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  1. Completion #1. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - Overcooked 💯 07/01/2020 9 - Overcooked has been my latest obsession, after watching a few streams of people playing this solo, I decided to give it a try myself and I absolutely loved it - so much so that I'm picking up the DLC for Overcooked 2 which is fortunately on sale today! Overall, I found playing solo quite easy - definitely no where near the 7/10 difficulty some of the guides rate it. Once you get used to the controls and understand the gimmick for each level, I'd say after that it's all about your speed and the luck of the orders, the only level I found troublesome to 3 star was 6-1 which took me quite a few attempts, everything else was cleared after 1-2 attempts. Considering I've not really felt like trophy hunting much lately, this was a relatively chilled out gaming experience. I generally did a few levels every day but left off doing the last level for a few days so I could include it for this event Really looking forward to playing Overcooked 2
  2. Pretty decent month for me, quite happy to be getting Rise of the Tomb Raider and Erica.
  3. I've consulted with @Beyondthegrave07 on this and it's been agreed, seeing as there have been a lot of statuses recently, to set up a Megathread as a way to keep people full informed of the facts surrounding the currently COVID-19 Pandemic and as a place of unity where the community can come and discuss what's currently going on in their towns and countries. With this in mind, please try to keep conversation civil and on-topic - we appreciate that a lot of people are stressed at the moment. If you feel you are not as informed as you'd like, please check out the below links for some further information. Also please feel free to post additional links and I will get them added to this first post: World Health Organization website COVID-19 Situation Map Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  4. Please can the KR version of Remnant: From the Ashes be re-scanned as I believe it now has the DLC added: Also, both lists for Outward need re-scanning please as new DLC has been added (The Soroboreans DLC)
  5. It's kinda sad being so obsessed with hating on a game this much, especially when there are thousands of other games out there to be enjoyed. Some of these posts are really reaching now, lol.
  6. Yea, our governor is a moron. He opened everything way too soon and isn't even addressing the increasing numbers, only to blame other people. Not to even mention the unemployment system which has/is failing so many people. He won't even introduce a mandatory mask policy, so a lot of the counties have instead introduced them however they are mostly not being enforced, plus there are people who refuse to wear a mask entirely cos "muh freedoms"
  7. Started Exist Archive earlier this evening and it seems interesting - I really like both the battle style and the exploration, however I don't like how the game experiences a massive slowdown and feels like it's about to crash every time you load into a battle -_-

    1. Jens


      Ugh... that kills it for me. It's way too important to me how quickly you transition in and out of battles, so that sounds pretty awful. Still manageable though?

    2. Mesopithecus


      It's manageable unless it crashes the game, as there is no way to save inside a dungeon so you lose any time you spent exploring

