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  1. How much time will be necessary to have PS Plus to finish this?
  2. Well this game does beats anything bad I've ever played. Save reset, second time it occurs. The first time I had 1 hour or so of game play. Now I had around 8. Cloud save is worthless, game is reset anyway anytime it's loaded. Laughing Jackal are incompetent morons.
  3. I lost so much time on this stupid trophy I will share this info to hopefully help others. This one is already hard on the PS4 but on the VIta is a nightmare. Thanks to the FUCKING moron developers that provided RNG levels you should restart the game until you have in the first level with few rooms and even more important few large square rooms. The large square rooms are your nightmare here. If they're near the start they can have few fires and perhaps be manageable. If it has a carpet in the center, forget it it will take forever (or probably never) to take it out, as the carpet will continuously be on fire and spread it everywhere else, or the opposite. In a square room if everything is on fire, you're probably not going to make it either. If you have to go back to refill your extinguisher odds are it will be all on fire again when you return. If it's a room with desks with lots of computers, even with electricity off, usually takes forever to clear it (supposedly the extinguisher was good for these ?!?!?!?). The water bombs are a junk as they will fly to the walls, so they're useless or almost in the square rooms. That if they are not sent backwards which happens a lot. So you can only use them reliably on longer and thinner rooms, save them for these. You must try to save everyone, as you'll definitely need the time bonus. If possible try to save Miss Ion (I couldn't as usual when I got the trophy, she died instantly when I entered the room). Miss Ion will give you 2 minutes (1 for the mission, 1 for saving her). Try to save the cat too, as you'll have to take risks and lose lives for sure. Always go back to the start to refill your extinguisher before entering a new room, unless it's a really small one and you have half a charge on it. You'll regret it if you don't. And of course immediately cut the electricity ASAP. With luck there will be a single extinguisher recharge in the main corridor, if there's one, this will help once. Do the larger square room (do hope it's just one) ASAP, then do the furthest rooms, you'll want to be as near the exit as possible in the end. You need a lot of luck for this one.
  4. Yes, this does happen, I tried this on 3 save files on 2 Vitas and there's a extremely big possibility your abilities will disappear is you close the game. Until you have them all maxed out and "Perfect Conditioning" has popped you should not close the game or you'll most probably have to start grinding all abilities again from start. It's not mentioned in the guide, but tokens don't disappear so you should collect them until you have 4 to unlock the best ability which is more fire resistance. I read somewhere that the VIta version doesn't have tokens hidden like the PS4 version but I forgot where I saw it. I never got any token in the Vita version except from a Miss Ion Mission. So keep doing them. Dont quit from the game until you have all the abilities, you have been warned... Stupidly the Vita version will always show you the abilities menu even when you can no longer buy anything. This game is a fuck fest of stupid things.
  5. Sorry, but no way. This game is 90% luck, then if you're lucky skill will of course help. But there's a staggering difference in difficulty on the same level each time you play. The completely stupid and crappy RNG levels can make a mess of most runs. Some will have Miss Ion and her objective on the opposite sides of the map, sometimes they're next to each other. Sometimes you have 5 people to rescue spread on the same huge room all on fire (good luck saving all) next play they're all sitting peacefully in a corridor without any flames. I've had extremely hard levels in the first ones, and easy as pie ones much later. Problem you just need one lousy level to destroy your run, and there's 16 chances at getting one. Nice way to ruin a game, make it unplayable. Above all this is just tiring and stupid. If you have no patience and luck avoid this game. I really wanted to like this game but it's almost impossible. It's like russian roulette. Let me add a few things. It's countless the number of times you'll get whole levels with just 1 or 2 miserable water supply spots (the slow as snail ones). So you have to return to the beginning, and time will end shortly. Time will pass from one level to the next, so if you end one with 1 minute left that's what you have to do the next one. Unless you're lucky enough to get all people to rescue at the beginning of the next one in viable spots you're dead. But it's not unusual to get a huge room all in flames with 4 people to rescue spread through it, which even with all upgrades will be hard to have them all. Or that as you're just trying to get the people to rescue out of the room, a fireball comes and kills one (or all) of the people you're dragging. Sometimes the levels are huge with large rooms all on fire, sometimes there's just one a few with small ones. And not unusual for a room to be badly generated and there's spots very difficult to walk by, and it's easy to get stuck, losing more precious time. You should search everywhere for the hidden objects since you need the tokens and the clocks to get some more time, but there's no time for that either. Just imagine what would be if the story mode of Dead Nation was always different with random levels in layouts and groups of enemies. And with limited ammo and with a timer. You have Flame Over. Neon Chrome has random levels, and yes some are stupid, but the majority, if not all, are solvable. What I can't understand is what fuckingly stupid as shit moron developer makes a game so stupidly unplayable that the vast majority who will try it will simply quit. It's obvious this only was played by so many gamers because it was a PS Plus game.
