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  1. Just to kind of support Kent's point about timestamps not being indicative of time spent in the game, I was spending 8-10 hours on MHW per day which is how my save file is over 300 hours. Some days I wasn't even getting trophies, I'd spent 2-3 hours per day just measuring one particular monster alone looking for a crown for my friend and I
  2. Oh it's no worries, I know he just took a lot of time with the post. We had a few games where it could count for multiple things so it's been interesting figuring out where to slot stuff, definitely appreciate the research he did. From what I've been told about MHW, I had extremely good luck with getting all the crowns which is usually a sticking point for most. I'm closing in on Iceborne platinum too but no way will I get that done before the event ends. Incredible games though and it's pretty much been all I've wanted to play just lately.
  3. @Spacey Dweeb Looks like the update missed my last bounty I wasn't sure if it was overlooked due to the staging rule because I started it in August, but the game took me over 300 hours playing it from Aug 21st to Oct, I honestly didn't even expect to have it finished this year let alone during the event so one can argue that it wasn't really staged Also, I was a little bit disappointed and saddened that @Briste post of our team bounties wasn't accepted We had a group chat where we were coordinating and discussing our bounties, what we were playing etc. We always had the intention of one person posting all the bounties at the end, especially as it was a team event and it wasn't really specified that we had to submit them individually. It's whatever though, I'm just proud of how much we all got done during the event
  4. There is an Event Quest called Brand New Brute running until 10/29 which gives crowns for Brute Tigrex - it's guaranteed 50% chance of small gold crown or 50% of a large gold crown (plus you get a lot of armor spheres for upgrading)
  5. Claiming another bounty for Ghostbusters Mythological Monsters - Hybrid Animals (Dragon) Monster Hunter World There are a lot of different hybrid monsters in the game, and plenty of dragons you need to hunt for story progression and obtaining crowns etc.
  6. That would be awesome, thank you
  7. I'm dumb, just ignore Unrailed then as I can't really fit it anywhere else. There are lava blobs in the game but you don't really kill them (you extinguish them and put them to work on the milk cart) Thanks for updating my other bounty
  8. I was looking through the scorecard for Ghostbusters and it appears my bounty from Gauntlet may have been missed so I have re-posted it below. I would also like to claim another bounty for my team Mythological Monsters: Cryptid and Folklore (Yeti) Unrailed! Whilst not really a horror game, part of your journey through the different biomes has you encounter different enemies - most of the first biomes it just bandits and thieves but during the snow biome you encounter a yeti that you really need to kill as it can disrupt your progress in gathering resources and laying track for the train to progress. As you have to do multiple runs of the game to get all of the trophies, I'd say we killed multiple yetis.
  9. I only played it a couple of times and it works fine for me, so not sure what your problem is with it.
  10. I wasn't mad, I just don't really log into the forums too much and your response to the dispute was sufficient enough that I didn't feel the need to follow-up on it
  11. Completed a bounty for The Ghostbusters Undead Monsters - Mummy Gauntlet The main story and endless mode were fun to go through with friends, but the grind was unnecessary and tedious. I did kill 15,000 mummies though for one trophy
  12. I ended up getting 8 for the day, all in Unrailed. Congrats to everyone participating, some of the individual trophy scores are insane!
  13. I can corroborate Tearraven re-assigning game saves for Andrea, in fact a couple years ago I submitted a whole bunch of screenshots to @grimydawg___ and a few event runners about Beatles Rockband being cheated in that way and it got her disqualified from a bunch of competitions on the site. I can double check if I still have those screenshots too but maybe grimy might remember also.
  14. I pretty much agree with everything that @PMD_E1337Pete has posted here. The only thing I'd really add as a huge tip is to play in a squad, that way you have people who have your back in team games and who can run interference in the finales. Plus you'll have way more fun laughing and joking around with your friends
  15. I hate to be that person but I'd like to dispute Horizon Zero Dawn. Whilst it wasn't really prepared during August, the two trophies you had left for the DLC were really easy trophies that would take less than an hour to do, maybe it's just me but I feel for the spirit of the event a good portion of the game should need to be played. Obviously will leave the final decision on that up to @Herr Hieb and the Van Helsing alliance but I wanted to raise it out of fairness to other hunters.