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  1. All this talk of Paper Mario made me want to post here and tell y'all to check out Bug Fables as it's apparently a Paper Mario clone that is very highly praised. I've not played it yet myself, but I have it on my wishlist for future purchase. I'd say DS Together is probably better trophy wise, there isn't anything like the Accomplishrine trophies like the original Don't Starve. Plus despite being called DS Together, you can actually do nearly all of it solo if you wish - I don't know if it's been improved over the past few years but I found the online a little bit too laggy even when trying to play with my husband so ended up doing most of it solo. Really fun game though and think it would be a nice addition to your survival games collection!
  2. This is a private site, it doesn't have to follow the rules of crimes in real life. Plus as I said there is already a 3 strikes and you're off the leaderboard for good rule, so essentially you are already getting a second chance.
  3. I don't think the CRT should consider removing the flag, as you admitted to using a save file and that is against the rules of the leaderboard. You didn't late sync which is what this topic is about, so I don't even know how your post relates to the topic at hand. Either way you're correctly flagged and there is already a "3 flags and you're off the leaderboard permanently rule" so I don't think you should get a free pass with this. If you're so upset about the milestones just un-hide LBP2 - you won't be on the leaderboards anymore but you still have all your stats and access to everything else on the site.
  4. I have to say I agree with one of the users further up (@SpacebarPlays) that this kind of response is so ridiculously childish and petty. I get that you were probably frustrated and trying to prove a point, but all it really does is reinforce some of the negative views people have about the CRT. Maybe this thread has run its course and should just be locked, it's already been said that late syncing alone isn't reason enough for a flag so anything further is really at this point going around in circles.
  5. He didn't, he responded and tagged them. It's up to them individually whether they want to come and post in this thread or not - plus there is the fact that they are probably busy with work and their real lives.
  6. I appreciate you being forward with that, and I respect that the flagging queue can get particularly long at times so it's easy for things to slip through/mistakes to happen occasionally
  7. I think out of all the comments and suggestions seen, this is the most reasonable. I feel like if there is a flag based solely on a late synced game, then the totality of the account should be looked at. I'm sure there would be patterns that emerge that would allow differentiation between someone who just late synced a game, and someone who is using CFW. I wonder if maybe people are frustrated about this due to the way the dispute this is based on was handled yesterday - I mean the thread was initially closed without giving the disputer full opportunity to provide evidence, he was immediately accused of using CFW because he admitted on another site that someone modded Big Leagues on BO2 - I mean seriously, how many disputes on this site are because of someone joining a lobby where a modder unlocks trophies. Not to mention that the CRT member who was dealing with the dispute, in that very same post that locked the thread called the disputer something along the lines of "no talent ass clown", it later got edited to remove that comment but still.... If I remember correctly, you were very outspoken when the dispute system was originally implemented. I think it's why I appreciate your idea the most because you've taken the situation and looked at it in relatively a fair manner. I agree with @charxsetsunathough where I would like to see what the other CRT members think about this topic as a whole. And I'm actually curious about how many reports are as a result of late syncing as to be fair, I've not really seen a whole lot of disputes about that before.
  8. There are so many legitimate reasons why someone might sync late, that no I don't think you should be flagged for it. Some of those reasons might be deeply personal too - I had a family member who was serving overseas and played on their console offline whilst deployed for 9 months, so only synced when they got settled back home. I feel like having to provide proof of that if they got flagged would be a huge overreach. There are countless other scenarios like this too, there isn't a "one size fits all" approach. To the people who think that purposefully late syncing is skewing the sites stats, well the stats have already been messed up (and are mostly arbitrary, like DLC rarity stats) for a long time anyway. I mean, look how long auto-updating for some accounts have been turned off - there are a lot of accounts still sat on "updating soon"
  9. New DLC trophies have been added for both of the below and the lists need a re-scan
  10. Moonlighter needs re-scanning as DLC trophies were added a couple of weeks ago (other sites are showing the DLC trophies)
  11. There is a reputation glitch that has been found for Settlers but it's not an infinite glitch like the raiders, however does give a decent boost. I've posted the video below but the time period you can do this is fairly limited (20 mins between 8pm and 8.20pm)
  12. Plat #185. Tales of Symphonia - Thoroughly enjoyed this, even with the 4 playthroughs I felt like each one offered a different enough experience.  Usually with a JRPG there are usually one or two party members I dislike and never use, but that was not the case here and I loved them all.  Looking forward to playing more Tales games in the future, currently have Dawn of the New World downloading but don't think I'll play that right away 😅

  13. This was the article that I found, not sure if it was the same one that OP read
  14. I don't know if you're getting the information confused here, but the article I read mentions that "Xbox Live active users now near 90 million users, serving as a gateway to its digital gaming portfolio" You're comparing the wrong things by trying to compare Xbox Live with PS+ Having an Xbox Live account simply just means that you created an account on Xbox, in the same way you create an account on PSN. There are no financials or subscriptions involved in you just having an account. If you really wanted to compare subscriptions here to prove your point then you should be looking at Xbox Gold vs PS+ Oh...and of course Gamepass is going to have more subscriptions than PSNow, cos they offer it for $1 constantly, or as an upgrade to Gold for $3. I don't think I've ever NOT seen them running this deal.
  15. @eigen-space @DaivRules There is a May PS+ rumor although the source seems a bit dubious (Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered)