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  1. I wish people would stop assuming all region stacking or stacking in general is bad though. Yes, it would be nice if Sony would stop allowing stacks of trophies for games that have the same dev/publisher and same trophy list and the only difference is region and platform. That crap needs to stop already. But a localization, remake or port that has a different publisher or new content with trophies tied to it should have a different stack. There are also plenty of cases where stacking should be allowed because the games are valid cases where a new stack makes sense and the player is buying the game twice and playing a lengthy game twice. But Sony really needs to put their foot down and insist that companies like Ratalaika cut it out with the numerous stacks for the same trophy list published by the same company.
  2. The funny thing is that since that happened I've actually grown to hope Gamestop succeeds even more because Amazon actually accomplished pissing me off to the point of I'd rather buy digital or forgo something than give Amazon another penny of my hard earned money. I feel Amazon has grown way too complacent with the lack of completion they have so I definitely still hope Gamestop succeeds at remaining competitive with them at least in gaming because Amazon will grow even worse if the last few remaining holdouts go out of business. It's fine if people prefer Amazon, I just do not and think they have hands down the absolute worst customer service I've ever had the displeasure to experience. This wasn't even one bad experience, I had to contact them about 10 times with my last order and each time was bad. Gamestop definitely will have my business for as long as they remain open and I hope that stays true for years to come.
  3. Just as a note, people who use VNs for easy plats aren't reading anything more than the choices (if they read that much) no matter what the language is. It doesn't take any skills with reading Japanese to be capable of picking a choice from a guide, especially if the guide gives what number the choice is. People like this use VNs for easy plats because you can skip most of the "game play" involved in them. I put that in quotes since VNs are lacking there and the point of them is a good story and people who do this miss the point completely. They also aren't exactly cheap plats, assuming no piracy is going on here since a lot of Japanese VNs are heavily pirated and played via CFW. Also something many people don't realize is that many Japanese games have menus in English and are very easy for importers to play. Even if menu commands are in Japanese, the basic ones for starting a new game, saving, loading, etc. are going to be in Katakana and that's very easy to learn. All Hakoom needs is a Japanese PSN account to buy the games and a bit of patience to learn the few Japanese words needed to navigate a game.
  4. Started previously, completed: Stranger of Sword City (2 trophies earned) Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (7 trophies earned) Started previously, in progress: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (1 trophy earned, 13% completion) Started in 2021, in progress: Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (51 trophies earned, 83% completion) Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (1 trophy earned, 1% completion) Started in 2021, completed: Alphaset by POWGI (NA Vita) Alphaset by POWGI (NA PS4) Autumn's Journey Pic-A-Pix Classic (NA PS4) Pic-A-Pix Classic 2 (NA PS4) Pic-A-Pix Pieces 2 (NA PS4) Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (NA PS4) Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation Valiant Hearts: The Great War Trials of Mana Asdivine Cross Current completion: 97.70% Starting completion: 97.90% Goal: 99.00% Made some good progress in Labyrinth of Refrain. I'm currently at the final dungeon and trying to grind to be powerful enough for the superbosses I still need to defeat. Plat requires getting the true ending which means beating 6 superbosses. I've only knocked out one so far. Grinding in this game at endgame is made a bit more complicated due to the soul transfer mechanic. What it boils down to is that the more soul clarity a puppet has, the better the stat growth per level. So ideally for post game you want to have 99 soul clarity on every active attacker, high levels and good equipment. To increase that, you have to level up a puppet a decent amount and then do a soul transfer which starts them back at level 1. And joy of all joys, until later in the game most of the puppets made start at soul clarity of 1. Once I get past the superbosses and the final boss though I'll get access to some stuff that incrases experience gains astronomically, problem is these superbosses are not easy at all! Also, took a break for about a week and played Asdivine Cross and wrapped it up. Was a pretty fun game, but it is the longest Kemco plat I've played so far (Marenian Tavern Story is supposedly longer, but Asdivine Cross is definitely the longest of the ones made by EXE-Create). No further progress on Rune Factory yet. Technically the term for what it is would be "kinetic novel" That's used for the types of VNs that don't have choices or routes and you just read and get trophies as you progress in the story. A Winter's Daydream and the Nekoparra games are also like this. They aren't bad in theory, but most of the good kinetic novels in English are PC exclusive. PSN only seems to have the really short and mediocre titles or the good ones are Japanese only.
  5. I personally haven't played it, but the dev is the one who did the Sakura games on Steam and those are known to be more about fanservice than actually having a good story. I can say it does annoy me seeing that the steam version costs less than the PSN version. You can go check the reviews on Steam if you want more info though.
