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  1. PSA: you can get the trophy by just completing ONE gen before killer closes hatch, and leaving through the gate. I had 3 people dc with 5 gens left. Killer let me finish only 1 gen with 4 gens left, then closed hatch. I opened gate, got out and was shook that the trophy popped.
  2. Well hopefully this has a solve for having to wait 10 or 15 minutes spectating after you die and the last survivor is hiding under a bed. I know a lot of people leave for that kind of bullshit but it sucks we can't keep our exp like in dbd.
  3. I just realized that after posting. I didn't have a second account so I made a dummy one. It worked!
  4. The problem is I can't get 2 to be active on my ps4 at the same time. It let's me have one or the other on, not both.
  5. Just wondering exactly which emotional states will make this trophy pop? Having trouble getting all states within 24 hours.
  6. How did it pick up a second controller for you? I've been trying to add 2 and it will not work for me.
  7. If you are playing this game through ps now, on a ps4, there is no way to get a second controller to sync up so you can get this trophy. It's bullshit. Ps now is fucking garbage. There should be an option to allow 2 controllers.