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  1. This applies to the latest version, 1.18, which will certainly be the last as the game is dead to TT. If people complain that Billionaire is a pain, Designer's Delight, isn't better and probably even worse. At least using the farming method with the Safety Deposit Boxes it's a bore, but it's reliable and it works. Designer's Delight is a painful RNG boredom. I read a ton of things on this one, with several different ways, but most told to farm treasure boxes, which "is easy" by using the flatten option from the landscape tool. It's not. Even if you manage to get a few easily, many will be stuck in ridiculous places, as the tool will start to drag in caves, structures on top that cannot be destructed or water. I did try to collect all the easy chests I could get while getting the legendary bricks and getting to 100 gold bricks. This worked well until I finished to get all the Brick Builds (Discoveries - > bottom tab on left side, except the Legendary Bricks which are only unlocked by finding them). At this point no treasure chest would wield any new brick or anything else except items. To check your progress on Designer's Delight trophy you need to check the Build Tool, yellow one at bottom of wheel. Press triangle and it's the 4 leftmost tiles that must be full without any black pieces (Bricks, Plates, Tiles and and Slopes). I decided to take anther path and it worked wonders. I created a newer adventure world (enter spaceship, press square then immediately x and choose any "Adventure Mode" world. You can't use a custom world, they don't have troublemakers or vendors. When arriving to the new world, dig a reasonable sized rectangular hole with the terrain tool not far from the spaceship. Doesn't need to be very deep, just enough so that the troublemakers won't exit. Now stay in the middle of the hole. Each 3-5 mins a new troublemaker will show up and most will be inside the hole, making it easier to capture them. When it's night visit the trader and buy everything, a few times he will a brick for sale too. Try to farm a few million studs before or when you can, always buy everything the trader has to sell, this improves the chances that he will have a brick to sell in the next visit. Troublemakers will continue to spawn at night. I had read that worlds would not provide infinite troublemakers but I don't know if it's the latest version, I was able to get 38 troublemakers in the same world consecutively, which together with 4 or 5 from the vendor helped me finish this crap. Still took 2 hours or so to get these 40ish, but it's a lot faster and more productive than digging treasure chests. The troublemakers only offered gold bricks 3 or 4 times, all others were normal bricks. I didn't do it but perhaps this can be farmed at the same time as billionaire, taking the opportunity to get studs while waiting for the next troublemaker. And if this could be done from the beginning wuld be awesome, as it would still be a lot faster than digging treasure chests. Hope someone can try and give feedback (I'm definitely not going to do this again...). Designer's Delight pops immediately for a second local account if you join a game where the main player already has it. It's probable that you can get it playing online with someone else who already has the trophy. Also the Creator Lawnmower, needed for Tremendous Vehicular Terraformer is weird to get. You'll only find it on the outskirts of a few modern towns, it's in a small yellow house with a pool to the left of the front door. The Lawnmower will appear in a grass lane to the right of the pool and house, but only when you get to that grass area, as it's usually hidden. It's the only place where I saw it. Hope this helps others. Have fun,
  2. Can't even understand why they bought Zenimax, most of their titles probably sell more on the PC and xBox combined than on Sony's consoles. But it does make a big change and if the likely further purchases down the road that have been touted come up, they can change the market a lot. They know how to sell subscription services and the advantages of that, so all their moves will be towards that, and they've been successful until now even with a smaller console base. Sony can talk a lot about exclusives but the sad truth for them is that of 20 most sold titles for the PS4, only 5 are exclusives. If we look at the games market as a whole probably 100 titles will have more than 75% of the sales, and the vast majority are not exclusives. Well, there's many but they're more Nintendo exclusives, but they're on a different reality compared to Sony or Microsoft... Sony think they're the king of the hill, and that can come down hard. Unfortunately they never learn and never will, this has cost them too many markets, this could be the next. They could be a much smarter company, but they don't give a crap about that, just the same arrogant sobs that have been for the past 40 years. If I was Microsoft I would buy EA and Take Two, and even Activision, and then Sony wouldn't be in a good position at all. They have the money and power to do it, they just need to want it. And AMD (and nVidia) is in Microsoft's pocket, not that Sony could choose from many places for their needs, but wasn't the smartest choice either. Frankly, could not care less which one wins, as long as it's the better deal for me.
