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  1. Do you mean this game? Definitely not since it says you can change the genres and I get a feeling the trophy set will end up requiring it for the plat. Anything with elements of genres I hate like shooters is pretty much a big fat no. Also, Compile Hearts games tend to be very grindy plats and full of stupid fanservice elements. I honestly think most of their games aren't worth the time spent playing them.
  2. I remember having either a spreadsheet or word doc with the full list and removed each item as it was found or upgraded to it. Outside of something like a checklist, there isn't. Each does have only five tiers, so you can also just keep track of the number of upgrades too, but it's easy to lose track. And of note, once you've finished the 256 floor tower once, don't bother with the full climb for grinding. Either start from the beginning and leave at the first boss (which I think was around 100 or so) or grind at the mysterious curry tower. You need to finish the 256 floor one once to get all the monster entries, but after that you're better off doing about 100 floors per run for grinding since there is never a guarantee that Kuu will get crafting smarts to easily swap weapons mid-dungeon and the higher floors are very difficult once you are down to grinding for all the staves.
  3. Pretty typical Kemco fare actually. Good solid fun, nothing seriously ground breakingly amazing. They pretty much are very average, there's nothing incredibly good about them, but they also aren't bad. Just a very solid average RPG with a decent enough story and characters. If you go in expecting very little, you should enjoy it and it's about 25-30 hours for the plat. Edit: So now that I finally was able to update with my shiny new Revenant Saga plat, here's my score for it. 100-23.60+12+20+36=144.40 points Also, since this lacks any genre labeling on PSNP and it is a turn based RPG, here's a link to my TrueTrophies page to serve as a reputable site that does list it as an RPG. In general all games published by Kemco on PSN are going to be turn based RPGs.
  4. So I'm just sitting here grumbling at the fact that I have a shiny new plat, but I can't update on here. Got the plat for Revenant Saga and I'll post the score once the site lets me update so I know what the rarity is with me included. Also should be getting the plats for Ys Origin and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana soon since I'm wrapping up the last playthrough on Ys Origin and then some more arena mode grinding and grinding to level 60 is all that is left and then once I get that plat I'll finish Lacrimosa of Dana since it's worth more points and would get an additional bonus for being the second in a series. Going to also work on Revenant Saga's sequel, Revenant Dogma. Mary Skelter Nightmares is annoying me, so I'm on a Kemco RPG kick since I need something to play during breaks at work and Kemco games are good easy fun.
  5. I've also noticed this as well and it also makes me do the captcha twice each time rather than click the box and I'm set. It's a pain in the butt to even do it once because some of those images are incredibly grainy and small and it says I'm wrong because I can't tell a smudgy dot happens to be a car or bus or whatever it wants me to identify. Usually recaptcha is good about storing that for a time and letting you pass by clicking the box only for a time, but not when I'm looking to update my trophies. Used to be that I'd only have to click once and then it would update.
  6. I wanted to mention that there is a better spot for grinding to level 999 than the island pictured above. To the SW of Baldor's hideaway there's an island shaped like a \. On that island are encounters that give a minimum of 102k experience and upwards of 500k experience. The island with the metal enemies tends to give on average 30k experience with a rare 300k experience. I honestly found the last dungeon was giving more experience than that. It also has the added benefit of not needing a metal ring to beat the enemies instantly. Your levels after clearing the true end should suffice. Get yourself an experience soul and that amount doubles. Upwards of 1 million experience per battle and on average one level per battle. Equip yourself with a Big Ring and you'll frequently get encounters that give 250k experience or more before bonuses. If you add an ultra rare ring, you also can get the best weapons and armor in the game and pretty frequent drops of gold crystals and 5 RSP if you still need burst+ rings. I do appreciate the tips for the challenge, but thought I'd mention this is a far better grinding spot for anyone looking to get level 999 for these challenges.
  7. Ys VIII is so much fun that I've done the Vita stack and then went and bought the PS4 version and played it again. It's also a good starting point for a newbie to the series. I know it doesn't tend to get really good sales, but it seriously is worth it. Trails of Cold Steel is very worth it too, and PS4 versions of the first two games are coming out soon too.
  8. As far as JRPGs go, I'd recommend Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Both have great stories, interesting characters and fun gameplay.
  9. Do you like VNs? If so the Hakuoki games are a good pick if you haven't played any of them. They are based on the Meiji era of Japan and the tales of the Shinsengumi. The Code Realize games also would be a decent fit that you could justify based on either the setting being inspired by Victoria era England or the fact that the guys you can romance are from famous historical literature. If you aren't a fan of VNs, another idea could be a game like Jotun. That plays like the Diablo games and is based on Norse mythology, and it's supposed to be pretty short. Artifex Mundi has a few good games based off legends and myths. Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment or Devil's Daughter likely would fit since those are based off the Sherlock Holmes stories which are set in a historical setting. If I remember right, Darksiders is based on myth as well. Keep in mind that myth doesn't require it to be greek or roman myths. You can go with any source of mythology. Heck, something with youkai like the Touhou games could potentially count since youkai are Japanese mythology. Even something like Castlevania: Requiem could work since those games are definitely a historical setting.
