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  1. Quickly popping on for an update as I had a few concerned messages recently.  I'm no longer actively trophy hunting and am taking an extended break from the forums...you only have to look at the state of some of the topics and posters on here to realize why, lol.  I've found more enjoyment lately with outdoor activities, and a wonderful gaming group my husband and I joined.  Maybe see some of ya'll around in the future ✌️

  2. It seems like a lot of people here are confusing Ratalaika as being the developer of these games, when in fact they are just a porting company helping bring these small indie titles to console. Some of the titles have already been out on Steam for a number of years before they are ported. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the multiple different stacks, but the games in themselves can be OK filler content between longer gaming experiences. There are also occasions where Ratalaika are not the sole porting company for the games either - I know that PQube helped with publishing STAY and I believe East Asia Soft have also been involved in a couple. In fact I think STAY may even be Ultra Rare so it seems like it's not all "trophy whore" games. I just wish PSNProfiles could have a way of making it so that all the game stacks don't have their own little separate forum, that way we could reduce the number of trophy thoughts threads, and video walkthrough threads as everything would be in one place. Back on topic though as I believe that @knoef_NL intended this to be a trophy thoughts and game discussion thread (and it's gone quite off topic at this point) I'm actually interested in this game. It's got some very positive reviews on Steam and I like the top down RPG style - kind of reminds me of a pixel version of Yomawari, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. It says that the DLC is cosmetic, so I highly doubt it will include trophies.
  4. On this profile, it was "Show Some Love" from A Boy and His Blob My first ever trophy though was on a really old account that I had before I even knew or cared about trophy hunting - that was Instrument of Fate from FFXIII
  5. I wanted to say, thank you for running the New Years event @Dragon-Archon And thank you to the prize givers too. I ended up picking up The Swords of Ditto with my prize, which I've had my eye on for a while, so I'm looking forward to playing it.
  6. Maximum Survivor can have issues on the Digital Version if you don't have the DLC, but there are workarounds posted that help. Otherwise, the platinum is obtainable with the occasional buggy trophy. Trophy guide on the site here has all the admin cheats for the base game, and recently there was a guide published for the Ascension DLC. Plus the Ark Gamepedia site has all the codes too. Not sure as to the reason why it's UR - it has a pretty active community who play the game legit without the codes so that could account for some of the rarity. I mean, I still play it pretty actively but over on Xbox and never went for the achievements on there.
  7. I'd like to choose the 10 British Pounds code please I already have a UK account and I noticed a couple of things in the recent sale that caught my eye
  8. I agree with you, everyone seems to say how hard Birth by Sleep is but I had more trouble with KH2 thanks to Org XIII data fights and Lingering Will
  9. I wonder if this has come up as a topic as there are two sessions up at the moment that are kind of April Fools - one for My Name is Mayo and one for Wolf Among Us. You only have to look at the session date to realize the intent.
  10. Been interested in Conan for a while - I love those kinds of Sandbox style games and it's exactly the type of game I've been looking for recently. The guide on here states 50 hours, and that's without using any of the admin commands.
  11. He actually got a decent amount of replies to his topic, including an amazing reply which listed 20 something games with how long they took to beat and whether they had a plat or not.
  12. As a gamer in my late 30's, I'm quite frankly fed up of being swept up in this generalization Gaming now is more diverse than it has ever been, we are spoiled for choice on the offerings that are available and I definitely don't find it difficult to feel satisfied and pleased with gaming.
  13. If anyone was interested in getting PS Now, Amazon (NA) are selling codes that are 40% off - so you pay $59.99 for a 12 month subscription.

    1. lordguwa


      60$ for a year of games doesn't sound bad if stick to the ps4 titles.

      only need to finish about 3-4 of them to break even.

  14. Woohoo, beat the new boss in Comrades ^_^  He's kind of a pain with some of his moves, took a few attempts but happy to give him a beating!

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    2. MidnightDragon


      European right now. Anyway, as you probably saw, finally got out of my slump. I have some other things I have lined up in the not too distant future. DQ XI will probably be #50.

    3. Mesopithecus


      I did see that you got out your slump ^_^  Glad to see things have picked up for you

    4. MidnightDragon


      And the NA DLC is up. No need to update. Already done. :)

  15. Good luck, I'm actually finding him harder than Ravus and Ardyn Edit: Beat him just now after about 5/6 attempts Just for some additional information, he has a couple of moves that can one hit kill you. If you plan on using Rampage or warp strike in any way, then he will grab you out of the air and slam you into the ground taking you down to 1 HP and staggering you. There are also no extra revive pickups on the field. If you're using Rampage then it's useful to know that he doesn't take damage from the All Creation finisher. The strategy I used was very much hit and run based, with one team mate spamming Revitalize (that made a huge difference) and 3 people doing the damage