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  1. I honestly think this would be the better option, it's tough to come up with a definitive list of Most Wanted games that everyone can agree on and that doesn't feel arbitrary.
  2. I think I'm likely overthinking this trophy, but I'm feeling very confused regarding different information I have read from the trophy guide here, compared to other guides and compared to the Wiki. Now I know the trophy has been patched so you only have to beat Higgins now within a month, and I was saving up the Dee-Dee commissions so I can get a nice point bomb on him however I'm only currently getting rank C commissions which are giving me 68 reputation points maximum per day. I was reading on the Wiki that Higgins gains 144-214 points per day, including on the weekend days when he doesn't even take commissions - so essentially it doesn't seem to matter if I get into the Commerce Guild and accept the best commission first, he'll always be points ahead of me. Is the information on the Wiki outdated and he only gains those points for a set period of time (for example the first month when he's ahead anyway) or is it correct and this will be a test of my resource management skills? I was already planning on gathering up a nice stock of time consuming items before tackling this trophy, but I just needed some clarification Edited to say this has now been solved - after testing this, Higgins does not gain 144-214 points per day and the Wiki is wrong.
  3. Nice congrats! Gold Rathian is the same monster pool as Silver Rathalos, again just make sure you've done the Special Arena optional quest for Gold Rathian for the investigations to start popping up. For Scarred Yian Garuga, you need threat level 2 tempered monsters - for me I farmed these investigations in the guiding lands and had a Wildspire Waste region at level 7, so I just used Diablos/Black Diablos lures to bring out a tempered one and then followed that around gathering footprints. I'm pretty sure you need to have done the regular Yian Garuga quest called Return of the Crazy One (unlocked at Guiding Lands Forest region level 3) Any threat level 2 tempered monster would work for getting Scarred Yian Garuga investigations, so if you have a different region at level 7 or other lures, you can check this list to work out which monsters are in the same tier:
  4. 1. Super Dungeon Brothers - 1.00% 2. Grand Kingdom - 1.16% 3. Magicka 2 - 1.29% 4. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout - 1.31% 5. Drawn to Death - 1.48%
  5. Both Brachydios and Glavenus are in the tier group you can follow around elder recess to get Silver Rathalos investigations. I think Savage Jho also works. Felyne Researcher is the food buff you're ideally looking for as that unlocks investigations more easily from gathering tracks, breaking parts etc. Basically once I had felyne researcher I just went around Elders Recess and stayed there for a few hours picking up all the tracks I could, and once I was full on investigations I would return to base and check what I had. I'd say to make sure you have done the Special Arena Silver Rathalos optional mission too, as I noticed that Silver Rath investigations didn't start showing up for me until I had done that.
  6. I agree with this, it seems like a lot of the Let's Play threads are largely inactive with the exception of a small number of people that still post. Looks like the only ones on the first page of the sub-forum are Mugen Souls and Yakuza. As for scoring, I'm happy to use any metric whether it be from the 25th percentile or taking the times from trophy guides/how long to beat. Adding a time bonus only actually occurred to me seeing all your Star Ocean games, as I feel spending 400 hours on that should be worth more.
  7. I'd like to join up for this please Triple Point Game: Dark Rose Valkyrie Double Point Game 1: God Wars: Future Past Double Point Game 2: Persona 4 Golden I'm just curious if there will be any changes to the point scoring now this is under new ownership? I was thinking about a time modifier, so that longer games (specifically thinking of things like Star Ocean 4) are worth more points. If not it's all cool, but thought I'd throw that suggestion out there.
  8. My first game has been completed 1. Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (1.92%) 2. Torment: Tides of Numenera (1.59%) 3. The Flame in the Flood (1.97%) 4. Wasteland 2: Directors Cut (NA version) (1.75%) 01/10/2021 5. The Forest (4.37%) Wasteland 2, or as it will be forever known to me now as Crashland 2, started out as an enjoyable experience. The first area of the game was smooth as butter, I was enjoying myself, it was outside of my usual comfort zone and was a bit of a learning curve as I don't typically play tactical turn-based RPGs. The second half of the game suffered from horrible performance issues - near constant crashing when loading between areas or trying to save, slowdowns, weird bugs and was a little disappointing, especially when you go through some of the longer fights only for the game to immediately crash afterwards Overall, probably not the best way for me to kick off my first plat of the year
  9. Yes, this is absolutely normal
  10. As a lady gamer myself, I'd say that a lot of the problem here just lies with your own jealousy, personal insecurities and pre-conceived ideas about other women gamers. I definitely feel you should work on your self confidence and not measure yourself against other people. Overall, Twitch, YouTube and streaming platforms are over saturated with content that it's difficult to get noticed - regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl. I have several guy friends who put out great content but they barely get over 12 people watching their streams. I'd even say it's probably harder for male gamers to get noticed on streaming platforms, Now I will say I actually enjoy some of Valkyrae's content, outside of her being a "pretty face" she's also funny and makes pretty decent content I'm curious to if you have watched any of the content some of these lady gamers have put out? Or if you're just immediately hating on them solely for being pretty? Remember these ladies didn't get successful overnight, they've actually put in the hours of making content. You're not going to be immediately successful from doing one or two streams. Do you think that your views on meeting other lady gamers online might come from a place of "only girl syndrome"? I mean you already said you have some stereotyped ideas about girl gamers so I imagine you're immediately on the defensive when meeting one online. You need to know though that we're not terrible, we're not trying to steal your BF or flirt with your guy friends - we're really just the same. Trying to play a bunch of games, have fun and maybe make some friends. If you offer an olive branch out maybe you could develop some healthy, organic friendships with other girl gamers and it would help you in the long term.
  11. Congrats to all the winners
  12. Tfw you think you chose an obscure answer to question 8 I love seeing all the answers though! Huge shoutout to @B1rvine and @Beyondthegrave07 for running this (and no doubt tallying this up with hangovers)
  13. One of mine is wrong - just because I swapped Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to Wasteland 2 yesterday at the last minute (so that's more my bad)
  14. I've made one final swap to my list before the event starts - swapped Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
  15. Do we need to let you know if we've made a swap? I changed one game on my list (swapped Exist Archive for The Forest)