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  1. It has so many quick and easy plats though, plus plenty of Weeblympics games Honestly, the USPS is so bad where I am I can't even consider Gamefly so PS Now is a much better option (for me personally)
  2. I have Terraria for PS4 but I believe you can cross play with the Vita, so I don't mind helping a bit when I get started with it.
  3. If the PS Now free trial works out, why not cancel the GameFly subscription in favor of PS Now? Seems like a better option as the games will be instantly available rather than having to wait for the postal service.
  4. I'm working on MeiQ at the moment and will likely stick with it until it's finished. Got my Normal and Hard playthroughs done, so it's just Devil and Hell left, then the grind for 30,000 kills and level 999 on everyone.
  5. It's pretty quiet in here so I thought I'd liven it up with 5 more points (87 total) Wood Crest Obtained (5.92%) Wood Crest Dungeon Conqueror (4.66%) Connie the Strong (6.26%) Setia the Strong (6.37%) How is SO5 going @Edunstar84?
  6. I believe with the second part of the New Reign update that went live around 4th July, the gunpowder trick to killing the bosses has been nerfed. I've taken the below from the patch notes that were on Klei forums
  7. It had been on my wishlist for a while so I hope that I enjoy it. Want to start Omega Quintet soon too, get a dent made in my Weeblympics games
  8. I'm hoping to platinum MeiQ next and then may do some quick and easy games in between grinds. I'm thinking I'd like to start Conception II though after finishing MeiQ
  9. I had a crazy moment today in Gamestop that ended up with me buying Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and Star Ocean 5.
  10. It doesn't seem so bad. You need to get characters to level 999 but there are XP raising items that help. I'd say if you like dungeon crawlers, JRPGs and Compile Hearts/Idea Factory then you'd definitely enjoy MeiQ. It's been on sale really cheap too, it was $3.99 when I picked it up
  11. It's grindy with 4 playthroughs. I think that's the only reason it's UR. You're making good progress on Everybody's Golf though
  12. 4 more points to add, bringing the total up to 82. Playing MeiQ has slowed me down somewhat but should gain some precious UR with the remainder of the trophies I have left. Metal Crest Dungeon Conqueror (8.12%) Flare the Strong (9.28%) Grand Master (4.52%)
  13. Yea, seems that is the case as I can't report people for Modern Warfare 2 but I can report people for Okami. Seems like this is a positive thing to implement.
  14. I think you can only report PS4 games that you've actually played and have on your list. At least that's how it seems from what I've looked at (for example I can report people on Infamous First Light but not Infamous Second Son)
  15. Just SOMA for me from this sale. It's been on my radar for a while and finally on sale cheap enough for me