Our sincere apologies for the error", but the idiots (customers) still have to buy it. This is ridiculous. The only decent action is that they should provide the DLC for free.
  8. In theory this is a puzzler game, but the nightmare run becomes more of a timings and precision game than a puzzle one. Around 10 of the 30 levels require extreme timings, and one in particular took me more than 20 tries to get the apple in the required place as you'll only have a split second chance to do it (thankfully you can still trap the sleeping guy). It's not a 2, a 3 or 4 even with a guide because of this. The speed run will include pause times. It's a bad idea to follow a video guide because of this (I don't like them, that helped to decideπŸ˜€). This one is quite good: It has a few minor errors, but nothing much. I do think it's hard to do the speed run in a first playthrough, but you can try. It will take sometime to figure some of the mechanics and the correct way to finish some levels, and it's very easy to make a mess in a few of them. You have to play the 15 levels in a row for each of the 4 world related trophies. If you don't trophy won't pop (I tried on 2 it didn't), so can't play levels as you wish. I would suggest you do each world in one go, it's less than 1 hour each even with careful play and a few errors. Also be aware that in my first playthrough, the game froze loading one of the levels and had to abort to main menu. Thankfully on the speed run it didn't happen. It also had a loading hiccup on the nightmare run, but eventually recovered after almost a minute. It's not a bad game, but it has a few annoying features. Lara Croft Go has better puzzles and is a gazillion miles away from this one.
  9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut has a different trophy list from Deus Ex: Human Revolution + DLC.
  10. This level is where you have to get "Time Flies" which is a slightly PITA puzzle because the controls are very flaky and imprecise. Can't give any real advice besides what is in walkthroughs, but you can touch and walk over the spades that are the clock hands. However to get there you have to do first a puzzle to raise a bridge from the start point. At this stage you don't have to actually make the stars appear in the sky for guidance. Pick a very different pattern on the inside wheel. Put it under one of the highlighted symbols. Rotate the inside 12 times, so that it makes a full turn. If you hear a distinctive sound stop, it was a match for this symbol or one of the other 3. When the full turn has been done, turn the outside wheel one time. Then repeat the process with the inside wheel, rotating it the 12 times. Keep doing this until the bridge raises. Believe me, it's a lot faster than getting the 4 pieces in the sky. There's a really good text walkthrough on TrueAchievements, but be aware that the 3 endings are different between the xBox and PS4 versions. The game has 4 no death trophies. The easiest by far is Rush Hour, Complete the Corrupt Winter HQ with No Deaths. It's one of the best levels, clever and fun to play. Just be careful that you must jump when going to the teleport at the endof the train with the holes in the ceiling. The second will be Time Flies, Complete the Clock Puzzle without dying in the Ice Palace. This is the one that the tip I give above is useful. The problem with this one (and the next) is that 2 of the powers you have, the phasing and the playing, require that the power locks on the target before it can be used. This is unreliable, both in position and timing. For this puzzle you'll have to play 1 numbers, then 2, 3 and 4, all within a certain time. The 4th is quite strict do expect to do it a few times. The numbers are usually in the same position, so try to memorize them, and do the either clockwise or in reverse. Stay near the center but do try to walk somewhat to them, but don't run. It's annoying but you'll have to do the wheel puzzle every time you need to retry this. The third one, to me is Hell's Angel, Defeat the Volcano Angel without any Deaths. This one is easier than it seems. The biggest issues you'll have is precisely that the phasing won't lock on the stairs even if you try multiple times, that the play power will not attach to the gun turret during the 3 times you need and that the corrupt power somehow is ineffective even thought it's right on the angel. During this fight as long as you don't finish you can abort the game (PS button, plus close) and you'll be able to return to this point without having to redo the first fight, which would be annoying as hell. Some important things: - when you're moving the turret to hit the angel, it will hit it 2 times in the first and second positions, 1 in the third, so when you hear the screachs you know you can proceed to the next hiding position or to the turret command table in that case of the third - when hitting the angel with the corrupt ray target the body as otherwise it will fail - for at least 5 times, during phase 2 the angel would not return when chancing from position 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, just abort (really abort the game by PS button, not return to menu) and repeat - for the second phase in which the angel will change to 3 positions, I found easier to stay in the following positions, considering looking from the position where the command pad is to the place where you start the level: for the first position, behind the crates to the left, I only died once not crouched so I didn't; for the second, behind a single crate to the right, you have to crouch on each angel shot or you'll die; for the third, just to the left of the stairs against the upper deck without need to crouch and for this one it's easier to unlock the play power, so that the turret goes all the way back, then playing it and let it rotate 3 times and locking, and these 2 last actions can be done without looking to the turret and be safely hidden (it's not difficult to get the timing). It's not bad, the next one is a lot worse The worse to me is Crowmageddon, Beat the Crows without dying on the Corrupt Mansion. This is a crappy stupid RNG run. The crows will come from any position, including your back, they're randomly generated in any point, most guides will say otherwise but try a few times you'll see it's true unfortunately. I did it, but not without deaths by staying to the back right of the elevator, behind the command pad. It works, but you need a lucky run. Best other option is to stay as near as possible to the center and move around slowly. Even so it will be hard if the crows are spawned behind columns and you'll only be able to seem them at the last minute. Look around if you don't see the gold crow or you'll regret it. Also some runs have obnoxious numbers of black crows diving and these you can't kill. The first one is the most difficult to spot and destroy. Took me more than 20 times to get this thing, and yes the trophy run I got was a total breeze. You'll need to destroy 12 gold crows, trophy will pop immediately after this. Ignore the change in the music, the first time I did this I lost in the 12th crow because the music changed and I thought it had ended (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜Ά). And yes you have to climb the tower and do the play puzzle every time. I almost gave up. I have videos of the two last ones, if needed I can put them up. They will be my runs, but the Hell's Angel one perhaps will be useful. The game has a few good ideas, but the story is a mess. Some levels are fantastic, some are awful. Collecting all the monkeys without a guide is a nightmare.
