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  1. They are a fad that will go away in time like every other fad out there. The fact that there is so much hype about them now shows that time is coming sooner rather than later. Once everyone is talking about something like this, it's too late to get in on it. It is possible the idea behind them may evolve into something actually useful, but as they are now they are far more likely to just fizzle out and cause a bunch of idiots to lose money and have nothing to show for it. At least with other fads you had something to show for the time and money spent on them.
  2. Not much progress to report here. I admit, I've been addicted to another platform and not playing on PSN as much. I have been chipping away at Sparkle Unleashed though because I've actually been on a roll with that one so far. Started the year off on level 55 and am up to 61 now on my nightmare run. No trophies earned, but with that game any levels completed is amazing progress because I've been chipping away at that one for years now off and on and sometimes it can take months for RNG to favor me and beat another level. I think I'm going to just keep chipping away at that one for the time being, but may try to start chipping away again at something like Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.
  3. Just completed Arcade Spirits which also covers the challenge to complete the most common plat on my profile since it was a leftover from last month that has a rarity of 63.07%. Not a game I'd recommend though. It's a VN with the absolute worst controls I've ever seen. For some reason, it wouldn't allow for manually advancing text, which is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a VN. On top of that, it's speed settings for auto forward didn't allow enough options so your choices were too slow or too fast. It's like the game just wants you to skip reading because it made doing so such a hassle. And that brings me to 98.22%
  4. 1. Stranger of Sword City - January 11th 2. Alphaset by POWGI (NA Vita) - January 13th 3. Alphaset by POWGI (NA PS4) - January 15th 4. Autumn's Journey - January 15th 5. Pic-A-Pix Classic (NA PS4) - January 17th 6. Pic-A-Pix Classic 2 (NA PS4) - January 22nd 7. Pic-A-Pix Pieces 2 (NA PS4) - January 24th 8. Ys IX Monstrum Nox - February 10th 9. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes - February 28th 10. Date a Live Rio Reincarnation - March 6th 11. Trials of Mana - April 7th 12. Asdivine Cross - April 28th 13. Crystal Ortha - May 8th 14. Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk - June 1st 15. Pic-A-Pix Color 2 (NA PS4) - June 1st 16. Norman's Great Illusion - July 2nd 17. Metropolis Lux Obscura - July 4th 18. Gaps by POWGI - July 26th 19. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - August 3rd 20. Kotodama - August 6th 21. Children of Morta - August 17th 22. Legends of Talia Arcadia - August 26th 23. Shiness the Lightning Kingdom - September 28th 24. Ruinverse - October 19th 25. Angels with Scaly Wings - December 3rd 26. Epic Word Search Collection 2 (NA Vita) - December 6th 27. Alphadia Genesis 2 - December 10th 28. Ladders by POWGI - December 10th 29. Roundout by POWGI - December 11th Not as many as last year, but some pretty good and longer games mixed in there with some easy stuff to get my backlog down. The bolded ones were the ones I especially liked and would highly recommend to others.
  5. MInd 0 - The game isn't hard at all, it's more grindy than anything else. Omega Quintet - Starts off as a bit of a pain, but mostly it's grindy. I'd highly recommend to get the free DLCs since they give some useful loot to save you some time. Sorcery Saga - Starts off a bit tricky, but mostly you just need patience. The game is a piece of cake once you get decent weapons and the plat is a grind + RNG Shiness The Lightning Kingdom - Not hard at all, but the game is very glitchy and I got locked out of progression multiple times. Save often and make a new save when you get to a new area and be patient and this one is very doable. I wrote the trophy guide for it, so you got all the info you need for this plat there. Exist Archive - Very grindy, but not hard at all. Game doesn't explain mechanics well, so it takes some time and research to get the hang of it. Vita version has a freezing issue related to Ema's skill, doable to plat despite that by just making sure to attack 3 times with her skill, use something else and then repeat. Or just play the PS4 version that lacks that issue. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters - This one takes patience and luck and isn't hard at all. MeiQ - Pretty easy, but very grindy plat. One of the trophies is for killing 30k monsters, so that should give an idea of how grindy this is. Akiba's Beat - Is a UR mostly because it requires a ton of tedious backtracking and some luck with RNG for the trading cards. Not hard at all.
