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  1. Yea, I wouldn't have a problem with you doing that. It fits into the spirit of the event and I like some of the creative choices with the themes. What game were you thinking? @fabiansc83 Congrats on the milestone
  2. You can't escape my dreaded sale reminders
  3. And here I was thinking that Kingdom Hearts was your favorite JRPG series. Good luck with your Dragon Quest journey. I noticed that Dragon Quest Heroes wasn't on your list, any reason (aside from them not being mainline games)?
  4. Might be a flash sale tomorrow I'm kind of hoping for that anyway, if not then I guess I may continue with Danganronpa 2 or PS4 version of Reverie
  5. I just looked up the story and it seems they have built these large nests because it's mating season, the scientists have basically said that they will have their spider orgy and then die. The pictures of the webs look awesome though Maybe we should have had a Team Shelob
  6. Update Everyone has been updated on the spreadsheet and the first page. We're currently up to 153 games completed across all teams, which is incredible, so great job everyone @DragonQuest238 Don't worry about updates I usually update the spreadsheet and my post of participants on a daily basis, typically somewhere between 11am and 1pm EST. I think you posted yesterday after I had already done the updates for the day, but I have updated you this morning. Usually, if I have dropped a "like" on your post, it means I've seen it and updated it - it's my way of keeping track and you get free community reputation
  7. Both of these would be decent, I'd love to co-op Diablo III with my husband as we played a lot of Diablo II together and had a blast. The rumor does seem too good to be true though.
  8. Congrats on the milestone I'm excited to hear your thoughts on these. I thought Night Alone was really good, I'm hoping that Midnight Shadows pops up somewhere in the Halloween sale so I can grab it up.
  9. My mind instantly went to the Star Ocean games
  10. Update Everyone has been updated on the spreadsheet and front page. If I have made any mistakes, let me know. I apologize for this in advance as I'm currently updating whilst having a cracking headache The ghostboi avatar worked! I've got you added on to Team Jason, as @fabiansc83 requested for that You're all updated on the spreadsheet, and I'm sure as soon as @DoctorDrPepper is next active online he will get you updated on the first post. @Jens I've got you added for Hollow Knight; it's one that I'm considering adding too but looking at the Steam achievements, this platinum will be a tough one for me. Still, the game looks too much fun to pass up.
  11. I'm really sorry for your loss @Dragon-Archon @Crimson Idol @NetEntity I feel like I'm the only person who actually enjoyed Ray Gigant The only downside for me was leveling the characters from scratch on the different story arcs.
  12. I remembered that you had posted a response to someone a while ago about experiencing story glitches in the game, as well as starting your own topic about the issues you had. Found a couple of posts also on the eastasiasoft forums about others who had issues with story trophies not unlocking. Hopefully this flag can be resolved quickly for you.
  13. I finished Earthlock which counts for this months theme It's a turn based RPG which has you leveling up to 20 during the course of the game
  14. Daniel Radcliffe 😂 I suppose Nathaniel and Daniel are similar enough sounding though. I really should go play Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, as having only years 5-7 on my profile looks out of place. Not at all There's still a month and a half of event left, so if you want to post a list of games, I'll get you added to one of the teams Update Everyone has been updated on the first page and spreadsheet, I'm amazed at how many games everyone is completing. Huge shoutout to @NetEntity for that massive haul, congrats!
  15. Just got the platinum for Earthlock, so I'm only one letter away from DECOY D - E - Earthlock C - Cat Quest O - Old Man's Journey Y - Yomawari: Night Alone Danganronpa 2 will be making up my D letter, so I'll be starting that in the next few days.