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  1. I got mine with a PS Vita Indie Game Mega Pack code. Although it was a 10 game Vita pack, some of the games would redeem for the PS3 and / or PS4 too.
  2. Crap, weird as hell. Last version of Legacy Minecraft was 1.19 on September 2019, up to this one it wasn't possible to have the Editions button, as they were all the Editions version anyway, so the install from any "Steve" disk can't have the Editions button. First Bedrock Edition for PS4 was 1.14 (stupid version numbering, it's a mess) in December 2019. Minecraft PS4 weirdly stores information and game running data inside the game bundle. I thought this was a big no-no, and all this should be handled in the game data and never in the application itself (this is why erasing the application and installing it again sometimes solves the eternal bedrock startup freeze). If you've deleted the game and all its data and installed it again (try on another alt account too) and still no Editions button, I can't really think of any reason or suggest any other way as we have exactly the same version, and being on the same region we're getting the same updates.
  3. I'm writing a forum thread on how to get almost all the harder trophies in the tutorial world, by playing and cheesing since some are a joke to get. The tutorial world is frozen, it was a 4J studios thing, the guys that were contracted to develop the consoles versions. Their contract ended or was terminated by Mojang, now it's Mojang who I think it's developing the PS4 Bedrock version (à la Microsoft and respecting the company heritage it's a buggy mess). There will no longer be other tutorial worlds like the console ones, so writing what I'm doing now it's feasible. Unfortunately who writes guides for free to play or games with lots of future expansions should realize this before embarking on writing a guide for them, as there's a good chance the guide becomes a nuisance instead of a real guide. So anyone jumping into this should realize that this will be a work in progress and not a frozen in time and once done just forget it kinda thing. Guide team should also work towards that goal, but it's not my job. But there's lots of guides here and on playstationtrophies (and on xBox sites) that are utterly crap for various reasons, including this one.
  4. Just curiosity what is the code of your disk? Mine is european, CUSA-00265 (clearly written just below the lower right corner of the yellow german USK rating logo). I have the "Steve" editions box, which will install version 1.0. Whatever version it gets updated to (2.20 currently) I always get the Editions button. I also started the game on Dec 2019, so it was after the Bedrock update had been launched.
  5. It's not clearly explained but Beaconator needs a fully powered beacon and that you build it. In the tutorial world there's a beacon near the lake in the first tower that you can finish easily, but that has only 2 levels and so it's not good for the trophy. A fully powered beacon needs a 4 level pyramid that will use 164 blocks with a mix of blocks of gold, iron, diamonds and emeralds, starting with a 9x9 base, then 7x7, then 5x5 and last 3x3 levels. Can be done in the tutorial world, star area with some work. You need access to the Editions version to get the tutorial level in the PS4 Bedrock edition.
  6. I've been having this issue for months. Sometimes re-installing solves sometimes I have to even delete my worlds, because as soon as they're there, the game gets stuck in the red Mojang screen. It will be now the second time I'll have to trash a world I lost a ton of hours because the stupid game keeps crashing on startup. The PS3 I did not have major issues, on the Vita Minecraft huge save are a sure way to corrupt your memory card. This is too much incompetence because it's not even a weird issue just looking at the number of people complaining, and for months (even more than a year). I have more than 100 games in my PS4, yes, there's the sporadic issue but nothing like this. Unbelievable...
  7. Of course I do, what a interesting hidden gem. I did not know Huntdown, but the other 2 yes. Valfaris seems amazing, and I thought of adding both to the list. The problem with these 3, like probably Bleed and Materfall (and others) is that they're more a platform, Metal Slug, Contra or whatever genre than pure shooters or don't fit nicely along the others. So I added them as it wasn't consistent that they were missing, but I'll be creating a separate list for these. I would appreciate suggestions for the section name (not something dumb like other shooters 😋😂, which was the easiest that come to mind), and which other games should be going to that new area. Crap, Bentley's Hackpack is really obscure. I never even had heard about the game, but according to gamstat isn't all that obscure. But great find even going to buy it on my store so I can get the Vita version. Game was never on sale, I checked, should had come with matches if it was, as they were pretty exhaustive in the sales listings up to 2020ish. The next 3, all added. Never heard of none of them. I have Xenon, but not Demon's, they're all developed / ported by CowCat. Xenon is a long shot to add, but Demon's yes it's now on the list. Habroxia I considered but unfortunately this one seems more of a trophy whore title than all others in this list (correct if I'm wrong). 6 separate lists, all with 90ish % completion... I know the developer is a site member so sorry, but then lots of Ratalaika (and others) crap would be added too. I did remove Afterburner Climax. Or perhaps I could add a new section a with 3D simple shooters, along with Panzer Dragon Remake, although I don't know if it justifies a list if there's only 2.
