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  1. Do you have fire dash? I found using that helped me get to the large rock faster. Also, I don't recommend mashing square. It seems to work with Ventus, but with Aqua you seem to have to time the square pushes at the end of the cartwheel to keep the invincibility frames going, otherwise she just stands up.
  2. How have your book sales been going and has the reception to them been good? What inspired you to write your first book? Do you have any favorite authors/books? If so, what are they? Has there ever been a book you never finished writing that you'd love to return to?
  3. Feeling contented It's amazing how making one small change can instantly improve your mood
  4. Cute cover photo!

    1. Mesopithecus


      Haha thanks ^_^  Not sure many people would agree that it's cute though :D

    2. MidnightDragon


      It's cute if you like alligators and/or crocodiles.

    3. Mesopithecus


      @MidnightDragon That's true :D  I live like a 5/10 minute drive away from several different wetlands areas that are perfect for gator spotting. 

  5. Starset - Ricochet (Acoustic Version)
  6. I think this topic might help with what you're looking for - it covers PS4, PS3 and Vita
  7. It seems like one of the shorter KH games so I should be able to, if not then I'll be happy just clear the story
  8. Currently working on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, hoping to have it done before Kingdom Hearts 3 is released
  9. It's great to see someone interested in plat-less games Some personal recommendations that I've played on this account and on a prior account: Contrast Hatoful Boyfriend/Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star Child of Light Koi Hue Type:Rider Letter Quest Remastered Costume Quest/Costume Quest 2 Abzu A Boy and His Blob Doodle God/Doodle Devil Machinarium Thomas Was Alone Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Valiant Hearts: The Great War Never Alone Rain Unmechanical Extended
  10. It turns out you can't just have a little rant about shit without the wrong person getting offended thinking it's about them Taking a break for a while, going to focus on some of my other hobbies - have had more fun lately exploring arts and crafts activities
  11. I have nothing to prove; the only person whose opinion matters to me is right here in the same room. I'm kinda tired of people being assholes, especially ones who I've dropped everything to help. I'm done being taken advantage of by so-called "friends"
  12. Hoping to revive this thread a little - my husband bought me a new camera for Christmas and has been encouraging me to enjoy some creativity in some of my hobbies. I've been testing it out and here are three of my favorites so far - I've put them in spoiler tags as they are quite big in size Little blue heron, taken at the retention pond near to where we live Banded Water Snake, taken at our local wetlands Little Egret, again taken at our local wetlands
  13. #147. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 This has become my favorite Kingdom Hearts game, everything from the story, the classic Disney worlds, the battle system and even the mini-games. I thoroughly enjoyed it right to the end. I'm not sure if I just had an easier time than most, but I actually found this easier than KH2. It's surprising as after I loathed CoM, I had very low expectations for BBS. As an unpopular opinion, Terra is actually my favorite character
  14. Plat #30. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - 2250 Points The second of my double points games, and also my favorite entry in the Kingdom Hearts series I definitely feel like people hype up the difficulty on this one, I had a fairly easy time - even with Terra who is said to be the worst character. It's funny because he is actually my favorite character too, I felt like his story was more interesting and I liked that he had high strength. Overall, the story was amazing and really worked well as a good background for the other Kingdom Hearts games; I loved the classic Disney worlds and even the mini-games were fun. Maestro trophy was daunting but easily doable, not sure what I even worried about. The grind didn't even feel too bad, I guess you have a bit of variety between using the three characters. Critical mode proved to be a nice challenge, but it definitely felt easier than the previous KH games I've played. Onwards now to Dream Drop Distance to see if I can get that done before KH3 is released!
  15. I redeemed myself with a more respectable platinum - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Not worth a whole lot when you factor in the prepped penalty, but it's definitely a proud platinum for me