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  1. You would need to manually update it. I just did this for you and your profile should be up to date now. You're welcome
  2. Actually, the first post and hall of fame was updated earlier today thanks to @Lucas so you're already up in there
  3. If the above methods don't work, double check that you have status updates enabled. Click on account settings and then edit profile, there is a little box that says "enable status updates" make sure that it is checked and then save.
  4. I'm having a slow month, been really busy with some real life stuff so not had as much time to play. I did finish Nier Automata (which doesn't count here as it's an Uncommon) but I loved it nonetheless. Currently playing Mary Skelter which I'm liking so far, it's definitely less daunting than MeiQ that's for sure.
  5. I checked the profile you linked and didn't see a problem with how close the trophies have been earned together. It is entirely possible for someone to be playing with a multi-sim household and having their sims purely focusing on leveling up their skills. If this was being done simultaneously across all sims then it is entirely feasible for the trophies to unlock close together - especially considering they also got the trophies for doing nothing social for 24 hours and staying awake for 24 hours. It just looks like they focused on getting sims skills maxed. As for my comment about the triplets, it was mean as a joke for Clawz as I know he has been trying for a few days now to get triplets in the game
  6. Plus, if you really were cheating, you would have gotten that Triplets trophy by now
  7. I think having something like Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain would be nice
  8. @gtasthehunter I don't necessarily think that people are using in game cheats as @Kitty_Paine has already confirmed that in game cheats do disable trophies. People are just being clever and smart in the way they play, using glitches/exploits and smart strategies of obtaining the trophies. There is nothing wrong with that and it's not something to report people for. Also, some people pre-ordered the Deluxe edition which allowed them to play on the 14th November as kind of a pre-order bonus, so they may have gotten the game a few days before you did (looking at your trophies, you indeed started later)
  9. I believe I'm a few years older than you, but I still love the holidays. Coming from a big family, it was always a special occasion for me growing up in the UK. My parents got married just before Christmas and my Grandparents got married just after Christmas so it was always a big celebration with the extended family, lots of food and fun times together. We lived next door to my Grandparents so usually everyone would chip in and be scattered across the two houses. Even after my Grandparents passed away, my Mom and Dad still prepared a big meal and then a buffet style supper for my brother, my sister and I and all the nieces and nephews. It was never a chore and we'd always be doing things together such as playing board games, watching the Christmas specials, or just drinking and chatting. We valued the time together as we didn't see a lot of each other during the rest of the year. As a working adult, I still loved the holiday period and was one of the people in the office who'd help set up decorations, organize Christmas meals out and Secret Santa. Due to Halloween being relatively close to a charity day called Children in Need, we would tend to combine the two and dress up for charity or have bake sales. I also enjoyed working over the Christmas period between Christmas and New Year - being one of the few people in the office without children, it allowed them to spend time with their family and me to spend time in the office preparing for year end or just surfing the Internet when it was quiet. Now living in the US, the holiday period is just my husband and I. We tend to keep things low key but still make it special for each other - carving pumpkins for Halloween, getting candy in and watching something scary. I love to cook and bake, so enjoy preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas meals (as much as my husband enjoys eating them) We don't tend to do a whole lot on the presents side of things as we value the time together more. I don't mind Christmas music, I worked in retail a few times and it never really bothered me. Same with TV programming although to be fair, I watch next to no TV these days. I don't really bother with Black Friday as we don't do crowds particularly well, just tend to order whatever off Amazon and never had any issues with anything being stolen thankfully. I feel that (as with most things) the holidays are what you make of it. I've been through times in my life where I've not had very much, so the holiday season was always special to me. Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone, however way you choose to spend it.
  10. Flagging got changed and you no longer need to be premium. As long as you have the game on your profile, you can flag people for it.
  11. #84. Nier Automata Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 This is easily my game of the year, I enjoyed everything from the story, game play, aesthetics, soundtrack. I think I would have missed out on this game on the trailers alone as they didn't really grab me at the time, so I'm glad I got to play the demo to realize how much I'd enjoy the game. I love how there are different elements to the game play and the story is varied enough to make 3 playthroughs really enjoyable as most multi playthrough games end up feeling like a chore.
  12. Ah that sounds frustrating, hope you've managed to sort it out.
  13. If you're planning on doing this on (yet another) new account, then I can make some game suggestions to fit each theme. Also, you don't have to play Saint's Row 4 or Overwatch just because others are, it might be a good idea to choose games you already have for this and it's only one game per theme. TREAT EVERY DAY LIKE CHRISTMAS! - I recommend Disney's Frozen Fall - it's a free to play game so no hit to your bank account THERE'S ROOM FOR EVERYONE ON THE NICE LIST! - I recommend Grim Fandango or one of the Infamous games, I know you own both of these so it wouldn't be an extra expense THE BEST WAY TO SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER IS SINGING LOUD FOR ALL TO HEAR! - I recommend Patapon as I believe I saw that you had this on one of your other accounts and again it would save you buying a new game BYE BUDDY HOPE YOU FIND YOUR DAD! - I recommend The Little Acre, again it's a game you already have so no additional expense The above should be low stress, non-time consuming, enjoyable games.
  14. I grew up on video games (starting with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64) so I think it's great that you get to have these father/son bonding moments. As for games, Lego games are always great and you can play co-op in most. Other suggestions I have are Abzu, Journey and Tearaway