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  1. Picked up Ningguang off an event banner roll today. Then I had picked up 4 Acquaint Fate's, so decided to use them and got a five star weapon (Aquila Favonia) on my fourth roll
  2. +1 on recommending Children of Morta, I think it took me 33 hours to finish but I spend a lot of time idling in games
  3. Finally got around to trying out Genshin Impact today and feel myself getting addicted to it already, it's really pretty.  Did my first Novice Roll too and got Noelle and Xingqui ^_^

  4. I started playing Genshin for the first time today and got Noelle and Xingqiu on my first novice roll Edited to add: On my second novice roll I got Bennett, and was using up my remaining wishes on standard and got I'm told I'm pretty lucky
  5. If you bought the Gold or Ultimate Edition, then Fate of Atlantis is included in that.
  6. 0 - Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception 06/08/2021 1 - Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed 06/30/2021 2 - Subnautica 06/01/2021 3 4 - Spirit of the North 06/27/2021 5 6 7 - The Adventure Pals 06/17/2021 8 - Children of Morta 07/25/2021 9 Finished up Children of Morta for number 8, this game is absolutely fantastic and I binge played it the past few days. It's a rogue-like RPG but I'd say it's the fairest rogue-like I have ever played, it was nice to just sit back and play without checking a guide. As I explored everywhere, I ended up only needing to farm for 3 missing souvenirs, I did need to level up 4 characters at the end as I primarily used the two ranged characters but it didn't take long at all with XP upgrades and it was fun to try out other characters skills. I also managed to convince my husband to run through the co-op trophy with me, which was a breeze with level 20+ characters I'm super glad I grabbed this off the summer sale as it helped break a bit of a funk I was in.
  7. Update Children of Morta 100 + 31(B) + 24(S) + 12(G) - 29.30 + 50(speedrun) = 187.70
  8. Most of my backlog is comprised of long JRPGs, but I'll figure something out. I'd like to join too, please
  9. No worries, they weren't on the front page so easy to overlook. It is pretty rare as far as I know, but definitely not flaggable so you're all good
  10. There have been a couple of threads about this already - but long story short is the devs added Master Zoologist into the base game trophy list around 6 months or so after the game released, which is why it's rarer than the platinum Found one of the previous threads about it:
  11. Picked up a few games in the Summer Sale, one of those being Children of Morta....and it's amazing.  I've been thoroughly enjoying it ^_^

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    2. SnowbellKitty


      I'm thinking about getting Ni No Kuni II, but Persona 5 has been my only JRPG jam ever, so I don't know if I will like it. I don't find Evan cute at all either lol xD

    3. Mesopithecus


      Sadly I can't even give you any thoughts on Ni No Kuni II, I own it but it's in the depths of my backlog

    4. SnowbellKitty


      I suppose it's gonna be its destiny with me too. We'll see, but I might put it in the library.

  12. Just a quick question, will this ruling on the turn-based category on True Trophies also affect Slay the Spire? It's listed as RPG on here and turn-based on TT
  13. I completely understand where you're coming from with Exist Archive, I started it a while ago because I thought the art style looked cool and it's been sat on my profile at 2% completed ever since. It just felt like 2% story and 98% grind
  14. Great thread, hopefully this will motivate me to go for a full list as it seems like I have some work to do! # A Boy and his Blob Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Child of Light Dear Esther: Landmark Edition E Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades G Hatoful Boyfriend I Journey Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage Leaving Lyndow Machinarium Nova-111 (UR) Overcooked P Q R S Type:Rider U V What Remains of Edith Finch X Y Z
  15. And both of those are PS3 streamable only games. As I mentioned in my post, I'm aware that a handful of streamable games have issues, but ones you can download (which are all the PS4 games) are the digital versions and the same as what's on the PS Store anyway. In this instance, Moving Out is a downloadable game so you get the digital version.