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  1. Yeah, I've heard that and ran into no problems on both versions. Definitely would recommend making sure you get all updates since both versions did get updates that resolved most crashing and lag issues. Only had the one crash in the whole time playing the PS4 version. Though one thing I do suspect is maybe it's from long play sessions. The one crash I had was from a longer session of grinding for the last few levels. And since I've practiced boss rush so many times from the Steam version that I wrapped it up on the first try in less than an hour. My best advice for boss rush is start with easy and move up as you feel you've mastered it. Going from the lowest difficulty to the highest makes it easier to start mastering the patterns because the main changes as difficulty goes up is the boss doing more damage and you do less. Some change their attacks up a bit, but the main thing to get past nightmare is to get really good at dodging and it does take practice. Doesn't take 600 hours worth unless you're doing all the characters though.
  2. Glitchy? I played both stacks and didn't have any trouble with trophies. The game freezing on me at times? Yeah, definitely had that one like the PS4 version freezing on me when I was maybe 1000 XP away from the trophy for getting a character to level 60. Though I will say Dot Emu was kind to us with the trophy list compared to Xseed with the Steam achievement list for Ys Origin. I will take beating nightmare boss rush with just one character over all characters any day and happily do the rest of the grind. I can do it with EX Hugo in my sleep at this point with how many hours I put into trying to get it with all the other characters on Steam because I know all the boss patterns way too well now. I seriously have over 600 hours of playtime on that version (though a lot is idling to take breaks after losing in boss rush). Though I think we should be glad Oath in Felghana isn't on PSN with trophies.
  3. To make it more clear, it's the last of the deductions you'll make with Sholmes and the only time when a bed is actually able to be selected and when you hover over it you'll see the text show "bed" Don't present it, just press X to examine it. Once you get a conversation about Asogi's opinion of the pillow the trophy will pop.
  4. So for both of you, I know it's a roguelike and I tend to be awful at those. How doable is this for someone who tends to be bad at this genre? I actually do own it and removed it from my backlog because I'm so terrible at roguelikes. I also know it has a co-op trophies. I have two PS4 controllers, but I don't have anyone to play with, so that's another consideration on how doable this is. Ah, now I remember why I passed on getting that one on PSN. I also don't have it via PS+. Appreciate the recommendation, but I admit it's probably not a first choice.
  5. How's the PSN trophy list? I played it on Steam and remember it being a major pain in the ass to 100% since it requires doing well at some minigames that I suck at. If those are on the PSN trophy list, doubt I'm up for doing that a second time.
  6. 0 - Sparkle 2 (PS4) ✔️ 1 - Metropolis: Lux Obscura (NA Vita) 2 - Norman's Great Illusion (NA Vita) 3 - Pic-A-Pix Color 2 (NA PS4) 4 - Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes (NA PS4), Nier Automata 5 - Gaps by POWGI (NA PS4) 6 - Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk 7 - Kotodama, Block-A-Pix Deluxe (NA PS4), Dragon Quest XI 8 - Shiness The Lightning Kingdom (12%), Corpse Party: Blood Drive 9 - Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Flower, Earthlock, The Tower of Beatrice (NA Vita) So I had like a 50/50 chance that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles would be a number I needed and it ended up being a 3, go figure. Went ahead and wrapped up an alternate for 5 and did Gaps by POWGI which wasn't bad. Pretty easy overall like other POWGI games. Am pretty set for the rest of the numbers except for 8. I doubt I'm going to finish Shiness in time since it needs two playthroughs and it's slow going. Really not wanting to play Corpse Party: Blood Drive too much and I've not found anything else that could work for 8 yet. Anyone know a decent 8 that is maybe 20 hours or less, not extremely expensive, is an RPG or VN, NA region (or worldwide list) and not VR or PS5? The stuff I was familiar with on the spreadsheet I've already played or I wasn't sure on length.
  7. You've still made some damn amazing progress over the years. I remember a few years back that you were below 50% and with that many games played the progress you've made is a lot. I bet you'll get below 8000 by the end of the year.
  8. Typically the purpose would be to use it to try out or play games the person doesn't want potentially messing up their profile. So if they want to try something that is different from their normal fare and may not like or a game they want to play with a more casual gamer friend or they think a game with unobtainable trophies could be fun but don't want to ruin their potential for 100%. Then there are people who go so far as to change to a new account after making a "mistake" on their current one. Some have gone so far as to do this multiple times as well.
  9. I do hope you'll come back and comment more when you get to the end of the BBL route. And I am going to say nothing more than that.
  10. Just goes to show you shouldn't care what others think and play obscure stuff to your heart's content I think Toren is a shining example of the problems with people caring so much about graphics now. That game sure has pretty graphics, but absolutely nothing else of value and I'm still shocked it made it off Steam.
  11. 100% is still obtainable for me, but I know I'm not getting there any time soon. Pretty much I have a few that are tricky and are going to take me having a lot of patience and that's not as likely to be present as long as I still have a backlog on here. 99.50% I feel is a realistic point to be able to reach and keep while wrapping up the backlog until I can wrap up those last few games like Zuma, Muramasa Rebirth, Sparkle Unleashed, and so on.
  12. I'd like to join too! # Asdivine Hearts Bejeweled 3 Chronus Arc Dragon Fantasy Book I E F Gem Legends Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star It's Spring Again Journey King's Quest L Mahjong Royal Towers Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent O Pirate Solitaire Q R Sparkle 2 (PS4) Treasures of Montezuma Blitz U Valiant Hearts: The Great War Welcome Park X Y Zuma's Revenge
  13. Definitely want to join but have a couple of questions before I come up with a list. First, does platform stacking apply only to Playstation systems or is it also going to apply if someone played the PS4 version of a game and then goes and plays the PC version, for example? I know that's a bit more iffy since those are typically ports and can be a mix of adding features or just a direct port. Second, regarding the 10 hours requirement, is that the total length of the game, or do we need to have 10 hours left of the game? Asking because I'm thinking about adding Corpse Party on Steam to my list and I only have the last chapter left, but the last chapter is pretty meaty and has a ton of endings to it (some of which require replaying about the whole chapter). I'm just not sure if it will definitely cover 10 hours, but it definitely won't be a quick and easy wrap up. Game already has almost 13 hours of playtime in it and I'd have to start the last chapter from the beginning. Achievement list for it is here And that's it, just definitely love the idea of an event that also covers platforms besides Playstation since my poor Steam backlog gets so neglected.
  14. Found in a topic someone got it to work by changing system language, syncing, and then changing back.
  15. Depends on the game for me. Normally stick with whatever the default is but for canons that I imported I'll swap to Japanese if that's an option. I'll also go no audio if the voice acting truly sucks or is available on such a limited basis that it feels like it interferes.