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  1. This game is only available in the German, Russian, Australian and Kiwi (surely they won't mind the kiwi use) stores of the European region. It was easy to find out that the game is not PEGI rated, so that puts it out of almost all other european stores (but strangely the game is PEGI rated for xBox). Delving more into that I found out that submitting a game to PEGI would cost 260€ for a game under 450MB, and 2,100€ plus 1,050€ for each platform for a larger one (so a PS4 + Vita game would be at least 3.150€). This was a really high cost for small indie developers, so there was a new almost worldwide ratings scheme for digital games introduced in 2016, IARC. Microsoft and Nintendo joined in 2016. Sony joined in 2020ish (way to go Sony they really support small publishers, we know that the fanboys will surely say that). Even juicier, Sony did not apply Vita games to IARC, which means that the decision to axe the Vita was taken way back than this, as applying for something like this would take some time for both sides (IARC and Sony) and it wasn't just dealt with a few days before. PEGI also removed at that time the cheaper fee for smaller games, so any Vita game from mid-2020 had to pay a larger fee to get a rating (while getting it for free on the PS4). Now you know why the "friends" at Ratalaika dropped the Vita (and being latin he surely found out by backdoors what was really happening, I would πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜, for that I have to give them credit). On the game itself, I read reviews ranging from brilliant to crap, guess I'll probably never find out for real.
  2. Like Psyvariar Delta, which disappeared from the US and Euro stores, this one seems to be gone too. It has been for some time now. Contacted the developer but got no answer. Like Psyvariar, only option is Asian stores, for now.
  3. Thanks for the info. I also did Constant Comrade with 2 Vitas in ad-hoc. It's pretty easy, playing the cloisters mission. You can also play the second mission, which consists of picking 8 items, you can leave the other Vita idle and just pick everything with 1 player is also mighty easy but takes just a little while longer. Fashion Accessory seems to work even without any other Vita, so that one will always be easy to get. Now on Antisocial Networking I think it will be more troublesome to get. I was using 2 completely different saves, with different names. Although I already had the trophy, I had exactly the same behavior, that is I can send the rap sheets, but not accept them (probably because in the end it's your own rap sheet). So the only remaining option is to see if anyone has 1 copy of the game physical and a Vita in another account (or a second digital purchase in another account) and see if that will work. If it doesn't this trophy will likely be impossible from the 24th onwards. Last warning. If you had any weapon DLC downloaded, free or not, you won't be able to use a previously saved game in another installed game unless you also add exactly the same DLCs. That was why I created a new save, and to test beyond what @Flukedit had done. Reaching level 2 in a new game is pretty easy anyway, less than 1 hour of gameplay.
  4. No, there is no announcement that servers are going down. Although it must be said it's a Sony Xdev title so likely servers are on Sony's side, unless Climax Studios handle these along with the PS4 one. However, Dead Nation is the only Vita game I ever played that refuses to connect in Ad-Hoc to Vitas or Vitas TV in the same account, so to obtain the co-op trophies you need 2 different accounts and 2 copies of the game, one bought on each Vita, as there's no physical version. Bloody disgusting option... So the warning is given and consider that.
  5. I know this is a niche game, but if you bought the original version and are thinking of buying the "For Science" DLC to get the PS5 game, you won't have the Game of the Year edition, so no PS5 free update. I have the original version and bought the GotY for peanuts on the same region and the DLC still shows up for buying for the original version. CUSA numbers are different, it's likely even the saves are different too.
  6. According to the pundits around here, the game has no issues... "Welcome" to the club. Well, you're screwed like me. That one is on the server side I think it can't be solved, except by EA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ πŸ˜πŸ˜‘. Erasing the save and starting fresh solves nothing, once your account connects to the MW servers you'll get the same 10 plates done, but not the Motorhead license. Even did it with it with other car, same.
  7. SIE did not close the store but I think the idea is to make such a crappy place that will be completely unusable. I was dumb and bought the Motorstorm RC Complete Edition upgrade, one of the last Vita DLCs I was missing. Bought it on the Vita. It's cross buy. The PS3 store still wants me to buy every single item, pack, everything, except the game itself which knows I own, but that was done a few years ago. So I'm supposed to go through my download list and get 47 SINGLE ITEMS (the 47 items for the Vita can be downloaded with one operation)! Do these idiots know how much time this takes? I don't even know if this is the worst case of number of separate files with 1 purchase. I do think the notion of cross buy PS3 / Vita is gone, happened on another item I bought, but at least in that case it was only 1. Unbelievable.
  8. Good controls The vast majority are reasonable, but the number of games that have erratic or unusable controls is astonishing. Games that are ported from PCs that used mice as controllers are mostly directly ported and it becomes a piece of crap. I read a few years ago (quite few...) that Shigeru Miyamoto would start to create games by the main character and their movement. Only when it was fluid and responsive they would progress to everything else. These days it's the opposite. The collectibles thing is of course essential. It takes a idiot to publish a game with collectibles and no way to track them except taking notes in a paper or some digital device. This is plainly dumb. But most "game designers" forget the basics.
  9. It's a interesting idea, but I would just narrow it by price as there's a chance some DLCs are classified as unusual things. This would even be easier if they removed the Rockband and Rocksmith songs, as they should be around 1/3 of the content on the PS3 store.
  10. HuntingFever is probably right, but I bought them anyway as I like voxel graphics games and wanted to try them. Seem they have (or had) bugged trophies too. Just wanted to add that I bought the collection for 31HK$ in March at the Hong Kong Store, something around 4US$ / 4€...
  11. Thanks for pointing this out @Gueeds . It's Amusement Park at 5.99, Pinball: Abusement Park at 1.99 is NOT necessary. I did not notice either, only today when was checking other characters and extras. Name is very similar the mess comes from there.😊
  12. Thanks for the compliments. PS4 one would be a insane job, specially considering that it would need constant change for now. But you can do one. I think only the Extras Edition has, which I also think it was only available in Europe. And as threads detail, Sony nicely isn't honoring expired codes.
  13. "Our sincere apologies for the error", but the idiots (customers) still have to buy it. This is ridiculous. The only decent action is that they should provide the DLC for free.
  14. In theory this is a puzzler game, but the nightmare run becomes more of a timings and precision game than a puzzle one. Around 10 of the 30 levels require extreme timings, and one in particular took me more than 20 tries to get the apple in the required place as you'll only have a split second chance to do it (thankfully you can still trap the sleeping guy). It's not a 2, a 3 or 4 even with a guide because of this. The speed run will include pause times. It's a bad idea to follow a video guide because of this (I don't like them, that helped to decideπŸ˜€). This one is quite good: It has a few minor errors, but nothing much. I do think it's hard to do the speed run in a first playthrough, but you can try. It will take sometime to figure some of the mechanics and the correct way to finish some levels, and it's very easy to make a mess in a few of them. You have to play the 15 levels in a row for each of the 4 world related trophies. If you don't trophy won't pop (I tried on 2 it didn't), so can't play levels as you wish. I would suggest you do each world in one go, it's less than 1 hour each even with careful play and a few errors. Also be aware that in my first playthrough, the game froze loading one of the levels and had to abort to main menu. Thankfully on the speed run it didn't happen. It also had a loading hiccup on the nightmare run, but eventually recovered after almost a minute. It's not a bad game, but it has a few annoying features. Lara Croft Go has better puzzles and is a gazillion miles away from this one.
  15. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut has a different trophy list from Deus Ex: Human Revolution + DLC.