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  1. Mine is just all the plats in my favorite series, Trails. It's a 10 game long series so far and I've got plats for all the games including the JP only ones. Fits perfectly until another game comes out in the series.
  2. I so agree with you in regards to autism being a difference, not a disability. Autism isn't anything like the fact that I need glasses to see more than a couple of feet in front of me. I can't learn how to see better. I can only fix that with glasses, contacts or surgery. I'm also on the mild end of the spectrum and it is possible for me to learn how to deal with people socially. It just takes putting it into a perspective I can make sense of. I think society as a whole is at fault for trying to shove pegs of all different shapes and sizes into the same sort of hole that is deemed "normal", "typical" or whatever term you want to give it. I get that more severe cases of autism are indeed a disability, but mild cases can actually be a boon in many ways. In the past where I fell on the spectrum would have been called Asperger's and I highly disagree with getting rid of that label and lumping all those people into a single spectrum with people who are indeed disabled. Too often people judge harshly based on labels and "autistic" is unfortunately a label that leads to the person being judged as inferior. Of course in the past the more mild cases like myself were also missed and we had to deal with the cruelty of children to those who are different. I actually wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 40s. I can say that very few people I've told were surprised when they found out. Honestly, I only got my diagnosis because I mentioned my thoughts to a therapist who agreed that my self-diagnosis was correct.
  3. My 40th plat was a Trails game too, it was the JP stack of CS3. I just tend to end up with a bunch of Falcom games as milestones but it's actually been a while since I had an Ys game there and Ys IX deserves a spot with it being my second favorite series and the series I've been into the longest.
  4. May as well give a more detailed update like others are. Finished: Stranger of Sword City (2 trophies earned) Started: Pic-A-Pix Pieces (6 trophies earned, 26% completion) Alphaset by POWGI (NA Vita) (platinum earned) Started a few games because I'm looking to make Ys IX my 200th plat and it comes out on the 2nd of next month and those games usually take me about 1-2 weeks to plat. Currently sitting at only 194 plats so I'm trying to do some easy stuff to get me to 199 in time. My plan is to knock out the other stack for Alphaset by POWGI along with Autumn's Journey which is a short VN to knock out some easy plats and then do some of my unstarted Pic-A-Pix PS4 stacks until I hit 199. I'd like to be at 199 before Ys IX comes out because I know Ys games are the sorts of games that time just flies while playing them. I admit, I'm also kind of debating on saving Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes for plat #225. It's a pretty fun game and definitely a time consuming plat worthy of a milestone to me. Making some progress here, but no trophies to show for that yet. Once I hit 200 plats though I'll go back to this and also start working on chipping away at some of those old incomplete games. After I either knock out Sengoku Basara or have the plat prepped my plan is to hit up Rune Factory next.
  5. I'd honestly pick a game that sounds fun and you can get the plat easily enough without having to refer to a guide every step of the way. Something with no missables, no trophies for higher difficulties and is a genre you really love is great for this. Pretty much a game where you can get the plat in a single blind playthrough would work.
  6. Deleting 0%s doesn't really count though. They don't affect your completion on here so removing them doesn't really change anything. Anyway, may as well answer the old necroed thread while I'm here. I don't hide trophies, but if I accidentally started a game with an unobtainable 100% I might.
  7. . Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki 2. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV 3. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (72%) 48 out of 55 trophies 4. Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (11%) 8 out of 38 trophies 5. Stranger of Sword City 6. Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (0%) 0 out of 58 trophies 7. Alphadia Genesis 8. Liege Dragon 9. Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition 10. Cat Quest II 11. Song of Memories 12. Will: A Wonderful World 13. Dragon Lapis 14. Beast Quest 452 out of 536 trophies earned. 11 out of 14 games completed 2/5 swaps used Got the plat in Stranger of Sword City at last! Had to do a ton of grinding and even then I beat the post game final boss more out of luck than skill. Pretty much what happened was that there's a one time item you get as a reward for a previous boss and I saved it for the last of the four post game bosses. The item gives a random advantage effect ranging from a full heal, increased stats, etc. I lucked out and got a really awesome shield that stopped me from getting clobbered with powerful attacks. With that, all I had to do was make sure the boss couldn't remove my buffs and shields and I kept up the protection from instant death (which of course this boss loved to spam and the protection only lasts two rounds). And of course still chipping away at Sengoku Basara, but no trophies to show for that. Up to over 40 playthroughs completed now and only have to recruit allies with 6 more of the characters. Only have 10 more accessories to farm materials for, but still have a lot of level grinding and weapon farming left along with still needing to wrap up playthorughs. Still steadily making progress but may have to take a break from this one for a bit since the game I planned for my 200th plat comes out early next month and I'm still a bit away from 200. Definitely want to knock out some easier stuff so I'm a bit closer when Ys IX comes out.