  3. People are very optimistic on Bomber Royale progress. The sad true is that the mini game requires a lot of luck. Even winning is easier than getting many kills. Kills only count if you deliver the final blow to another player with a bomb, and he dies immediately. If he falls from the map it counts as a death for him, and no other player is awarded the kill, even if someone else sent him to oblivion. It's not unusual to have games with 5-10 total kills at the end of a 19 player match. It's also easier and more usual to get kills at the start of the match, near the end when most of the map is gone it's very hard to kill someone else, usually they just fall, from a explosion or the map was destroyed and they could not grab any point back. You can't kill a player from a single explosion, unless he was already with low health. Yes you can have many kills in a game, but it's very seldom. The vast majority of the games all players have 0-2 kills, with very few in the 2 tier. Do expect this to be what happens to you. I've even won games with 0 kills. The set of maps is limited so it's useful if you get to memorize 1 or 2 where you know your way. Power ups are always located in the same spots on each map, use this to your advantage. I usually jump to death on maps that I don't like, as in some it's unrewarding to play, you'll likely only cause deaths and get no kills. But it's the best way to level a character up to 20ish rank. And it's necessary towards the 500 kills goal.
  4. If you're looking for a few "nice" grind there's a game that comes to mind where you can get a few. EDF Insect Armageddon Daddy Warbugs, Survive-O-Rama, Scavenger and the aptly named Social Dead Butterfly. The game is a piece of shit, in my opinion, and plenty of fun bronzes. When you finished this you can also have fun with self boosting with 2 PS3's King Of The Hill, from Shift 2 Unleashed. It's a joy... Lastly go for Sidekicked from the Ultimate Speed Pack from Need for Speed Most Wanted for the PS3, with the special motivation that can bug and be impossible to attain at the very end, which will give you that special joy. These are the ones that come to mind, but there's more. But just these 3 will fill you long nights. And days... Have fun...
  5. Entering /stats command (press down on keypad), will enable you to check progress on various things like bombing royale kills, blocks placed and destroyed, etc.
  6. This coming from a guy who does not have a clue what a console is, is really reassuring. By saying that 99% of PS5 games will run, yes I can believe that. Problem is what that truly means. I'm 100% sure that their testing consisted of launching the game and press a few buttons for 1 minute. If it did not crash, yes it's 100% alright. This is how they will test things anyway. Microsoft does have the edge that they've been emulating older consoles for a longer time, so they'll have fewer issues, but even for them it takes sometime for this to run smoothly. The PS5 uses the same core processor technology, so game code will run without emulation. Problem is graphics, sound, network and input (gamepad) that will surely have to be emulated as it's different chips and different technologies. Anyone expecting this to work without issues at launch is extremely naive. If it works nicely in 1 year after a ton of updates it will still be awesome. The complexity is huge and you should not expect any game developers to make any changes to their games to acknowledge the PS5, as it's simply not economically viable and they won't give a shit. Neither will Sony unless it's a game that a ton of console owners play. Yes you'll be paying 499 something to be a beta tester, don't expect anything else. It's how the electronics world function these days anyway. This is as true as the PS5 exclusives, which after all seem to be PS4 games too. Nothing unexpected, no PS5 game will be profitable for a while unless it's a simple port from another console (PS4 for instance). Introducing a new console that has backward compatibility does have its plus and minuses.
  7. There's for sure a new level coming, Golf, and another one that will be from a new level creation contest that has ended. If they continue the trend, at least another 2 DLCs will show up. But it does not seem it's going to stop there.