  8. The op question was about general sales of games. Temporarily lowering a price isn't useful for publishers, as the total number of people that will know that is ridiculous, unless that would be widely known (unlikely except if they followed the publisher's twitter page, or facebook or a mailing list or whatever). The probable buyers would be people that have price alerts on external sites or similar, because even before they removed the PS3 and Vita stuff from the site finding something that was on sale without being on a promo list was almost impossible. I never even thought of asking about that because thinking of it now it does seem a very longshot to get any sales. They also said the the reason to give PSPlus subscribers a bigger discount was just because the store would promote more the items that did them. Sony doesn't give a shit about any publisher that doesn't have products that sell consoles. MS too.
  9. I know reasonably well 2 European publishers and 1 american that have Vita and PS3 games. The Europeans both told me that for years on the european PSN (UK, all euro countries, Australia, NZ, and I think middle east and South Africa) sales were invite only. They could not ask to participate and it was Sony Europe that chose and invited publishers to participate in each sale, and it was their decision what was added or not, after publishers submitted their options. I've heard exactly the same things elsewhere. Only chance was if the game was cross-buy and only the PS4 version would be on sale, you got the other ones in the bundle. So publishers could not decide to have games on sales or not. European PSN store is gone, all european sales and stuff now is done in the US headquarters since the beginning of 2020. The US one has told me at the beginning of 2020 the could not ask for sales of Vita and PS3 games, and even if they could they would be ignored and not added. Asia still seems to have a few PS3 and Vita games but selection is minimal. Sony gets a percentage of the price the game is sold. I only have information from one of them, that the percentage is similar, whether the game is on full price or on sale.
  10. I've been playing around a few trophies on the 3 Minecrafts (Vita, PS3 and PS4). The trophy guides for this (these) games is a bloody mess these days as a lot of what's written in all of them is outdated and no longer valid. For starters they all mention the tutorial world and the fountain. Yes there's still a tutorial world (PS3 and Vita, and PS4 if you have the editions version) but there's no fountain, so nothing of what you read applies. The tutorial that had the fountain was introduced on version 1.39 (December 2016), but a new and completely different one was made for the Aquatic update, so from December 2018 onwards the tutorial map is the current one, with the lake at the end of the small village. And this one it's unlikely to change as the PS3 and Vita versions (and the editions on the PS4) are officially dead. As expected the videos they point to are, a lot, completely useless too and a waste of time. And it's not only the tutorial map that has changed. It's no longer possible to craft Enchanted Apples on the Bedrock Edition, so on the PS4 what every trophy guide available says to do it's impossible. As it's impossible now to import or cross save worlds between Vita, PS3 and PS4 versions, although all still say that it is. This isn't a problem of just Minecraft's guide, but on this one it really is really annoying and most likely even worse because it was written by several persons. Many of the free to play games that have evolved or changed considerably over time have similar issues.
  11. It was all about the money as usual. They wanted their third of the loot. Promises or no promises or whatever it's truly impossible they did not have seen this mess. If they didn't it's even more bloody dumb and incompetent as all third party games must go to quality assurance of either company before launch. If it was the case of being promised a patch would solve, they jumped on it too (had they only seen the PC version too 😂...). Only someone really naive or dumb believes that a project this complex can be fixed in a few days or even a few months. If they can or will make it work properly in a year it's awesome work. Whatever the case neither Sony or Microsoft are saints on this mess. The schedule also enabled MS and Sony to still have all the money on their side, as this would be much more troublesome if they had already given CDPR their share of the loot. DriveClub was a absolute mess at launch, did they offer refunds? Or on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Not as hyped and expected as Cyberpunk, their luck. This is not about Christmas holidays or not, yes everyone is entitled to them, specially these guys. The logic would be to give a month or even more for the refunds. One week was what surely led to Sony and Microsoft way of solving things. That's why I said they threw themselves under a bigger bus. You don't put a extremely limited schedule to solve a huge mess, you want to give enough time for most people to get out of it so that you can try to moderately save face.
