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  1. For the two of each trophy; I had 2 night snake, boar, giant crab, crab and hog on my raft and seagull in inventory. I sailed to the middle of the sea at night, used a sleeping bag(sleep at night) on my raft and the trophy popped. Also, by using this method, your animals can't fall into the water.
  2. Hello guys i just have finished my first playtrough, so amazing! Now i've started ng+ just need a couple more boss souls for getting all the spells/miracles but ng+ is so hard .. even the little monsters are so though. so i was wondering if someone with a decent level can help me just rush trough the levels and get the required souls.. thanks in advance. PSN Emperor-of-hope Playing on EU servers, during week after 3PM
  3. I had All the weapons fully upgraded and the trophy didn’t popped because of the glitch. With the latest patch they added 3 new weapons, I fully upgraded ONE of them and the Trophy Finally POPPED! so thank God we didn’t played All these hours for nothing, they fixed it. I hope this will Work for All of You too.
  4. I didn't had the demand tab, so switched a few times to immersive mode and changed weapons without success. When I had 65 blueprints, I went to Maria and bought a blueprint from her, then the trophy finally popped.
  5. @steel6burgh thank you so much for sharing your solution! I had exactly the same issue and your solution worked perfectly👊