  11. This seems to be the day of the dumb announcements / rumors. So EA, who doesn't need to sell console and could not give a damn on which console their customer will play the game (like Activision, Ubisoft, Rockstar, etc) as long as they buy it is going to skip 150+ million potential customers while going for probably possibly 15 million? Or will they make the game in the hopes of future sales in the next (long) years? That will look awesome on the SEC filings and shareholders meetings.
  12. Liar. And dumb. Unless Sony: - keeps selling what would be DLCs as full games and consumers will pay full price for them (possible, unfortunately most consumers are idiots), and the dumbing of trophies does goes towards that - Sony has kickass computers and software no one dreams that make AAA games almost alone (see the liar above) It's basic economics. It will be amazing if new games for next gen will take 2x time and resources to create, exactly what happened in all previous ones. If you add that Sony keeps closing more studios and laying off more people than it hires this is impossible. A pattern that will be seen is the continuos delays that all delivery dates have lately. And this is a businessman. Oops, precisely. "The Vita will provide PS3 class performance". He should try to do his work instead of just keeping giving pointless interviews and shoot himself in the foot (yes he's still dreaming for the "Horse and Hound" one). If the product is sensational it will sell for itself. He just keeps looking like a desperate snake oil manufacturer. EDIT Oh so sorry. I could have been so dumb. Of course this is possible. Jim Ryan will solo create, code and design all these AAA games. In record time. This between all the interviews, which of course come first. Really, really stupid of me. I love Jym Ryan!
  13. The clubs had their Jim Ryan moment. Florentino Perez, the main mobster isn't worried that clubs leave Super League. They can always be just 2 or 4, it will be easier to decide who wins each game anyway. With 12 it was a bigger problem. This was always going to end badly. Either it was completely fixed and a bore to watch, or the losers would simply jump out immediately. These guys were going for the easy immediate money, creating a bigger issue later for them, and everyone else in between. And neither Manchester City or Chelsea owners wanted much troubles with the government for obvious reasons. The other english clubs jumped ship as they knew they were in trouble once there were other defections in their country partners. FIFA and UEFA are a bunch of crooks too, but sometimes the lesser evil in the best. Unfortunately. Hopefully exemplary punishments will ensue anyway. Or more likely there will be hugs and kisses in a few days and all is well. What a clowns, this whole fiasco lasted 2 days. EDIT At least Arsenal apologized, something the others don't even bother to do. Jim Ryan neither btw... Prediction. Next ones to jump ship? Inter Milan.
  14. This will be totally a cartel operation. Everything will be fixed and decided before. It will not be football. It will be a TV show. Yes, UEFA and FIFA are corrupt. But when this go ahead it will be peanuts compared to what will be seen. Anyone believing there will be better games is a idiot. This is money pure and simple, NONE of these 12 guys that decided gives a shit about the sport. Any football fan that supports this is a moron.
  15. I love Jim Ryan. Who wouldn't? He's such a fantastic CEO. A gamer. Who loves to game. Games. You know those things that are used in consoles. He does not know how to use them or even turn them on but he's trying. And he gives such fantastic interviews. To everyone. Absolutely everyone, no other CEO gives so many interviews. And interesting ones. He's just sad he can't give one to Horse & Hound magazine. But Sony Pictures will surely buy the rights from Universal and a reprise will be made, perhaps, hopefully, Hugh Grant will even reprise too and will do the interview. And he'll be so happy. And so will I. And everyone. And he'll just say how great the PS5 is and that is such a game changer. And it is. The PS5 is great. It's amazing. Such a game changer. People should not complain he does not like old games. He's just slightly dumb sometimes. It's not his fault. But he's trying to learn. He deserves credit for it. He's really making a effort. He'll love games. On old consoles. Games on old consoles. Good idea. It's just hard for him. But he'll get there. We should back him. He's the best. He's really smart. He's not dumb. He's a genius. Can't understand how people say bad things of him. He's a saint. He should be a saint. He's a winner. Best CEO ever. Ever. No one is better. None. Everything else is fake news. I love Jim Ryan. I want him to be my otter half. My significan otter. I love Jim Ryan. (Sorry to repeat, I'm just too emotional, this comes from the bottom of my heart)