  8. In EDF 4.1 (and its lower sibling, 2025), the most troublesome, time consuming, difficult and unreliable trophy is by far, far, far, the 100% weapons one. It's very common that to get the last weapon, or even the last few, a farming nightmare is necessary. Weapons are largely obtained by a RNG result. I say largely because it's not unusual to have gamers play hundreds of games to get the last weapon, and without any luck. The stubborn ones to show up are usually the same: less likely the Ranger's Lysander Z and UMAZ Grenade Launcher, most certainly the Wing Diver's Hreidmarr, Thunder Bow XD, Gungnir, Thunder Orb or Final Days or the Air Raider's Rule of God, Absolute Bunker and Balam Type-F. Most of them are not even useful for solving missions, but unfortunately you need all for the trophy to pop. Since almost everyone is usually affected by the same pools of weapons and considering that there's other weapons that are as high or with higher levels than the usual culprits and they don't pose any issues by showing up in end game results it's possible that besides the normal RNG there's a pool of weapons that Sandlot has assigned to just drop on specific situations. Weapons progress is usually good until you just have around 20 left to obtain. Things start to get difficult at this point. When you have below 10, it gets worse. By 5, it gets a lot worse, and by 3 and below it's usually nightmare time. And it's not only because the RNG has a smaller pool of weapons to choose from. After spending more than 150 hours just to get one stupid useless weapon for EDF 2025 on the PS3 (Rule of God for the Air Raider, the highest level weapon in the game, level 95), I decided never to have the same dreadful nightmare again. Even thought I enjoy the game, weapons farming is acceptable if it's productive, but a endless stream of games just to not get one stupid weapon is boring and irritating. When I played the japanese version of EDF 4.1 I decided to find a way to avoid this and it does work. I call it the reverse weapons farming. Instead of making the normal progress through the game as Sandlot envisioned, I aim to reach the highest mission in inferno, the highest difficulty, ASAP and with as few lower difficulty missions played as possible, and with as few weapon crates picked as possible. Missions after 40 on inferno will not yield weapons with a lower level than 30. My reasoning was that if a large pool of unobtained weapons below 30 was still present this would improve the odds of obtaining all the weapons with the highest levels, 80+. And thankfully it does. I've done this 3 times on 4.1 games, and once on EDF 2025 Japanese (EDF 4) and it works. By 150 hours I have the 100% weapons trophy and all inferno done, and all the weapons level 80+ earlier than the 100 hours of gameplay. After this all it remains is moping up the lower difficulties, which yes is boring at this stage, but there's no other way to do it as difficulties don't stack. If this sounds daunting it's not, specially if you have some experience with the game. If you're not there's the option of farming weapons online. Try to play games with experienced players who can solo high level missions in inferno. If they let you, the rewards are usually awesome and can give you a good head start. I insist on finishing these games 100% solo, so the way to do that will be explained. By far the easiest classes to tackle this are the Wing Diver and the Air Raider. The Fencer is a difficult class to master, and personally I hate the damn idiot, although many gamers love him. The Ranger it's a fun class to play and he's the only one that can restore the health os NPCs when he restores his, but his high end weapons are not powerful or problem solvers, so although most end game missions can be done with him they do require a lot more thought and care to achieve. One of the main advantages of the game is that you can play solo on split screen with 2 different classes, leaving one idle in the beginning and using your main to almost finish the whole mission. Then near the end, when it's safe, revive your teammate if necessary and pick the weapon crates with him. Offline, weapons crates only provide weapons for the player that picked them. Online, all weapon crates will be shared by all players, so all will get the same amount given by the sum of all that the present players at the successful end of the mission picked. The Air Raider is by far the class that can make your solo farming needs more easy. There's no other class that can master and easily beat the necessary missions for this and that can easily stay alive idle while you pick weapons with the second class that you want to farm weapons for. This is a "easy" solo roadmap to get to the final missions in inferno. Missions are unlocked in sequence, once you finish one mission you'll unlock the possibility of playing the next in any difficulty you want. Missions not mentioned here should be played in the highest difficulty you can. Up to level 60 ish, the WD is the easiest and most advantageous class to use for this. Try to play the next mission of inferno or hardest. If you're not