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  1. Absolutely loving what I've played of Cult of the Lamb so far ^_^ Sadly, the PS4 trophy list isn't synced to PSN yet so unable to track them

    1. MidnightDragon


      At least you're having fun. :) 

  2. Nope, Cult of the Lamb is made by Massive Monster (Don't Starve is made by Klei) Massive Monster also makes The Adventure Pals, which is a pretty fun game too.
  3. Managed to knock out game number 2! 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lego DC Supervillains 08/06/2022 6. 7. The Artful Escape 08/07/2022 8. 9. Wow, what an experience! Definitely a highlight of an easy game (80.26% rarity) that is actually an absolute banger - the visuals and the music were fantastic!
  4. Got my first game done: 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lego DC Supervillains 08/06/2022 6. 7. 8. 9. This one has been a long time coming, it's something I've been chipping away (albeit very slowly) in the evenings after work when I'm not feeling so tired. Decided to just sit down today and knock out the remaining hub collectibles I needed. Feels good to be finished, I always think that Lego games seem like a chill time....until I play one and remember how involved the collectibles are.
  5. You could always use both Nexomon: Extinction and Adventures of Mana as part of your list if you don't manage to get them finished before August 1st
  6. I also platted Stray recently, and absolutely loved it Putting my vote toward the Capybara
  7. #270. Summer in Mara I've been enjoying a lot more relaxing, farming/adventure type games and Summer in Mara really does fit the bill for that. It is very fetch quest heavy, and each of the NPCs have side quests/story arcs that you need to work on - a lot of these are interwoven - but they add to the overall theme of the story. Resources can be difficult to come by initially, until you start growing out your farm and visiting new islands - money is definitely a thing hard to come by without grinding quite a lot. I liked this well enough, but after a while it did overstay its welcome. #271. Kitaria Fables I feel bad for saying this, but this game was one of my biggest disappointments this year. It's around 3 hours story, and the rest of the time (20 or so hours) just grinding. Distinct lack of cat puns too. I do wonder if I played this too soon after Mara as they are kind of similar style games (with the addition of combat in Kitaria) It is super cute though. ---- Aside from these, I'm now kind of just coasting until STRAY is released on the 19th. I have Lego DC Supervillains I'm working on when I have time in the evenings - I have managed to clear all of the DLC and currently working my way through the levels again getting all the collectibles. I'm also actively playing Genshin Impact still, new update has dropped so I have some extra things outside of my dailies to do. I also downloaded Ys IX to play, which was chosen for me in the PS EXTRA-vaganza event - planning on maybe starting that one at the weekend but that might be a long term ongoing project.
  8. I think it didn't help that I played three relatively similar games so close together (Wytchwood, Summer in Mara and Kitaria) I was expecting it to be a little more like Cat Quest 1 and 2, which I adored
  9. I didn't really like it so much, it was around 3 hours of story and 20 hours grind....or at least that's the way it felt
  10. I finished my first game last night - Kitaria Fables The main character you can play as is a cat (you can change the style, so I chose a Calico) and pretty much all the NPCs are animals. For my vote, I choose the manatee, not the cutest of animals but they are an imperiled species who are dying at an unprecedented rate. In Florida, decades of fertilizer and residential developments have killed off seagrass which is a manatees main source of food - during the winter the FWC was having to throw lettuce and cabbage in the water for manatees to eat.
  11. I would like to join and my game recommendations are: Wytchwood Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  12. .Detuned I think that one was called.
  13. Count me in for this please
  14. Wonderful idea for an event, I'd love to join please
  15. Sometimes You is another one, they are behind all the "Energy" games I think someone else has already said EastAsiaSoft but nearly all their recently published games are quick plats (like Ratalaika though, the games themselves might not be bad)