  8. Stranger of Sword City Probably would give this one a 7/10 difficulty because even on the lowest difficulty level the game is pretty hard and very unforgiving in how cheap the bosses and even some regular encounters can get. The very last boss for post game is actually 4 bosses, first you have to do three in a row, then you can move on to the 4th but can only heal, no saving. I only finally beat the last boss here because I got lucky on the effect of a one time item that gives a random effect when it comes down to it. Glad to have this one out of the way at last!
  9. Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki for me. First off, it's not localized so you have the general difficulties of playing a non-English game. To add to those difficulties it had these additional issues: -Every guide I found for the game had inaccuracies. This wasn't minor stuff, this was stuff like giving me wrong locations and choices. Most guides also didn't give much info about trophies since the game was originally a PSP game and most guides were for that version. -Tons of missables, no complete listings of them (had trouble even finding one in a Japanese guide). -Difficulty trophies didn't stack, guides advised otherwise. Got stuck having to do another playthrough thanks to this. -A low level run was required. Said low level run was impossible to do while getting much else in the way of trophies. -Had a trophy for play time that went beyond what a player would finish a game in, on a Vita game so you have to leave it idling and wiggle the analog stick every now and then since the game timer would pause if it went into rest mode. -Some of the monsters you needed to analyze for the battle notebook were incredibly rare encounters and someone had the bright idea of the encounters only respawning if you leave the area completely. I spent well over an hour trying to get one to show up. -There was a glitch for one trophy that isn't mentioned in any guide. Being affected by said glitch requires replaying the whole game while doing nearly everything again. Yep, I got hit by this glitch. Oh, and it was the battle notebook one, so see above point for why this pissed me off so much. On top of that, one of the unique monsters came from a quest that requires a high detective ranking, so you had to do every quest and deal with first issue as well. Hands down this was the most annoying glitch I've ever dealt with.
  10. It gets even worse for people who play on multiple platforms. Steam is probably hands down the worst because of all the sales, bundles and giveaways that make it easy to get cheap and free games, so there are tons of people who have more games than they will be capable of finishing in their lifetime. On PSN with my not started games I have 71 games in the backlog. On Steam I own 1286 games and only have finished 400 of them. That backlog is made worse for me having two games that keep adding DLC (one of them has almost 2000 achievements and over $700 worth of DLC now). I've accepted that I'll never finish the Steam backlog, that's part of why I focus on the PSN one so much right now because it's actually doable to finish someday. I definitely realize that people's backlogs are getting bigger and more people have one because games are cheaper and easier to obtain than they were in the past. I actually think this is another part of why short and easy games have such an appeal now as well. Someone is going to be more likely to buy a low priced game that can be finished quickly and not just add to the backlog and someone looking to get the backlog down is more likely to start with easy games that can be finished in a timely manner.
  11. My own thought would be that the price drop should have to be at least 10% of the original price for it to send something since I've never seen a sale for under 10% discount. Another idea could be to allow users to specify a threshold at which they want to be notified, which might not be a bad feature in general.
  12. From my experience the knock offs just don't last as long. I only own one because I wanted to have a turbo controller for some grindy games, but I only use it when I need the turbo functions and use the dualshock 4 that my PS4 came with normally. Had my PS4 since 2017 and the originally controller is still working great.
  13. So found a weird issue. I got emailed about a game going down in price. When I load up the game and click the link on your site it leads to a store link showing it's still the original price the email gives me. Tried in two browsers as well and the game shows $25.01 in the new store when the email I got shows it's $24.99. If I go to the old store link here It does list $24.99. For the heck of it, tried to add the game to my cart in the new store and it is indeed added at $24.99 there. I'm pretty sure this is a Sony issue, but I've received two emails about the same supposed price drop when the game hasn't actually changed in price beyond the new store link showing it wrong. At best, the emails are pointless to be sent out. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to put some minimum drop amount for an email to be sent. Typically sales aren't going to be a discount less than 10% so that might be a solid point to set it at to prevent stuff from going out because Sony can't get their act together and make a working store.
  14. Now: 1. Ys Origin (NA PS4) - 2.61% 2. Tales of Symphonia - 2.72% 3. Omega Quintet - 2.74% 4. Ys Origin (NA Vita) - 2.91% 5. Exist Archive - 3.17%
  15. POWGI and PIc-A-Pix games if you don't care about what times you solve puzzles in, which only a few trophies have any requirement for this. Those are just puzzle games so you can put them down and pick them up and continue as you please without worry. I'd also add dungeon crawlers to the genre recommendations. Those are turn based as well and there are lots of good ones on Vita.