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  1. It's always best to check the spreadsheet as multiple people are able to update that for you and it's the most up to date source of the lists. Hertz has been really busy with real life stuff so the images on the first page may not be fully up to date, although he has tried to get everyone updated on a monthly basis. I'm sure if you @ tag him with your request, the front page will be updated the next time he is online
  2. I checked the spreadsheet and it's on your game list there with a percentage completion of 77% (which I assume will be from when the list was last updated)
  3. You forgot about Kent too, after all....she is a 30 year old woman
  4. I'd hope there are more items being added - the 45 that are currently up are kind of a strange mixed bag. Also the banner shows Destiny 2, yet I didn't see that on the sale listing.
  5. Square Enix have released a new trailer on the back of the Union X event today showcasing some of the mini games that will be in KH3. There are apparently 20+ minigames in this style. Also in the video you can see the return of Hayner, Olette and Pence
  6. All hail Lord Prinny, for one day he shall return to THL and overthrow the Dutch Alliance Does this mean I start with minus points now?
  7. I completely understand what you mean - I played Danganronpa before VLR and I definitely preferred Danganronpa Hopefully Nights of Azure will be on sale again during Golden Week. I highly recommend it as it's a game I enjoyed a lot, however it does seem to hold its price point.
  8. Kingdom Hearts You did all synthesis before sealing the keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Could you please tell us how you managed to obtain Gale items? They are only dropped by the Angel Star and Invisible Heartless at the End of the World area, which is after you have sealed the keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Kingdom Hearts 2 Couple of things wrong with your trophies on this one. Like unlocking Ace Pilot and Top Gun seconds apart; and getting Heartless Highbrow before Mushroom Master. If these trophies were bugged there would be other reports of it, right? Kingdom Hearts BBS You completed all reports with Terra and Ventus without unlocking trophies for the secret bosses and without fulfilling most of the quite lengthy requirements. That's some interesting "bug" I highly doubt that any of the flags you are disputing will be lifted, and as you have exceeded 3 flagged games it means that you won't be allowed to return to the site leaderboards
  9. I'm completely innocent in all this
  10. Finished Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek today bringing my total up to 11. The hidden object puzzles on that one were really frustrating, I've found there were some things that were just too well hidden or there were things that I had zero clue what they were (samovar and aspergillum were the main two)
  11. I had some time in between games this morning so I tested some stuff out to see if I could get the trophy without the aberration DLC on the digital version. Good news is that I could but the method is still a bit different from what it used to be. I've ran it on a few alt accounts and managed to replicate each time so here's the method: Load up the Island Map If it's a fresh game, make sure it saves at least once otherwise it will send you on a loop to create a new character and it won't work Use the command cheat playercommand AbAscend3 (this is the Aberration Ascension command, make sure to capitalize where I have) Skip end credits, reload Island Map and respawn at a random area Use the command cheat addexperience 1000000000000 1 0 Go into your player menu and add the levels into something random (I just used weight) It will only take you up to level 115 however the trophy will still unlock I tried it the old way too with just the normal ascension command and adding experience, and even though it levels me up to 115 on that too, the trophy doesn't unlock.
  12. Just completed Kingdom Hearts 2 Sign me up for the Kairi emblem please @Kent10201
  13. April Update Game Completed: Kingdom Hearts 2 This game fits the theme as you play as Sora, who is a good character He also kind of fits the "supers" identity as he can make a keyblade appear out of thin air, change forms and even fly (glide) Challenges Completed: Hardcore Requirement - Sora saves a lot of worlds from the Heartless Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event - Let's Play Our PS3 Backlog and KH Let's Play Complete a retro game - Kingdom Hearts 2 was originally released December 2005