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  1. It actually has an active community forum. Most achievement/trophy tracking sites I've used have forums that are pretty much crickets and tumbleweeds.
  2. If it's Windows, you can actually set it so it doesn't turn off the display. Should be in control panels>power options>change plan settings. From there you can modify various settings so the display doesn't turn off and annoy you. As far as my own habits, here's a few -I keep a single word document with lists of collectables in the games I'm working on. As I obtain items, I remove them from my list. If I have multiple games with collectables, I'll have them both in the same document with nothing separating them. I just know what goes with what games. -After playing a game for a time, I will sometimes get cravings for a certain snack when playing that game because I ate it multiple times while playing the game. This can get especially weird if I go back to a really old game. -I'm not fond of swapping discs or input sources on my TV, so I tend to play one game until its done so I don't have a swap so much. That's why I'm usually only playing only one PS3 or PS4 game and not one on each.
  3. Murdered Soul Suspect is the only one I'm familiar with that has a trophy earned in it.
  4. @bubblebubble11 - Dark Cloud. You barely even started it and it looks to be a pretty short plat (at least according to the trophy guide).
  5. You're definitely not alone when it comes to guides. The worst is guides for VNs. Almost always they give a time that involves skipping all text rather than only skipping read text. While yeah I get that is the fastest way to get a plat, it also defeats the purpose of playing a VN if you aren't going to read any of the story. VN guides nearly always have times that are way off if you want to play the game as it is intended to be played.
  6. P5 is a lot easier plat than P4G was. There's a really solid guide on here to get everything maxed out in one playthrough and to quickly get the second playthrough stuff. Even if you mess up, P5 has a ton of leeway on social links and the other miscellaneous trophies unlike P4G where the timing on being able to wrap everything up is down to the wire. I think it also does have a fast forward option, but I really found the story much more interesting than P4G's.
  7. That or idled for cards and that's it. It's actually what led to the start of trophies/achievements for starting a game. However, my response was to someone who felt that PSN rarity was more reflective of actual rarity since it includes all owners of a game and isn't segmented like PSNP rarity is even if PSN rarity includes cheaters. I was pointing out that PSN rarity doesn't include all owners, it only includes all owners who have started the game up and either earned a trophy or didn't remove the 0%.
  8. After doing some digging for the prices paid for some Japanese LEs, looks like this one is the most expensive: With shipping and everything it ended up being $135. Already paid for it despite it being a preorder because I'm in good shape financially right now and don't know when CS4 in English is coming out. But me buying expensive LEs isn't too weird. Most I've paid for a standard edition of a game would be Phantasy Star IV. That one had a MSRP of $100 back in the day, though with me shopping around it was about as much as some other now classic SNES releases.
  9. Okay, so I wrapped up the games I started to be filler to get to 150 plats and got the Nier plat. Now am back to being positive. Going to start working on finishing up Tales of Symphonia and then Rune Factory once that is done. Also chipping away at FFX-2 and got a few trophies in that. At least now good progress is being made and I'm hoping to avoid starting anything else until I wrap up Tales of Symphonia and Rune Factory at least.
  10. Simple, because they still own it and haven't earned any trophies when they have trophies they could earn in the game.
  11. You do also realize that PSN rarity is segmented too, right? It doesn't include all owners, it includes all owners who have actually started up the game and have it on their profile still. Rarities would be much lower if they actually included everyone who has purchased a game or downloaded it via PS+ if it was offered there. Steam is the only platform that truly shows all owners of a game.
  12. #150 The Final Verse - NieR Hit a milestone and gave it a really great game to fill it. NieR was definitely a ride from the moment I started the game and heard Kaine's foul mouth cussing out Weiss all the way to the final ending and the speedrun. It's a great game that has aged very well and is still a fun experience even 10 years after its original release. So glad it's getting released to PS4 soon so more people can enjoy this gem of a game. I had a ton of fun and am kind of sad that the ride is over now.
  13. #COOKWITHME: Marenian Tavern Story (Ultra) (0%) #DANCESINGWITHME: Akiba's Beat #CRAFTWITHME: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (Ultra) (11%) #HANGOUTWITHME: Hero Must Die Again #READWITHME: Death Mark (Ultra) #LEARNWITHME: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Ultra) (0%) #GETREADYWITHME: Tales of Symphonia (Ultra) (7%) #SOLVEWITHME: Word Search by POWGI (Ultra) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter #BONDWITHME: Nier (Ultra) #WORKOUTWITHME: Dark Cloud (0%) #FIGHTWITHME: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (Ultra) (0%) #TRAVELWITHME: TBA #GAMEWITHME: Dark Cloud 2 (Ultra) (0%) Finished up the speedrun in Nier and got the plat! It's also my 150th plat as well. Actually took a lot less time than I thought, it was more like around 10 hours when you have to do it under 15 hours. I even goofed off a bit and did some grinding so I'd be at a more decent level and did a few quests to raise enough money to get the best weapon in the game. Only hard part was the boss at the end of the first act because for one phase of it you have to knock out about a third of its HP meter before it can reach a certain location and on a speedrun you do so little damage that if you mess up even the slightest here, it's game over. Thankfully a game over just put you back to the last checkpoint with full health so with bosses you start at the beginning of whatever phase you reached in case you do screw up so it just took a lot of tries to ensure I got the perfect timing and barely defeat that shit-hog as Kaine so kindly put it. After that, the rest was easy.
  14. To some people it is just as annoying or more so to see that incomplete game in your profile than to deal with the grind. What I think is annoying is how devs feel a need to include those sorts of trophies and say that needs to be done to get the plat/completion when it's far beyond what the scope of completing the game would have included without trophies. To me the real issue is that many devs absolutely suck at using trophies wisely. Trophies can be a great way to add replay value, additional challenges, or get a player to discover all the hidden secrets in a game and so few devs use them in this way and instead add pointlessly excessive tasks to pad gameplay.
  15. Shooters, sports games and rouge-likes.