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  1. I'll leave this early build here, just in case anyone needs it - it's with credit to the FFXV Reddit Community 1. Buy 3 Kite Shields from Lestallum 2. Fill those with a combination of the following until they reach level 70 - Garula/Great Garula Tusk from Garulessa Gone Wild - Octolegs/Monster Jaws from Baleful Bandersnatch - Octolegs from Future: Departure (If you don't kill the Nidus the Mindflayer enemy will spawn indefinitely allowing you to farm them) - Chrome Bits bought from the guard at Meldacio Hunter HQ - Behemoth Horns from Departure - Giant Crab Pincers/Hard Scales/Rough Scales from Calamitous Karlobos 3. Use any attacking weapon that fits your play-style and fill that up I didn't use this strategy, but apparently it will help get you through the first part of the game (and the boss) and help you be powerful enough to farm drops for the more OP builds. You should get around 300 STR/VIT/SPR from the shields as well as 1500 HP.
  2. Early on in my farming, I favored a mace as a quick way to break the parts. The one I went with is the Behemoth Masher, which is upgraded from the Battle Mace that you can get at Meldacio. The strategy I was using at the time was locking onto the part I was farming and use a jump and smash attack method. If the part broke off and wasn't the drop I was looking for, I'd abort the mission and try again - this is particularly useful if you have the Perception Buff (increases item drop rate) as it allows you to keep the buff. If you're struggling with the missions though, I'd recommend farming Roboresurrection for experience. Make sure you kill everything on the field (should be nidus, frost bombs and the mechs) It definitely helps having higher level Ai so they can last longer and heal you.
  3. I believe they are talking about curved hollow horns and you get them from Norduscaen Garrison trading post. The trading post only appears there once you have gathered the refugees and selected the item shop one as the leader. If you select the leader who gives you gil, then you will have lost access to that trading post.
  4. We have two TVs in our house, one for me and one for my husband in a side-by-side setup as we're both into gaming and like to play at the same time. If you want to set up a gaming room with a new TV then I say to go for it, also your back will thank you in the long run with a good gaming chair.
  5. Early on I used the Honebami (which is a leveled up version of the Yoshimitsu) and Ashura (which is the leveled up version of Onikiri) I then stacked both of these with Maces, but you can use whatever you're comfortable with from a play style perspective. I've tended to go for a largely physical offensive strength build, but there are some great Mage builds out there that you can create with daggers that are sometimes dropped from the Bandersnatch mission. You can also use this method to level up weapons that @eigen-space posted a few pages back - it's less reliant on farming rare ingredients and more on gems and shards which you can get from dissembling weapons
  6. It looks like there are some gaming sessions running to try and help groups get that trophy, so you could always try and group up with them. I'm done with the DLC but still playing for fun so if you want to send me a friend request, I can always try to help too.
  7. The best way it seems is to get a party of 4 human characters and no-one picks up any ingredients at the start of the mission or within the mission. I've encountered him a lot whilst doing the Daily mission.
  8. It's not really a very good starting point in my opinion, just because it's the second game in the FFXIII trilogy so you'll be a bit lost story wise.
  9. Despite hearing others complaints, I really enjoyed FFXV Comrades, even going as far as wanting to play it more ^_^  Spending my time currently lobby hopping into Urgent missions and helping random people out :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Angel


      I enjoyed it alot too and played it so much during its release. Helping and playing with many people as my "white mage" was such a great change of pace for someone that rarely plays online.

    3. Mesopithecus


      I very rarely play online, but I've found the FFXV community to be so friendly.  I was playing in a group earlier running through some of the level 80+ missions and we were having a great time.  I definitely wish I had picked it up sooner

    4. MidnightDragon


      Not really my thing, but glad you're enjoying it. :)

  10. Maybe it's because I had the Cid boost then, but I only needed to use two in all of my weapons.
  11. As long as you put the meteorite in during the third phase of upgrading, then you should only need two to raise it to 120.
  12. Why 4 meteorite? You only need to use 2 to get the weapon up to level 120
  13. I'll need to upload the screen shot but I'm currently using two Dragon Whiskers, a Honebami and Wizard Shield My main Dragon Whisker has 2 Penetrator X skills (you get the second one by farming a Behemoth Tear) and I used a build that I found online with a couple of changes mainly instead of using Laser Sensors, I used Monster Jaws as I found them easier to farm, and you don't make any sacrifices on the magic/spirit values. Corsesca 1 Dragon Horn 1 Ancient Cloth 2 Strength Shard 3 Laser Sensor 1 Behemoth Tears Harpoon 15 Laser Sensor Dragon Whisker 2 Meteorite 34 Laser Sensor 1 Strength Gemstone I actually randomly got the 30% Cid buff at the end of a mission (I had been farming Menacing Mechs to level up a bit) so I backed up my saves beforehand and then went ahead with my builds. I was level 52 when I took on the final boss of the DLC and used the Rampage Sigil like @eigen-space suggested earlier in the topic and it worked a treat.
  14. None of the recently updated trophy cards are loading for me on the home page, even with refreshing the page several times
  15. It is more than doable. I only started it on Saturday and just finished today, that's included time spent helping other people through missions and farming some of the high level resources for crafting. Trophy wise, I pretty much ended up soloing everything using the Ai characters - even with my current build I can take down the level 99 Zu mission fairly easily. I actually enjoyed the game and found it pretty straightforward to pick up and learn how to play, so I'm sure you won't have any issues. I'll probably still be playing for fun for a while, so will be around if anyone needs any help with missions