  8. To seal the keyhole at Olympus Coliseum you need a specific trinity, that you can only obtain through beating the Hercules Cup. In your case, you have sealed the keyhole in Olympus Coliseum before completing ANY of the cups.
  9. It's not the only way though, as I explained in my post there is also the Wonder Chef, if that was something saved until last for all characters I'd say you can reasonably unlock all the titles within a short time frame. Also, levels don't carry forward between each playthrough and the amount of grade needed in the grade shop for 10x experience is pretty high. At most I was level 60 at the end of some of my runs, one run I was even only 38 at the end, so getting level 100 late on doesn't seem strange to me.
  10. Train Sim World Additional Expansions needs re-scanning please due to additional DLC trophies - Class 20 'Chopper'
  11. I'm curious, how did you manage to play the DLC for RAGE through PS Now? Just considering that majority of the PS Now PS3 games don't include DLC and I just checked RAGE just now myself and it appears to be just the base game.
  12. This is incorrect. I've seen several Symphonia lists recently with save file usage where the titles have unlocked simultaneously, and according to the information on sites that host these kinds of save files, it confirms the titles auto-pop on game load-up. Therefore there wouldn't be a way to prevent Raine and Genis titles popping up, which in this case they unlock much later. In terms of Nova's caravan, from what I've found it only really stays at Triet Desert on the playthrough you killed the sand worm. If the disputer here did that on a prior playthrough then it would be absolutely plausible that Nova's Caravan could still be right next to Hakonesia Peak making any travel time inconsequential. Even if it was at Triet Desert, the game doesn't have any loading screens so less than a minute to get between Triet and Hakonesia Peak isn't unrealistic either. Either way the disputers video shows Nova's Caravan at Hakonesia Peak I feel as though this is a poorly made point, just because there are ways in which you can prevent a party from leveling up at the same time. The guides even suggest it for the Gung Ho run which requires you to be a low level. Plus with a time difference of one week it's again not implausible that the disputer did Kratos Titles on an entirely separate playthrough especially as there are affection aspects that can make it so he's not a permanent party member, and as you know character levels don't carry over either between each playthrough you do. Whilst I agree that the *maybe* answers are definitely disconcerting and it would be nice to get a more solid idea of what they did here, I don't truly believe that the way these trophies have unlocked is impossible just based on the titles that everyone has that could be combined. I mentioned level 100 yesterday which all characters except Genis need, there is also the beach and dinner party event where you could unlock a grouping of four characters, plus as I mentioned in a message to the CRT yesterday there is also the wonder chef titles which if saved until last, in theory could also result in the title trophies unlocking close together.
  13. Just purely out of curiosity then, if you did 6 runs and didn't know you can change the difficulty for just the final boss, how come your Mania and Hard difficulty trophies are less than 30 minutes apart. Whilst the titles and the other trophies in question are not necessarily impossible, it does seem odd to me. I can however think of another instance outside of battles where you can potentially unlock a lot of the titles simultaneously but with erratic time differences. I have messaged the CRT though with my input on that.
  14. I'm pretty certain, once you kill the sandworm in Triet Desert needed for Monster Collector, Nova's caravan stays there until you speak to him
  15. The pop delay really depends on how quickly you advance the text through obtaining the titles, the trophies only pop when the title name is displayed on the screen rather than just viewing the event, so if you don't advance by pressing "x" then that could account for a +32 second delay vs a +9 second delay. I checked my own titles where I got Sheena and Zelos together and it was longer than 9 seconds. Also in terms of the Presea and Genis titles, they CAN pop up together but it's not a requirement. It looks like in this instance they didn't pop up together because Genis didn't have the item collector title which unlocks Collector's Collector, not to mention that Genis has that awful red light, green light minigame which a lot of people get stuck on. In terms of Monster Fanatic and Collector's Collector being so close together, at that point in the game Nova's Caravan is at a fixed spot in Triet Desert, so I guess it depends on how quickly it would be to exit out of the caravan area, fly to Hakonesia Peak and speak to Koton. There are not really any loading screens either to hamper the time. Admittedly, the character titles do seem close together however due to their unlock conditions it's not impossible - especially considering there are battle titles too that could unlock simultaneously (particularly thinking of the level based ones but there are others) I'm curious as to how many playthroughs they did this game in considering the Hard and Mania difficulty trophies have been saved for last, and it's 4 minimum playthroughs to obtain the platinum. I wonder why they didn't combine these two trophies with their earlier playthroughs considering you only have to up the difficulty for the final boss rather than play the whole game that way.
  16. Sign me up please That badge is simply too adorable to resist
  17. I had that same worry when I played, but if I remember correctly it pops after clearing Iselia Human Ranch. Description is misleading and the guide on here doesn't make it very clear.
  18. For #SOLVE I was going to suggest Virtues Last Reward but it looks like you already have Nonary Games done - maybe look into Zero Time Dilemma as it's the last game in the series, so not only would it fit the disease theme but would also be a nice series completion on your profile Not sure if you have a Vita but it was on PS+ as a free game just before they ended PS3 and Vita games on the service.
  19. Elite Dangerous needs a re-scan please as new DLC trophies have been added (Fleet Carriers Update)
  20. I don't see how a post history would determine whether a ban was necessary or not, as typically offensive posts are removed by moderators. If we're talking about the same person then I've repeatedly seen them be a dick to people, even recently literally telling someone to "go fuck themselves" and the other person wasn't even being rude or argumentative in any way. Despite some beliefs around here, the mods aren't on some kind of power trip or just out to get people. Most, if not all bans, are justified and as forum members we may not even see the full story behind what has happened due to offending posts being removed. On-topic though, I think any ban information on the forums should be between the individual and the admin/mod team. If it's someone you interact with frequently and you're concerned about them, then send them a message on PSN and I'm sure you'll get the story about how they were banned and it was everyone else's fault except their own...
  21. All this talk of Paper Mario made me want to post here and tell y'all to check out Bug Fables as it's apparently a Paper Mario clone that is very highly praised. I've not played it yet myself, but I have it on my wishlist for future purchase. I'd say DS Together is probably better trophy wise, there isn't anything like the Accomplishrine trophies like the original Don't Starve. Plus despite being called DS Together, you can actually do nearly all of it solo if you wish - I don't know if it's been improved over the past few years but I found the online a little bit too laggy even when trying to play with my husband so ended up doing most of it solo. Really fun game though and think it would be a nice addition to your survival games collection!
  22. This is a private site, it doesn't have to follow the rules of crimes in real life. Plus as I said there is already a 3 strikes and you're off the leaderboard for good rule, so essentially you are already getting a second chance.
  23. I don't think the CRT should consider removing the flag, as you admitted to using a save file and that is against the rules of the leaderboard. You didn't late sync which is what this topic is about, so I don't even know how your post relates to the topic at hand. Either way you're correctly flagged and there is already a "3 flags and you're off the leaderboard permanently rule" so I don't think you should get a free pass with this. If you're so upset about the milestones just un-hide LBP2 - you won't be on the leaderboards anymore but you still have all your stats and access to everything else on the site.
  24. I have to say I agree with one of the users further up (@SpacebarPlays) that this kind of response is so ridiculously childish and petty. I get that you were probably frustrated and trying to prove a point, but all it really does is reinforce some of the negative views people have about the CRT. Maybe this thread has run its course and should just be locked, it's already been said that late syncing alone isn't reason enough for a flag so anything further is really at this point going around in circles.
  25. He didn't, he responded and tagged them. It's up to them individually whether they want to come and post in this thread or not - plus there is the fact that they are probably busy with work and their real lives.