  6. The game making backup autosaves. It doesn't matter how good the dev is at making games, games can freeze or crash and also players can lose progress from things like a power outage or someone in the household accidentally unplugging the console while they are playing. There's really no reason why games shouldn't make autosaves as backups periodically. Every game at minimum should be autosaving at important story points along with keeping a running one when it moves to a different location. With this I don't care if the game lacks manual saving anywhere, I just want to know that if the game crashes or the power goes out that I'm not going to lose more than a few minutes of progress. In game options for things like sound, controls, etc. There's no reason why a game shouldn't allow a player to customize their controls to some degree. On top of skippable cutscenes, options to control the amount of encounters you get and skip weak ones in RPGs. I love it when games give you an item to summon an enemy encounter since those can be handy for farming materials but I also love it when games let me skip easy battles once I'm powerful enough. There's no excuse for a game to pull the shit Akiba's Beat did at requiring the player to backtrack multiple times through easy areas and require them to use a consumable item that didn't last long to skip encounters that were pointless. Those monsters should have been running away from my powerful party or I should have skipped right to the results screen and not have to deal with a boring battle that was a guaranteed win just because the devs couldn't be bothered to do what every other RPG now does.
  7. Don't get caught into the spiral of using crappy games to try and boost completion, especially buying them. It's way different if you already own it and just want it off your backlog. At least play something that is fun while being a reasonable quick plat. VNs and short indie RPGs probably would be more up your alley. Honestly I think Kemco RPGs would be right up your alley with them mostly being RPGs you can plat in under 20 hours and don't have missables (link gives the best list I've found for finding them all because the site allows searching by publisher). A game like Cat Quest is also likely to appeal. They aren't quite just play a few minutes and you've got the plat but they are fun and more respectable easy plats.
  8. Support is more for getting help with issues you are having using the service. Support reps typically have no information and no way to pass up such suggestions so you're wasting your time. You'd honestly be better off with the social media or writing them.
  9. You are correct here and they don't even count towards the total number of unearned trophies. All they are good for is making it easy for people to see what you own for making recommendations. As far as my own recommendations, I'd actually recommend Persona 5. It's not a truly hard plat, but it's long enough that it's still pretty respectable. It's around 100 hours in total, but a lot depends on how much, if anything you miss on your first run. The original FF7 and most of the Kingdom Hearts games are also solid picks and you have the PS4 version of KH1 so you at least don't need three playthroughs for that plat. Also keep in mind that your 10th plat is going to be a milestone, so you'll want to pick something for that one that you also don't mind being on your profile forever. What you pick is up to you and people have differences in what they choose to be milestones but most commonly it will be plats they find challenging, games they especially love, or stuff they are especially proud of. Definitely want to keep that milestone in mind if you have any preferences for what it should be.
  10. For me I put off the obnoxious stuff that I don't want to deal with now until the very end. By very end I mean after I've tackled everything else in my backlog that I'm willing to tackle. Focus on other stuff. Starting and completing new games also would up your completion a bit with how few games you have so that might help if the completion being below 90% is one driving factor. Pretty much how it works is that the more games you have on your profile, the less each game counts towards your completion stats. Right now with less than 20 games, the drop is pretty large and that can really drive someone like you nuts. If you make those games that are hurting it now count for less, it will be easier to deal with them being there. You can also try and work at chipping away on those games a bit at a time or see if there are others you can play with. I think one other thing that would help in the future is to only play games YOU are interested in. Don't play a game that doesn't interest you just because your friends are. Establish a boundary that you'll say no if the game isn't something you want to play and hold to that. Having firm boundaries in general is very important because we already spend a lot of time in our lives doing things out of obligation. Your time with your friends shouldn't be an obligation, it should be fun. This is something a lot of people forget and they let others trample all over their boundaries or they don't even have any. So really, give yourself permission to say no if you aren't interested.
  11. You'll have to figure out a method that works for you. For me, what works is setting goals and sticking to them. I often will use starting new games as a reward for finishing a game. Sometimes I'll alternate between a few incomplete games and sometimes I'll stick with a game until its done. Typically this depends on the game and my level of interest in it. More grindy plats I'm likely to play for short bursts while playing something else, but a shorter game that I'm enjoying I'll stick with until I've got the plat. A couple of ideas that may work for you is to focus on shorter games, alternate between a few games, or go back to some old games with a goal in mind of earning a small number of trophies. If you're growing completely bored of the games your playing after an hour you also may want to try different types of games out because maybe the games you're playing just aren't for you and other games would grab your interest more. I know I had a much easier time sticking with games once I stopped playing popular games and instead played games I found myself that sounded fun.