able to, play it on hard or normal, but AVOID at all costs to pick any weapon crates in these difficulties. All weapons you'll pick in these are useless and you'll be lowering the RNG pool for all the weapons. The NPCs are the biggest difference between EDF 2025 and 4.1. So much they changed the game that it's a completely different one. They were seldom present in 2025 missions and were mostly useful as bait because they were too dumb and inefficient to provide any other usefulness. In 4.1 they're a essential part of your tactics, and either used as bait or help they're essential to the outcome of most missions. If I don't mention anything they're to be ignored or used as bait. Mission 1 - Reconvene The first mission can be done straight in inferno with the WD with basic armor (150). All you need is the Rapier level 0 and a lot of patience. Fly left from start and from the 2 tallest buildings there's a up passageway going to the park. The last building to left of this passageway before reaching the park is the one you want. Just hide in the columns of this building near the building just next to it and ants can't hit you, since they just bite on the first mission. It's easier if you're on the side opposite the park. This is a excellent farming spot, it will be used again in later missions. You'll need a lot of patience, takes around 45 minutes to kill all inferno ants with the Rapier 0. When there's just one alive, dodge it by going away, she'll follow you and then return to pick the loot. With some luck you'll get a better rapier and this will be easier. You can get weapons up to level 50ish , which is nice. Once you get decent weapons proceed ASAP to the next farming mission. Mission 44 - Natural Calamity This one is a piece of cake with almost any class, but again the WD excels here with her weapons an ease of weapons pick-up. I've detailed this mission on another thread here, even with a video, so just check that. You can get weapons up to level 74. Mission 60 - Ill Omen Another masterfully easy mission thanks to the same exploit as in mission 1. Hiding under the same building, but this time facing the park, will make this mission very easy with the WD. Explained on another thread here. Mission 71 - Death Queen A easy cave mission, as enemies show up in waves and you can bottleneck them. Cave missions are in the dark in 4.1,so they can only be easy if you played 2025, as the maps are the same but there they were played with lighted caves. If you don't know the maps they're more difficult. This mission is a absolute joke if you have the Thunder Sniper 40 (can be dine with 6 but takes a long time). You can do all the mission without almost going near the enemies as the thunder sniper shots go through the tunnels for a long range and reflect on the walls. Just avoid being greedy with the last 2 queens, you can regret that, and the mission usually provides good loot until you kill them. Avoid mission 70, Den of Thieves, a cave mission with tons of spiders along with 2 giant ones that is always recommended for farming. Not only you can die easily, worst the rewards are usually very bad. Mission 78 - Labyrinth of Light This one isn't a piece of cake, but can be done with some training with WD. The rewards are usually good, and it's really easy to farm for other classes too. Again explained in another thread with video. Your ultimate goal is to reach missions 81+. These are the only ones that can provide level 95 weapons, and although there's only one level 95 weapon, there's several in the 88-92 in 3 classes and these will drop faster and easier on these missions too. Of the missions 81+ several are not interesting for farming. Mission 81, Fallen Flagship, was a major farming mission in EDF 2025, but it's a lot more difficult in 4.1, specially the mission end, as flying vehicles can make your life miserable. It's still easy with the AR and the right gear, but crates are too spread and it's ultimately a PITA to do and not very productive. 83, Encircling is a fun mission to do with any class, but it's not that easy, also with fewer rewards and very spread. 84, Divine, is a unreliable mission as the giant dragon can kill you in a snap, it's luck dependent and rewards are always miserable for the effort. 85, The Threat, it's moderately difficult, rewards are extremely spread and a PITA to pick. 87, Massive Mobilization, is by far the most difficult mission in the game, so farming this one is not a good option. 89, Star Eaters, is not that difficult and yes here the Ranger excels, as you can do the mission with the Hercules and the Reverse Shooter X (to improve your chances of survival at mission start) with 1000 ish armor. Problem is that it takes close to 1 hour to finish and there will be crates all over the map. So lousy for farming. As it stands 3 really good missions remain to farm all the highest weapons. I'm going to list them from least good to best. Air Raider rocks in all of them, as he's the best and easiest class to use by a gazillion miles. The best gear for the 3 is the same: - Epsilon Blast Railgun E - Life Vendor ZD - Guard Post M3 (yes this is better than Zone Protector ZM, less range but more protection power) These 3 can be done with similar lower specs weapons, it will be just more unreliable and more difficult. 