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  1. Looks like this month won't be a complete bust for me on the UR front I have LBP3 prepared to pop for the THTL and already unlocked some decent UR and VR trophies from it, definitely one of the easier LittleBigPlanet games, especially as there is no trophy for collecting all the prize bubbles.
  2. #67. Truck Racer Would not have played this had it not been free on PS+ and competing in an event on this site. Overall, it's a pretty easy game mainly due to rubbish AI and physics, a couple of time trials are kind of a pain, but easy to get through with a bit of repetition and learning the track. #68. Super Exploding Zoo Enjoyed playing this one, was a bit of easy and lighthearted fun. Nothing too difficult and the online is straightforward to boost, especially as there is next to no one else playing. #69. The Order 1886 This game had a lot of potential but is too short and felt like one giant cut-scene/collectathon
  3. N.E.R.O, Mousecraft and It's Spring Again don't count - see rule 9 under main rules 9. Games with a 50th 100% completion time of under two hours won't count. N.E.R.O is 1 hour 38 minutes MouseCraft is 1 hour 58 minutes It's Spring Again is 4 minutes 49 seconds
  4. THTL plats....I think our fixture here is just outside the playoffs/finals so sadly won't get to use them. I'm sure I can still find some trash from my backlog 😝 Good luck too, should be an enjoyable league
  5. I really enjoyed IX so would be hyped to play with trophies, hoping that VIII gets released too as that's my favorite FF by far.
  6. Yea, I have the PS4 version of it and it's on my weeblympics list Want to do some UR trophies in October but would like to finish Stardew before starting Terraria
  7. Except the plat that you have earned doesn't count for the league, because it has a top 50 time of under 2 hours (see rule 9 under main rules)
  8. Some good to just wait for the next update
  9. The Cold Steel games sound like something I'd enjoy so want to (eventually) check them out. Unravel is really good - from a platforming perspective I'd say it was easier than LittleBigPlanet. The no death runs of levels are challenging but definitely doable, platforming games are one of my weakest genres and I managed to get through it OK It's a wonderful game though so I hope you enjoy it. I've earned 0 UR/VR this month due to taking part in the THTL (Trophy Hunting Team League) Mainly been playing my sub 10 hour common games, can't wait to get back to something more challenging in October. Got a month PS+ on my old account to access some of the games I once had on there and seems I have a plethora of UR titles to choose from
  10. One other game from memory did this - they added a couple of trophies and dramatically changed the requirements of others, but the name escapes me. With ARK, the original trophy list was out December 2016 and then they patched Master Zoologist into the main list a couple of months ago.
  11. If you already have issues that make it hard for you to actually play on PS4, you're making it WAY harder on yourself by having two different accounts that you're simultaneously playing games on. I've looked at your MidnightCJ account and your new account and quite often you're playing the same game, at the same time on both accounts. If I was doing that, I probably wouldn't want to pick up my PS4 control either. I understand that you probably wanted to keep the new account secret so people wouldn't rag on you about it, but you've mentioned it enough now that you might as well make the Mystic account your main account and just use the Midnight account for testing games out on - at least that way you won't accidentally load up a hard game on your 100% account. Also, if you are getting to the point where you're finding it hard to play PS4, then maybe doing other things will be more fulfilling - like reading, writing, sorting your new place if you get it. I'd also suggest laying off joining events, as it seems to exacerbate your stress and anxiety levels and ultimately you end up dropping out.
  12. Sure sign me up, anything for beating @Kent10201 again
  13. Thank you for doing a giveaway, that's a really nice thing to do
  14. Pretty decent sale, just picked up Root Letter and Gal Gun
  15. Yea, I'd love to see it ported to PS4 like FFVII was, I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult as it's already on Steam with achievements (some crazy achievements on that list I'd love to do!)