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  1. It's a coming soon feature, for completed game series. Out of the two examples shown I definitely prefer the top one vs the bottom one
  2. If you ever need any assistance with updates, just let me know. I've been keeping a spreadsheet anyway with scores, deductions etc. As for my bonus games, I'm currently planning for one of them to be Platinum #150, just need to decide whether to start preparing it or work on other games to get closer to that milestone first.
  3. I have to say I agree on the catch-22. I went on this whole kick last year where I wanted to get some UR plats and learned that sometimes a game can be UR just because it's a bad game (Super Dungeon Bros) That creeps into my rarest trophies every now and then, and I absolutely detest the sight of it. I saw you mention about your summer camp picture and I'm definitely curious, assume you will be posting it in the camp thread once it's finished?
  4. I'm in agreement on this, normally I'm appreciative of any updates but the aesthetic seems off. There is an excess of blank space in the middle, with all the information that I'm really interested in seeing clumped together on the right hand side. I know a few people have also made comments in statuses about the date formatting, wondering if maybe we could have an option to change it to DD/MM/YY. If the change is definite, then I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's not so easy on the eyes as the old format was.
  5. I assume putting a line through No Man's Sky is intentional? Don't worry I would do that do (and I'm hoping the game doesn't get any further trophies with this next update) With so many things that could've been improved on the website, these new changes seem a bit redundant. I'm not a fan of change just for change sake.
  6. Plat #11. Chaos on Deponia - 25 points Another quick and easy 25 points, however now this is out of the way I can start working on some of my longer games again. Definitely don't recommend this one, the story dragged on way too much and there were some heavily missable trophies to pay attention to.
  7. Plat #10. Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan - 25 points Despite being a quick and dirty 25 points, I actually thought this was one of the better Mundi games, where the hidden object puzzles were not so overdone and they were actually done pretty well. The story was decent too and I always love the "WTF?" moments my husband has when he watches me play these games
  8. Yea I'm Rach Been trophy hunting on this account now for just over two years, and been using it on the forums for around a year roughly.
  9. I'd be happy to help collaborate and run themed events, it was something that myself (albeit on my old account) and YuriG did in the past with Candy Rain Halloween Event and International Talk Like a Pirate Day Candy Rain Pirate Day International Day of Non Violence In fact, I was planning on bringing Candy Rain back last year but when the 13 Plats of Halloween got created, I left it off in favor of that event. There are plenty of quirky days that would be great incorporated into long running themes. Maybe we could set up a group PM or Discord chat (if any of you have Discord) for anyone interested in collaborating on an event
  10. You know there are other event runners here - with threads longer and older than Toogie's - who have received warning points for relatively minor stuff. However, they recognized that however minor that they still broke the rules and didn't shut down threads over it.
  11. 1. No Man's Sky I just have the DLC left to do in this, including the dreaded Pema-Death trophy. There is another new patch coming out on 24th July with actual multiplayer Whether this makes the game easier or not remains to be seen. I'm expecting new trophies though and it will be a good excuse to revisit this game. 2. Final Fantasy XV Played twice and then forever at the bottom of my incomplete games. Now they have added a load of DLC I heard it's improved the game, but still....all that DLC (I still need to buy the Royal DLC Pack) 3. Final Fantasy X HD Another one in the dark and murky depths of my backlog. Would rather do a no sphere grid fight against Penance than do the Lightning Dancer and Chocobo Rider trophies 4. Trine Enchanted Edition An easy platinum for some, but for me....a bit more of a personal challenge as I am absolutely terrible at platformers Now for my Ultimate Challenge 5. Stardew Valley Currently sitting at 70% completion, this chilled out farming game has two trophies that require some "getting good" on my part (and it will probably take me a year of practice to do so) The trophies both relate to Journey of the Prairie King, one for completing it and one for completing it without dying. Should be easy....right? Well I have made it to the last set of stages once. As far as I know, there are no glitches or exploits to make it easier
  12. Cool, I'll check it out. Now I've finished Demon Gaze I can make a start on my pyramid, I think I might play Dragon Quest Heroes soon as it's been sat at 17% for the past year I'm glad you decided to join and I'm looking forward to seeing what you put on your pyramid (hopefully lots of RPG's)
  13. I wonder if the new update will bring more DLC trophies? I still need to go back and finish the last set, one of my biggest problems with the game was that it made me incredibly motion sick and gave me headaches. Curious to try out the third person mode to see if that helps alleviate that in any way. I still have a bit of a chip on my shoulder with NMS though, it was quite possibly one of my biggest gaming let downs.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the image, it seemed to be working for me until I refreshed the page. Ended up just taking it out - everyone else will have to play the game to see best girl The final story bosses were the only ones I needed a couple of attempts, I felt like some of their mechanics were pretty unfair and needed a bit of luck.
  15. #126. Demon Gaze Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 After being in a bit of a funk for a few weeks, I picked this to play on a whim and I'm glad that I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has definitely become one of my favorite Dungeon Crawlers that I have played. The story is pretty decent and the dungeons are done in a way where they don't overstay their welcome - not too large with mechanics like trap floors and one way walls being very minimal. There is no overly tedious grind either, there is a trophy for killing enemies but the number is fairly low and easily achievable over the course of the game. There is nothing missable in the trophies overall and the two RNG trophies I ended up getting pretty quickly. I adored the design of the characters and the enemies, especially the demons. I felt that the game was very balanced overall and enjoyed being able to choose where to put my stat increases when I leveled up, makes the game feel very re-playable.