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  1. Wow, you've been on PSN for about the same amount of time as me and look to have a similar issue of just not playing on PSN for a long time. Good luck with your goals! I hope you find some easy and fun plats/100%s to boost your profile stats a bit.
  2. But as others have said, this is something you are choosing to do. I can't make the choice to remove My Name is Mayo to enter the other giveaway because that would require either a time machine or Sony adding a feature to remove games with trophies earned, both of which are not happening anytime soon. The reason why this one is less exclusive is because TC has not included a requirement that you are incapable of meeting. You are capable of buying one of those games, have the money to do so, they are available in your region and you have the time to play them. You are choosing to not do so is what is excluding you.
  3. Considering it's way more possible for someone to go and buy a game with a 75%+ plat and plat it before April 1st than it is to remove one of those blacklisted games, yes this giveaway is far more open than the other one. Everyone is technically capable of meeting the requirements of this giveaway. They may not be willing to, but the capability does exist unless there is a region that exists where absolutely none of those games are available for purchase. To be able to enter the other one would require Sony to add the feature to remove games with trophies earned from our profiles, which isn't happening anytime soon. And personally, I have issues with the other topic because it is pretty much looking down upon people who have played even one easy plat, no matter what their reasoning may be or what other games they have played when trophy hunting should be far more about having fun. If someone has fun while playing a game like My Name is Mayo or Hannah Montana, what business is that to anyone else? It's their money and time spent on the game, not anyone else's. I was seeing far too much hate/dislike towards people who play certain types of games when people out there may well enjoy playing them.
  4. I'd like to enter and here's mine:
  5. Actually, it's far worse on Steamgifts and the reasons why people might exclude others from giveaways on there can be incredibly stupid to boot. Because they have black and white listing, it's possible to exclude members from a giveaway for any reason you feel like. Personally, I think it kinda sucks that I'm excluded because My Name is Mayo is among my recent plats and the fact that the majority of my plats are rather long JRPGs means nothing compared to one game. But hey, it's the OP's rules and this site allows it.
  6. @CJ_Mystery - Only reason why I got the PS4 version is because it's the only version with a physical copy. I prefer a physical copy when I can get one, especially on Vita where I only have a 4GB memory card and some games won't even fit. I honestly don't recall the delays being quite this bad in the original. It's to the point that I can't tell what damage was done by which character because it delays so much so it can be quite a bit of time before you catch on that you aren't damaging the monster with a certain type of attack. Also, it seems you miss a ton more than in the original. Killing a Nitro Pumpkin was a complete nightmare because it casts wall on itself, you can't remove wall from it and physical attacks nearly always miss. Now I know removing wall was possible in the original, because I'm following a SNES guide that specifically says to use dispel magic to remove wall as a boss strategy. Another thing you'll want to watch out for is you can't heal a character under a status effect right away. You can use cure water, it does heal, but the character's HP won't go up until the status effect wears off. Of course monsters can keep attacking the affected character and kill them in the meantime. That is seriously complete BS.
  7. Hey, just wanted to say that I noticed that me swapping my bonus to Blue Reflection which is platted wasn't updated in there. But thanks for the wonderful event and I look forward to the next one, just have to decide on all the games I'm playing still.
  8. Like others have said, it just doesn't really cover the events of the game. The game focuses on their own characters and makes a side story about a House and how they are effected by the various events going on in the series. All you need to know the game does tell you. The main thing is that the situation for House Forester is very tenuous because their enemies are in power now. The people you play as won't necessarily know everything either and have to make decisions as best as they can with their limited understanding. What this game does is let you be in the shoes of some people in this harsh world and see how you would fare in it. I also had never read the books or watched the TV show before playing this game and really enjoyed it. I think people like us are more likely to enjoy it because we have no expectations. I admit, I'd be interested in playing the game again now that I have seen up to season 5 in the series because I know I'd make some different choices now that I understand some of the characters better,
  9. Honestly, with how shoddy the combat is, you pretty much need it. I've had so many wasted spells because of how long it takes enemies to die Had characters die because my healing was delayed and not the enemy's attacks, etc. But I did think it was 9, maybe I'm mixing it up with FFA then. And with a trophy for raising magic levels to 8, I definitely want more faerie walnuts around so I can consistently use magic and not have to save grinding for the sprite's magic until the end, though the girl can be saved for later since it's best to just spam it like crazy in the wind palace anyhow if you want to gain levels quickly.