  12. CDPR threw themselves under a bus in the 14th of December and I quote: "First of all, we would like to start by apologizing to you for not showing the game on base last-gen consoles before it premiered and, in consequence, not allowing you to make a more informed decision about your purchase. We should have paid more attention to making it play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." This legally immediately give Sony and Microsoft legal teams to tell their management that they could do whatever they wanted. Period. But then they threw themselves under a bigger bus with the last statement: "Finally, we would always like everyone who buys our games to be satisfied with their purchase. We would appreciate it if you would give us a chance, but if you are not pleased with the game on your console and don't want to wait for updates, you can opt to refund your copy. For copies purchased digitally, please use the refund system of PSN or Xbox respectively. For boxed versions, please first try to get a refund at the store where you bought the game. Should this not be possible, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you. Starting from today, you can contact us for a week up until December 21st, 2020." The date was even more stupid because they simply wanted to get a out of jail Monopoly card by the 21st leaving the hot potato to Sony and Microsoft, as it was simply impossible to solve this mess in a week. So picking statement one Sony, and now Microsoft, protected their ass and tried to save their face by taking the obvious action. Let's not be naive Sony and Microsoft wanted Cyberpunk 2077 as bad as CDPR, and it's CLEARLY impossible they only have seen the game on launch date, so both already knew the game was a mess on previous gen. So neither Sony or Microsoft are exactly saviors or honest they're just protecting their bottom line. And would either of them do any refunds at all if it was one of their first party games which was a mess? Hypocrisy. And yes CDPR made a huge mess, and they're going to pay it dearly.
  13. Yep, you summed it, just looking at who wrote the guide and the score gives you an idea... 😁😋 This is still below Ikaruga difficulty for instance, and yes the AAC guys got inspiration for the combo mechanics from it. The low rarity is probably because most people who played got hooked and tried to finish it. Also the game is more known on the PC and Switch (which have a more advanced version than the ones on PS4 and Xbox One) and people who buy it on the console probably know what they're up to and want to get it. There's a lot of luck involved in getting S+ rank. I would say 70% luck, 30 % skill. The only thing that is set are the timings when the next wave will drop, and the next wave (number and kind of enemies) is always the same. Also the next wave is triggered specifically by the death of specific enemies. Remember you must maintain a combo chain of kills, and if within 2.5 seconds you don't kill another enemy combo is gone. Enemies will spawn in different places depending on your position. Very few have set spawning places (mostly stationary turrets). There's levels in which the terrain is always evolving, at least 1 level with moving lasers that will swipe across the whole play area (not coming from enemies, but from the walls, this one was tough). Problem is that many times you get as an example 2 tough enemies in opposite areas of the map and you can't kill both within 2.5 secs of each other. Or there's a small enemy that hides across the map and you can't get there in 2.5 secs and he hides behind walls. You can expect to do a level 50-100 times to get the s+ rank, but luck will have a big role. Sometimes I try one level for 1 or 2 hours with zero luck (and probably skill), quit and get it first time when I try again in another day. Sometimes I repeat gain as I'm a paranoid perfectionist on some things and if I like the level I replay it for a better rank in the WW leaderboard 😋🤣, but this becomes very luck dependent on enemy spawns and powerups. Thankfully they're short, and there's a option to auto restart the level if the combo breaks. The game mechanics are very simple, just 2 buttons with normal shots and a heavy shot with a timer. Just compare this to Ruiner... Usually simplicity is key in providing fantastic gameplay, same happens in Geometry Wars. Amazingly AAC is done with Unity, and I think it's the best game I've seen done on it. Sound is crucial in the game. Turn it up and listen to what is happening. To me the best way to train for the game is getting Chain Gang, which will need one EX option in 2-1, Hive. Only other option is on Infinity Drive, as no regular level has 1000 enemies, and believe me it will be a LOT tougher on infinity drive. Once you can get the 1500ish combo in Hive and the trophy you're ready to start the s+ saga. IMPORTANT I bought this for peanuts on the asian PSN store
  14. I'm thinking about this one, as it seems to not fit. It's totally in 3D, at least seems so from what I've seen. This also means that After Burner Climax will probably be out too. Or I'll add a small section with these, but problem is that others would fit too into the "genre" and they're out of my main objective which was pure top down and scrolling shooters. But then I'll have to include this gem: Sadly delisted 😋😂 Thanks. Rock Boshers will definitely go to the other section. Zotrix I even have, had forgotten about it, probably to the same section still have not decided. Graceful Explosion Machine I have price alerts and did not even remember. Curious how few PS3 games are available on these genres. Vita I was expecting, but the PS3 lists are miserably small. Unless I start to get a ton of games I never heard of.
  15. Nex Machina is awesome but gets very frantic at the end, and to me from a absolutely genius idea like Robotron is they could have made much better options. Matterfall doesn't seem appealing to me, for now. Housemarque shot themselves in the foot too much. Their games are too similar on everything. You can always expect a dash, and a few other standard things. And too much RNG in the latest games. But granted very talented team. Don't miss Geometry Wars. It's too good to be missed. Just play it on a alt if you're a paranoid completionist (I'm not obviously). I fucking hate pacifism levels and tolerate barely king ones, but the shooting ones and bosses are absolutely awesome. And buy Assault Android Cactus too, you won't regret it. Tough as nails too.