86 - Battle to the Death Summon the tank, roll right to capture the rangers and then left to capture the fencers. Don't go for the WDs too difficult. Return to tank, head right and into the beach, station near the Naegling there. Install life vendor and guard post, put them again when necessary. Life vendors are not rechargeable, guard and power posts are. Shoot deroys, keeping a eye on the left. When the 2 large transports show up, destroy immediately the left one, then the right one. The left one drops ants they will destroy your left tanks in a snap., that's why it must go away quickly. Destroy all deroys. When they're all finished, start to shoot Argonaut. After a few shots, another 2 large transports will spawn. Be ready and destroy immediately the right one, this one will drop yellow ants. Destroy the argonaut, leaving the left transport dropping flying vehicles. Revive your other class if necessary, pick crates. Be careful if friendly tanks survived after you killed the Argonaut ship you must destroy them ASAP or they will bring down the last transport and you wont be able to pick the crates. Be careful picking crates in the water, flying vehicles are dangerous in inferno. Although this can be done with really lower armor for the AR be careful picking crates with him or other classes if you have really low armor, as any flying vehicle attack can kill with ease. Remember to keep spawning new tanks when you can do that,and installing new protection beams when the others run out. 82 - Heaven's Army The easiest and quicker one. Throw the tank towards the Naegling and NPCs WDs to the right. Roll left and go up, capture the 2 fencer squads, come back down capture the 2 ranger squads then continue to roll right and capture the 2 WD squads and enter tank. Station tank near Naegling, install life vendor and guard post. Bring down the left or right transports. While the other one is closed, help your team by shooting the red dragons, or going to the side machine guns and kill dragons and red bees. Shoot the other transport, you must always leave the center one alive. No more dragons will spawn, just a last batch of red bees. Once they're all gone you should still have most of your NPCs alive, collect the loot. Your NPCs will shoot down the last transport in a while so don't delay the collecting. You'll have a large loot concentrated just around your position. 88 - Scorching The best mission for farming. Summon tank, capture every NPC, install life vendor and guard post in tank, enter tank, shoot 3 deroys. Help teammates with tank machine guns killing ants and spiders. While they deal with last flying vehicles summon new tank, head back in the same road until the map end with new tank. Put tank along the map edge along the edge road, so you can shoot the machine guns easily on one side towards the map center. Install posts when second wave is coming, go to machine gun facing the map center. Help your teammates kill a few dragons, then use railgun to shoot the 2 giant bees, and the red dragons. The NPC will handle the rest. You can pick crates while the 2 shield bearers are walking around, kill one if you want. Summon new tank, install in first position. Kill last shield (can be a pain as he flees). When the new wave starts, kill right and center transports, giant ant and spider, then deroys and red orbs. You should still have around 10 NPCs alive (preferably the WDS and the ranger with the laser gun), they can kill alone all coming waves of ants from last transport. Install the tank and the NPCs in the open area along the road where you start slightly to the right almost near the transport. Pick crates with second class. or walk around with the tank if it's for the AR. You can have 2 ARs as split screen classes... All these 3 mission can be done with low armor for the AR. You're mostly inside the tank, you'll be very unlucky if you die in the few occasions you're out of it. To track your weapons use: Keep doing these 3 missions. Concentrate first on the WD and AR weapons, they're the classes that have more high level weapons and the ones that usually give problems. Then handle the Ranger and finally deal with Fencer, which has by far the lowest number of high end weapons and the highest is just level 85. Once you have all weapons level 75+ for all classes you can play the remainder of the game as you want, you'll eventually get all weapons along the way. The weapons tracker above has a button to show the mission spawn info to help with the ones you'll still need. Don't leave just one high end weapon for last, you'll surely regret it dearly. Don't over play or farm the 3 missions. I farmed some extensively to test, it's not worth it. There's no need to pick more than 50 crates per game for weapons to show up. When I farmed a level to get 200 or 300 crates in the same mission I did not earn more weapons, so it's a time waste. If the weapon is going to drop, 20 or 30 crates is enough. Don't play the same mission over and