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  1. I don't know where the updates are up to as I've kind of been disconnected from the forums and trophy hunting in general, so here is a bit of an overall update from me. Genshin Impact I finished the base game on 21st October - just unsure how the calculations work for the base I also finished one of the Inazuma DLC and I beat floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss on the last moon phase. Not bad considering I'd only been playing the game for three months and hadn't really pulled any of the meta DPS characters. Inazuma - DLC Trophy Pack 5 = 12 points Spiral Abyss - DLC Trophy Pack 4 = 11 points I have enough electro sigils to max the Sakura tree out whenever they lift the cap, and then I have a few more weeks left on getting Inazuma reputation to maximum. In terms of other games, I started Shining Resonance Refrain and found it to be very meh so that's on the backburner right now. I also took a week off last week and managed to play through a good portion of Scarlet Nexus, I'm nearly at the end of my first playthrough - I've thankfully enjoyed this a lot.
  2. What holiday memory puts a smile on your face? First Christmas my husband and I spent together, we got a real Christmas tree (which shall forever be known as the spider tree) and had great fun decorating it, and just having an all round awesome Christmas with lots of home baked goodies What's a gift you've given that put a smile on someone else's face? I bought a friend tickets to go and see a musical they were a huge fan of Honestly, have you been naughty or nice this year, and why? I'd say I've been fairly nice, spent a lot of the year studying, recovering from surgery and generally just trying to improve myself. Even at my worst of times I've tried to maintain being kind to people, rather than letting any bad mood vibes get the better of me
  3. Looks like the base game for Genshin Impact is missing for me, I completed it on 21st October. Just slipped my mind to post here as I've been busy and kind of been turned off trophy hunting the past few months.
  4. Solid lineup imo, looking forward to giving a few of these a try!
  5. I would definitely have loved Diluc's angsty face if he had showed up as my 50/50 loss, instead I got Jean....which means I have every healer currently in the game except for Qiqi. I'm also preparing teams for the Abyss at the moment, just sorely in need of more DPS for my second team...looking likely I'm going to skip Kokomi banner and hold out for the rumored Ganyu or Hu Tao re-run.
  6. As an avid bird-watcher, I'd absolutely dig this as a thread It would certainly be infinitely more readable and entertaining than all these "ezpz games are bad" threads that's for sure.
  7. It was already free on PS+ in November 2019
  8. I typically tend to stick to one game at a time, mostly because I get flustered and mix up controls between games. Sometimes if my main game is something really long and grindy, I will play some shorter games to help break that up a little bit.
  9. #230. Tesla vs Lovecraft Oh hey look...I finally took a small break from Genshin Impact to earn a platinum...yay me! Now I'm 80% certain I saw this recommended on an older Gaming by Numbers event but I have no idea who played it and reviewed it to be able to give a thank you shout out (my bad because this game is great) Now, don't be put off by the relatively high rarity as this game doesn't necessarily fall into the ezpz territory, as the highest difficulty can get pretty tough. At its core, this game is a really fun twin-stick shooter where you complete three worlds of difficulties referred to as "planes", during each run you get different abilities and perks you can choose from, different weapons and abilities. You can also earn/farm aether crystals from daily missions and reaching different tiers of enemy kills, these can be used to unlock some more permanent upgrades - like increased amount of teleports or graphine alloy for your mech. Now one of the downsides is that it can get a bit repetitive after a while (and make your thumbs ache if you're old like me) but I ended up spreading this out over a longer time, doing a few levels each day. Therefore I definitely recommend this as a game that can be easily picked up and put down. Otherwise I'd say the platinum takes around 12-15 hours. I hope everyone who reads this is doing well today, in both their trophy hunting journey and day-to-day life!! ....and it's back to Genshin I go!
  10. One of my favorite forum events, I'm definitely in!
  11. Update Two Genshin Impact DLC's finished DLC Trophy Pack #1 = 13 points DLC Trophy Pack #2 = 12 points I might end up slowing down on Genshin now, as I need to grind my characters and artifacts ready for Spiral Abyss (and I'm woefully low on fragile resin) With the Final Fantasy PSNow announcement, I might finally get off my butt and finish up all the FF games in my backlog
  12. I don't even think this is available digitally on Playstation, I believe it might be disc only. I know FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns are digital though. I own nearly all Final Fantasy games, except for Final Fantasy XII: A Zodiac Age as it always seems to hold a high price point - so it being added to PSNow is fantastic for me
  13. My pulls for this banner: Sucrose x3 Sara x2 Xiangling x1 Xinyan x1 Jean x1
  14. Congratulations!