  12. It's also common with Kemco games because they release in Japan first and then release in NA later. If you look at the leaderboard usually the people who have trophies are all Japanese accounts. Asdivine Cross is in the NA PSN store now though, just released on the 21st according to the info. Edit: Also it should be noted that this title is a bit weird as far as the endings go. Unlike previous ones where you load clear data, redo the normal end boss and make a different choice, in this you have to do new game + and then replay up to that point and then make another choice. It does let you speed uo cutscenes, but still is a lot of extra time. Can't comment yet regarding the magic and skills trophy and what that will entail but at minimum someone besides Lucile definitely will need to max out all types of magic and Lucile has a lot of monster skills to learn. However, you can also totally cheese many bosses with her by having her taunt enemies, get healed when they hit her and have them use their support skills and heals on her instead. Definitely the longest of the Kemco plats thus far, but not a bad game. I don't think it quite tops Menace and Kamura, but those two are hard acts to follow. It's about on par with Asdivine Hearts. Edit the second: Definitely don't bother with subquests on your first run. All progress on those is reset in NG+ and you need to be in post game to finish them all like the other games. Most of the rewards aren't that worth it other than subquest 16 which nets you a four leaf clover (trust level building item you'll need for all the endings). You keep levels and equipment though, so it's worth it to grind and overlevel yourself for the normal end boss (which makes things much easier, the boss is a real pain if you're low leveled since it can potentially heal faster than you can damage it). Edit the third: This is hands down the worst Kemco plat I've done. Level 100 on the training accelerator and getting all the magic and skills is a major pain in the butt. Expect to grind a lot, and unlike other games, no battle shortcut and no way to speed up battles, so this isn't like Revenant Saga where you can go to the metal island and get an encounter every step and get to level 900+ in no time thanks to battle shortcut. 35+ hours and I'm only at level 400+ And since you need monsters ot use skills on Lucile, you actually have to visit many of the optional areas. This plat likely will end up being pretty low rarity once more people own it just because of those two trophies and the requirement for two playthroughs that is going to annoy people thinking it's Kemco, must be an easy 15-20 hour long plat.
  13. Started but incomplete (7): Zuma - 90% God of War - 82% Kingdom Hearts - 52% Kingdom Hearts II - 55% Ateiler Rorona - 14% Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny - 11% ---> 13% Resonance of Fate - 10% Completed (1): Tales of Symphonia Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Not yet started (11): Been some time since I last updated since I mostly played PS4 games last month for the Kill Your Completion event. Finally got back to PS3 stuff and have made a small bit of trophy progress in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Right now I'm mostly working on miscellaneous trophies to build up money and buy all the house upgrades and in the process I'm working on the crafting, fishing and catching a cold trophies while also trying to build affection with the various NPCs as well. No story progress yet, but I know it will be useful to get these awesome crafting and cooking skills now and knock out some of the more annoying trophies.
  14. Started previously, completed: Stranger of Sword City (2 trophies earned) Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (7 trophies earned) Started previously, in progress: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (1 trophy earned, 13% completion) Started in 2021, in progress: Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (16 trophies earned, 24% completion) Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (1 trophy earned, 1% completion) Started in 2021, completed: Alphaset by POWGI (NA Vita) Alphaset by POWGI (NA PS4) Autumn's Journey Pic-A-Pix Classic (NA PS4) Pic-A-Pix Classic 2 (NA PS4) Pic-A-Pix Pieces 2 (NA PS4) Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (NA PS4) Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation Valiant Hearts: The Great War Trials of Mana Current completion: 97.45% Starting completion: 97.90% Goal: 99.00% Slowly chipping away at Labyrinth of Refrain and Rune Factory. Finally actually made some trophy progress in Rune Factory. In that one I've been working on trying to get all the house upgrades while building up cooking and crafting levels and doing some fishing with my remaining HP and RP for the day until my character passes out from exhaustion because by doing that I risk catching a cold for the trophy for catching 100 colds. So not a lot of story progress, but am making progress towards a few trophies. Making better story progress in Labyrinth of Refrain though since the trophies in that are just for discovering new parts of the labyrinth so making runs into the dungeon and exploring means progress in story. The game hasn't really gotten much better and from the looks of the spreadsheet walkhrough I'm using, I'm probably about halfway done with the story there so I really doubt it's going to get much better.
  15. PR disaster for investors, for the fans it would the best news ever. I still think lawsuit threat is more likely because CEO being fired can be covered up PR wise by him "stepping down" for personal reasons. Lawsuits are public record and it would be impossible for them to get out of that without bad PR. While the whole idea of getting profit from panic buying is possible, it's doubtful they would be that manipulative when Jim Ryan thinks no one cares about old systems. That's why my bet is the real cause of this is a threat of legal action because that will get companies to act and swiftly.