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  1. @MStalker58 - Good luck with the UR alphabet. I can suggest Exist Archive for E and Ys Origin for Y. Ys Origin is a very fun action RPG with a good amount of challenge, but isn't insurmountable with patience and practice. It's UR mostly because the game needs 6 playthroughs to plat and three of those have to be on nightmare difficulty, but I got the plat within a month. Exist Archive was pretty fun, but is a bit grindy and repetitive. It's UR mostly because the game is incredibly stingy with trophies at the start and you really have to dig for info on the game for info to get some of the trophies and learn how to play the game well. I really enjoyed it though and there is a solid trophy guide on If you go for Exist Archive, get the PS4 version if possible. Vita version is doable to plat on, but there is a freezing bug that makes the speedruns harder and the speedruns are the hardest trophies in the game.
  2. It is bad that my first thought here is yay, I won't be last in most of the categories anymore! It's not even that my profile is new or anything, it's that PSN was secondary to Steam for a long time and I got a later start with my first trophy being earned in 2013. For you and me we're pretty doomed to be at the bottom for a lot of categories even if we're active enough. And I'm just also mad at myself for having such an easy challenge and screwing it up because I thought I'd be able to finish the game I started, but had less time than I thought I would. Only have myself to blame because I let a friend convince me to give a series I was always convinced I suck at one last try and ended up getting addicted to it.
  3. I'm good with the default we get more than likely. Honestly I have no set plans outside of when Sen no Kiseki 4 arrives in my mailbox that I will be vanishing and playing that as non-stop as I can until I beat it, and it's possible that won't be until October since it can take time for imports to arrive and it comes out on the 27th. I'm mostly working on completion and boosting my trophy grades to As.
  4. It makes even less sense when you consider that Lost Memories is pretty much a rehash of Code Embryo. Lost Memories is downright terrible at anything it attempts to do. Code Embryo is actually a decent VN. Lost Memories just fails at everything it tried to do and was a terrible game that is worth $5-10 at most.
  5. Well, I really don't have much to update with, but the games I picked are definitely very hard. My only progress is getting past one boss in Muramasa Rebirth on fury difficulty. Fury difficulty is insanely hard and shows just how cheap a lot of these bosses are.
  6. But there's also plenty of FF titles for F. I may despise FFXIII, but it works for F for me. Though personally my W is going to be Wild Arms 3.
  7. I added Pic a PIx to my list but already got the plat for it. Also finished Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evo (it's the Japanese one with a 3 in the title). Probably won't have any new additions for a while because I'm working on Sparkle Unleashed and Muramasa Rebirth which are going to take a long time. Though I might cave and start Asdivine Hearts or Revenant Saga for an easy one to finish off.
  8. I looked and saw I was against MrUnknown625 and was like well there goes me earning any points until I saw it was completion %. Totally good with the default category this month! Probably wouldn't have tied if I hadn't gotten so busy the second half of the month and was able to finish the plat I got yesterday by then.
  9. So while it isn't a rank up it will net me another badge. Just platted Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evo and now qualify for the badge for completely the trilogy. And I guess I'll see you guys again when I get around to finishing Zero and Ao, unless finishing CS4 ends up netting a bonus badge too. Definitely think I'll get the CS4 plat before Zero and Ao.
  10. Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution ---> C to A The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 ---> C to A Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk ---> New to S 7'Scarlet ---> New to S Pic a Pix Color ---> New to S Not as much progress this month, but did knock out getting two older games to A rank bringing me down to 2 B ranks and 3 D ranks and everything else is A or S. Got my completion up to 92.35% and unearned trophies down to 231. Right now I'm going to be working on getting those Ds up to A at least. I'm working on Ateiler Rorona right now. Still sitting at 14 incomplete games. I'm pretty close to the plat in Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evo though. I put aside The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 for now in favor of working on the other stuff. Pretty much I'm trying to knock out getting the non-A stuff up to A, then I'll work on getting the incompletes down.
  11. Okay, here's my list: 1. Zuma - I only have the trophy to beat a level in 8 seconds or less left, but the best I've done is 9 seconds. It's actually a very hard 100% 2. Sparkle Unleashed - This game has only 0.33% completion and it is because of the one trophy I have left. Nightmare difficulty in this game is about 90% luck, 10% skill. I've gotten to the 46th level out of about 110 so far and I've been whittling away at this off and on since 2015. 3. Muramasa Rebirth - I only have speed runs and fury runs left. Fury gives 1 HP so you have to do bosses with no hits. Needless to say I've not gotten very far in this. 4. htoL#NiQ - The Firefly Diary - Some of the trophies I have left are very frustrating for a little point and click game. Awkward controls is a big part of the difficulty. Also because of its need for a guide for nearly anything and being on Vita which I tend to play where I can't access guides, it often ends up on the backburner. 5. God of War (PS3) - Normally I'm good at action RPGs, but seriously God of War is just so terrible and has hideous controls. I'm terrible at this game and have the challenges and speed run left and have so little patience for this game and playing it just reminds me that there are way better things I could be playing but that high percentage B rank is driving me nuts. May add more later on. I have a lot of games that would qualify that I haven't even started yet.
  12. Count me in on this and I'll post a list later when I'm not about to head off to work.
  13. Thinking it over, I think I'm going to bow out as well. What happened leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I think both sides of that were in the wrong. I'll finish my last game, because I planned on finishing it this week, but really don't want to be a part of this anymore.
  14. Did you also have the fun of enemy finally drops a chest, it has the orb you need and then the game crashes before you leave the room? Had that happen once and guess which one was the last one I had to grind and I spent hours on before it finally dropped again? Yep the one I lost due to a crash. Noting pleased me more than trading that game in for some cash for a far better game, and I almost never trade games in. @Toogie53 - when you get a chance can you swap 7'Scarlet for Umineko? Same category. I just don't think I'll be able to finish both Umineko and Sora no Kiseki the 3rd before this is over I'll probably save Umineko for the next event instead.
  15. Boss rush on nightmare is nothing in this game compared to the Steam version. It's only required to do it with one character, thus you can feel free to cheese it and use EX Hugo to your heart's content. The only difficult trophy was beating arena mode on nightmare. Boss rush may take some practice if you've never done it before, but since I 100%ed the Steam version the plat was easy for me, just time consuming. The bosses don't outright learn new attacks, but the attacks have some different patterns to them. If you have trouble with Nightmare, just grind a bit and you'll be fine. Time attack requires actually learning the patterns, but Hugo has his wind shield, so time attack is more forgiving with him. EX Hugo has a bit more range too, so he's the easiest to beat time attack with. DotEmu also hadn't fixed the very lovely glitch with arena mode when I got the Vita plat. If you play arena mode, then go and play story mode, the SP drops are the same as arena mode, thus you get insane amounts of SP on nightmare difficulty. Keep a normal mode save handy though since you'll want it for the grind to level 60. If you ever need any help feel free to ask me since I've got the plat and 100% on Steam and know the game well and maybe someday I'll be nuts enough and grab the plat on the PS4 stack.