  6. I already done this 4 times, 2 in full games, 2 via chapter select to 10 then continue to 11, it never popped. This is not that difficult just watch the 3 TVs and go to the end of the crane to see the 4th movie. But this one never pops. ☚ī¸ Can this be this buggy? I've noticed the game isn't exactly flawless in popping trophies, but this is annoying as hell. EDIT Got it on the 7TH try. Unbelievable! Fuck this stupid game. In case this happens to you all I can say in that I only got it in a full run, while grabbing all flags. I went to the video on the crane first, then go back to see the other 2. The other is on level 11. I'm pretty sure I did this on my 3rd or 4th try and didn't work then. The video on the crane you can watch many times unlike the other 3. I did watch it again after picking the other 2 on level 10. The game has some interesting ideas, but frankly you'll be fed up with flea air battles, constantly backtracking to get flags which gets tiring by a third of the game, dismal controls where speed is necessary (you'll see that clearly while getting the run with 40 secs left on the blimp) and the stupidity of having to use the back panel to control every single fucking grenade you throw (if they had big hands and fingers like me they would find out how impossible that is). Moron developers, how to ruin a game with stupid decisions.
  7. I don't know if there's too many players on vacation, but these days on the european servers at least, if you manage to play between 2am and 8am you can get very empty servers of real players. The later (or earlier) the better. If you're struggling solo play squads, sometimes there's only 4 players (1 squad) and the other 96 are bots. Even singles expect around 10 players or less. If you have a class that can forge a good weapon or get lucky with one from a chest (or a drop or bot kill), you can get the 11 kills in solo, just actively hunt bots in areas with houses, sometimes you can even get 2 or 3 together. Trying to get the 11 kils in duos or squads only if you are coordinating with the other members of your squad. Use "" to check how many players were on the previous match, or if you manage to see a player name that gets killed, check his profile to see how the game is going. All the game can be platted with just some effort without boosting. Good luck.
  8. All 3 games is one one cart. Sly Trilogy doesn't only 1 and 2 in cart, 3 is download code, so second hand is probably used or absent. On the store you can actually get each game separately, immediately or after a while the store will some to the conclusion that you own all. Save files are not compatible, the single file trilogy has a single save file for all games, each separate game has his own save file.
  9. Tried this quite a few times, never managed either trophy this way. Not on the Vita, PS3 or PS4. The traditional way is very easy anyway. Of course needs the sniper rifle.
  10. I've got a few Lego games completed. I like mostly the humour and the naive aspect of these games. Some are good, some are bad. The list is for plats only or games need to be 100%?
  11. Found this can be useful, comes from the main designer of the game: " Jenova Chen (Official Rep) over 7 years ago Connect Conditions: 1. Distance requirement - It is determined by the distance between the two players inside the same level. If they are too close or too far, the server won't connect them. But if they are in a nice range so that one player won't suddenly appear next to another player, then the server will connect the two players. 2. Synchronization requirement - If player 1 has opened certain world changing event and player 2 hasn't changed it. The server won't connect them. Only when both player's world are roughly in the same state, then the server will connect the two players. Disconnect Conditions: Server will disconnect two players if they are too far away from each other for more than 30 seconds. It will also disconnect if one player has stopped playing the game or lost his/her Internet connection. " I finished this on th PS4 from 0 with a player that had already finished the whole game, and had all trophies.
  12. I just finished this with sheer luck. After trying so many times trying to finish this game on the PS3, the very first time I even try the game on the PS4 as I was just dabling in the bridge level another player showed up. We went all the way up, he even had the patience to help me a lot with glyphs that I did not remember and some of the trophies. Even while I lost time looking for the Flow creature too early. In the end, just a regular japanese player, not even a trophy hunter. Still an amazing "game", a lot better on the PS4 as everything is a lot smoother.
  13. I just think this is laughable. Sony who likes to be greedy and treats (almost) everyone like shit was given the same treatment from someone bigger than them. Fantastic, should happen more often, perhaps they'll learn a thing or two. 😂 Sony Pictures is one of the worst run Sony divisions. Has been hemorrhaging money like crazy for years, so it's them who need the deal, surely not Disney who has plenty of options. Tough luck...
  14. PSN store is crap as usual. go to psprices check what's on sale, go from there. Great site, the guy that runs it is really nice and helpful. It's ridiculous you have to go to another site to know what is going on on PS Store. Sony, Sony Sony! Way to go....
  15. Thanks guys. Lost my save, so I'll probably skip the DLC.