over. Keep rotating these 3 missions. It's more productive and seems to help. And less boring. One of the things that will seem hocus pocus is that when there are a few weapons to get, you'll notice that sometimes the game is not in a mood to drop any. This behavior is equal among all EDF games. So if you do 5 missions and no weapon drops, just close the game and restart and try again or in another day. Perhaps it's related to the way the RGN is initialized, I don't know but this does happen. You don't need the DLC. You'll read a lot that the best mission for farming weapons is Golden Darkness, mission 21 in DLC 1. It's not. Not only it's not as easy as it's painted, rewards are not that good. The last missions on the game itself are the best for this. The DLC is great anyway if you like the game, but not useful for this goal. If you follow these steps you'll surely have a much easier life to get the trophy and all the weapons. The strategy works exactly in the same way on EDF 2025 for the PS3, but the missions to accomplish this are different ones. If you need further help, drop me a note. Have fun,
  9. Gaming monitors that will take advantage of HDMI 2.1 will cost a ton of money. I've been trying to buy a good monitor for almost 2 years as it has been difficult to find one I would buy. I don't want a TN. They're fast but image, colors and contrast are all shit and that's what my eyes see. That leaves VA or IPS. I wanted it to be 4K, which would be better in future terms, but also today to see 4K movies. Something with a high refresh rate will go up to 1000$ or Euros. Problem is that most of the expensive monitors have more or less serious issues and I'm not willing to pay a ton of money to get something that is a always a lottery to be even remotely close to really good. The best 4K monitors 27" right now at a decent price are the ones built with a IPS Innolux panel the M280DCA-E3B, but it's 60Hz only and the most interesting seems to be the Asus VG289Q. Innolux has some more interesting panels coming up in 27" and 32" sizes but prices are probably going to be steep. There's almost none interesting VA panels for 27", and the ones available with 32" were developed a few years ago, so they were built for old specs. If you want a good monitor with a high refresh rate you'll be looking at at least a thousand for quite sometime. You'll have to decide between quality and speed. The panel is always the more important asset of the monitor, if the panel is crap, no electronics they'll add will make miracles. If you're investing some money on this, it's probably wise to wait at least until next year. More and better suited products will emerge in monitors and TV once the consoles are available for sale. Also do remember that there's usually a price for being a pioneer in these matters (incompatibilities, flaws, limitations).
  10. There's cheaters all over the place, the difference is that some get away with it, because it interests the status quo, the others don't have the same luck and have to abide by rules. Just forget it, play a ton of shitty (oops, sorry fantastic games with stellar reviews) Ratalaika games (and their siblings) you'll be level 40ish in 6 months or so. It's just a money game, or better yet, borrow accounts so they don't sell more, they really don't deserve anyway. Then you'll have a truly shiny and fantastic rank to brag about that you're a fantastic gamer. These days going up the leaderboards is quick, effortless and meaningless. And brain dead too.
  11. Updated above with new way to get beta keys.
  12. Really good news 😁😍 Probably not a good idea to wait for a long time to buy, no word on for how long they have the necessary licenses, and at least the people who did the music are not license friendly. Scott Pilgrim author is to be congratulated he always championed for the game to return to sale.
  13. As a warning be careful with Zen Studios, specially if you're a paranoid completionist. Buy everything you need at the same time. They will fuck you and don't give a shit. Either you buy everything when it's available and verify that everything you can have you got and it's correct or you're in trouble.
  14. Sony can't afford easily a price war with money losing consoles. Besides gaming the only division they have providing money is image sensors. Everything else makes little profits or has no grow potential in that area ($$$), as it doesn't matter if it sells or not the bottom line is how much money they make from it. Microsoft can afford to lose a ton of money in the games division, it's pocket change to them. Their OEM and office divisions provide gazillions of profits that Sony can't even dream of getting. Wanting, they could crush Sony in a snap. But gaming is a peanuts division for Microsoft, which they don't even remotely care. PC gaming is more important to them, as it lines up with their core business. Lucky for Sony. For now.
  15. On Domination you'll have to change rogues at the 6th game. If you choose a different one and you win, both with have a victory in their count. But only 1 in overall count 😑😋 But nice to get wins on the ones you don't like.