  10. Progress so far: Up to Northtown in the Empire, about 6 hours in according to the save menu. If I remember right this is about halfway Trophies: 14 out of 38 (D rank) So now I have also experienced my first crash in this game. Supposedly crashing issues were a lot worse when it came out, but it did get an update and I've only had one. Thankfully there is an auto save that saves every time you change screen, so little progress was lost. This game is also very much making me miss instruction manuals and maps that games include, and I bought a physical copy so it's just being cheap. I had to actually go and dig into the control customization just to figure out how to swap characters after yet another instance of delayed healing spell killing someone, but it was the character I was controlling. The lack of a world map to look at likely is going to get brutal once I get access to Flammie. Also found out there are some really dumb default settings. I know at least one other person is playing this one, do yourself a favor and go into the settings and adjust the max item capacity at the start. For some stupid reason the game defaults to a max of 4 items when the original allowed a max of 9. You can go up to 12 in this version but have to adjust that in the settings. I seriously just found this and am shocked that nothing even explains that exists as a setting and I don't tend to go looking around in there much unless the defaults are terrible. Definitely recommend anyone who plays this check options first and make sure you are okay with the settings. At minimum, it's a good idea to change to the original soundtrack, because the remastered one is really bad. I've also heard the Japanese voice acting is better than the English. But really, the slowness of combat is still annoying the heck out of me. At the same time, if the combat was actually good, this game would be a complete breeze. The poor combat is actually offset decently well by the battles being mostly easy. The slowness is getting worse as I get further because monsters spam magic like crazy now, and that can interrupt your moves and also stops you from being able to act until the magic animations are done, and they aren't quick. From the looks of things, it's likely going to be 30-40 hours to plat and actually not impossible that I could plat it before the month is over, though that depends on how much time I'll have to play. I honestly think the only reason why this game has a rare plat is because of how frustrating the slowness of battles is, and also supposedly farming for drops from monsters for the armor and weapon orbs needed for some trophies is a bit annoying, though it's nothing compared to some of the farming needed for FF plats. Anyway, this probably will be my last review because I doubt there is anything that is going to change my view of this game being a poor remaster. At least my next two games are going to be good action RPGs. Games played: 92 Games completed: 76 Completion: 87.13% (-1.74%) Unearned Trophies: 330 Trophies for this event: 100/270
  11. Yeah, the battles seriously are just terrible in quality. You attack the monster, it takes a couple of seconds before damage registers. Problem is, the enemies don't seem to have the same delay issues. I've had problems with characters dying because my heal spell was delayed, but the enemy's damage sure was able to go in before my spell even though I queued it up before the attack came. In the original that sort of lag only happened if there were more than three monsters on the screen. Fighting battles seems like such a chore in this game, even in the initial area when you can one shot kill everything.
  12. Progress so far: Up to the ruins in Pandora and getting my butt kicked by the boss Trophies: 5 out of 38 (E rank) Honest opinion? This is not a great remaster of a classic game. The graphics are so lifeless, the voice acting in English is terrible, the battles are so slow, and so on. The basic gist of the classic game is there, but honestly they didn't even bother to do basic things like have the characters' mouths move in animations. When you attack an enemy there is quite a delay in the damage showing up and the enemy dying. The battle issues were present in the original version, but it didn't seem so awful back then because you expected some difficulty due to technical limitations on the SNES and to be honest, I don't remember it being this hideous of a delay. One would expect that those issues would be resolved on a system like the PS4 and Vita that can definitely handle smooth fast-paced combat just fine. That being said, the game itself is solid and decent. I'd just expect that with a remaster that they'd make some effort to make the combat as smooth as we know an action RPG can be now, especially with the $40 price tag put on it. Right now I'd say wait for this one to go on sale or get a port of the SNES version. This version isn't worth $40, maybe $20 at most. I honestly am very disappointed because I know full well SquareEnix can do better than this and its faults just scream lazy cash grab. Games played: 92 Games completed: 76 Completion: 86.93% (-2.04%) Unearned Trophies: 339 Trophies for this event: 91/270
  13. However back then it wasn't expected and this isn't a port of the SNES version. The description says this is a remaster, not a port though so saying that the SNES version didn't have it doesn't matter much. They are remastering the game made in the 90s and put in the effort to give it 3D graphics and voice acting. On top of this, they put in the effort to show closeups of the characters while they were talking, which didn't exist in the SNES version. The point of doing a closeup like that is to be able to show more detail and then they completely miss simple details. And honestly, the cutscenes are awful looking because it's obvious these graphics don't scale up very well and are made more for smaller screens like the Vita. Also, they were able to do decent animations, including moving mouths in the 3D remasters of FF3 and FF4 that were made years ago and for the DS originally. One would expect SquareEnix to at least be able to meet the standard they set over a decade ago with those releases. This game fails to do even that much.
  14. So I can actually complete this, can I just swap Blue Reflection in as my bonus game? Started it last weekend and platted it early this week. I'm calling it Irish because of its lack of potatoes, the existence of a luck stat and Lime's outfit is mostly green.
  15. I'll join! My Vita backlog isn't quite so bad compared to my PS3 one, but I like events like this, here's my list: Final Fantasy X HD Final Fantasy X-2 HD Sparkle Unleashed Sparkle 2 Muramasa Rebirth htoL#NiQ - The Firefly Diary Sparkle 2 Exist Archive Asdivine Hearts Tokyo Xanadu Akiba's Beat Zero no Kiseki Evolution Ao no Kiseki Evolution Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Deception IV: Blood Ties And I think that's all of it, even including the unplayed ones not yet on my profile. I'm currently playing Sparkle 2.