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  1. His Rogue Legacy is 100% cheated - he got the trophy for beating the Remix version of the final boss (Syngenesophobia) before he got the trophy for beating Remix Khidr (Scotomaphobia) You can only get the Obel for unlocking the Remix final boss AFTER you have beaten all 4 of the other Remix bosses. I'm pretty sure you can't stack the trophies for beating the game twice, and the trophy for beating the game dying 15 times or less. Geminiphobia is gotten from running new game +, whereas you need a clean slate and start from scratch for Thanatophobia.
  2. I've personally found trying to earn mastery in the offline quests is painfully slow, yet within like 2-3 hours of playing wars last night I had earned the 3 levels of mastery on skills I needed to make Grimoires.
  3. Were you still in contract with that capital after the war? I had one day where I didn't get a flag and it was when my contract had expired. Make sure to sign the contracts for 5 days, not only is it beneficial for the flags but you also get a money bonus too for having a longer contract
  4. Looks like it updated straight away for me. I was able to get High Damage with your Valkyrie just now too by lining up 3 members of my squad, using Chase Zone with the Witch, Combo Boost and Cost Down with the Valkyrie and then alternating Spark Lance and Assault Dive. It was actually easier doing this for me than using the Witches Big Bang attack
  5. Midweek Update 1. Final Fantasy VIII - 34% 2. Graveyard Keeper - 0% 3. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - 0% 4. The Sims 4 - 5% 5. Revenant Saga - 5% 6. Final Fantasy X - 13% 7. Final Fantasy VII - 0% 8. Detroit: Become Human - 0% 9. Trine: Enchanted Edition - 8% 10. Dungeon Travelers 2 - 0% 11. What Remains of Edith Finch - 0% 12. Grand Kingdom - 22% >> 60% Been really enjoying Grand Kingdom so I've been playing a lot, mainly just have the grind and some character specific trophies left now. Been pleasantly surprised at how much fun I've been having with the game, it's a shame that the online is shutting down. Still not got Short Sights skill yet which is the one most people comment about, but hopefully RNG will favor me soon Final Fantasy VIII has been on hold in favor of this
  6. You can do some of the regular single player quests first to help level up a little bit, it will definitely make the online less daunting however most of the troops you fight will scale to your level anyway. There are some great tips further up in this thread for boosting your exp in the online wars. As for the flags, try not to worry about it too much. At lower levels I rarely saw any different flags but as I was leveling up I got more and more opportunities for flags. You do indeed get a flag every day from one of the towns people at your allied nation, you can get 6 flags from doing single player infiltration missions by picking up the special gold chest and finishing the mission successfully, then the rest I won from other teams in online wars. I've been playing like 4/5 days now and already got the 20 flags needed so it's definitely doable. What team are you using?
  7. Magicka 2 and Super Dungeon Brothers are both fairly easy, might need someone to coop with is all. SDB can also be a bit glitchy for the kill grind trophies.
  8. Is there a better way to find your squad to follow btw? I searched for Dragon and Dragons but it wasn't showing your squad on the list
  9. The flag I got from the Infiltration mission was one you can equip in the upper left corner of the screen, you just need to make sure to grab the gold chest and successfully complete the mission. The one I did yesterday was Wastelands. I've got around 7 flags so far including the Monokuma flag (yay!) I didn't get the daily flag from the person in town, however I've noticed the higher level I'm getting, the more flags I'm seeing - maybe because some of the lower level teams are just using the basic flags?
  10. Thanks for the tip about the infiltration quest, did my first one yesterday and got a flag from it
  11. Considering the guide states that people have had issues with that method not working, and the best method is to win flags through online battles (and as the experience grind seems better there anyway) all I was looking for was some clarification from other people who are winning those flags if there are any particular things you need to do or if it was purely just RNG/Luck. It's not a "huge deal" but it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone, and I directed a question to someone who had success getting flags in online wars for a bit of advice. As they answered in a helpful way and I just managed to get a flag through an online battle, all my questions are answered and I'll bow out of this thread
  12. Thanks for the helpful response, appreciate it a lot. Guessing it's just luck and I've been unlucky so far, I've encountered that about 4 times too but not gotten it. One other quick question, where will it show at the end of the fight if I've gotten the flag or not?
  13. You only get one at the end of the day once the war has ended, or that's the way it seems.
  14. How are you getting the flags? For real I must be really unlucky, as I have spent all of last night and all of this morning playing online wars but got nothing.
  15. 1. Final Fantasy VIII - 24% >> 34% 2. Graveyard Keeper - 0% 3. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - 0% 4. The Sims 4 - 5% 5. Revenant Saga - 5% 6. Final Fantasy X - 13% 7. Final Fantasy VII - 0% 8. Detroit: Become Human - 0% 9. Trine: Enchanted Edition - 8% 10. Dungeon Travelers 2 - 0% 11. What Remains of Edith Finch - 0% 12. Grand Kingdom - 0% >> 22% Final Fantasy VIII - Making excellent but slow progress, I want to do as much as I can in the game so not really getting trophies as quick. It's probably on hold for a little while now whilst I work on Grand Kingdom. Grand Kingdom - Actually had quite a bit of fun with this today and made some good progress, I wasn't even really focused on the trophies and was just playing the game and having fun. Been doing a lot of the online wars as I read that's the best way to get flags, I also heard it was good for leveling but neither the flags or levels seem to be happening much. Might use a power leveling guide I found on gamefaqs which is more reliant on doing one of the bounties for lots of experience. Not looking forward to Skill Completionist trophy, RNG usually hates me.