  6. I personally don't think it's because of strict gun control laws. If you actually go look at the whole world and compare their gun control laws and the rates of gun related homicides, the correlation dries up fast. Here's some stats on gun related deaths in 2019: Brazil actually has far more than the US, and they have stricter controls than the US does. If you actually adjust for population and look into how many per 100k people, the US doesn't even rank in the top 10 in the world and some countries with far stricter gun control laws rank higher. Here's a breakdown of gun control laws in many countries: Probably the most notable exception to the whole thought of "strict gun control laws lower the number of gun related deaths" is Venezuela. They forbid carrying in public and forbid citizens from owning guns. Yet they rank at number 2 for the most violent gun deaths per 100k people despite the fact that few people can legally own a gun. If strict gun control laws worked, then Venezuela would have a much lower rate of death from violent gun crimes. Then on the flip side, Singapore actually has the lowest rate of violent gun related deaths in the world, but their laws aren't extremely strict. Stricter than the US, but they do permit citizens to carry guns for some reasons. If less strict gun controls resulted in more violent gun deaths, then Singapore wouldn't have the lowest rate in the world because their laws are less strict than many other countries. If gun control laws worked, you'd see a direct correlation between the strictness of the laws and the number of deaths from guns across the board. That correlation doesn't exist when you actually look at the whole world. People who think they work are only looking at developed countries who already had low rates of crime before they implemented strict gun control laws. Overall crime rate seems to be a far closer correlation than the strictness of gun control laws. Considering that the US has the highest rates of crime among developed countries, it's very unlikely that following the example of countries like the UK will work as well. What the US needs to focus on is lowering our overall crime rates rather than focusing only on a specific subset of crimes and ignoring that many die from crimes that don't involve guns too. That's not an easy task, but it is very likely the best way to proceed.
  7. Used to and also used to write some. Now I don't really seek it out but if a friend posts one for a game I enjoyed I'll read it and let them know what I think. Now fanart? I do actually go look for that and follow some artists on twitter.
  8. What the heck, may as well try again another year. I'm going to go for 99.11% since that's halfway between my current and 100%. Of course I know full well my biggest issue right now is motivating myself to play those old PS3 games. Current is 98.21%
  9. Ah, sorry I thought those were a list of games to pick from. I'd second the above rec for Murdered Soul Suspect. Some other good ones would be the Zero Escape series. If you don't mind anime type games, the Ace Attorney series and Danganronpa series are great. A lot of VNs have mystery elements too. Some good ones I can recommend are Angels with Scaly Wings, London Detective Mystaria and Raging Loop. Angels with Scaly Wings is the shortest of them. Also a really short and cheap one (especially if you have a Vita) is Metropolis Lux Obscura, just be aware that one has some NSFW artwork, but it's a pretty good Noir style mystery.
  10. What Remains of Edith Finch would work. It's definitely got some mystery themes regarding what happened to the family that lives in the home you're investigating. Not familiar with the rest of them to say if any others would or not.
  11. Okay, here's mine now that I got an upload site that will work for me. Don't know what is up with imgur lately but something just makes it be a blank black page when I try to view it and I can't figure out what is causing that. Awesome! I've been playing a lot on RetroAchievements as of late so it's nice to know those can be used as well and they also have a great tracking system. And looks like I got the recommended by a PSNP member one too, so I'd be open to some recs. Stuff I own but haven't played yet is on my about me page and my Steam profile is also linked there. Warning though, my Steam profile has a lot of games and can cause browsers to stop responding for a time.
  12. In this case it's meaning the game with the highest plat rarity. For some that might actually be a common rarity. For someone like me, it's God of War which is at about 19%. Thus my crack about starting something else more common because God of War PS3 isn't an easy plat. Though with that idea your comment about systems and games people don't own also would apply. As far as the other part, it could be allowed to filter by platform to filter out platforms they don't own and also to remove unobtainables and unowned games. Unobtainables hopefully shouldn't show on the first page of the trophy advisor for many since they tend to have low rarity if they were ever obtainable. I think overall if we run with these challenges they should be doable for everyone even if it means ruling out a game or platform.
  13. Definitely would like to join again and have two questions, 1. Does anyone know of an image hosting site that is free besides imgur? Imgur stopped working for me and I can't even get the site to load enough to upload something now. 2. Are platforms besides PSN, Xbox and Steam with achievements okay as long as I can link an account and achievement list that shows my progress in the game?
  14. Note to self: if I decide to do this next year, start something with a more common plat than God of War and save it for later. Another idea could be to go screencap the first page of your trophy advisor and then earn the first 5 or 10 trophies in it. Or go earn 5 trophies in the first game listed. For most that would be pretty easy to knock out.
  15. It really is, and I honestly use another site for searching because it's amazing how you can't even search by dev or publisher. At least lets me search by publisher, but they can't do anything for dev since it's no longer on the store. Also, why did they stop showing who the dev is for a game on the store? Not all games have the same dev and publisher and that definitely hurts the smaller devs who have to rely on a publisher to get their games released. While publisher can be useful for publishers like Kemco and Artifex Mundi who tend to release similar games, it's unhelpful for a publisher like Ratalaika who publish all sorts of games and the only trait they have in common is the tendency towards easy trophies. On top of that, it shows a lack of respect for those devs with the implication that the publisher is the only one deserving of credit for the game when the dev is the one who did the most work.