  10. There is actually a scroll that can prevent that from happening and also prevents the fragile items from breaking. I don't recall the name offhand but it's the scroll that names an item I think? Not the assay one that identifies an item, it's one that marks the item as belonging to you. Then it can't be stolen, broken, etc. You should always stick that one on a new piece of equipment you craft. And I agree that the game has some very annoying features. I honestly loathed the game by the end and the plat came only from my sheer determination to not let the game defeat me.
  11. Yeah, it was actually tricky on the Vita and my levels were a ton lower. About the only thing that seems like it might be hard is finishing all the Eternia quests since the last one requires completing most of the sanctuary dungeon and that was a pain in the butt. Also all the optional content is making things a joke because my levels are so high now and I had plenty of leftover materials to get all the weapon upgrades again right away (especially once I got Dina again, I have loads of Essence Stones I can trade down for tectite and iron ore as needed). My party has the best armor and nothing can seem to do more than 100 damage. The only bad thing is if someone gets hit with a nasty status effect like bleed or burn, but I made sure one person has the Earth Orb so I'm set. The only thing so far that's been hard was that very first raid before I could fortify the village. The monsters were taking out the lures in a single hit and then going for the barricade and taking that out in two hits. It took me a couple of tries to keep them away from the barricade. Now that I'm nearly fully fortified I'm all set for raids.
  12. I'm making good progress in both my Ys games. I'm on chapter 3 of my nightmare run in Lacrimosa of Dana and in Ys Origin I'm up to Silent Sands for my Yunica Nightmare run and up to the Guilty Fire in my Toal run. Definitely getting closer to those plats. Only one more annoying boss left on Toal's route and there's one tricky part in Silent Sands for Yunica and once I'm past that the rest is pretty much a breeze as long as I'm careful and watch HP. Lacrimosa of Dana on nightmare is a joke with carrying over levels from my easy run. All my characters are at level 90+ and way over what they were when I did nightmare on the Vita version. I wish you luck with that because Sorcery Saga is an incredibly tedious and grindy plat. By the way, do you know how to do the infinite gold trick with shopkeepers yet? There is a particular weapon that sells for more than you would buy it for, but only with dungeon shopkeepers. Bring one with you in a dungeon and you can spend some time just selling and buying it back and rack up a ton of gold to make upgrading your weapons easier. Also make sure to swap weapons once it's transformed as much as it can and save yourself some grinding. You can fuse a regular one with your good +whatever sword and shield to keep the levels intact. Just be careful with the fragile ones (there's a scroll you can use on those to prevent them from breaking too). If you need tips just ask since I got the plat, I'd just have to look up the names of stuff.
  13. A lot is going to depend on you, but it's mostly that game in your backlog or you haven't bought that you plan to play someday, but somehow you just haven't had a chance to yet. Maybe you're waiting for it to go on sale or every time you meant to buy it something else came up. Or if you own it you planned on playing it but something came up and you haven't gotten around to it. Or maybe you even started it way back when and have been meaning to get back to it and just haven't had a chance. Stuff like that would fall into the meaning to get to box.
  14. B1 (Series new to you): Strike Solitaire (NA Vita) B2 (Historical fiction or mythology(: 12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece (Steam) B3 (Anthropomorphized animals): Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PS4) I5 (Can beat in one sitting): Doodle Devil (NA Vita) N2 (With player choices or multiple endings): Ys Origin (PS4) N4 (With a # or punctuation mark in the title): Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (NA Vita) O3 (Adventure): Ys Seven (Steam) Beat Lacrimosa of Dana and decided to put it in the Anthropomorphized animals square. The reason for this is due to some characters you meet in the final chapter. I'll probably finish the B column first since favorite genre just needs me to toss any RPG I beat that doesn't fit elsewhere into it and by an independent developer is one I have a bunch of possible choices for, but I'm probably putting Umineko in there once I finish the last episode of it.
  15. So I thought of an idea for a project platinum and I don't think the games are in any other PP yet. I was thinking Kemco RPGs. There are six unique plats and one non-plat in English, and a couple of additional titles in Japanese (which probably would be bonus stuff). This would include the following games: Revenant Saga, Revenant Dogma, Asdivine Hearts II, Antiquia Lost, Dragon Sinker, Fernz Gate, and Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God. Asdivine Hearts can be a bonus since it's a non-plat. I'd be willing to run it if needed, but if anyone else wants to take up this idea feel free to.