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  1. Good concept and really well done. It does become quite hard at level 4 and the last is insane. The game creator started it while he was 15 years old. One trophy does requires 2 complete playthroughs, no way around it. There's a fantastically detailed, spot on and concise text walkthrough on TrueAchievements. I always look for them as I hate video guides. Really recommended, and Turing Test too, the later being a lot easier to figure without help.
  2. I buy my Euro and US PSN cards on Vidaplayer. They're very know in my country and I never had issues until now, bought a few. Price is reasonable and credit card fees are included. SG and HK cards I usually buy either in Seagamer or Offgamers. Personally I avoid using my own credit cards in any PSN store. Even a Revolut one. Always start small (10 US$, 10 Euro or equivalent in asia) cards at a time, and just buy more when you feel confidence. I'm not endorsing either of the 3 sellers, just sharing my experience. I do refuse to use the crazies that want me to send photos of me and my citizen card (or driver's license), I wouldn't trust those crooks with that information.
  3. If you're buying or thinking to buy some PS3 stuff check all stores. Remember PS3 games are region free, and you can download them on a secondary and play in your main. There's significant price differences in some games: Auditorium HD - US 1$, Euro 4€ Nucleus - US 10$, Euro 4€, Asia 6.something € or US$ depending on how much you pay for HK$ These are just examples, LOTS of items in these conditions. Also some stuff is only available in a specific region. Just be careful with: - DLCs must be the region you have the game, probably your main region, unless you're buying everything - cross buy titles, few with PS3 and Vita anyway, which will be easier if they're in your main region, unless you want to use the crazy way to use other region games on your Vita Euro and US$ are almost equivalent, HK$ for me it's 0.12 euros.
  4. A few recommendations: Men's Room Mayhem Vita It's a weird theme, but it's a really solid and extremely original game for the Vita that uses the Vita capabilities. Just difficult for people with big hands like me. Not a game to play outdoors near other people 😂. Cheap. No Vita TV support. Bentley's Hackpack Vita Not a stellar game, but it's reasonable. Cross buy PS3 and Vita. Only issue for me it requires Sixaxis or motion on the Vita and to me both suck on both consoles. No Vita TV support. EDF Earth Defense Force 2017 Vita This is one of the best action games on the Vita by far. It's hard, weird, but unique. Only Dead Nation or Killzone come close. They ported the entire game engine to the Vita which means they could really do something better than most other publishers. It's better and a lot easier than EDF 2 (which has a western physical release). The japanese version is available physical, but it will be weird to figure weapons and other things if you don't understand japanese. Game can be played online with up to 4. All Sandlot servers are still functional. EDF,EDF! Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer PS3 Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype PS3 / Vita Two solid and original PS3 (and Vita) shooters. There's a remaster of the second for the PS4 thought. Stardrone Extreme Vita (and PS3) A original puzzle game, that is sort of a shoot the ship to pick things. Different from most things also available on the PS3, not cross buy but a bundle with both available. Cross play and 2 stacks. Severed Vita Interesting and original game. I always have issues with touch controls on the Vita, compared to current phones they do suck. There's a limited physical release price is going to be sky rocketing. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Vita or PS3 It's not stellar but a reasonable action puzzle. I don't like recommending Drinkbox stuff these morons mugged me, and it's not for the values it's the attitude. Nights Into Dreams… PS3 A original game, although it has a physical release on the Wii. Very different, so check gameplay videos before buying. Gems you can play on PS4 but worth it: both Geometry Wars, and both Dead Nations. The Gravity Rush DLC, as the game is available physically. If I remember more I'll tell.
  5. I have both game, DLC and VIP passes I can try, I'll probably remember to do it. Vita only thought. Had forgot really,really wanted to reply to this: but you can have some comfort in that Jim Ryan has a much, much smaller one....
  6. I have it but not played it yet. It would be nice if people would recommend really good games from this list that will vanish with the Vita and PS3 slaughter. I missed WarHammer 40000 Kill Team, because it was delisted in the end of 2020. Still thinking on Lara Croft and Light, Renegade Ops and Gravity Crash Ultra (unobtainable thanks @MooseSketts) that seem nice. And Nucleus, that doesn't have trophies but it's really nice and reasonably priced in Europe. And Raystorm HD on Asia. Beat Hazard a Ultra long shot. Shooter (cheaper in Asia) and Shooter 2 (cheaper in Europe) are hard pills to swallow considering how much I paid for Ultimate. Are either Sine Mora on the Vita or PS3 must haves or the PS4 version is better and enough? Son Of Scoregasm is any good? I would recommend people not miss both Dead Nations, both Geometry Wars, the 2 Soldners... If I remember more I'll add.
  7. There's a really interesting thread on Reddit about the Vita with some juicy stuff. The guy who answers seems to be real, just read his answers on many subjects:
  8. I did buy the Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds for the Vita in a Euro store yesterday and the 2 DLC packs from the "PS4" web store. DLCs almost no mention Vita but it worked for both and automatically added both DLCs to my transfer list. Price was reasonable for the 3 items. The game + DLCs seems to be peanuts in the US 9 US$ for all 3 😑. Attention that in the US they don't mention cross-buy, but there's 2 of each available in the store so it's probably true. If anyone buys please give feedback. Crap even now EU Vita buyers are always mugged.
