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  1. Actually 0%s have had no effect on completion for some time now. Used to affect them but I think that was changed back around the end of 2016. As far as the topic goes, I'd recommend improving your current profile instead, OP. Making a new profile for 100% means you'll have to redo plats and if something goes wrong then you might be tempted to create yet another profile. Consider something like what would you have done with a 100% profile if you'd played a game like Indivisible before it released DLC with unobtainable trophies? Stuff like that can happen and you can do nothing about it. Completion in the 90s is quite respectable. In fact most seem to think more of a high but not quite 100% completion than a 100% that is clearly cherry picking games and only playing what they can complete. While there's nothing wrong with avoiding stuff that has known unobtainables, it definitely becomes clear that someone is avoiding harder games if all they have is easy stuff. A high but not quite 100% completion with some harder or longer games definitely looks far better. But in the end it's really up to you. What other people think really shouldn't matter as much as you having fun and being happy with your profile. I know I considered the same move myself, but honestly I didn't feel it would be fun to have to redo all my plats and I didn't even own some of those games any longer. If I want the satisfaction of redoing a game, I can get it on PC or make a profile for that, but I'd rather improve my current profile than have to redo games that I thought were boring.
  2. That's because it's very much a context thing and a big part of why Japanese is very tricky because so much has to be inferred from context. I studied Japanese in school and it was similar, we learned kanji in phrases or sentences to learn the context each kanji is used in.
  3. If the actions of others are enough to make you stop hunting trophies then you probably didn't have enough interest in it to begin with. You can't control what others do and cheaters will exist on any leaderboard. All you can control is how you play. Might also do you some good to try to focus less on your ranking or the rankings of others and just focus on goals to improve your own profile besides competing for a rank against people who have been playing longer than you. Most people on here who have tried chasing a certain rank on the leaderboards ended up burning themselves out and forgetting what gaming is truly about: having fun. Seriously, go play your games and try to have some fun. That's far more important than anything else.
  4. Ys Origin. The fact that I did it twice on PSN and also did the 100% on Steam (which is a lot harder) says I really enjoy the game. Also an honorable mention to Exist Archive. That and Ys Origin are about the only UR Plats I got that I'd actually recommend to others.
  5. I found for me that it was effective to actually list them out. I use PSNP+ and have a game listing for my backlog so I can keep tabs on how many games there are. I also have a spreadsheet for tracking my completion and have one that includes what my completion would be with the backlog games too. With good lists it's easy to make goals and see progress.
  6. Just to be aware, Steam only allows you to remove games from your library. If achievements were earned in that game they still count towards your AGC%. Even if you use a certain cheat tool that shall not be named to remove all the achievements, they still count towards your AGC% and actually lowers it because now you have a 0% counting towards it rather than whatever you had before doing that. All it does is make it so you no longer own the game, can't download it, and it doesn't show in your library. Pretty much it's only good for removing stuff you don't ever want to play and can't refund from your library. But at this time no platform allows for achievements or trophies earned to be removed entirely from their system once earned. Hiding games is actually superior to what Steam allows because a site like PSNP can only see that hidden games exist but has no idea about any stats related to those games. Leaderboard sites like this for Steam can still see your removed games achievements if your profile and game details are public On top of that hiding games can be determined on a game by game basis. On Steam it's all or nothing. You either can show your game details or not. If they are shown, third party sites like this technically can pull stats for games that have been removed if achievements were earned and Steam's own stats do include those games. On here hidden games don't count and aren't included in your PSN stats. That fact alone makes game hiding far superior.
  7. It boils down to the total amount of XP being the main basis for how much each game or trophy affections your completion. As you add more games the amount of total trophy XP available to you increases. Since the overall calculation is a fraction it's a bit like how one half is larger than one third, which is larger than one fourth etc. If the number on the top stays the same, then the amount the fraction is worth goes down as the number on the bottom goes up. What trophies the game has doesn't matter, it's the total XP worth of the game that matters. Because in the end as far as completion goes, 1 gold is the same as 6 bronzes or 3 silvers. To put it in simple terms, the more games you play the less effect to your completion each game has. That's because 15 XP for a bronze is a smaller percentage of 10,000 XP than 1,000 XP. Hopefully that makes sense because I know math isn't everyone's thing. And I get you on ToS and ToZ and this is coming from someone who got the plat/100% for both (I played ToZ on Steam, not PSN).
  8. Currently working on a guide for Shiness The Lightning Kingdom. It's currently in the process of being revised after its initial review.
  9. Just got a similar notice for US region. Of course I find it laughable because not like me purchasing with a credit card or Paypal even worked on Vita before now. Last time I tried it I got no end of errors and couldn't even fund my wallet with my card on the website. Ended up having to get a PSN card from Gamestop to buy a couple of cheap games on the Vita.
  10. It will stop once you get more games played. The way completion is calculated is that it takes the total trophy XP earned (minus plats) and divides it by the total trophy XP available (minus plats). The larger the amount of trophy XP available, the less each trophy will affect your completion. That results in your completion not lowering as much for each new game added, but it also means you'll see less increase for each trophy earned as you make progress in a game. Looking at your profile I'd give a rough estimate of you'll see that stop with about 60 more games played.
  11. Started but incomplete (8): Zuma - 90% God of War - 82% Kingdom Hearts - 52% Kingdom Hearts II - 55% Ateiler Rorona - 14% Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny - 11% ---> 14% Resonance of Fate - 10% Flower 0% ---> 57% Completed (2): Tales of Symphonia Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Not yet started (9): Had hoped to make some progress in Flower last month but got bogged down in a PS4 game that was being a nightmare. Did get back to Flower and got another trophy at least. Am hoping to wrap that one up soon and move on to Resonance of Fate.
  12. I think this really is the hardest part of getting completion up. Resisting the temptation of playing new stuff and actually playing the old stuff. Good luck getting that last bit though since you're so close and I bet you can do it!
  13. Massive game breaking glitches. There is no excuse for glitches to be present in the final version of a game that block game progression or trophies.
  14. The trophy guide for Shiness The Lightning Kingdom is now awaiting review.
  15. 0, just don't believe in hiding trophies. If I've earned a trophy and synced the game I'm going to do my best to complete it. If the game is awful and I've not synced it and it's on Vita or PS3 I can always delete the local trophy data before syncing. Only did that once with Tower of Beatrice because that game is awful.