  9. Some wrong things here. Sly 3 is present on the original physical game, but 1 and 2 are in the cart, 3 was a download code. So only available if bought new, or very luckily a used copy with a unused code. The games are only cross buy in Europe and not NA. And even in Europe REALLY check the one you're buying before final purchase, you could have a deception. These are available physically Oddworld Munch's Oddyssey HD is gone from Vita store in Europe. Available on PS3 but not cross buy. @Han_the_Dragon Not a issue if you just want the PS3 version. I see many people recommending titles that are available physically, most at pretty decent prices. Can't see the point in a thread titled "PS3/Vita titles to buy before it's all gone forever". Try to do some research before posting pointless information. My opinion.
  10. Really worrying this, the PS4 DLC mentions that Vita is included, but the DLC is not present in the Vita store. This could spell trouble for the cases I mention above where the DLC is cross buy with PS4. Added this info.
  11. I'll change that in Blazblue. Had already added that it was purchasable DLC, no reason to stress people further 😊. Always thought that DLCs were included in the game, I think I got my game from a code or something else. Added. Offtopic but how much I hate that game, the RNG is insane... Falls into same case as Escape Plan possibly. PS4 version will be available perhaps DLCs for Vita and PS3 will come along. But I'll add it. My idea is to not stress people with games that have shared trophy lists and can be played in a PS4 (and bought in sales...). Important for people who are Vita only players thought.
  12. I had forgot to add that I skipped games with shared lists, those are less relevant. Unless Sony decides to close the PS4 store too 🤣
  13. Minecraft DLC trophies are from updates, not items to be bought. Chrono Phantasma dlc is no longer available, only the Extend game, which is not cross buy. Senran added, can't figure how I miss that one. Can't find it anywhere, neither track of it.
  14. REALLY IMPORTANT EDIT Added if game was on PS Plus, since Plus games generally don't have DLCs included. You don't want to pick a game you never played and find out this... And there's quite a few. I used PAL list, if anyone finds differences in NA list tell me I'll add. The list is for games that can't be bought and finished on the PS4, as they have separate trophy lists. I did not include ones with shared trophy lists as these will continue to be available, probably. I know this isn't useful for people who only have Vitas, sorry. Don't know if it's here, but I had been compiling this last year and finished it: Blazblue Chronophantasma (only available in Extend now) - game available in carts CastleStorm - PS Plus Aug 2015 but Complete Edition Dead Nation (Road of Devastation) - PS Plus Oct 2011 fl0w Frobisher Says - Super and Mega Fun Pack (be careful game is free and I got mine with a code, Super Fun Pack was included but not Mega Fun one) Gravity Rush (3 packs) - PS Plus Jun 2012 - game widely available in carts Guacamelee! - PS Plus Nov 2013 Hustle Kings (Snooker Pack) - game is free, servers down thought LittleBigPlanet Vita (some delisted DLC available in Marvel physical edition) - game widely available in carts, Marvel edition more rare and includes in cart DLC 1,2 and 3 MotorStorm RC (Carnival, Pro-Am cross buy PS3) - PS Plus Oct 2013 Muramasa Rebirth - PS Plus Apr 2014 - game was available in small numbers in carts in US OPEN ME! Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (US only, can be bought in Europe in the PS4 version for now...) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Heavenly Sword - PS Plus Sep 2014 - game widely available in carts SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit! (Gessen x Hebijo) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero + 3 DLCs Silent Hill Book Of Memories (Extra Memories) - PS Plus Apr 2012 - game available in carts Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (also PS3, no cross buy with any) - PS Plus Aug 2013 Super Stardust Delta (Advanced Star Fighter) Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype The Hungry Horde + (Holiday Hijinx) - PS Plus Nov 2014 Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (no longer available) WHEN VIKINGS ATTACK (Relax) - PS Plus Jul 2013 WipEout 2048 (HD Fury cross buy PS3) - PS Plus Feb 2013 - game widely available in carts DLCs with PS4 cross buy Escape Plan (3 packs, possibly still available since PS4 cross buy) - PS Plus Dec 2014 Sound Shapes - (11 packs or season pass, possibly still available since PS4 cross buy) - PS Plus Aug 2015 Switch Galaxy Ultra Charity Pack 1 (PS4) Tiny Troopers - Zombie Campaign (PS4) Towerfall Ascension Dark World Expansion (PS4) Useful Extras Killzone Mercenary Botzone IMPORTANT Some games are no longer possible to do (WipEout for instance). Some games could and can be purchased with all DLCs included. I wouldn't hold my breath that the DLCs will show up in cross buy purchases, they could need to be purchased for free. Where... I omitted games that have shared trophy lists with PS4 for obvious reasons. And games that have free DLC trophies from updates (Minecraft). I ignored both pinball games, since neither can be bought complete anyway. Some physical limited editions (LRG and eastasia for instance) have different trophy lists or include DLCs. I considered only "wide" release games or games on PSN store. Some games and DLC are a steal. 52€ for game and all DLCs for Shantae?!?!?? Only Darius is worse, but DLCs are irrelevant at least for trophies. Any updates or corrections, post I'll apply them.
  15. There's no Ad-Hoc on PS3 this is about online play.